VH: Chapter 65

The hotpot was almost completely eaten and the atmosphere was lively. Zhu Xia took the initiative to chat with Yan Ting. “Zhao Zhao often mentions you to us. As long as it is a topic related to you, it will definitely be praise.”

“Zhao Zhao is better than me.” Yan Ting turned to look at Li Zhao and his mood became surprisingly good. It turned out that Zhao Zhao’s friends had known about his existence for a long time. Even with them, Zhao Zhao didn’t forget him.

“By the way, I heard from Zhao Zhao that you and I are at the same company?” Zhu Xia smiled kindly. “I have only been working at headquarters for a few days and I still don’t know much about the head office. Can I add your contact information?”

“Okay.” Yan Ting took out his phone and added Zhu Xia’s WeChat.

Zhu Xia built a group called ‘Friends and Family Love Each Other’ and dragged all of them into it.

“Welcome to our family.” Zhu Xia sent a red envelope to the group.

“Welcome.” Chen Xiaojun and Zhou Ming also followed with red envelopes.

Li Zhao reminded Yan Ting. “Ting Ting, hurry and grab the red envelopes.”

Yan Ting opened the ground and found it had a total of five people, but the amount of activity was equivalent to 50 people.

“Yes, what department does Mr Yan work in?” Zhu Xia asked casually.

Yan Ting didn’t speak and Li Zhao helped him answer. “The president’s office.”

At this moment, Yan Ting’s hand grabbing the red envelope stopped suspiciously.

“The president’s office?” Zhu Xia’s eyes changed slightly as she stared at Yan Ting.

Yan Ting quietly issued a big red envelope to the group.

“A big bag!” Li Zhao opened the red envelope. “Hurry up and click.”

He came to the screen of Yan Ting’s phone and helped Yan Ting open the red envelope. “It’s more than mine.

Yan Ting reached out and caught Li Zhao to stop him from falling to the ground. Zhu Xia grabbed the red envelope and looked up to see that Li Zhao’s head was almost squeezed to Yan Ting’s chest. The intimate appearance of the two people made her even more embarrassed.

“Sister Xia, which department do you belong to? Is it far from my family’s Ting Ting?”

Your family? I know he is yours. No one will rob you.

Sister Xia smiled. “The department I work can also be considered part of the president’s office. I am in the assistant department.”

In a small company, the president’s office would have less than 10 people working but Cang Huan was different. The president’s office was divided into several office groups and she could only be considered a small screw in a large machine.

“Mr Yan’s office should be upstairs from my department?” Although she had only been at the company for a few days, Zhu Xia had kept the appearance of her colleagues on the same floor in mind. She could definitely say that she had never met Yan Ting.

It was impossible not to notice a man like Yan Ting who had such an outstanding temperament and looks.

“I work more freely and don’t have to work every day. I don’t need to have regular work hours.” Yan Ting saw how happy Li Zhao was about the red envelope and sent another red envelope to the group. “So the chance for us to meet is very small.”

“It turned out to be this way.” Sister Xia realized there were some high-skilled talents in the president’s office so there was no need to check in and go to work every day like her.

Rich, good-looking, had a house, talented and was good to their Zhao Zhao. Apart from being the wrong gender, there was no place where he wasn’t worthy of Zhao Zhao. Most importantly, Zhao Zhao trusted him and was close to him, making it no secret in front of them.

Over the years, Zhao Zhao had made many friends but she had never seen Zhao Zhao let them be as close as family. She could see that Yan Ting’s eyes were full of Zhao Zhao. It was just…

What about Zhao Zhao? Was he with Yan Ting because of trust and dependence like his other loved ones or because of love? Zhu Xia didn’t dare ask. It wasn’t easy for children like them to come out of the welfare home with trust and she couldn’t bear to destroy it. Even if it was a man who accompanied Zhao Zhao.

After eating the hot pot, Li Zhao got up and paid for it.

Yan Ting thanked the three of them. “Thank you for your care of Zhao Zhao over the years.”

Zhou Ming wanted to speak but Zhu Xia pinched him under the table and spoke preemptively, “Mr Yan’s words are too polite. The welfare home was our childhood home and Zhao Zhao is our family. It is natural for family to take care of each other.”

“Mr Yan, Zhao Zhao… has been suffering since childhood and he has suffered more than us.” Zhu Xia’s eyes were red as she spoke. “Maybe he doesn’t know how to get along with loved ones. If there is something that isn’t done well, please don’t be angry at him. At the very least, his heart is true to you.”

No matter what the feelings, Zhu Xia had never doubted Li Zhao’s character.

“I know, I’ll take good care of him.” Yan Ting paused. “Please rest assured.”

“Thank you.” Zhu Xia smiled. “The most important thing is that you’re happy.”

After saying this, she took out a red envelope and solemnly placed it in Yan Ting’s hands. “According to the old rules, the older brother and sister are like the father and mother. Today is our first meeting so accept this red envelope.”

Yan Ting looked at these red envelopes and didn’t know if he should receive them or not. Zhao Zhao took a friend home and the elders even wanted to give red envelopes?

“Originally, I should’ve given you a gold bracelet and silver ring but I was sick last year and had to use all my money.” Zhu Xia was afraid that Yan Ting would see the money in the envelope and think that Zhao Zhao’s relatives and friends had opinions of him, so she hurriedly explained. “The red envelope is a bit small but it doesn’t isn’t because of you. We all like you, don’t we?”

“Yes, yes.” The confused Zhou Ming and Chen Xiaojun nodded. They didn’t have an opinion on Yan Ting. They just felt that the other person wasn’t ordinary. However, they didn’t understand why Zhu Xia had to give Yan Ting a red envelope.

They didn’t dare speak or ask. In any case, the queen had the final say.

“Sister Xia, what are you doing?” Li Zhao opened the door to see Yan Ting holding a large red envelope and Sister Xia advising Yan Ting to accept.

“Sister Xia, I have already given you Ting Ting a red envelope for the new year. Why are you giving him a red envelope now?” LI Zhao smiled. “If you really want to give it then you can give it to me.”

“Go to one side and don’t make trouble.” Zhu Xia sent a steely gaze to Li Zhao. This person will be your wife and your family is here to give you face. Why are you holding back?”

“This red envelope is something your Brother Ming and I are giving to Yan Ting. Don’t steal it.” Zhu Xia roared at Li Zhao before turning to Yan Ting. “If you don’t accept then it means you have an opinion of us.”

Yan Ting had to put this thick red envelope into his pocket. “Thank you.”

“Why thank family?” Zhu Xia smiled warmly. “Looking at you, I think you should be two years younger them me. Can I call you Xiao Yan?”

“Sister Xia can call me what you want.”

Seeing Yan Ting’s pocket bulging with the red envelope and then the overly warm smile on Sister Xia’s face, Li Zhao felt something was wrong. Such a smile, he seemed to have seen it somewhere before. Where was it?

He pondered on it and suddenly remembered. It was when Xiaojun took his girlfriend to see Sister Xia and Brother Ming. Sister Xia had smiled with enthusiasm in case the other party was unhappy. It turned out that he brought his good friend Yan Ting, who also enjoyed the treatment of Brother Xiaojun’s girlfriend?

Once outside the box, the general manager enthusiastically escorted them to the door. “You are welcome to come again.”

“It’s still early. Let’s find a place to sit down.” Zhu Xia looked at the time. “We will discuss the matter of Xiaojun’s wedding. If Xiao Yan and Zhao Zhao don’t have time then you can go first.”

Li Zhao glanced at Yan Ting and Yan Ting opened his mouth. “Sister Xia, you said that I am family so I want to contribute to my family’s wedding.”

Li Zhao nodded beside him.

Sister Xia secretly sighed in her heart. Seeing Zhao Zhao’s expression, this person was doomed to be henpecked.

“There is a coffee shop around 100 metres in front. Let’s go there.” Yan Ting reached out and pulled the brim of the hat on Li Zhao’s head lower so that he wasn’t recognized.

Li Zhao approached Yan Ting and whispered, “Was that store opened by you?”

Otherwise, Ting Ting didn’t like to go out. How could he know there was a coffee shop 100 metres in front?

“Yes.” Yan Ting nodded.

The five people walked into the cafe, which was tastefully decorated. The manager didn’t look like he knew Yan Ting but he was extraordinarily respectful and took them upstairs. The private room upstairs was very quiet and the location near the window allowed them to enjoy the night view outside.

Li Zhao subconsciously picked the position far from the window.

“They can’t see inside from outside the window, don’t worry.” Yan Ting took him to the window and sat down beside Li Zhao.

“Really can’t see?” Li Zhao looked down out the window.

Yan Ting nodded. Li Zhao quickly took off his hat and mask and leaned on Yan Ting with a lazy expression. Yan Ting just adjusted his sitting position to make Li Zhao more comfortable.

Zhu Xia glanced at Li Zhao. It turned out that a favoured person was really fearless. What did Zhao Zhao get used to?

Out of sight, out of mind. She retracted her gaze and turned to talk to Chen Xiaojun about the wedding.

The wedding was approaching and the wedding photos, hotel and wedding company were all ready. It was just that the girl’s parents didn’t seem to be satisfied with the wedding car and hotel, forcing the girl to cry several times.

“A wedding is a life event and Lin Lin is a good girl. Which girl wouldn’t want to have a beautiful wedding?”  Zhu Xia saw that Chen Xiaojun was a bit sad and persuaded him. “The wedding car is easy to handle but we need to spend more money and hire a good one.”

“I have a good car that the company arranged for me.” Li Zhao spoke up. “On your wedding day, I’ll drive it over for you.”

“Okay.” Chen Xiaojun felt a bit embarrassed. For the sake of his marriage, he was making things difficult for his friends.

“The hotel thing is a bit more difficult. Time is so tight, I’m afraid we won’t be able to book a better hotel.” Zhu Xia thought for a while. “Or you can give two types of gold jewellery to let her stay at the hotel. If things are too rigid then the saddest one will be Lin Lin. Such a good girl, are you willing to make her sad?”

The hotel was booked last year and now it was only a few days before the wedding. It was probably too late to replace it.

“Brother Xiaojun, you can tell your mother-in-law that you have invited a celebrity to help out,” Li Zhao said. “It will give some face.”

Chen Xiaojun wondered, “Where can I get a celebrity?”

“Me.” Li Zhao pointed at himself. “Aren’t I a star?”

“I know you so well that I forgot about it.” Chen Xiaojun finally smiled at the advice of his friends. “Zhao ah, this is the true loyalty and self-sacrifice.”

“Brother, you are getting married. If I’m not loyal then how can we be brothers.” Li Zhao laughed. “As long as you and my sister-in-law get married smoothly, life will be better than anything.”

“Leave the car and hotel to me.” Yan Ting, who hadn’t spoken, placed his hand on Li Zhao’s shoulder and read out the names of several hotels. Then he asked Chen Xiaojun, “Which one do you prefer?”

Chen Xiaojun’s hand holding the glass was shaking. No matter which one it was, none of them were something he could afford.

“I think this one is fine.” Li Zhao chose one of the most famous hotels. “Brother Jun, Ting Ting knows people in this hotel and can give you an internal price.”

He secretly sent Yan Ting a look so that Yan Ting wouldn’t say the wrong thing. Yan Ting received Li Zhao’s gaze. “I have shares in this hotel. The internal price of relatives and friends is one-third of the market price.”

Li Zhao gave Yan Ting a look of appreciation. As expected of Yan Ting, they were indeed connected heart and soul. As for the other two-thirds, he would pay it. If he told this to Brother Jun then his brother definitely wouldn’t agree. It was better to help him this way.

Thinking of his beloved girl, Chen Xiaojun gritted his teeth. “Okay, this one.”

There was only one wedding and Lin Lin would be happier than anything. He looked gratefully at Yan Ting, repeatedly thanking him with red eyes. There might not be any relatives but he had these brothers and his sister. There were no regrets.

As they were discussing the wedding, Zhu Xia took out her phone and looked at the time. “It isn’t easy so let’s go back to rest. If there is anything then we can chat in the group.”

“Okay.” Li Zhao put his hat and mask back on. “Ting Ting and I should go home to sleep.”

“Zhao Zhao, are you still living with Xiao Yan?” Zhou Ming was a bit surprised. He had watched Seclusion Mountain Forest and Zhao Zhao clearly lived alone.

“Ting Ting and I are neighbours. Sometimes if I’m too lazy from working outside and don’t want to clean up the house, I will stay directly in Ting Ting’s house.” Li Zhao laughed. “In any case, Ting Ting’s home is very big and it is like I’m living alone.”

Zhou Ming nodded. He felt that something was wrong but he also felt there was nothing wrong.

Once everyone separated, Zhou Ming handed the safety helmet to Zhu Xia. “Wife, when did our home have the rules for giving a red envelope to a brother’s friend?”

“Of course we don’t need to give red envelopes to the average friend.” Zhu Xia put on the helmet. “However, we must give it to a boyfriend.”

Zhou Ming was glad he hadn’t started the motorcycle or there would’ve definitely been an accident. “What did you say? Boyfriend?!”

“Didn’t you see the sweetness between Zhao Zhao and Xiao Yan?” Zhu Xia sat on the back seat. “I said that you have no eyes at all. From the time we ate to when we drank coffee, Xiao Yan’s eyes were always on Zhao Zhao. He also helped Xiaojun prepare the car and the hotel. These are all big favours. Can ordinary friends do this?”

“But isn’t he a man?”

“What’s wrong with a man?” Zhu Xia pinched Zhou Ming’s waist and the pain made him shout. “Aren’t you a man?”

“I didn’t mean that. It’s just that Zhao Zhao is a star. If this matter is known to the media then Zhao Zhao’s career will be over.” Zhou Ming held the place where he was hurt. “Although Zhao Zhao has never said it, we all know that he still wants to find his biological parents. If one day, he really finds his parents but they can’t accept two men being together, what will he do?”

Zhu Xia took off her helmet and looked at the people coming and going on the streets. On the sidewalk, a small couple held hands and whispered while smiling. “I don’t know the future but I know that Zhao Zhao needs Yan Ting.”

By Yan Ting’s side, Zhao Zhao could be lazy and show the most relaxed attitude. He was no longer the most well-behaved and sensible child. He was a happy young man without many scruples. Zhao Zhao was so happy that she was reluctant to destroy even the slightest bit of it.

“The future is for Zhao Zhao alone.” Zhu Xia pursed her lips. “All we can do is respect his choices and not be a stumbling block for him.”

“If he is famous and abandons Yan Ting…” Zhu Xia put the helmet back on again.”

“I will break the scum’s leg!”

Zhou Ming shook. “My wife is right.”

“If Zhao Zhao dares to be half-hearted and becomes an irresponsible scumbag, break his legs.”


”Quickly show me the red envelope money Sister Xia gave you.” Li Zhao sneezed when he got in the car and reached out to take the red envelope from Yan Ting’s pocket.

“One, two, three…” Li Zhao counted while Yan Ting helped him take off the hat and scarf.


Li Zhao was shocked by the amount. Did Sister Xia take out the wrong red envelope? Why give Ting Ting such a big red envelope? Last time Brother Jun brought his girlfriend, Sister Xia had also given an envelope of 8,800 yuan. At that time, Sister Xia had just left the hospital and had no money in hand. This 8,800 yuan was something he and Sister Xia had to cobble together.

A boy was bringing his girlfriend home for the first time. In order to show respect, the boy’s relatives gave the girl a big red envelope. There was no problem with this. However, it wasn’t right to give Ting Ting such a big red envelope. Was it… because Li Zhao was always eating and drinking at Ting Ting’s house so Sister Xia was trying to help him make it up to Ting Ting?

Li Zhao put the money back in the red envelope and then the red envelope into Yan Ting’s pocket. His mobile phone vibrated as Li Zhao received a message from Zhu Xia.

A Blossoming Voice: I should’ve paid more attention and given a red envelope of 12,000. However, we were short of money when Lin Lin came and only gave 8,800. This time, we could only pack the same amount for Xiao Yan to make it even. Tell Xiao Yan not to mind it.

Zhao Zhao Has Good Luck: What can he mind? The one who should mind is me. Up to when I was an adult, the biggest red envelope you gave me was 200 yuan!

A Blossoming Voice: Zhao ah, you can have snacks.

Zhu Xia ignored Li Zhao and Li Zhao showed the chat to Yan Ting. “In the eyes of Sister Xia, I have no status at all.”

She was worried that Yan Ting would misunderstand the 8,800 yuan but Ting Ting had such a good relationship with him. How could there be a misunderstanding? Yan Ting read their chats and his eyes became brighter, joy and desire intertwined within them before finally turning into infinite darkness in front of their eyes. “Zhao Zhao, Sister Xia is a good woman.”

“Of course.” Li Zhao looked at him. “However, don’t think too much. Sister Xia is married to Brother Ming.”

“No.” Yan Ting reached out a hand to touch Li Zhao’s shoulder. “I won’t like other people.”

In this world, only you are the most special.

“Let’s go together when Brother Jun gets married.” Li Zhao didn’t know that the smile on his face had become more brilliant. “This is the only time he will get married and it must be beautiful.”

“As for the car and hotel, I’ll give you some money.” After Li Zhao returned the two million he borrowed to Ting Ting, there was still some money in his card.

“No need.” Yan Ting stated, “The car is mine and the hotel is mine.”

“He is your family. You’re my… best friend.”

“I don’t need to receive money from family.”

The author has something to say:

Baby Ting Ting: Hello sister, I am Zhao Zhao’s (male) friend.

Sister Xia took out a red envelope on the spot and stuffed it into his pocket: Good, good.

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11 months ago

Sister Xia is the MVP.

8 months ago

Sister Xia really is a good woman🥰 And that line of Zhao Xhao also needing Ting Ting is sweet, cuz now it’s official that they need each other just the same🥲