VH: Chapter 63

“I am a man who hates eating lemons but at this moment, lemons were ruthlessly stuffed in my mouth.”

Zhang Kui lay on the table as if greatly stimulated. “Zhao Zhao, can you call again to ask if your brother is short of good friends?”

Li Zhao held his phone. “Such a good friend must not be shared.”

“A man can’t be so selfish.”

“Selfishness is joy.”

In fact, the happiest ones were the program group. They liked it when an explosive point burst that was enviable and had no negative impression. Who wouldn’t want to have such a friend?

“I remember.” Zhang Kui asked, “Is the one who casually transferred you two million the rich tyrant with two buildings?”

Li Zhao smiled in acquiescence.

“I can’t record this show anymore.” Zhang Kui knocked on the table. “Record it again. I’m too jealous.”

“Little sunflower, you are young. The future is still very long.”

“You mean, I’m going to meet many such friends in the future?”

“I mean, sooner or later you’ll get used to the fact that your life isn’t as good as anyone else’s.”

“Goodbye!” Zhang Kui pretended to be angry. When he got up, he didn’t forget to grab Li Zhao to walk with him.

The temperature difference between day and night in Wahong Village was too big. Zhang Kui shivered with cold when he walked out the door. Then he turned his head and saw the scarf around Li Zhao’s neck.

Li Zhao shook his head with his scarf covering his head. Zhang Kui didn’t want to finish the show with a bunch of CP fans of him and Li Zhao so he placed his hands in his pocket. “Zhao Zhao, if I was a woman then I would like to be alone with you.”

“If you were a woman then I wouldn’t be so close to you.” Li Zhao was very honest. “It is easy for gossip to spread.”

Zhang Kui glanced at him. ‘Do you think that two men walking together won’t spread gossip? You’re looking down on the imagination of the netizens.’

The netizens were so ferocious that no one could escape their brain hole.

The two people walked on the village path in the moonlight. It was easy to let their guard down and they had the impulse to talk.

“The program group might be inhuman but it is good to come to a mountain village to plant trees.” Zhang Kui had a pleasant smile on his face. When he came here, he could avoid all business, put down all burdens and gain some respite from his tired life.

Li Zhao followed him without talking.

“What about  you?” Zhang Kui asked Li Zhao. “I see that you have a good time whenever you come to shoot.”

“Of course I’m happy. The program group sent us to experience life and even paid us. It is quite cost-effective.”

Zhang Kui, “……”

‘I want to talk to you about philosophy, life and ideals but you mentioned money?’

This was a time to stir up misery. Didn’t this person understand the routine of variety shows?

“Do you have a new job?”

“Yes, in two weeks.” Li Zhao was only recording the last two trips of Seclusion Mountain Forest. After this recording, he could go back to thoroughly memorize the script.

“Once you’re free then come out for a drink.”

“I don’t like to drink. Can I drink tea?”

“You’re not a minor and you’re drinking tea?”

“Drinking hurts.” Li Zhao retorted. “Why drink alcohol when I can’t drink? In addition, my voice needs to be well-maintained. Why do all these stimulating things?”

Zhang Kui wanted to talk but stopped.

A fuzzy figure appeared on the road in front of them. Zhang Kui was scared and hid behind Li Zhao.


Once the person approached, Li Zhao recognized the woman who lost her child. Seeing her, he thought of the light in her eyes when she mentioned looking for her child.

“Thank you, Mr Li.” The woman bowed to Li Zhao. “Thank you and the show.”

The staff of the program had talked to her all afternoon and offered her a lot of help, so she had more hope on her numb face.

Li Zhao hurriedly bowed back. “There is no need.”

“I’ve searched too many times over the years.” The woman wanted to tell people too much and people in the village had long been tired of hearing her tragic story. She wanted to tell them but she didn’t want people in the village to hate her.

She didn’t want her child to come home thinking she was a nasty mother. Every day, she cleaned up her yard and imagined that her child would knock on the door one day and say to her, “Mom, I’m back.”

She looked and waited and waited, but was always disappointed.

“If I can’t find him this time…” she muttered.

There was a TV station helping her. If she couldn’t find her child then she should learn to give up. This sentence turned around several times in her mouth but she couldn’t say anything.

“You will find him.” Li Zhao accentuated the tone. “Definitely.”

“Thank you.” The woman, who had been unable to cry for a long time, finally shed tears of pain in front of this young man who was the same age as her child.

Li Zhao took off his coat and draped it over the woman’s body. “If your child knows that his mother still loves him, he will be happy, very happy.”

“Will he?”

“Yes.” Li Zhao helped the woman put on the coat and handed her a tissue. “Don’t cry, don’t cry. A mother who laughs is more beautiful.”

The woman looked up at him, crying and smiling before crying in an even sadder manner.

“Child, my child…”

On this cold night, a coat with body temperature brought infinite courage to a woman. She wanted to find her child. If even she gave up then who else in the world would remember her child?

Once the woman finally stopped crying, Li Zhao sent her home. The woman stood at the gate and watched Li Zhao walk away with a flashlight. She held the coat in her arms and her eyes were illuminated by the light of the flashlight.

Early the next morning, Li Zhao learned from the crew that the woman had left the village and started searching for her child again.

“What’s wrong with you?” At the noon break, Xiang Zhen specifically found Li Zhao. “Are you worried about that older sister who is looking for her child?”

He wondered if he thought too much but he always felt that Li Zhao was too concerned about this matter.

“Brother Xiang?” Li Zhao hadn’t expected Xiang Zhen to come to him and smiled.

“Don’t worry. Now that our program is so high-profile, one the crew inserts the news of looking for a child, there will definitely be many people paying attention. Maybe the child will be found can’t be separated and sometimes there are things that can’t be done by individuals. Our pressure as actors is already high so don’t trouble yourself.”

“Thank you, Brother Xiang, I won’t.” During the lunch break, the camera didn’t follow them so Li Zhao and Xiang Zhen mentioned the matter of Shadow of the Sky.

“The script is interesting but domestic and foreign science fiction movies don’t have good word of mouth in China.” Xiang Zhen told him, “Zhao Zhao, I’m very interested in this character. It won’t have a great impact on me if the movie is successful or not but you are different. If this movie fails, the negative impact on you will be huge. The risk of taking this role now is too great.”

Li Zhao knew that Xiang Zhen was being kind to him and laughed. “As long as you are interested in the script, I will call Director Yang and saw I have caught a good actor for him.”

Xiang Zhen laughed. In recent years, he was mainly doing family ethics drams. Many people didn’t know who he was and didn’t watch his dramas. The funds for Shadow of the Sky were in place and there was no shortage of actors wanting parts. Li Zhao pushing him was actually helping him. If this movie failed then Li Zhao would be criticized. If it was successful then the supporting actors could follow suit and make a steady profit.

Li Zhao recommended Xiang Zhen to the crew and Director Yang agreed on the spot. For Director Yang, he would agree to any of Li Zhao’s requests as long as Li Zhao didn’t resign. Xiang Zhen laughed. He originally came to enlighten Li Zhao. Why did Li Zhao introduce a resource to him with a few words?

“Teacher Xiang, Zhao Zhao, why are the two of you hiding lazily in the house?” A staff member knocked on the door with a card in his hands. “Early planning is the key to success. Let’s get moving.”

Li Zhao took the task card. It asked the guests to cook and entertain the villagers in the entire village.

“There are only six of us. Isn’t one afternoon too late?” Li Zhao got up. This dog show was becoming increasingly inhuman.

“How is it late?” The staff member smiled. “As long as your actions are sharp enough, there is nothing you can’t do.”

Li Zhao and Xiang Zhen elegantly rolled their eyes. In the afternoon, the entire village echoed with the screams of the guests.

“Ahhh, why is this chicken still running with its neck cut. Zhao Zhao, help!” This was Zhang Kui.

“Zhao Zhao, slice the potato or shred it?” This was Zhang San.

“Zhao Zhao, do we soak dry mushrooms in water?” This was Qian Duoxi.

“Ahh, this fish is struggling so much that I don’t dare go near it with the knife. Zhao Zhao, come and help me.”

Li Zhao was constantly running back and forth between the guests. He was very physically fit but in the end, even he had to sit still in a dying manner. Then he started to miss Ting Ting’s food. He wanted to go home.

Once the sky was getting dark, the crew saw they were so pitiful that a few villagers who were good at making noodles were invited to help. Finally, they finished cooking.

After the excitement, the wait was the separate part.

This was the last filming of the second season of Seclusion Mountain Forest. As the host thanked the villagers and guests, he didn’t forget to mention Da Liu, who had a psychological shadow from being bitten by a dog.

“It’s been a great time. I hope to meet you again in the next season.”



The part was over but the lights weren’t going out. Torches were lit and the villagers sang and danced around the campfire. It was very lively.

“Go.” Li Zhao stood up and shouted at the other guests. “We’ll go too.”

Xiang Zhen told him, “I can only dance the square dance.”

“It’s fine. Everyone dances in an ugly manner anyway.” Li Zhao jumped among the villagers and learned from the way they moved their arms and legs, playing like a fool.

“It is good to be young.” Xiang Zhen looked exhausted while Li Zhao still had the energy to dance. “My old arms and legs can’t stand it.”

Qian Duoxi smiled happily. “This child is likeable. It is too bad he hasn’t learned crosstalk or I would accept him as an apprentice.”

“You said that to Little Sunflower when the first episode was recorded.” Xiang Zhen stood up. “Let’s go. We have to show the young people the charm of middle-aged men.

Everyone was absorbed in joy. Even the fat director was dragged into dancing by Zhang Kui and Li Zhao. Looking at the director’s awkward dance, Li Zhao took out his phone and took a photo of himself and the happy crowd behind him. Then he sent it to Yan Ting.

Zhao Zhao Has Good Luck: I wish you were here too.

It would be particularly interesting to see Ting Ting dance in the crowd with no expression.

Yan Ting was meeting with Dr Sun when he opened his phone and saw the photo from Li Zhao. In the happy crowd, only Zhao Zhao’s smile was brighter than the flames.

Zhao Zhao Has Good Luck: What are you doing now?

Yan Ting raised his phone and took a photo of the moon in the sky.

Yan Ting: Looking at the moon.

Although we aren’t together, we are looking at the same moon.

Zhao Zhao Has Good Luck: The colour of the moon in the city isn’t as good. I’ll give you a photo.

Zhao Zhao Has Good Luck: [Photo]

Zhao Zhao Has Good Luck: Isn’t it beautiful?

Yan Ting: En.

Zhao Zhao Has Good Luck: The shooting will be over soon. I am a bit reluctant.

When the day came to be separated from Ting Ting, he would be so sad that he couldn’t even eat.

Yan Ting: Come back and there will be delicious food for you.

Zhao Zhao Has Good Luck: Okay.

He made an appointment with Ting Ting. They would grow up and fish and plant flowers together. They definitely wouldn’t be separated.

Zhao Zhao Has Good Luck: [Happy Emoji Pack]

He was eating in a silly matter.

Yan Ting saved the selfie that Li Zhao sent. He hoped that no one in this world would know this silliness except for him.

Zhao Zhao Has Good Luck: I’ll be back tomorrow. Prepare the scale, you know.

Yan Ting: Okay.

Putting away his phone, he stared up at the moon hanging in the sky. The moonlight of tomorrow night would definitely look better than tonight. As Li Zhao was rushing home to eat the meal prepared by Yan Ting, a hot topic suddenly appeared on the Internet.

#A breakdown of the male artist who is poor but likes to establish himself as someone with noble birth#

In this hot topic, many male artists who had been praised for their noble and elegant demeanour was on the list. In particular, Li Zhao, who had been praised by numerous critics and even the senior management of Cang Huan, became the person with the most nominations for no reason.

The Li fans were filled with fog and even found this strange direction absurd. When did their Zhao Zhao sell himself as a prince? Which Li fan didn’t know that Zhao Zhao was a poor child? Once on a show, he personally said he was so poor that he was going to open a noodle store with his agent. When did he say that he was a noble son? Sunspots, shouldn’t you know the basic laws?

The author has something to say:

Baby Ting Ting: Zhao Zhao isn’t here on the first day of kindergarten. I miss him.

Baby Ting Ting: I want to save a lot of cookies and lollipops for Zhao Zhao to eat when he comes back.

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