VH: Chapter 6

Every time a new person started to become popular and had fans chasing them, there was someone who would hate it. In particular, fans of a similar artist would subconsciously feel this new artist would take away resources from their own idol.

Thus, the live broadcast hadn’t started yet and there were already netizens commenting on Li Zhao’s appearance. They said he couldn’t appear without the TV drama’s filters, his attractiveness value wasn’t high or that he was rustic, like a factory sister or auntie.

Green Pepper Video’s live broadcast notice on their Weibo was noisy but the main force that occupied it was those licking the screen. It was useless for the sunspots to say anything. They just thought Li Zhao looked good and could lick the screen for his face.

Once the live broadcast began, the netizens found that the female star sat in the middle with the first male lead and second male lead on both sides. Compared to stylish and sophisticated Song Yu, Li Zhao was wearing a white shirt and could almost be called a golden age type beauty.

Apple Pie: Mom, I’m dying. There’s a man here who stole my heart and I want to marry him.

Stealthily and Stealthily Smiling: Ahhhhh! There is such a unique beauty in the world! I will turn over his brand tonight!

Zhao Zhao Is In My Bed: Why are you daydreaming in front of me? Zhao Zhao told me that he would make me lunch when he comes back.

Small Tree Blooming: All of you go away! Baby, Mother doesn’t allow you to see other women!

“Now I will randomly draw some questions from the live viewers.” The female host picked out a few questions related to the female lead. “A netizen asked if this was reality, would you prefer a boy like Bai Xiaodu or someone like Zhou Shao?”

The female star smiled shyly at the live broadcast camera. “This type of thing mainly depends on fate.” Then she turned her head and smiled at Li Zhao.

However, Li Zhao was looking down at the snacks on the table and didn’t see the gazes the female star was throwing at him.

There were sharp-eyed netizens who noticed this scene and the screen was filled with ‘hahahahaha.’

Netizen 1: Child, you can get a girlfriend like this. Don’t you see Shasha’s smile?

Netizen 2: Zhao Zhao sitting on the sofa is just like a kindergarten child. Too good.

Netizen 3: Some fans who want a real life male and female CP, I advise you to calm down. If you know micro-expressions then you can find some interesting things.

Netizen 4: Someone finally said it. At the beginning of the live broadcast, I found that Yao Shasha took the initiative to glance at Li Zhao several times but Li Zhao didn’t notice at all. It is obvious that in his subconscious mind, Yao Shasha would never take the initiative to actively communicate with him.

Netizen 5: Yao Sasha participated in a talent show a few years ago but didn’t become popular. Now the unknown Li Zhao has some status.

Netizen 6: Oh, above person, Li Zhao is a bit pitiful. Don’t you know that originally Song Yu was scheduled to be the first male lead of this drama?

The moment this remark came out, it raised the curiosity of countless people and the entire comments area blew up. Li Zhao, who was broadcasting, didn’t know that he had become a ‘do whatever he pleased to curry resources’ in some people’s mouth. It was because he was asked a random question.

“Zhao Zhao, after your drama, what are your plans for the future?”

The host was somewhat disappointed when she saw that Li Zhao drew a question without a hot topic.

“In fact, once Overbearing Female President finished, I was going to open a noodles store with my agent.” Li Zhao smiled shyly. “It is just that the rent is too expensive and we haven’t settled on a store yet.”

“You mean, if the drama didn’t get noticed, you would be making a career change?” The host’s throat had gone dry. No wonder why they couldn’t contact Li Zhao at first. He originally intended to quit.

Netizen 1: It is completely unimaginable. My family’s Zhao Zhao wants to open a noodle store?

Netizen 2: In order to let the child stay in the entertainment circle, we have to publicize the drama! As long as you promote Overbearing Female President, we are half-brothers or sisters from different fathers!

Netizen 3: Not working well and taking your own artist to open a noodle restaurant to make money… Who is Zhao Zhao’s agent? Does he know how outrageous it is to make such a peerless person open a noodle store?

“I’m glad this drama is liked by some netizens. Due to their support, you chose to stay in the entertainment circle.” The host put her hands together. “So in order to make Zhao Zhao feel at ease, I hope this drama can become hot.”

Li Zhao was somewhat flustered by the female host’s words. In fact, he just came to earn the appearance fee. As for whether he would continue to mix in the entertainment circle or not hasn’t been decided.

The host looked at the feedback on the Internet and smiled. “Many netizens said that your role of Bai Xiaodu is the perfect white moonlight in their hearts. They can’t forget it. What do you think about this?”

Li Zhao replied, “This role is to make the audience like it. I am happy that everyone is willing to treat Bai Xiaodu as a brother or white moonlight.” Having said that, he added, “Of course, I can’t.”

“Why?”The host could see the barrage of ‘ahhhhhhh’ on the screen and could imagine how the fans watching live on their phones or computers were going crazy. “Are you very different from the role of Bai Xiaodu?”

“There are places that are very different and some places that are similar.”

“Can you tell me what are the similarities?”

“We’re both poor.”

The ‘ahhhhh’ instant became ‘hahahaha’. Many netizens in the comments were calling on the major brands to have Li Zhao act as their spokesman, giving the poor child a bowl of rice.

“Begging the major manufacturers, save this child and let him make money!”

“I want to make money for the child!”

After the interaction between the host and Li Zhao, the male host went to interact with Song Yu. The staff of the program group soon found that the number of comments had significantly reduced and even the growth rate had started to slow down.

However, Song Yu had a person supporting him. Thus, the program team deliberately picked some pleasing topics to help Song Yu pull the good feelings of the passersby.

Unfortunately, the host found that Song Yu wasn’t only pretentious on the drama. In reality… he was also pretentious. So what if he lived in a villa or had an elite education. By the way, he would glance at Li Zhao out of the corner of his eye from time to time while talking. Wasn’t this telling everyone that he was looking down on Li Zhao?

The host struggled to smooth things over, smile stiff. Finally, he could only give up and let Song Yu show off. After all, there was the audience who would teach him how to behave. Song Yu’s attitude did indeed attract the dissatisfaction of many netizens.

“Emmmm, why do I feel like Song Yu is deliberately showing off in front of Li Zhao?”

“It’s funny, Song Yu is doing things so obviously and the female lead is sometimes praising Song Yu. Someone said the two actors weren’t very familiar with each other. I thought they were talking nonsense but now it seems they really aren’t familiar with each other.”

“Actually… I think Li Zhao hasn’t discovered at all that Song Yu is deliberately showing off…”

Song Yu mentioned the village and Li Zhao’s eyes brightened like crystals. Li Zhao would smile every time the cast dinner was mentioned and when Song Yu talked about his elite education, Li Zhao was full of admiration.

“It hurts to see such a silly child…”

“Heartache +1.”

Song Yu showed off his family and looked proudly at Li Zhao. Then he met eyes full of admiration.

Song Yu, “……”

He didn’t want respect, he wanted envy and hate!

“The moment their eyes met, I seemed to see Song Yu’s inner self collapse.”

“For a pretentious person, the most painful thing is to show off only to find that the other person is indifferent and even a bit excited.”

“A killing heart, seeking Song Yu’s psychological shadow area, hahahahahahahahahahahahaha.”

The program staff found the barrage area was active again. It seemed that regardless of how many hot searches Yao Shasha and Song Yu bought after the show became popular, the real star was Li Zhao.

The entertainment circle was so strange. A small popular person held onto another person’s thighs while a big popular person just had to live. Some people were born with a highly popular life and no one could stop it.

After the live broadcast, Li Zhao and the staff took a photo and he signed his name. He also received a snacks package given by the program group before he was rushed to the underground parking lot through an internal passage.

Looking at the parking lot filled with various cars, Li Zhao turned to look silently at the staff who sent him downstairs. How could he tactfully tell the other person that he didn’t have a car? Just then, a dazzling open-roof sports car stopped in front of Li Zhao. Song Yu took off his sunglasses and smiled at Li Zhao. I’m sorry Li Zhao, I’ll leave first.”

After saying that, the car sprayed Li Zhao’s face full of exhaust.

Li Zhao sighed. He should’ve grabbed Song Yu before the other person spoke, so that he could get a free ride. A Green Pepper Video staff member was present so Song Yu would be too embarrassed to refuse.

The Green Pepper Video staff member smiled with embarrassment. He had long heard that Song Yu was against Li Zhao in the crew. He hadn’t expected Song Yu to act so obviously.

“Li Zhao.” At this moment, a black car slowly stopped in front of Li Zhao. Li Zhao saw a somewhat transparent white face through the small open part of the window.

This man looked familiar…

“Get on the car. I’ll send you.” The man slightly raised his head to reveal his perfect chin.

“Mr Li, please.” A man wearing white gloves came down from the driver’s seat and opened the door of the backseat for Li Zhao.

There was no heating in the underground area. Li Zhao saw that the man in the backseat was only wearing a shirt and light coloured sweater. Li Zhao was afraid that the cold air would make the other person feel cold. Thus, he turned to say goodbye to the Green Pepper Video staff member and quickly got on the car.

“Thank you.” Li Zhao took off his thick coat and smiled gratefully. “Yan Ting, how are you here?”

Yan Ting saw that Li Zhao’s hands were frozen red and handed Li Zhao his own hand warmer. “I was just passing by.” He hadn’t seen Li Zhao in months and the young man still looked so alive.

“Thank you.” Li Zhao grabbed the hand warmer and smiled at Yan Ting with embarrassment. He didn’t know much about cars but a person who could afford a car and hire a driver must have better home conditions than Li Zhao thought.

“Recently, the south of the city is being demolished.” Yan Ting looked at Li Zhao, black eyes as deep as a well.

“Ah?” Li Zhao was at a loss.

“My house was demolished.”

“Congratulations?” Li Zhao was happy for Yan Ting. “This means you can do what you like in the future.” It was great not to worry about money.

Yan Ting’s eyes swept over Li Zhao’s smiling face and Yan Ting’s mouth became taut. “I don’t have any relatives and I’m not well, so I hired a driver.”

“Are you sad?” Li Zhao didn’t know what to say and had to silently hold the hand warmers.

“It’s fine.” Yan Ting seemed to smile but this soon disappeared. “Our encounter is fate. Last time, you invited me to dinner. Now it is my time to invite you.”

“How can that be?” Li Zhao was a principled person and couldn’t take advantage of good people.

“Okay.” Yan Ting still looked calm. “In any case, I am used to eating alone.”

Li Zhao, “……”

“Where shall we eat?”

At this moment, Zhang Xiaoyuan had finished his business plan and started to play on his phone. Then he inexplicably found that he had a hot search on Weibo but this hot search wasn’t very friendly to him.

#Zhang Xiaoyuan, return your artist to the entertainment world#

#Zhang Xiaoyuan, don’t eat noodles. We just need the child.#

#Zhang Xiaoyuan, please leave the agent circle alone#

The confused Zhang Xiaoyuan, “???”

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