VH: Chapter 59

“Sorry, I thought it was Li Zhao so I became a bit emotional.” The female assistant smiled shyly. “It is because I like him too much that I believed it.”

“It’s okay. It is normal to have such a reaction if you like a person.” The female at the front desk glanced at the female assistant’s badge and remembered her name. The moment the female assistant left, the smile on the front desk staff member’s face disappeared without a trace.

What fan? Li fans were simply reluctant to call Zhao Zhao by his full name. They usually called him Baby or Zhao Zhao. This was obviously a sunspot pretending to be a fan, too shameless!

Wei Tian headed to the elevator entrance, glanced at the elevator dedicated to the special management and her expression changed slightly. She absolutely didn’t hear incorrectly. Qin Xiao had called the young man in the cap ‘Mr Li’ and the young man’s back looked a lot like Li Zhao.

She walked to the bathroom and pulled out her phone to send a message. After sending a message, she removed all traces and opened the toilet stall door. She happened to meet a colleague who just walked in and the colleague smiled at him. “Lili has just come back from holiday and bought us gifts. If you don’t go back to the office, the food that Lili bought will be eaten by then.”

“I’ll be right there, thank you.” Wei Tian put her phone in her bag in a natural manner and walked to the tap to wash her hands. She gazed into the mirror and watched her colleague from the corner of her eyes. The other person had taken out some powder and was patting it on her face like it would make her beautiful.

This colleague was someone who had just been transferred from a branch company. It was said that her working ability was very strong and this seemed to be the case.

Wei Tian took a piece of paper towel, dried her hands and smiled at her colleague. “Sister Xia, I’ll head back to the office first.”

“Yes. Remember to tell them to leave me some.” The woman called Sister Xia was still thinking about food in the toilet.

“Okay.” Wei Tian smiled sweetly while thinking that this nearly 30 year old woman had the same character as her face. She was vulgar.

The footsteps gradually went away and Sister Xia continued to use the powder to fix her makeup. Suddenly, Wei Tian’s body half protruded through the door, scaring Sister Xia who was seriously doing her makeup. “Tian Tian, are you gone yet? Why are you scaring people?”

“I thought I forgot to take my lipstick but it turned out to be tucked in my jacket pocket.” Wei Tian made sure that her new colleague didn’t doubt her and no longer simulated the sound of footsteps. She really left.


Sister Xia closed the powder compact and opened the toilet stall that Wei Tian had just been in.

There hadn’t been the sound of flushing when Wei Tian came out. The garbage bag in the trash bin had just been replaced and there were no signs of garbage at all. The company had a dedicated locker room and smoking room, so she couldn’t be smoking or changing clothes here.

Once Wei Tian came out, there was vigilance in her eyes and she had secretly observed the other person in the mirror. She even pretended to leave before coming back to check the reaction.

Sister Xia guessed right. There was definitely a problem with Wei Tian.


The elevator kept rising. Li Zhao looked at the constantly updating numbers on the elevator display and said, “Your office building is really beautiful.”

“The company’s office building was originally on the west side. Later, due to the national planning needs, the old site on the west side was demolished and the headquarters was built here.” Qin Xiao smiled. “In this way, our company can be regarded as a relocated household.”

Li Zhao, “…”

“It’s here.” The elevator door opened and Qin Xiao subconsciously took a small step to the side, helping Li Zhao. “Mr Li, please.”

“You’re too kind.” Li Zhao felt that Mr Qin was extraordinarily attentive to himself. Was the other person also his fan? He glanced secretly at Qin Xiao who was wearing glasses and exuded an elite temperament from head to toe. Even if Qin Xiao chased stars, he shouldn’t be chasing Li Zhao?

Outside Yan Ting’s office, Li Zhao found that the window was open. He stood in the corridor and was able to see Yan Ting’s every move.

Yan Ting wore a suit and tie and looked extremely serious. It was unknown what the two middle-aged men were saying but he occasionally nodded, full of the charm of successful people.

Seeing Yan Ting like this, Li Zhao suddenly felt that the female president played by Yao Shasha was too exaggerated and greasy in Overbearing Female President. She should’ve had a textbook-level presidential aura like Ting Ting.

Yan Ting was talking with the senior management when he suddenly stopped and turned to look in the direction of the inner window. Then the atmosphere about him softened.

“My child came to feed me.” Yan Ting closed the document file. “You told me this and I will consider it.”

“Thank you, Sir.” The senior management knew that the big boss had a child in the family and quickly got up and went to the door.

They smiled at Qin Xiao and Li Zhao in a friendly manner before leaving.

“Ting Ting, the people in your company are really easygoing. I thought that people who can be in a famous company like yours would be very cold.”

Li Zhao put the insulation box on the table. Qin Xiao came to help Yan Ting organize his table so that the water vapour from the lunch box wouldn’t drip out and wet the documents on the table.

“Mr Qin, how can I let you do that?” Li Zhao pushed Yan Ting forward. “Clean up the table for the meal.”

Qin Xiao saw Yan Ting obediently put away the table after being pushed by Li Zhao and Qin Xiao took two steps back. Yan Ting stared at him.

Qin Xiao spoke wisely. “Mr Li, take your time eating with Mr Ting. I’ll go back to my office first.”

“Why don’t we eat together? I brought a lot of food.”

“No, I have already ordered food.” Qin Xiao felt that his current job was very good and he didn’t want to be fired by his boss. He opened the door, closed it and walked away in one breath. As a mature assistant, he had to strictly adhere to the basic code of conduct.

“Come, today’s soup is particularly delicious.” Li Zhao opened the lid of the insulation box and carefully took out a bowl of soup from inside. He whispered, “Fortunately, Mr Qin didn’t agree or I would be really reluctant to share this bowl of soup with him.”

It wasn’t that he was stingy. Anything else was fine but this was a nourishing soup for Ting Ting. He didn’t want to give it to anyone else. Under Li Zhao’s burning eyes, Yan Ting endured the smell of the medicine and thoroughly drank this bowl of soup.

“Ting Ting is awesome.” Li Zhao gave him a thumbs up and brought out the dishes and rice. The chopsticks and spoons were prepared and he spoke excitedly, “Ting Ting, your company is really beautiful and the floors are all glowing. I didn’t see much when I came in but the big company was so stylish.”

“In addition, your office is so big and spacious.” Seeing Yan Ting’s office space, Li Zhao finally believed that Yan Ting’s treatment at the company was really good. He didn’t have to worry about Yan Ting being isolated by his colleagues.

Having a separate office was perfect for someone with Ting Ting’s personality.

“I’ll show you around.” Yan Ting watched Li Zhao leaning against the window, carefully looking at the outside appearance. “You can look at anything you want.”

“How can I do that? I don’t want you to be seen as conceited when working at the company.” Li Zhao refused without thinking. “Large companies should be like that. I’m just curious about your work environment.”

The chopsticks in Yan Ting’s hand stopped and he found it hard to swallow the things in his throat.

“What’s the matter?” Li Zhao saw that Yan Ting’s expression wasn’t right and reached out to pat his back. “Did you choke? Take your time and don’t worry.”

Yan Ting held Li Zhao’s wrist. “Zhao Zhao, I’m sorry.”

‘I cheated you with despicable lies. However, I can be despicable as long as I can keep you.’

“Don’t speak nonsense and eat well.” Li Zhao reached out to poke Yan Ting’s forehead. Then he went to the sofa and sat down. “Eat quickly. I’ll take the insulation box  back after I’ve finished.”

He leaned lazily on the sofa and pulled out his phone to play a game. Then he found that his group of friends had many messages. He opened the group chat and found the topic switched from what they ate at noon to the wedding, from the wedding to their co-worker’s relationship. After reading the records, Li Zhao joined the chat.

Zhao Zhao Has Good Luck: Sister Xia, you transferred? @A Blossoming Voice.

A Blossoming Voice: I was just transferred to the head office a few days ago. Your brother Zhou’s job transfer has also been approved and it will be more convenient for us to meet later.

Zhao Zhao Has Good Luck: Great, if you have any time in the evening then I’ll invite you to dinner.

A Blossoming Voice: Not tonight. I heard that the big boss came to the company today and the entire department is staying to work overtime.

Zhao Zhao Has Good Luck: Then your big boss is very clever. Where is your head office?

A Blossoming Voice: It is the industry’s very famous big company, Cang Huan.

Zhao Zhao Has Good Luck: ……

What was the world so small?

He looked up and saw Years chewing slowly at his desk. Unexpected, Sister Xia and Ting Ting were colleagues. Sister Xia and Brother Zhou had both graduated from famous schools They earned a lot of money in those years but most of the money was spent on the children at the welfare home.

If it wasn’t for Sister Xia’s previous serious illness, her work ability meant she probably could’ve been transferred to headquarters last year. He hadn’t expected there to be so many industries under Cang Huan and that Sister Xia would be working in this place.

A Blossoming Voice: What does the ellipsis mean?

Zhao Zhao Has Good Luck: If I say that I’m at Cang Huan’s headquarters, will you believe it?

Seeing this message from Li Zhao, Zhu Xia was stunned and subconsciously glanced at Wei Tian sitting in the corner. Then she continued sending messages.

A Blossoming Voice: When did you come? You are a big star now and our office has many girls who like you. Don’t let people recognize you.

Zhao Zhao Has Good Luck: I arrived 10 minutes ago. Rest assured, no one recognized me. My good brother also works at Cang Huan and I came to see him.

A Blossoming Voice: The man who spent New Year’s Day with you?

Zhao Zhao Has Good Luck: Yes, his health isn’t very good. If I don’t often stare at him then he won’t take care of himself.

Zhu Xia felt that Li Zhao’s mentality wasn’t right.

No matter how good their relationship, did he need to worry about whether the other person was eating well or not?

Previously when she and Zhou Ming were in love, both of them would go out on weekends to work and earn money. If they made a lot of money that day, they would buy chicken wings or chicken legs for each other to supplement their nutrition.

It turns out it wasn’t just couples who cared about this?

First Make 100 Million: This brother of yours is very generous. A house in Beijing is so expensive yet he is willing to let you borrow it for nothing.

Zhao Zhao Has Good Luck: Not only is he generous, he is also very cute. He doesn’t like talking but his temper is particularly good.

Zhu Xia’s heart thumped.

One person thinking that the other person had a good personality and good temper was no problem. It was when he used the adjective ‘cute’ that things were serious. If Li Zhao was talking about a girl then she would tease him over whether he had a crush on the girl. However, this situation was different.

This was his friend. A friend who was a man. A man!

Zhu Xia took a deep breath and continued to reply to Li Zhao’s messages.

A Blossoming Voice: I think I’m cute as well, right?

Zhao Zhao Has Good Luck: Yes yes yes, Sister Xia is the more beautiful and cutest person in the world.

“Who is Sister Xia?”

The author has something to say:

Baby Ting Ting holding a small note written by other children to Zhao Zhao: Am I your best friend in your heart?

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2 years ago

Sister Xia: Google, what should I do when I know my brother is gay but he doesn’t?

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Let’s not become a stumbling block for our little babies sister Xia. Lets them be.

1 year ago

Woman, don’t mess around. You’ve already been noticed by the Li fans and Sister Xia. Either way, there’s no one who can mess with Zhao Zhao’s luck. His luck goes by the name Ting Ting.

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Sister Xia has a guess~ Truly a woman’s intuition is sharp!