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VH: Chapter 55

The pig market was 70~80 kilometers away from Qingxi Village and the car of the program group was always behind the pig cart, smelling the suffocating smell.

Once the vehicles turned onto the country road, the pig truck drove along the uneven road and jumped three feet high. The crew even suspected that Li Zhao would be thrown out.

“It is cruel, too cruel.” The staff members saw Li Zhao holding the railing of the car with one hand, his hair messy in the wind. However, he was still smiling and talking with the farmer and feelings of admiration naturally came out.

“Brother, I’m worried that once this episode is broadcasted, the audience will scold us for being ruthless.”

Although this really had nothing to do with them, would the audience believe it? No, they wouldn’t. They would only scold the crew.

“I don’t believe that he will be able to cope so easily after arriving at the village.” The staff members weren’t discouraged. They couldn’t give up. In order to maintain the group’s face and status, they had to be strong!

Qingxi Village was a poor village. The economic conditions only gradually became better in recent years but it was still far from a town or a large city.

The farmer who brought the pigs was named Zhang. He was almost 60 years old and his children were working outside. He stayed in the village all these years and rarely saw such a handsome and gentle boy like Li Zhao. Before going out, the village chief had informed everyone that a star would come to the village to record a program in recent days. Unexpected, he was lucky enough to meet a star while buying two pigs.

The two people had a good chat along the way. By the time the car stopped at the village’s entrance, Uncle Zhang still had some ideas. He was also very happy chatting with this baby.

“Zhao Zhao, this is your mission card.” A staff member handed over a card.

Li Zhao opened the card and took a look. “Bring two staff members to have a meal in the village.”

“Where do you want to go? Just go to my house.” Uncle Zhang skillfully put a straw rope on the two piglets and spoke happily, “Today, I have stewed bacon at home and it is very delicious. Let’s go. Uncle will take care of your food.

After that, he looked at the production staff. “Are you the baby’s colleagues? Walk! Let’s go together!”

No, it was past lunch now and they imagined that they would be shooting Li Zhao shyly going to each household and asking the villages for food. Sir, if you are so enthusiastic then it will be hard for this program.

The staff secretly glanced at Li Zhao, hoping he would refuse. However, once Li Zhao heard the word ‘bacon’, his eyes were already like Pikachu and his head was like a treetop being blown by the wind. “Okay. Sir, I will help you lead the pigs.”

The piglet that was just bought was timid and wouldn’t obediently follow a person. It took effort to drag it to a place. The straw rope was strong and wouldn’t easily strangle the piglet. Li Zhao took the rope and pulled, the piglet’s four hooves making long marks on the muddy ground.

The program group,  “…”

In order to go and eat bacon, Li Zhao was killing himself!

Young man, you should take care. Don’t you have the burden of an idol?

“Zhao Zhao, how did you think of taking a pig truck back?” The staff member followed Li Zhao and asked, “Is it a coincidence?”

“Qingxi Village is relatively remote and almost every household has a habit of raising pigs to eat. In addition, many villagers will raise piglets after the Spring Festival. So I decided to go to the pig market to try my luck.” Li Zhao had some regrets. “If it wasn’t for the prices continuing to rise recently, I would’ve saved a few more yuan. However, I was afraid that uncle wouldn’t be willing to take me.”

The staff, “……”

No, you’ve really saved enough.

After dragging the pig through the field and climbing a small dirt slope, everyone finally arrived at the door of Uncle Zhang’s house.

“Old man, are there guests?” An aunt with short hair and an apron around her waist stepped out. Then her eyes locked on Li Zhao. “This child looks so good. Is he our girl’s boyfriend?”

Everyone loved beauty, regardless of age. Even aunties had the right to appreciate beauty.

“What nonsense? This is a big star from the city.” Uncle Zhang blushed as he spoke to his wife. “You go and get us some fresh vegetables to stir-fry a few dishes. The baby and his friends will eat with us at noon.”

“Good, good.” The auntie smiled and warmly welcomed Li Zhao into the house.

“Thank you, Auntie. I’ll help Uncle put the piglets into the pigsty.” Li Zhao dragged the piglet and asked Uncle Zhang, “Uncle, where is your pigsty?”

“The pigsty is dirty. How can I make you go there?”

“It doesn’t matter. I brought clothes with me before going out and I can just change my clothes later.” Li Zhao saw that Uncle Zhang’s family had no young adults and simply helped him get things done first.

Uncle Zhang saw that Li Zhao was so insistent and had to take Li Zhao to the pigsty.

A pigsty in the country was sturdy and it wasn’t easy for pigs to run out or to open. Li Zhao watched Uncle Zhang struggle to open the entrance to the pigsty for a while. Then he bent down and clamped onto the pig’s ears with one hand while untying the straw rope with the other. Then he carried the piglet into the pigsty with both hands.

Carried into the pigsty! Carried into the pigsty!

The cameraman following was shaking. Was this really an actor from an idol drama? Was this real?

The piglet was still squeaking. It used the strongest screams possible as it struggled for the freedom that didn’t exist. After putting the two piglets into the pigsty, the aunt took Li Zhao to wash his hands and feet. Then she vacated the master bedroom for Li Zhao to change clothes.

He changed his shoes and clothes. Then Li Zhao saw the aunt beckoning to him from behind a door. He came over and the aunt pulled him into the kitchen. Then… she gave him a few pieces of palm-sized thin bacon and whispered, “Come, try it.”

The kitchen door squeaked open and the black lens was directed at the bowl of meat in Li Zhao’s hand. Li Zhao and the cameraman’s eyes met in the air At this moment, the air seemed to be filled with a faint embarrassment.

“I asked the baby to come and help me taste the saltiness.” The aunt found the largest piece in the bowl and stuffed it into Li Zhao’s mouth. Then she picked up a small piece, tore it in half and handed it to the cameraman. “You try it as well?”

The cameraman, “……”

Auntie, aren’t you like the villain mother in a family drama who prefers the younger son and secretly gives the younger son something to eat? This type of person would be beaten, do you know?

The auntie didn’t know and didn’t want to know. She was just worried that there were too many visitors and this good-looking young man wouldn’t be able to eat enough bacon.

“It is delicious. Salty and light.” In front of the camera, Li Zhao cheekily finished the bacon. Then he took two more pieces from the bowl, one for the aunt and one for himself. After that, he helped the aunt light the wood stove.

The cooking pot in this house was very big. The fire was burning hot and the pot was full, filling the house with smoke.

“Aunt, does the fire need to be stronger?”

“Yes, the fire should be strong so that the fried vegetables are delicious.”

They finished cooking and Li Zhao excitedly helped the aunt take the dishes to the table, his face full of expectations. This made the show’s crew wonder if the child hadn’t been fed due to the strict supervision of the agent. Now that the agent wasn’t with him, Li Zhao finally let go.

The food was served and Uncle Zhang wanted to take out the medicinal wine he treasured for many years to pour a glass for Li Zhao, but Li Zhao quickly refused it. “Uncle, I don’t drink.”

Uncle Zhang tried several more times but seeing that Li Zhao really didn’t drink, he had to give up.

“My wine is pure rice wine and I can’t drink it outside.” Seeing that Li Zhao wasn’t drinking, the uncle had a bit of regret in his heart. “Baby, eat more. Young men need to eat meat to grow taller.

After that, Li Zhao used his chopsticks to clean up a small bowl of bacon.

The several members of the program group, “…”

There was an illusion of being ostracized by their great-grandmother.

After the meal, Li Zhao helped Uncle Zhang feed the pigs and the dogs. Then he carried the peanuts given by Aunt Zhang and reluctantly headed to the village chief’s home where the director’s group was located.

Along the way, Li Zhao helped the villagers cover the corn with a plastic film that had been blown away from the wind. He also went to see the newly grafted fruit trees. When passing by the fish pond, he helped a fishing uncle to net a big grass carp.

The staff: They… were they actually filming Book to Becoming Rich?

They reached the village chief’s house and the accompanying staff sighed with relief. Staying with Li Zhao would affect their sense of accomplishment at pitting artists.

Meanwhile, the director’s group had watched Li Zhao’s performance in the monitor and expressed deep admiration for the combat strength of this new guest. Once Li Zhao entered through the door, the director got up and greeted him. A young man who could carry a piglet might also be able to carry a person.

“Li Zhao, welcome to our small family.” The director shook hands with Li Zhao. “Before you came, presumably your agent has already mentioned it to you. Our program is a bit difficult but please try to overcome it. Once we return, I will invite all of you and treat you to dinner.”

“Thank you, Director. It is nice here and not bitter.” Li Zhao looked around the room and didn’t see the other guests. “Have the teachers already arrived?”

“They’ve all arrived.” The director didn’t say that while Li Zhao was helping the uncle sweep the pigsty and eating bacon, the other guests went knocking on doors to ask for food.

“This is where you will live. Look for it according to the road signs.” The director handed Li Zhao a task card. You are now familiar with the village so except for the camera, we won’t specifically arrange any staff members to accompany you.”

He thought about it and added, “Before coming, I asked the village chief to have the villagers tie up their dogs. You don’t have to be afraid.”

The director’s reminder wasn’t good. Once reminded, Li Zhao thought of the guest who was bitten by dogs. He looked at the director in silence, his calves a bit cold. Early spring in the mountains was very cold. Li Zhao put on his cold and held the simple map to find the residence.

“Grandma, there’s a big star here!”

A child saw Li Zhao and shouted, “Come and see a star!”

“Good friend.” Li Zhao waved to a few of the children who ran over to watch him. “Have you eaten?”

The children were a bit embarrassed when facing the camera lens and smiled shyly at Li Zhao. Li Zhao stepped forward and touched the head of a little boy. Then he pulled out a bag of unopened biscuits from his pocket. “Come and receive a gift.”

The child wanted to receive it but was a bit embarrassed. Li Zhao put the biscuit in the child’s hand. “See you next time.”

The cameraman whispered, “Zhao Zhao, you’ve been walking for almost 20 minutes.”

Li Zhao waved to the children again before dragging his suitcase and continuing on his way. “Teacher Cameraman, do you know what you need to do to mix in with the village?”

The cameraman, “???”

No no no, he didn’t want to know at all. He just knew they were here to record a program, not to participate in a village committee selection.

“First, we have to be the leader of the children. Children have the best information in the village.” Li Zhao proudly declared. “I have watched your show before coming here and many activities need the help of the locals.”

The cameraman, “……”

I see you want to be king of the children.

Li Zhao found the house he was staying in. There was another guest living there as well. He was the one who was chased by several geese and climbed a tree. Finally, his expression pack spread around the Internet. He was the strength school actor, Xiang Zhen.

Since participating in the program, Xiang Zhen’s serious and cold image was broken into pieces and couldn’t be picked up.

“Hello, Teacher Xiang.” Li Zhao bowed toward Xiang Zhen.

“Just call me Brother Xiang.” Xiang Zhen saw that Li Zhao was white and tender. Even the suitcase was a popular model from a luxury brand. This made him secretly complain in his heart. Did the program give him such a teammate to make them place last?

Regardless, friendship was first and the game was second.

The two people shook hands and Xiang Zhen guided Li Zhao to the room. In the room that was less than 10 square metres, there were two steel-framed beds with a quilt and bed cover placed on the beds.

Li Zhao didn’t wait for Xiang Zhen to open his mouth as he lowered his suitcase, picked up the quilt and quickly made the beds. “Brother Xiang, which bed do you want to sleep in?”

Xiang Zhen hadn’t expected Li Zhao’s hands and feet to be so sharp and he patted Li Zhao’s shoulder excitedly. “The program team finally sent me a big general. I want to thank all the show’s crew!”

The director sitting next to the monitor at this time, “……”

No, it was completely different from their plan.

Xiang Zhen’s personality was straightforward and he had no prejudices against newcomers who were famous due to an online drama such as Li Zhao. In particular, once he heard that Li Zhao could cook, he stared at Li Zhao like he was looking at his biological brother.

After putting their things away, the guests had an hour of ret time. Li Zhao quickly pulled out his phone to send a message to Yan Ting.

Zhao Zhao Has Good Luck: I ate bacon in the village at noon and it was super delicious. I could’ve eaten two bowls of rice if there wasn’t a camera shooting me.

Although the team was already shocked by the amount of food he ate.

Zhao Zhao Has Good Luck: The people in the program group are very good. They didn’t deliberately make trouble and the air is excellent. It is just a bit cold. Fortunately, you had the housekeeper uncle bring me an extra coat.

It took a while for him to hear back from Yan Ting.

Yan Ting: Okay, pay attention to your body.

At 4 in the afternoon, all the guests gathered and Li Zhao finally met the other four guests. There was a singer, opera actor, literary actor and TV host. Li Zhao was the only one who was a traffic star. For Li Zhao’s arrival, they all expressed great enthusiasm and implicitly asked if Li Zhao could do farm work.

“Young people are good, young people are good at physical things.”

“Right right, your hands and feet are good.” The literary actor, Qian Duoxi patted his shoulder. “Xiang Zhen, let’s change teams. I’ll give Zhang Kui to you.”

Zhang Kui, “???”

“Not long ago, you were still calling me Xiao Kui and now you are changing to a younger and handsome guy?” Zhang Kui pretended to wipe away tears. “Brother Qian, you’re so heartless.”

“Welcome to all guests to the recording of Seclusion Mountain Forest. Now we should clap to welcome the new guest of this episode, Li Zhao, the show’s face value!”

“Thank you.” Li Zhao folded his hands together.

The host asked loudly, “I haven’t seen you for a while. Have you missed me?”

There was silence.

“It’s okay. I think everyone is fine.” The host wiped his face. “What is the slogan for our program?”

“Just survive!”

“Don’t release a cow!”

“Don’t kill sheep!”

Li Zhao silently took a step back. This program group… it was in a life or death mode.

Their first task was to help an old man in the village dig up weeds. The group carried their hoes and came to the field. They saw Li Zhao roll up his sleeve and step forward. Then he raised the hoe and started weeding, digging at the ground and shovelling a large piece of soil with the hoe.

The five guests’ mouths dropped open.

“I was wrong. I shouldn’t have called the program group dogs. In fact, they are still human. At least they arranged Zhao Zhao to be with us.”

“Da Liu, it isn’t that we’re despising you. It is just that Zhao Zhao is really capable.”

Da Liu was the hapless guest who was bitten by the dog.

Xiang Zhen dragged his basket to pick up weeds and curiously asked Li Zhao, “Xiao Li, how to do this?”

“This is quite simple. You can do it as long as you find the right position for the hoe.” Li Zhao pointed to the handle of the hoe. “For example, here is the point of focus. You have to consider the thickness of the soil, the softness and the height after raising the hoe…”

Xiang Zhen, “……”

He could understand every word but he couldn’t understand them when they were placed together. The camera turned toward the ignorant and helpless Xiang Zhen and didn’t hesitate to zoom in with no dead ends.

After digging at the ground, everyone was exhausted but the director arranged for them to help an old lady in the village find the chickens that hadn’t yet returned to the cage. They made a mournful sound as they dragged their heavy bodies and started looking for chickens all over the mountain. For a poor farmer, a chicken was an important asset. However, the guests in the program group had grown up in towns and cities and didn’t know where to start.

Li Zhao hadn’t walked far when he heard a scream. He turned to look and found Zhang Kui rolling out of the grass, followed by a red-crowned big rooster, chasing him with wings flapping. Zhang Kui saw Li Zhao and acted like he was seeing a loved one. He rushed toward Li Zhao. “Xiao Li, the world’s most handsome, most handsome man. Save me.”

Who knew that Li Zhao wouldn’t save him? Rather, Li Zhao turned and ran.

“Why are you running?” Zhang Kui was desperate.

“The rooster can fly!” Li Zhao ran while shouting. “I can’t beat it.”

“You can’t even beat a chicken, where is your dignity as a popular artist?”

“You can do it if you want!”

Zhang Kui couldn’t. The two of them ran desperately until the rooster’s owner found something was wrong and called the rooster back, saving their lives.

“Why are the geese, dogs and even the chickens in the country so good?” Zhang Kui leaned against his legs and panted continuously.” I thought I was a tyrant when I was a kid but today, I lost to a big rooster.”

“Brother Zhang, how did you mess with it?” Li Zhao stood against a tree. “This type of bright-feathered rooster with a thick crown is powerful. His combat effectiveness is very strong.

“I saw him with a hen and wanted to see if the hen was one lost by the auntie.” Zhang Kui spoke quietly. “It seems I did something wrong.”

“Let’s go and continue to search.” Li Zhao had better physical strength than Zhang Kui and didn’t need to gasp so much. The two people walked along a path and saw a few children wearing plastic cloths and holding a stick like they were playing as martial artists.

“Dear heroes!” Li Zhao held his fist and called out to the children. “There is something important I have to ask. I’m begging the great heroes to help.”

“It’s over!” Behind the monitor, the director hit his thighs.” There is a child here who saw where we put the chicken.”

Who would’ve thought that Li Zhao was so despicable and shameless that he would even take advantage of a child.

“I know, I know!” One child raised his hand while putting the stick in his waistband. “I’ll take you there.”

“Thank you, Hero. You are really righteous.” Li Zhao solemnly bowed to them and the children laughed before copying him.

“Child, follow me.”

This changed from a martial arts scene to a scene from Journey to the West. In the end, they found a big hen with her legs tied in a meadow.

“What villain kidnapped this chicken and placed it so far away?” Li Zhao picked up the big hen and thanked the ‘heroes.’ “Than you Heroes. We will meet again.”

“Hero, go slowly!” The child happily played along.

“This time it is farewell but I want to ask you to take care and study hard in school.”

“A hero doesn’t need to study.”

“Who said that heroes don’t need to study?” Li Zhao raised an eyebrow. “If you aren’t good at studying then you won’t understand when a poem is written that scolds you. You also won’t understand letters written to you secretly by undercovers. If you can’t write or read then you can’t be a first-class hero, no matter how talented. Understand?”


“Of course.” Li Zhao handed the chicken to Zhang Kui and stood with his hands behind his back, posture tall as he fooled around with these little boys. “Have you ever seen a hero on TV who can’t read or write?”

The children shook their heads.

“That’s right.” Li Zhao smiled with satisfaction. “If you want to practice martial arts then you must first understand the martial arts script.”

Li Zhao looked up at the sky before touching the children’s heads. “Heroes, it is late. You should go home. I will take this kidnapped chicken back.”

On the director’s side, the director drank Coke while his legs shook. “This time, the new guest is very interesting.”

Guests who could play with these naughty children for so long and also play happily, there was probably no one except for Li Zhao. After getting back the lady’s chickens, the guests were finally rewarded with a sweet potato dinner.

“Qingxi Village is full of sweet potatoes.” The host reappeared when everyone was having a good time and pretended not to see the disgusted eyes of the guests. “The sweet potatoes are all treasures but since there are so many people planting them in Qingxi Village, they are hard to sell. So tomorrow, I am asking all guests to help the villagers sell 500 kg of sweet potatoes.”

“500 kilograms?”

Xiang Zhen was seriously shocked. This program group wasn’t human!

The next morning, Xiang Zhen woke up and saw Li Zhao lying on the ground, writing and drawing something on cardboard.

He got up and saw that the cardboard read, ‘The black-hearted program group forces artists to sell sweet potatoes. The best sweet potatoes, 8 jiao for 500 grams. As long as you give us love, we can find the money to go home.” (10 jiao= 1 yuan)

Xiang Zhen silently sat back on bed.

Young man, too amazing!

In Beijing, Yan Ting was drinking a small bowl of porridge under the watchful eyes of the housekeeper.

“Sir, you’re great today.”

“Don’t learn to speak from Li Zhao.” Yan Ting put down the bowl and picked up the phone. Li Zhao had just sent him a message.

Zhao Zhao Has Good Luck: Ting Ting, I’m going to the vegetable market today! I’m so excited. I feel it is a bit fun! [Photo]

In the photo, Li Zhao was wearing torn clothes borrowed by the villagers and he held a sign in his hand. He looked like a scammer on the streets asking for money.

The difference was that the sign in his hand wasn’t about going to college or someone at home having cancer. Yan Ting was silent for a long time before replying blankly.


The author has something to say:

The kindergarten is engaged in charity sales activities:

Baby Zhao Zhao was excited all night and didn’t sleep well. Early in the morning, he carried the small bag for collecting money and stood in front of the kindergarten door. he also sent a message to Baby Ting Ting, who didn’t participate, showing off his excited mood.


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Zhao Zhao is so cute, love how even he runs from the rooster😂 truly formidable