VH: Chapter 54

There was a question in the world where the wrong answer wouldn’t deduct points but cause death. Although Yan Ting had never been in love, the moment he met Li Zhao’s eyes, he suddenly realized this valuable survival skill without a teacher.

“I thought you listened to Yao Yuguang’s words and were afraid of me…” Yan Ting lowered his head but he didn’t let go of the hand holding Li Zhao. “I didn’t want you to go but if you are living in fear because of me then I’d rather let you go.”

Seeing Yan Ting’s mouth saying he would let go but his hands were pulling tighter, Li Zhao felt distressed and couldn’t help being angry at Yan Ting. “I didn’t go. I won’t go. Don’t even think about it.”

“Then you just…”

“I just went to block your colleague’s mouth.” Li Zhao pulled Yan Ting to sit down. “Cang Huan is such a big company and your promotion speed is fast. I’m afraid that your colleague will spread today’s story. Some rumours, whether true or false, will gradually become true as long as someone is jealous of you.”

There were real and false rumours in the entertainment circle every day. There was only one way to stop these rumours from having an impact on the party involved. That was to give the rumours no chance to spread.

Yan Ting wasn’t sociable. if others arranged things behind his back, he wouldn’t take the initiative to explain it. With his usual silence, rumours would only spread and become more exaggerated and ridiculous.

“Did you suddenly leave for this?” Yan Ting looked at Li Zhao and there seemed to be thousands of emotions in his eyes.

“What else?” Li Zhao avoided Yan Ting’s eyes, not wanting this person to see his smile. “Ting Ting, your character is too simple and you don’t know how sinister the human heart is.”

The room was quiet for a moment.

“I’m sorry.”

Words of apology turned around in Yan Ting’s mouth and slowly flowed out. “You are the best Zhao Zhao in the world and I misunderstood you.”

“Now you know that I’m the best?” Li Zhao raised his eyebrows and snorted. “Let’s go downstairs and eat.”

“Aren’t you going to ask?”

“What?” Li Zhao looked at him. “Ask why you aren’t eating well?”

For those who were unhappy in childhood, every time they told the past, they would expose their scars. After the wound was torn open, it became blurred and useless except for causing more pain and unhappiness.

Yan Ting watched him in silence. Li Zhao smiled back. Yan Ting walked up to him. “Zhao Zhao…”

I gave you a chance to leave. From today on, you will never leave me. In life, you are by my side. In death, our ashes will also be together. No one can separate us. If you want to escape, I’ll lock you up so no one can find you.

“What is it?”

“it’s fine. “ Yan Ting’s eyelids slightly dropped, concentrating all the madness in his eyes.

“Do you feel that the two of us are like kindergarten children?” Li Zhao scratched his head. “We are inexplicably unhappy and then somehow reconciled?”

“Even if you are a child, you are the cutest child in kindergarten.”

“Ting Ting, you’ve changed. You aren’t the old Ting Ting anymore.”

Yan Ting’s steps slightly slowed. Had Li Zhao found that he was twisted?

“You’ve become sweet.” Li Zhao reached out to hug Ting Ting’s neck. “It is good to have a sweet mouth. Sweet mouthed boys are likeable.”

“I don’t need to be liked by others, just you.”

“Like, like, I like you the most.” Li Zhao cocked his head. “Ting Ting, do you think that our conversation is gay?”

“I don’t think so.” Yan Ting’s expression was serious like he didn’t realize anything wrong with the conversation just now. “Only people with dirty thoughts can think wildly.”

Li Zhao, “……”

It was he who was wrong, blame him for being too dirty and tarnishing the integrity and purity of Ting Ting.

The housekeeper saw the two people hugging and smiled, knowing they had reconciled. He turned and asked the kitchen to bring the steamed crabs and other dishes, pretending he didn’t know they had a small conflict.

After the meal and making up with Ting Ting, Li Zhao hurried back to his room for a nap. Then he lay in bed and recalled Yao Yuguang’s words, all the joy in his heart turning to distress. If Ting Ting’s childhood was really like this, how sad would he be?

Wrapped in the quilt and rolling back and forth several times on the bed, Li Zhao’s sleep completely flew away. He took out his phone and opened a small group chat.

Zhao Zhao Has Good Luck: Buddies, are you there? Are you there, friends?

[Picture of a cicada lying on a tree]

First Make 100 Million: What’s wrong?

Zhao Zhao Has Good Luck: I have a friend who has a problem recently.

Make a Billion First: …

A Better Tomorrow: …

A Blossoming Voice: …

Zhao Zhao has Good Luck: What is the meaning of the ellipsis?

A Better Tomorrow: We are all keeping silent and listening to you.

Zhao Zhao Has Good Luck: Okay, my friend is a very easy-going person and doesn’t mind many small things.

A Better Tomorrow: And then?

Zhao Zhao Has Good Luck: However, he became angry with his friend because of a small thing. He usually doesn’t like to be angry.

A Better Tomorrow: Then what?

Zhao Zhao Has Good Luck: Do you think he is a bit of a scum?

Make a Billion First: …

A Blossoming Voice: It is probably because he knows the friend cares about him so he can be angry at ease. I guess your friend’s friend must be good to your friend?”

Zhao Zhao Has Good Luck: Especially good.

A Blossoming Voice: Zhao Zhao, do you know that a loved one has the right to be angry? Only those who aren’t loved will force themselves to be open-minded and never care about things. Your friend is lucky. he has a sincere relationship. I don’t think his friend will blame him. As long as the two people communicate more, all contradictions and problems can be solved.

Looking at the words sent by Sister Xia, Li Zhao was stunned. After being stunned for a long time, he hurriedly returned a few words in the chat group before sitting up in bed. It turned out that he was spoiled by Ting Ting.

The group of friends quieted down again. Li Zhao didn’t know that these three friends had actually created a ‘friends of Li Zhao’ group.

A Blossoming Voice: I feel like an old mother watching my child finally finding his own life. I’m both happy and sad.

Zhao Zhao had always been sensible after moving into the welfare home. He wouldn’t cry when he was bullied by an older child and he would diligently help the staff. If someone made trouble for him at school then he would only resolve it with a smile.

He was never capricious, never capricious nor did he try to cause trouble to anyone. He was a sensible child. However, as someone who cherished love, who was willing to let him be so well-behaved and sensible at his age?

A Blossoming Voice: In addition, none of you should dismantle the situation. Since Zhao Zhao said it is his friend, we should take it as his friend.

A Better Tomorrow: Okay, my wife

Make a Billion First: Okay, big sister.

A Blossoming Voice: By the way, the wedding to your girlfriend has been booked for March 8th?

Make a Billion First: Yes.

A Blossoming Voice: I have discussed it with Brother Zhou. A few days before you get married, I will come over to help you. Hand over the miscellaneous things to me. We must do our best to create a perfect wedding for your girlfriend.

Make a Billion First: Thank you Sister Xia, Brother Zhou.

A Better Tomorrow: Between us brothers and sisters, it is too much to say thank you. If it wasn’t for you and Zhao Zhao, I’m afraid that Xia Xia’s illness wouldn’t be cured.

Make a Billion First: Don’t say polite words. The four of us are already like siblings.

“These two children are better than one bear.” Zhu Xia spoke to her husband Zhou Ming with a smile. “Naughty children.

“They are all good kids.” Zhou Ming smiled and hugged Zhu Xia in his arms.

After leaving the welfare home with Xia Xia, they had always been making money to support the children in the welfare home. However, when Xia Xia was seriously ill and needed a lot of money to treat the disease, only Li Zhao and Chen Xiaojin stood up and desperately earned money to save Xia Xia’s life. Seeing their true feelings in adversity, Li Zhao and Chen Xiaojun were just like brothers in their hearts.

In the evening, Li Zhao finally ate hearty seafood hot pot. He had a good appetite and most of the dishes on the table were eaten. After eating, he rubbed his stomach and sat up. “I should go back. Ting Ting, see you tomorrow.”

Yan Ting stiffened and looked up at him. “Are you going to go?”

“I’m not leaving. I’m returning next door. I’ll come tomorrow morning.” Li Zhao didn’t expect Yan Ting’s reaction to be so great and explained, “Starting tomorrow morning, I will get up and run every day. I’m afraid I will disturb you if I stay here.”

“The sound insulation at home is good and running with two people is more interesting than alone.” Yan Ting stared at Li Zhao. “Stay here.”

“How can I do that?” His mouth spoke these words but his body honestly went to the sofa and sat down.

“As long as you want to stay, anything is fine.”

“Then I’ll take you for a run tomorrow morning?” Li Zhao looked at Yan Ting with a smile. “You’re a man so you must keep your words.”

“Okay.” Yan Ting had already responded but Li Zhao deliberately teased him, wanting to take him running together.

The entertainment world was really complicated. A good kid had become cunning.

In the morning, Li Zhao woke up from his sleep and changed into refreshing and convenient sportswear. Then he opened a window and breathed the fresh air outside. He couldn’t help squirming and put on a coat.

After dragging Yan Ting to run, he found that people with longer legs had an advantage when running. If it wasn’t for his physical strength, he would’ve failed to win against Ting Ting.

The thick coat around his body had already been dragged off as he ran a few laps around the villa. Then Li Zhao panted, “It is up to here today. You’ve just started running and can’t run for too long.”

If he ran any further, he would lose. As a man, this couldn’t happen.

“Okay.” Yan Ting took the warm water from the housekeeper and handed it to Li Zhao. Li Zhao took a few sips before Yan Ting took the cup from him in a natural manner and also took a few sips.

“This cup…”

“Isn’t it normal for good friends to share cups?” Yan Ting glanced at him. “Is something wrong?”

“No.” Li Zhao thought about it. Good brothers bathing together was okay so sharing a glass of water didn’t seem to matter. “If I knew then I would leave you more water.”

“No, this is enough.” Yan Ting drank all the water in the glass and handed it back to the housekeeper. “I’m going to take a bath and change my clothes.”

“I’m going to wash as well. I almost forgot that I have to go to the company.” Li Zhao didn’t think and heartlessly returned to his room, taking a shower while humming a song.

Ting Ting sat in front of a computer every day. Later, Li Zhao would take him to go exercise. Running was nothing as long as they lived healthily to an old age. For the next period of time, Li Zhao dragged Yan Ting to run with him every morning before rushing to the company to recharge his own batteries.

“Zhao Zhao.” After a physical lesson, Luo Rong came in with a file bag. “There is a variety show recently that wants to invite you to be a special guest and record two episodes.”

“What show?” Li Zhao took the file bag. “Brother Luo, didn’t you say that an actor participating in too many variety shows will reduce the mystery of his performance to the audience?”

“You haven’t had any work lately and need some exposure,” Luo Rong explained. “This program is one organized by Channel 9 of the national station and it allows stars to experience life in the countryside. After the program was launched, the ratings might not be as high as some professional TV shows but it was highly praised. It is conducive to enhancing your positive image.”

“National station?” Hearing these words, Li Zhao nodded without thinking. “Okay, I agree.”

“The director told me in advance that this program has no detailed script and it won’t be faked.” Luo Rong placed the ugly words in front. “The conditions are very difficult and the appearance fee isn’t high. Do you know why the program will invite two people as guests to shoot the last two episodes?”

Li Zhao shook his head. “I don’t know.”

“The last guest was chased by two dogs in the village. Finally, due to his lack of physical strength, his legs were bitten by the dogs. This created a huge psychological shadow and he cried and shouted to end his cooperation with the program group.”

Li Zhao, “……”

“here was also a guest who was pecked by several geese and had to climb a tree. His expression pack spread all over the Internet.” Luo Rong patted Li Zhao on the shoulder. “If you decide to go, I will reply to the program team.”

Li Zhao, “……”

Was it because he hadn’t worked recently that Brother Luo was finally hitting him hard?

The main slogan of the national channel’s variety show was that they wouldn’t ask for gimmicks, only truth. Regardless of whether the person was big or not, the moment they entered the program group, they had to accept the arrangements of the director.

No makeup and rolling in the mud was light work. There were likely to clean cow dung, kill chickens and slaughter cattle. Therefore, the real first-tier artists were unwilling to participate in this show. It was only for not so famous artists. Finally, Strawberry Entertainment used their popularity in the industry to help Li Zhao grab this place.

On the day of the official filming, dawn hadn’t arrived yet when the crew’s car drove to the neighbourhood where Li Zhao lived. Once the car drove to the gate of the villa, they saw the beautiful, carved gates up close. Many views were very curious about the guest’s living environment.

Knock knock.

The camera crew knocked on the door for a while and it opened slowly. Li Zhao wearing pyjamas and with messy hair stared in disbelief at those outside the door.

The staff laughed. “It is only by getting up early that we can find the most authentic guest.”

Li Zhao looked at the watch on his wrist and saw it was 4 o’clock in the morning, “……”

Were the people on this show all devils?

“Please come in and sit down first.” Li Zhao yawned and walked into the kitchen in his slippers. “You came so early so you shouldn’t have eaten breakfast. We will go to the airport after eating.”

The flight scheduled by the program group was at 10 in the morning. He hadn’t expected them to come so early.

“Zhao Zhao, can we film your house?”

“Please feel free.” Li Zhao skillfully cooked porridge, omelette and got hot milk. He wasn’t living here during this time so he temporarily asked the housekeeper uncle to prepare it yesterday.

The staff with a cameraman filmed the house. Then he walked to the kitchen and saw Li Zhao cooking in such a skilled manner. “Zhao Zhao, are you good at cooking?”

“I can do some home-cooked dishes. I used to live alone and I can’t order takeaway every day. I just learned how to cook.” Li Zhao took the tableware out of the sterilizer and placed the breakfast on the table. Then he invited everyone to sit down and eat.

“Your house is very beautiful.” The staff took the initiative to find a topic.

“This isn’t my house. It was lent to me by a friend.” He took a handful of fruits from the refrigerator, washed it and put it on the table.” My money isn’t even enough to buy a room, let alone such a big house.”

The staff was a bit surprised. It was the first time he had seen an entertainer admit to being poor. In order to not make a fool of themselves, some artists would rent villas or large mansions in advance to make the audience think they were rich. Some people were like Li Zhao but it was rare.

Most importantly, the other side personally cooked food for their staff. It was normal for them to shoot when hungry and some guests didn’t even eat themselves. Then they saw Li Zhao eat two bowls of porridge, four slices of toast, two fried eggs and a lot of fruit. The cameraman felt some regret while eating. If he knew that Li Zhao could eat so much, he would’ve continued to shoot so it could be put on the show. This could also be a small highlight.

After eating and while Li Zhao changed his clothes, the crew recorded a question and answer session before preparing to leave for the airport. They opened the door and saw an elegant man in a suit standing in the doorway with a coat in his hand.

“Housekeeper uncle.”

“Mr Li, the boss said it is cold in the mountains so you should take this coat with you.”

“Okay.” Li Zhao took the coat. “Go back and help me remind him, ‘electronic scale.’ He will understand.”

“Excuse me.” The housekeeper smiled at the camera crew and left gracefully.

The staff secretly sighed in their hearts. They hadn’t expected the relationships between high-end villas in this area to be so good.

The program group’s car slowly drove in the morning fog. No one knew that there was a figure standing upstairs, watching their car leave until the car was no longer visible and the morning light illuminated the mist.

Li Zhao got off the plane and received the program team’s task card.

“Please use the funds provided to you by the program team to go to Qingxi Village.”

“50 yuan?” Li Zhao took the green 50 yuan banknote from the envelope. “Okay.”

The program group: What about the screams? What about the wails of pain?

The show’s crew didn’t hear the guest’s protest and was a bit stunned.

“My agent said the recording would be very hard but I think you’re really kind.” Li Zhao placed the 50 yuan in his pocket. “I was given 50 yuan for the journey.”

The program crew,  “…”

Young man, if you didn’t look so sincere then we would suspect you were being ironic.

However, once they followed Li Zhao and turned west, they saw Li Zhao inquiring at a pig market and spending 15 yuan to squeeze onto a pig truck heading for Qingxi Village. Their souls were shaking as they headed to the village.

Who said their program group was broken? There was an even tougher guest.

The car of their program group followed the pig truck and they were suffocating, but they didn’t dare open the window. How could Li Zhao talk to the farmer who bought the pig and discuss what the pigs were willing to eat while riding in the dirty and battered truck?

Young man, you are going to the countryside to suffer, not as a technician to spread pig knowledge!

Do you want the program group to lose face?

The author has something to say:

Baby Zhao Zhao: I’m not a good baby. I’m a scum baby.

Baby Ting Ting retorted: Nonsense, you are the world’s best baby!

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1 year ago

The program group: *tries to make the artist suffer as much as possible*

Zhao Zhao: I’m gonna do what’s called a p̶r̶o̶-̶g̶a̶m̶e̶r̶ country boy move.

1 year ago

Lol our baby still making sure that his TT eats

10 months ago

A technician to spread pigs’s knowledge… Hahahaha

7 months ago

I think I’d swoon if someone loved me even 10% of this😩 “In life, you are by my side. In death, our ashes will also be together. No one can separate us. If you want to escape, I’ll lock you up so no one can find you.”