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VH: Chapter 53

Seeing the large suitcase being dragged by Li Zhao, Yao Yuguang’s legs not only softened but his entire body as well. He thought of the social media news he had seen not long ago. A cleaner had found a huge suitcase at the bottom of the lake. He opened it and found a body hidden inside.

“Y-You, don’t come over here.” Yao Yuguang looked at Yan Ting with fear. Yan Ting wanted to kill him and Li Zhao wanted to help dispose of the body…

“C-Cousin, I was wrong. Please spare me.” Yao Yuguang was scared enough to drip tears and snot.

Yan Ting couldn’t care about how he looked. Yan Ting released his hand, letting the back of Yao Yuguang’s head smash into the ground and making him howl in pain.

“You’re leaving?” Seeing the suitcase in Li Zhao’s hand, Yan Ting took a step forward before stopping. He even took a step back. “So urgently?”

“Of course it is urgent.” Li Zhao walked up to Yan Ting, only for Yan Ting to suddenly turn around and say, “There is still some work in my study.”

He was afraid that if he took a closer look at Li Zhao, he wouldn’t want to let this person go.


Seeing Yan Ting not returning and striding back to the front door, Li Zhao frowned and looked down at Yao Yuguang on the ground. Was it because he punched Yao Yuguang just now that made Yan Ting act so rude?

They were supposed to be good friends yet Yan Ting couldn’t even see him beating someone. Was their brotherhood made of plastic?

“Don’t come, don’t come over.” Yao Yuguang found that Li Zhao’s eyes didn’t look right. “Please let me go. I will never both you anymore. Please let me go!”

At the end, his voice broke.

Li Zhao turned his head and looked at the door that Yan Ting had gone through. Then he threw the suitcase on the ground and started to open the suitcase.

“No, don’t…” Yao Yuguang was sobbing. A 1.8 metres tall man was crying and became a big mess.

“Mr Qin,” Li Zhao pulled out a box of special products and handed it to Qin Xiao. “Ting Ting said that you and your colleagues were very fond of the special products I brought last time so this time, I bought some more. You should take it all back.”

Qin Xiao saw the bow filled with various souvenirs, most of which were dried meat and other things. Such a big box shouldn’t be cheap. He didn’t know that Li Zhao’s heart was dripping blood at this moment. Sometimes when he chose takeaway for the crew, he chose the one that waived the delivery fee. This box had cost him a lot of money.

However, for the sake of Ting Ting’s future, he could only be generous. The last time Li Zhao went to Cangshi to shoot the advertisement, he could see that Mr Qin wasn’t only an elite of Cang Huan’s headquarters, he also had the right to speak in front of the leaders of various branches. Ting Ting had just been transferred to the office of Cang Huan’s president and it was necessary to please someone like Qin Xiao. This person also came personally to send Ting Ting documents. He was a good colleague.

“Thank you, this is enough. I can’t finish it all.” Qin Xiao saw Li Zhao put one bag after another in his hand, only stopping when he could barely hold them with both hands. He didn’t know if it was his illusion but this time, Li Zhao was more enthusiastic toward him.

“Give it to your friends if you can’t finish eating them. These are all natural and pollution free things. You can rest assured when eating them.”

Alas, the biggest disadvantage was that it was expensive to death, so expensive that he didn’t even want to give up one bag.

“There are so many things. Let me help you bring them to your car.” Li Zhao saw that Qin Xiao was wearing a suit a d tie and didn’t match this box of souvenirs. He placed the suitcase in a corner of the gate and grabbed the souvenirs from Qin Xiao, smiling brilliantly. “Mr Qin, let’s go. I’ll send you.”

Seeing Li Zhao leave, Yao Yuguang glanced at the suitcase shining coldly in a corner and struggled to crawl on the ground to his car. Then he found that his legs were too soft to drive. He opened his phone and called for a ride. At this moment, driving apps were the world’s greatest invention in Yao Yuguang’s mind.

There was a special visitor’s parking area in the community but it was a bit of a distance from the villa area. Qin Xiao saw Li Zhao holding so many things alone and was a bit embarrassed. He wanted to carry some of them.

“It’s fine, just fine. I’ve been doing these things since I was a child and I’m used to it.” Li Zhao smiled. “Moreover, it is only a few steps and it isn’t tiring.”

“Thank you.” Qin Xiao noticed that Li Zhao’s attitude was too attentive and almost courteous. He looked at the young man and wanted to ask him why he was so enthusiastic but in the face of this bright smile, he couldn’t say anything.

“That… Mr Qin, Ting Ting just transferred to the president’s office. Is he used to the work?” Li Zhao observed Qin Xiao’s expression. If Qin Xiao’s face didn’t look good then he would change the subject. If Qin Xiao wasn’t impatient then Li Zhao would be thick-skinned and continue to ask.

Qin Xiao paused for a moment, watching the smiling boy who was almost flattering him and slightly shifted his gaze. “Mr Ting has always been capable at work. The leaders of every department appreciate him very much.”

“Your company is a large international company. Will the president’s office be very busy?”

If it wasn’t busy then Ting Ting wouldn’t have lost so much weight.

“The workload at headquarters really isn’t easy.” Qin Xiao vaguely guessed Li Zhao’s intentions behind flattering him.

“I see.” Li Zhao frowned before relaxing. “Mr Qin, Yan Ting doesn’t like to talk and if no one cares for him then he forgets to eat. If you are free, and I truly mean if you are free, can you ask him to eat with you?”

This person’s face was still young and his eyes held respect for the elites of the big international company.

This time, Qin Xiao thoroughly understood why the boss liked Li Zhao and even let Li Zhao occupy such a special position in his life.

True feelings were rare. A 20 year old man was willing to put down his celebrity status to bend down and say good things for his friend, indicating that his friendship with the boss had surpassed his own reputation and celebrity status. This half-grown person, integrity was the most important thing but he had learned to bend over too prematurely.

“You can rest assured that I will take good care of Mr Ting.” Qin Xiao showed a sincere smile to Li Zhao. “If he doesn’t eat well in the company then I will send you a message. If it is convenient for you then we can exchange contact information.”

“Okay.” Li Zhao could barely hold back his smile. “Thank you, thank you.”

Putting the souvenirs in the trunk, Li Zhao took out his phone and added Qin Xiao as a friend on WeChat. “Mr Qin, you go slowly.”

Qin Xiao’s eyes swept over Li Zhao’s palm that had a red mark from the souvenir bags but Li Zhao didn’t care. He was just happy someone in the company could take care of Yan Ting.

“Thank you, I’ll see you next time.” Qin Xiao thought that maybe this child could pull the boss back from the cliff. “Just now, that man’s words about Mr Ting…”

“Don’t believe that crazy man’s words.” Li Zhao’s face was anxious. “Ting Ting is fine. Nothing’s wrong.”

The matter of Ting Ting’s parents, whether it was true or false, absolutely couldn’t be leaked!

“I know that employees have to go through a physical and mental check up before entering the company.” Qin Xiao saw that Li Zhao’s eyes were still worried and added, “Please rest assured that I won’t go out and spread such an unfounded thing.”

He suspected that this was Li Zhao’s main purpose for sending him to the parking lot.

“Thank you.” Li Zhao looked gratefully at Qin Xiao and let go of the last big stone in his heart. He was so trusting that Qin Xiao felt a bit guilty and hurriedly said goodbye, driving away. Special Assistant Qin, who didn’t blink when lying to competitors, had a rare guilty conscient in front of this young person.

“Housekeeper, Li Zhao… is he still at the gate?”

“Sir. “The housekeeper looked at Yan Ting with an awkward expression, not knowing what to say. “Sir, My Li is still young. Perhaps it is a misunderstanding and he will come back in the evening.”

Yan Ting spoke slowly. “He won’t come back.”

The house gradually became quiet. The man sitting in the chair seemed to be wrapped in an endless solitude, his entire body exuding lifeless decadence.

“I heard he is going to participate in a movie.” After a long time, Yan Ting looked up at the housekeeper. “You go to arrange things so the movie can be filmed well. It will be…”

A gift he gave Li Zhao.

Yan Ting couldn’t finish these words.

There was a bright colour for a moment and he started to feel that the grey world was so hard to endure. He forgot that his world was grey.

“Old Shen, another investor has withdrawn.” His friend looked at Director Shen who was writing on a piece of paper. “Otherwise, let’s forget about it.”

“What did you say?” Director Shen held the pen tightly. “For this matter, I spent several years and sold my house and car. I’m not willing to forget it.”

“However, this movie is too expensive.” The friend couldn’t bear it. “Why don’t you pick up other scripts first. Then find the right investor and continue the movie.”

“Brother, I know you are being kind but it is my hard work over the years. Moreover, it isn’t easy for me to find an actor with fame and acting skills to agree to be the first male lead. If I miss him, I don’t know if I can find another actor.” Director Shen once had a daughter. He promised his young daughter that he would make her a movie about an alien and earthling becoming friends.

His daughter said that the Earth man looked like a prince and the alien was infected by him, learning to grow as a human and finally becoming good friends with humans.

However, this lovely little girl fell seriously ill a few years ago. In order to treat his child, Director Shen ran to most of the hospitals in the country but eventually failed. The couple couldn’t accept that their daughter was gone and finally chose to divorce.

Since then, Director Shen had gone crazy preparing for the movie. First, he sold his watch and luxury goods. Then he sold his car and house. Now he had nothing and lived in a rented room, but he still didn’t give up on making the movie.

“I asked my younger sibling and this money is our investment in your movie.” The friend took out a bank card from his pocket. “There isn’t much money but I have written the password on the card.”

“No, I can’t take your money. You and your younger sibling have two children to raise.” Director Shen didn’t agree. He had a clear idea of how much money it cost to raise a child.

“Old Li, I can’t take the education money that you and your younger sibling saved up.”

“I’m not giving it to you It is an investment. Once your movie’s box office sells out, you will have to give me a share of the box office profit.” Old Li saw Director Shen’s thin face. They had been friends for so many years and he couldn’t bear to see this person starve to death.

It didn’t matter if the movie wasn’t made. People always had to live well. The two of them were pushing the bank card around when the phone rang. Director Shen quickly put down the bank card and connected the call.

“What? Are you telling me the truth?”

“It is convenient whenever you have time.”

“Thank you, thank you!”

Director Shen’s voice was a bit choked up. He hung up the phone and spoke to Old Li with red eyes. “Old Li, there is a big investor in this movie!”

“Really?” Old Li asked happily. “Who is it?”

“The big boss of Cang Huan. His personal assistant called and said that his boss appreciates Li Zhao’s performance in Rising Storm. The boss learned he was going to act in this movie and decide to invest under his own name.”

“The boss?!” Old Li exclaimed. “Old Shen, this is a good thing!”

“Yes! It is good!” He thought the path ahead only had despair. Who knew it had a new hope?

Li Zhao, Li Zhao…

Li Zhao was their crew’s golden doll. Thanks to the investment of Cang Huan’s boss, they didn’t need to wait two months at all. It could be started in one month!

“This big boss is simply the best man in the universe. I wish him to always be rich and to live long.” The disheartened Director Shao’s face was radiant. He put the bank card back into Old Li’s hands. “Come on, I’ll invite you downstairs for a drink!”

“Sir, things have been arranged.” The housekeeper hung up and call out. “The kitchen has cooked soup. Shall I bring you a bowl?”

“No.” Yan Ting shook his head. “You go out.”

The housekeeper stopped talking and went out the door.

“Housekeeper Liu.” A bodyguard came in with a large suitcase in his hand. “This is what we found at the gate. It was probably left by Mr Li.”

The housekeeper took the suitcase and carried it. It shouldn’t be full because it wasn’t particularly heavy to carry.

“Did you see Mr Li at the door?”

The bodyguard shook his head.

The housekeeper sighed. “I see.”

“If you want, I can check the surveillance at the door…”

“No.” The housekeeper refused without even thinking about it. “The boss won’t agree.”

The boss was different toward Li Zhao. He absolutely wouldn’t allow the villa’s bodyguards to monitor Li Zhao’s every move. Although… the boss wished he could confine Li Zhao in this house forever.

After sending QIn Xiao back, Li Zhao found himself back in front of Yan Ting’s door but something was missing. The big suitcase containing souvenirs was still here just a moment ago. How could it have disappeared in a flash?!

Li Zhao felt that he was about to suffocate. He crouched down at the gate and thought it was time to go back. Thinking of Yan Ting’s behaviour of walking away without looking back, he got up and kicked the wall. This plastic friend, not even thinking of who Yan Ting did the beating for. He had been going to move over and live with Yan Ting!

Hmph! He had a temper too! He would ask if the housekeeper had seen his suitcase and then leave!

Li Zhao entered the gate and rushed straight toward the door of the main house.

“Mr Li?”

The gardener pruning flowers in the yard was surprised to see the always smiling Mr Li look angry. Had he fought with the boss?

Li Zhao rushed through the door of the main house and saw the housekeeper and a strange man surrounding his beloved suitcase.

“Mr Li?” The housekeeper smile. “Are you here?”

“I’m just getting the suitcase.” Li Zhao took it and spoke with a stern face, “Take it and go.”

“Mr Li, don’t be angry.” The housekeeper saw that Li Zhao’s face was ugly and started to persuade him. “You and Mr Li are good friends. If you have anything to say then say it slowly. Don’t be unhappy over small things.”

Did Mr Li really believe Yao Yuguang’s words and want to stay away from the boss? No, Mr Li wasn’t this type of person. If he listened to Yao Yuguang so easily then he wouldn’t have risked exposure by beating Yao Yuguang into the ground.

“It isn’t that I’m unhappy.” Li Zhao muttered softly and took the suitcase. He took out all the souvenirs in the suitcase and gave them to the housekeeper. “Housekeeper uncle, I’ll go home first. I bought these things for Ting Ting and everyone. Take them and eat.”

“Wait.” The housekeeper called out to Li Zhao. “The kitchen is going to cook hot pot tonight. Shall I call you then?”

Hot pot? Li Zhao looked bright before resuming his indifferent expression. “No need. How can I bother you?”

“How can you be a disturbance when you and the boss are friends?”

Li Zhao looked back upstairs. There was no movement from upstairs. He took back his gaze and dragged his empty suitcase. “No need, at night… I still have something to do.”

Although he was reluctant, he couldn’t let himself be a nasty nuisance.

“Thank you for taking care of me.” Li Zhao turned and walked toward the door, the wheels of the suitcase making a noise on the ground.

“Mr Li, there’s crayfish at night.” The housekeeper said. “The boss heard that young people like to eat crayfish and had the chef learn this skill. There is garlic, spicy and spiced. You really don’t want to eat it?”

“No, I won’t eat.”

Li Zhao, hold back, you are a strong man. You can’t fold for a few bites.

“Mr Li, go after eating.” The housekeeper spoke bitterly. “The boss is still waiting for you to come back. There are also fresh hairy crabs in the kitchen. Although it isn’t the best season for eating crabs, they are imported from abroad and taste good. Go and sit with the boss for a while. They will be steamed soon.”

“Is Ting Ting really waiting for me to come back?”

Looking at Li Zhao’s expression, the housekeeper knew there must be a misunderstanding between Mr Li and the boss. “Of course, the boss has no other friends. You are his only friend. If you leave, how sad would he be?”

“Then why did he just turn around and leave, ignoring me?”

The housekeeper smiled. “Just now, the boss was working on documents when he heard you were fighting with others. he was worried about you and wanted to come out and help. Seeing that you were okay, he hurried to return to work.

“I see.” Li Zhao was a bit embarrassed. “Then I’ll go up and see him.”

Li Zhao stepped on the stairs and gradually slowed down. It was really strange. if it was Xiaoyuan or any little ones from the welfare home, he would be cheeky and ask them why they ignored it. Why was he being different with Ting Ting? Was it because Ting Ting was too good to him?

Thinking of this, Li Zhao condemned himself in his head. ‘Li Zhao, Li Zhao, I didn’t expect you to be such a scum friend? For you, Ting Ting rolled up his sleeve and fought. Yet you suspected that this was a plastic brotherhood?’

The more he thought about it, the guiltier he felt. Li Zhao moved step by step and hesitated before touching the door of Yan Ting’s room. He quietly pushed open the door of the room a bit.

The curtains in the room were tightly drawn and showed only one ray of light. He looked at the room for a long time before he could adjust to the dim light and barely saw Yan Ting sitting on the single sofa.

“Ting Ting.” Li Zhao was worried that Yan Ting was sleeping out of exhaustion and whispered, “Ting Ting?”

Yan Ting opened his eyes and looked at the child at the door, suddenly standing up. No, it couldn’t be. Yan Ting took a few steps back until he was leaning against the floor to ceiling window. It was all his illusion.

“What’s wrong?” Li Zhao was unable to turn on the light and went to Yan Ting. “Are you confused because you were sleeping?”

Yan Ting watched him and didn’t speak. In fact, an illusion was also good. After today, only the illusion of Li Zhao would laugh and get close to him.

“Why aren’t you talking?” Li Zhao’s heart was weak. Did Ting Ting know that Li Zhao had misunderstood him? No, his family’s Ting Ting wouldn’t be so careful.

He turned to go and turn on the light, only to be caught by Yan Ting. “Don’t go.”

“I won’t go, I won’t go.” Li Zhao found that something seemed to be wrong with Yan Ting’s voice and he became more cautious. “Ting Ting, did you have a nightmare?”

The usually cold Ting Ting would actually grab his hand after having a nightmare. This was quite cute.

“It isn’t a nightmare.” Yan Ting stared at Li Zhao. “It is a dream.”

Li Zhao was back.

“Dreaming in broad daylight is a daydream.” Li Zhao let Yan Ting hold his hand and extended his other hand to open the curtain. The room became bright. Yan Ting loosened his hand that was clutching Li Zhao’s wrist and slowly stretched out a finger to point at Li Zhao’s warm forehead.


“You aren’t leaving?”

“What?” Li Zhao heard this wrong. “Do you want me to go?”

The author has something to say:

Zhao Zhao isn’t happy. Zhao Zhao has to be coaxed by Ting Ting. It is useless for anyone else to coax him!


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