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VH: Chapter 52

[Shocking! Cang Huan’s senior management even said such a thing!]

[What movie is even a senior of Cang Huan crazy about?]

[A big man’s latest way to chase stars is to praise him on a financial show.]

“Shameless artists. How can you enter the video with your low-end hype idea? Crawl out on your knees!”

“The moment I opened the video, I couldn’t help wanting to spit. However, the content of the video made me feel it was too amazing!”

“After searching for the big man’s identity, I don’t think I deserve to be a star chase.”

“Not worthy to be a star chase +1.”

“If I hadn’t watched the show again, I would’ve thought it was late malicious dubbing.”

“I’m not a fan but I deeply admire…”

“Upstairs Li fan, don’t pretend to be someone else’s fan to express admiration. Your family’s artist just received an alien sci-fi movie. It is doomed to be a dog and think about how to cry first.”

“Upstairs, don’t lie. Although my family’s Zhao Zhao isn’t the son of Strawberry Entertainment, he is at least half an adopted son. Strawberry Entertainment wouldn’t give him this type of bad drama.”

As everyone knew, as long as there was a domestic movie related to the subject of aliens, one was all considered the same and none of them would be recognized by their mothers. If a domestic movie with sci-fi and extraterrestrial creatures was produced then one of the ten would be ridiculed by the national TV station’s movie reviewers with humorous and sharp words. The remaining nine would be silent because they were so rotten they didn’t deserve to be spoken about.”

“Tell the Li fans the bad news. It is said that this movie is about love and peace,  the aliens and Earth people developing together.”

The Li fans, “……”

What was this messy plot? It would 100% be a rotten movie! The Li fans were sorrowful. They ignored their baby being praised by a businessman and went to the studio to protest on the agent’s Weibo!

They wanted their baby to have good resources! They didn’t want their baby to act in a bad movie! Trash agent, please leave the entertainment industry alone. Don’t harm their Zhao Zhao!

The scolded Zhang Xiaoyuan was very wronged. He was just a helpless, poor publicity agent! Li Zhao heard that Zhang Xiaoyuan was being scolded and opened WeChat to send him a 9.99 yuan red envelope to show his comfort. Zhang Xiaoyuan’s feelings of grievance were instantly comforted by this red envelope.

After comforting Zhang Xiaoyuan, Li Zhao received a call from the boss’ assistant. The greetings finished and Cao Jia finally expressed his intentions. “Zhao Zhao, if you don’t like the movie Shadow of the Sky then we can give you another movie resource…”

“No, I think the script is good and very interesting.” Li Zhao explained. “I have promised the director that I will wait two months for him.”

Recently, Director Shen had been sending him good morning and good night text messages every day, even if there wasn’t anything to say. He also asked, “Did you eat?” In the face of such kindness, Li Zhao felt he was the palace’s old queen waiting for someone to come every day.

“You are about to finish shooting your drama. Come back and rest for two days.”

“Yes, Brother Lu has been helping me analyze the emotions of my character in the past few days and my shooting has gone smoothly.” Li Zhao spoke lightly. “I can finish two days in advance.”

Brother Lu? As the assistant of an entertainment company’s big boss, Cao Jia quickly reacted. The Brother Lu that Li Zhao mentioned should be Lu Hao.

Hanging up the phone, he returned to the president’s office and saw the boss scratching his head.

“Xiao Cao, you came just in time.” President Sun saw his assistant come over and put the information of two artists in front of Cao Jia. “An artist’s contract with the company is about to expire and Lu Hao is actively contacting us again. Do you think we should improve the terms of the contract and leave the original one or would it be better to break up and sign Lu Hao instead?”

Cao Jia didn’t give direct advice but said, “Boss, I just talked to Li Zhao on the phone. He says he is getting along well with Lu Hao and Lu Hao in the crew is taking care of him.”

President Sun nodded slightly. “I will consider it.”

Li Zhao’s final scene was his death. He lay in bed, eyes open as he seemed to wait to use his eyes to penetrate time and space to look into the future.

The cameraman carried the camera and stood above him, the lens aimed straight at his face. At this time, the actor needed to forget the existence of the camera. All of the crew had planned for a long day of filming because Li Zhao was too young to understand death.

Before the shoot, Director Yang had spoken a lot to him but the director still couldn’t be assured as the filming officially started. However, to everyone’s surprise, Li Zhao’s scene was extraordinarily good. The contradiction of wanting to live but accepting death was shown vividly in his eyes.

After finishing filming, Li Zhao lay in bed without moving and the staff didn’t easily disturb him. For such an important scene, it was normal that the actor couldn’t escape from it for a while. A few minutes later, Li Zhao slowly got up from the bed and smiled at the director. “Director, I have finished.”

“Yes, congratulations on finishing the shoot.” Director Yang reached into his pocket and pulled out a stuffed red envelope. “Here, take this red envelope.”

Several staff members who knew Li Zhao well also smiled and sent red envelopes and flowers. Once he went back to the dressing room and opened it to take a look, the largest red envelop contained 66 and the smallest contained 12. Mosquito meat was still meat, no matter how small. Forget it. These days, everyone paid with their phones and it wasn’t easy to get together 66 yuan in cash.

There was an ending party with the crew and the next morning, Li Zhao rushed back to Beijing. The first thing he did when returning was to push Yan Ting onto the electronic scale. The atmosphere of the room was solemn and the faces of those present were serious.

“Take off your coat and your shoes can’t be worn. You have to take them off…”

Qin Xiao was holding documents and had just pushed open the door to Yan Ting’s house when he heard these words and stopped. “Sorry to disturb you. Please continue.”

Li Zhao and the housekeeping staff in the living room turned to look at Qin Xiao at the door, showing expressions that said, ‘Why are your thoughts so filthy?’

Qin Xiao, “…”

He calmly pushed up his glasses and stepped through the door. “Mr Li, what are you doing with Mr Yan?

“Weighing his weight.” Li Zhao saw that Qin Xiao wasn’t comfortable and pointed to the electronic scale in the middle of the room. Then he told Yan Ting. “Don’t hesitate and go up.”

Yan Ting took one small step and another way, slowly moving onto the electronic scale.

“Wow.” Li Zhao grinned. “I left home for two weeks and you’ve lost 2-3 kilograms.”

Yan Ting calmly got down from the electronic scale. “I ate a lot for the Spring Festival and it is normal to become thinner after the new year.”

“However, I weighed you on the fifth day of the new year.”

“Maybe it was broken.”

“They are all excused.” Li Zhao turned and sat cross-legged on the sofa, bowing his head to play a game and no longer paying attention to Yan Ting. Yan Ting went to him and sat down. Li Zhao turned his head in a different direction and continued to play the game.

“There is a new chocolate cake. Do you want to eat it?” Yan Ting learned from Li Zhao’s appearance and put his hands stiffly on Li Zhao’s shoulders. “There are still many dishes that you like to eat in the kitchen.”

Li Zhao held out a finger.

“What?” Yan Ting watched the finger shake before his eyes.

“One bowl of rice.”


“Eat with me and have one bowl of rice.”


Qin Xiao silently watching this, “…”

Perhaps he shouldn’t have come in from the beginning. If he hadn’t come in then he wouldn’t see this scene of the boss being ‘humble.’ No one in the world except for Li Zhao could do this. Li Zhao too amazing!

Due to the presence of an outsider, Li Zhao put down his tablet and got up to greet Qin Xiao while also inviting him to eat.

“No need, I have to send a document to the company.” Qin Xiao refused even if he didn’t want to. It was impossible to eat with the boss. He could only disappear quickly to maintain his spiritual purification.

Li Zhao looked at Yan Ting, who was sitting still and didn’t know how to send his colleague away. Li Zhao was reluctantly forced to send Qin Xiao to the gate. “Mr Qin, you are welcome to come again next time.”

“I will come if I’m free.”

The most perfunctory words in the world were ‘come when free’ or ‘come next time.’

Qin Xiao hadn’t driven his car into the villa area but parked outside. He just arrived at the gate when a sports car passed like a sharp arrow and stopped in front of Li Zhao.

According to the classic routine, the owner of the car should get off cooly. However, Li Zhao was faster than the owner. The moment the car stopped, Li Zhao sat on the ground first.

“What do you want to do? Touch porcelain?” The owner of the car descended with sunglasses on his face as he looked condescendingly at Li Zhao. “A pretty face like this, no wonder why he will support you.”

Qin Xiao frowned, stopped and didn’t move forward.

Li Zhao ignored him, instead taking out his phone and taking a few phones of the head of the car before putting the phone back in his pocket. “This handsome guy, were you very naughty when you were in kindergarten?”

“What do you want to say?”

“In kindergarten, children who listen to the teacher should know that when riding a children’s car, they should drive slowly when encountering pedestrians. Don’t you know that a car can kill people?” Li Zhao had been away from Yan Ting for two weeks and in this time, Yan Ting lost 2~3 kilograms. Li Zhao was depressed and now someone came to him.

He had seen this man before during the Spring Festival. The housekeeper uncle said his brain wasn’t very good.

“Shut up, what nonsense are you speaking?”  Yao Yuguang looked at Li Zhao disdainfully. He lit a cigarette and slowly sucked it. “Today, I want to tell that lunatic Yan Ting that if he makes my mother’s business collapse then I will die with him.”

“Who is a lunatic?” Li Zhao’s expression suddenly sank. “Your family’s elders, didn’t they teach you how to speak?”

“I am calling Yan Ting a lunatic!” After saying the first sentence, Yao Yuguang seemed to have infinite courage and he shouted, “Yan Ting, you must die. One day, you will die like your crazy mother…”

Before Yao Yuguang could finish his curses, Li Zhao knocked him to the ground with a punch. His cigarette butt in his hand fell, burning the back of his hand and causing him to twitch a few times.

“Wu wu wu…”

Li Zhao was very experienced as he took off Yao Yuguang’s jacket, covered Yao Yuguang’s face with it and started beating this person up before he could react.

“Mr Li, please calm down. Mr Li.” Once Li Zhao had almost completely finished the beating, Qin Xiao pretended to pull help the struggling Yao Yuguang. “If you have something to say then say it slowly. Don’t hurt your hand and leave this type of hard work to the security guards.”

Yao Yuguang pushed away Qin Xiao. He pulled the jacket off his face and grinned despite the pain. “As a public figure, you actually dared to hit me. Believe it or not, I will call the police so that you won’t even dare of being in the entertainment circle again!”

Damn, he was the one beaten by that person over there only worried about the pain in the hand of the person who beat him?

“If you dare to curse again, I’ll keep fighting.” Li Zhao took off his coat and scared Yao Yuguang into stepping back. He thought that Li Zhao was going to hit his head again.

“You cursed my friend so much but I hit you lightly. if I can’t mix in the entertainment circle again then I’ll go back and open a noodle store.” Li Zhao remembered the words of the other person and felt the man in front of him was disgusting.

“Aren’t you speaking so nicely because it is all Yan Ting’s money?” Yao Yuguang sneered. “Unfortunately, I’m afraid that even if you have money, you’ll have no life to spend it. Don’t you know that lunatics will kill someone? Do you know how Yan Ting’s father died?”

He gestured to his neck. “His lunatic mother held a knife and cut his father’s neck…”

“Shut up!” Li Zhao put his coat on Yao Yuguang’s head and hit him to the ground again.

Garbage! The scum that took the pain of others as talk! What did parents teach their children?

Qin Xiao took a few steps back and left enough space so that Li Zhao could enjoy the punching.

“Li Zhao.” Yan Ting stood at the door, staring blankly at Yao Yuguang who was crying on the ground for his parents. “Come back and eat. Don’t care about it.”

Yao Yuguang was happy scolding Yan Ting when this person was absent but once Yan Ting actually appeared, he couldn’t control his inner fear and his entire body started to twitch. The harsh words and cursing turned timid in front of Yan Ting’s eyes.

“What, Ting Ting.” Li Zhao put his hands behind his back, trying to make himself look good and harmless. “In fact, I am an anti-violence person, really.”

With that, he widened his bright eyes, trying to let Yan Ting see the sincerity in his eyes.

“I know.” Yan Ting quietly watched Li Zhao, only opening his mouth again after a long time. “Zhao Zhao, go back with me.”

His eyes were burning and only Li Zhao could see it.

Li Zhao glanced between him and the neurotic man who was swollen from being beaten before Li Zhao turned to run to the villa where he lived.

Watching Li Zhao run faster and faster, seemingly eager to escape from his side, Yan Ting’s eyes darkened. Zhao Zhao was afraid of him and wanted to leave him. His eyes gradually shifted and fell on Yao Yuguang.

“Y-You…” Yao Yuguang was afraid. He had never seen such a look before. Yan Ting wanted to kill him… really kill him. Yan Ting was a madman, a madman like his mother!

Yao Yuguang wanted to run away but his legs were soft from fear. He could only touch his hands on the ground as he moved back a bit. “Xu… no, Yan Ting. Killing is against the law. Don’t mess around.”

“You made him leave me.” Yan Ting walked in front of Yao Yuguang, bending over to hold his neck. “You are a redundant person and should just die.”

“No, no, no…”

“Sir!” The housekeeper and Qin Xiao saw the situation wasn’t right and rushed forward to pull Yan Ting away. “Mr Li will come back in a moment.”

“You’re lying to me.” Yan Ting looked coldly at Qin Xiao, voice unusually calm and sober. “He won’t come back.”

No one would love an abnormal madman. Therefore, Li Zhao wouldn’t come back. Li Zhao knew the truth and was eager to escape far away from him. In Li Zhao’s thoughts, he might only be a crazy and perverted person that disgusted Li Zhao…

“Ting Ting?” Li Zhao ran back with a huge suitcase, gasping for breath as he saw Yan Ting holding that trash’s neck. His eyes became round as he stared. “You are fighting?”

The calm and elegant Ting Ting was fighting? It must not be Ting Ting’s fault! It was all this trash’s fault.

The author has something to say:

Baby Ting Ting fought with other children in the kindergarten. Baby Ting Ting is afraid that Baby Zhao Zhao will feel he is a bad boy and will no longer play with him.

Baby Zhao Zhao says solemnly, “You can’t fight again next time, you know?

Baby Ting Ting nods timidly.

Baby Zhao Zhao: Call me if you want to fight!


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Both of them are really… Nothing to say except that their rose-tinted lenses are very powerful. ╮(︶▽︶)╭

Thank you for translating!!

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I love how they won’t hesitate to go apeshit for the other person lol

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We must protect these two babies no matter what.

11 months ago

“The contradiction of wanting to live but accepting death was shown vividly in his eyes.” Knowing his past, this really makes me cry

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Jacket over the head first, then punch, got it (و •̀ㅅ•́)و