VH: Chapter 49

The girl didn’t know why this person suddenly appeared. She heard the words ‘early love’ and instantly blushed. “Sorry. I-I just wanted to be friends with Brother Li.”

She was holding her mobile phone, her expression very embarrassed. The man who suddenly appeared was staring at her gloomily. It felt like she was being stared at by a demon and could lose her life at any time. This fear made her subconsciously step back.

“Ting Ting?” Li Zhao was surprised by Yan Ting’s sudden appearance. “Why are you here?”

This was a shooting site and unrelated personnel couldn’t enter.

“Mr Li, hello.” Qin Xiao came out from behind Yan Ting. “I’m here to do something and followed… came to see with Mr Ting.”

Having said that, he turned to greet the filming staff.

“Have you finished filming?” Yan Ting’s voice was a bit hoarse and sounded strange. Li Zhao looked up at him and couldn’t see anything wrong.

“Sit down and drink some water first.” Li Zhao handed a cup of water to Yan Ting. “I have drunk from this cup. Do you mind?”

Brothers using the same cup seemed to be fine. The moment Yan Ting took the cup and put the edge to his lips, he looked up at the girl standing in front of Li Zhao like a bad mother-in-law.

Li Zhao saw the girl had red eyes and looked somewhat pitiful. Then he glanced at Yan Ting quietly drinking water and smiled. “I don’t usually use WeChat. If you want, you can add my assistant’s WeChat. You can speak to him if you need help.”

The girl heard that Li Zhao was rejected her and her young heart was broken. She reluctantly smiled, “Thank you, I disturbed you.”

She finished speaking and without grabbing Da Ke’s WeChat, she turned and ran away.”

“Da Ke, follow and make sure she doesn’t get into an accident.” Li Zhao sighed as he turned to Yan Ting. “You are so fierce that you frightened the little girl.”

Yan Ting’s hand on the cup tightened.

“If you are like this, I don’t know what girl dares to be with you.” Li Zhao saw Yan Ting lowering his head silently and thought this person had realized his mistake. Li Zhao reluctantly continued saying, “Don’t do this next time?”

“Are you blaming me for affecting you from becoming friends with that girl?”

The word ‘love’ turned around in his throat a few times but Yan Ting couldn’t say it and it eventually became ‘friends.’

“Even if you didn’t speak, I would’ve rejected her.” Li Zhao laughed. “A simple and cute girl like her, why waste time on me?”

Simple and cute? Simple… cute?! Yes, such girls were naturally simple and cute in the hearts of young men.

Yan Ting wanted to cover Li Zhao’s eyes and mouth. He didn’t want Li Zhao to see others or to praise others. He would keep Li Zhao in his house so that no one could see Li Zhao except for him.

“You’re fine.” Yan Ting turned the cup around in his hand before getting up. “I’m going outside for some air. You continue to shoot.”

“Wait!” Li Zhao grabbed the scarf on the chair and handed it to Yan Ting. “There is no heating outside. Take this with you.”

Yan Ting stared at Li Zhao’s scarf for two seconds and took it silently. Everything here made him feel noisy. He strode out of the video studio, the cold penetrating his clothes and eventually making his brain calm down.

The scarf in his hand was soft and warm. He gripped it tightly before slowly loosening his hand. His willpower told him that there were some things that couldn’t be done. Then there was the sound of footsteps nearby. He looked up and saw the girl who had just run away standing at the end of the corridor. He stared at her blankly, eyes filled with indifference.

“I’m sorry.” The girl’s voice sounded like she was crying. “I’ll stay away from Brother Li and won’t fall in love with him early.”

Yan Ting ignored her and walked slowly with the scarf.

“Sir.” Qin Xiao opened the door and followed Yan Ting. “Mr Li’s shooting is coming to an end. I will take you to the lounge for a while.”

Yan Ting looked back at him like he was seeing a stranger. Qin Xiao saw his lips move.

“Sir, what did you say?”

“Medicine.” The expression on Yan Ting’s face disappeared and it was like he returned to the state before knowing Li Zhao.

Qin Xiao’s heart tightened and he placed the medicine in Yan Ting’s hands. “I will go and get water for you.”

“No.” Yan Ting swallowed the pill in an expressionless manner. “Tell me after the shoot.”

The lounge was soundproofed very well. Yan Ting entered the room and the moment he closed the door, the entire world became quiet. His world was originally so quiet.

After the WeChat incident, the girl participating in the shooting was clearly in a bad mood. Fortunately, just her silhouette needed to be shot. After an hour or two, she finally ended the shooting. It took too long to remove makeup. Literary exited the video studio to find Yan Ting but didn’t see this person outside.

“Where are you?” Li Zhao took out his phone and was ready to call Yan Ting.

“Brother Li.” The girl chased after him, her face pale. “Just now, that man is… your friend?”

Li Zhao nodded. The girl’s face changed and she finally whispered, “You should be more careful.” Then she lowered her head and rushed away like there were dogs chasing after her.

Be careful about what? Li Zhao’s mind was covered in fog. Be careful of the cold outside?

“Mr Li.” Qin Xiao came out from around the corner. He looked at the back of the girl hurrying away and turned to Li Zhao with a smile. “Mr Ting is waiting for you in the lounge. I’ll take you there.”

“Thank you.” Li Zhao followed behind Qin Xiao. “Is Yan Ting uncomfortable? I don’t think he looked good just now.”

“I’m not sure.” Qin Xiao looked back at Li Zhao. “Mr Ting usually doesn’t like to talk and everything is buried in his heart. Us outsiders can’t see what is wrong with him.”

Hearing this, Li Zhao’s footsteps accelerated a bit.

“Mr Li, Mr Ting is in this lounge. I have something to do so please temporarily excuse me.” Qin Xiao pushed the glasses up his nose. “If there is something then you can call the staff here.”

“Thank you.” Li Zhao hurriedly thanked him and pushed open the door. He saw Yan Ting leaning against the sofa, pale and sickly but his posture was still graceful.

This reminded him of the photograph of Miss Xu hanging on the wall of the watch collection room. Yan Ting’s eyebrows and temperament were similar to Miss Xu. After perceiving that someone had entered the room, Yan Ting slowly opened his eyes and saw Li Zhao standing at the door. The coldness in his eyes was released a little bit.

“Why is your face so bad? Are you uncomfortable?” Li Zhao strode to Yan Ting and reached out to touch his forehead.

Yan Ting was silent for a few seconds before placing his head on Li Zhao’s body. “I’m dizzy.”

“Is it because of the cold wind blowing after you left the studio?” Li Zhao was anxious. “I knew that I should’ve stopped you from going out. The video studio might be a bit noisy but is better than the cold wind blowing outside. Have you taken medicine?”

“I’ve taken it.” Yan Ting leaned against Li Zhao and didn’t move away. “Don’t move. Let me lean on you for a while.”

“Okay.” Li Zhao sat on the sofa and let Yan Ting lean on his lap. “I’ll help rub your temple. It might make you feel better.”


Li Zhao’s method wasn’t very good. Yan Ting leaned against his warm thighs, closing his eyes and asking, “Just now, I stopped you and that girl from exchanging WeChat. Do you blame me?”

“We are good friends. How can I be angry with you over this little thing” Li Zhao used his fingers to pull back Yan Ting’s hair. “Not to mention I am only 20 years old and I’m still two years away from the legal marrying age. What love should I be thinking about?”

The room was very quiet and Yan Ting opened his eyes. “After… what type of person would you like?”

Li Zhao’s hand paused before he laughed softly. “Probably… I would like someone who would give me a family. She has only me in her heart and I have only her. She doesn’t care about my farts and I won’t abandon her for her unkempt pyjamas and slippers. If she is late then I’ll pick her up. If I’m home late then she’ll leave the light on for me…”

“Between a husband and wife… it is probably like this?” Li Zhao didn’t know how ordinary husbands and wives got along. In his imagination, this was the most perfect model.”

“What about a child?” Yan Ting’s voice became hoarse again.

“I’ve never thought about it.” His memories before the age of 10 were all abuse and beatings. After the age of 10, he was living in a welfare home and didn’t know how parents treated their children in a warm family. “It doesn’t matter if we don’t have children. We can raise cats and dogs together or flowers and fish. Anything is fine.”

“I have all of these things…” Yan Ting swallowed the unspoken words.


“Nothing.” Yan Ting closed his eyes again.

“Why are you suddenly caring about falling in love?” Li Zhao raised his eyebrows, eyes full of gossip. “Is there someone you like?”

“There is no one else around me other than you.”

“That’s right.” Li Zhao nodded. “Forget it, we are both bachelors. Let us two bachelors rely on each other.”

Yan Ting didn’t speak.

“Huh?” Li Zhao poked Yan Ting lightly on the head. “Bachelor Yan, aren’t you going to say anything?”

“If I am a bachelor for the rest of my life, will you stay beside me for the rest of my life?”

“Okay.” Li Zhao smiled. “Going fishing together when we are 70 or 80 years old is also very good.”

“You don’t want to keep a dog or grow flowers?”

“If you like then we can plant flowers too. However, you aren’t well and can’t have a dog. A dog will shed hair and it is bad for your respiratory tract.”

“Yes, let’s plant flowers and go fishing together.” Yan Ting sat up and stared into Li Zhao’s eyes. “Zhao Zhao, I have written down your words.”

Li Zhao nodded while feeling some doubts in his heart. Why did he feel something was strange?

The author has something to say:

After kindergarten, the children played happily together.

Baby Ting Ting sitting on the stool: I am in pain, my hand is pained, my entire body is pained. I want Zhao Zhao to accompany me.

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2 years ago

Wow it’s like 温水煮蛙. Ting Ting is slowly closing in the net.

Thanks for translating!!!

2 years ago

Ting Ting! Your yandere tendencies are showing!

Quick! Capture Zhao Zhao before it’s too late!

1 year ago

Lol so we have Song Yu the total Tsundere and now Ting Ting is showing us Yandere disposition. I’m scared that his mental illness is going to flare up though.

9 months ago

Ting Ting planning their future and Zhao Zhao is just nodding along without realizing😭