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VH: Chapter 48

“What? Someone stole my role?” Song Yu heard the agent’s reply and was furious. If it was Li Zhao then take it away. He wouldn’t dare say anything. However, someone else dared to rob him of his role? As long as he could retaliate then he would definitely retaliate!

“Who? Who stole it?” Song Yu growled loudly and his voice could be heard throughout the villa.

“The drama side is unwilling to disclose it. They only said that a suitable candidate has been found.” The agent suspected that the crew didn’t dare let Song Yu, the rich second generation, know who the actor was. With Song Yu’s dog temper, the other party definitely wouldn’t eat a good fruit.

“There are so many people on the crew and there is always a loose mouth.” Song Yu snorted coldly. “I can find out as long as enough money is spent.”

Song Yu was right. As long as he was willing to spend money, it was easy to inquire about such news. They soon discovered the person who stole the role.

“Xu Bei?” Song Yu had no impression of this name. “The east and south have offended his family, why is it the north?” (TL: The Bei in Xu Bei’s name means north).

“A while ago, there was a debut show that was very hot. Xu Bei came from that program.”

“He was the winner?”

The agent was silent for a moment. “No, he was only 10th place.”

“How many people debuted on the show?”

The agent was silent for a longer time. “Nine people.”

“This person who fell behind in a competition dared to steal my role. Immediately go and help me grab it back!” After confirming that the person could be bullied, Song Yu suddenly gained momentum.

“However, I heard that Xu Bei has a close relationship with Zijia Entertainment. My Immortal Girlfriend has received the investment of Zijia Entertainment and they named Xu Bei to play the protagonist.”

“It turned out to be bringing money to the crew.” Zijia Entertainment was the second largest company behind Strawberry Entertainment. It wasn’t able to deal with Strawberry Entertainment but with the power of Song Yu’s family… he couldn’t afford to offend them.

“Forget it, I don’t want anything to do with this type of money-taking crew.”

The agent, “……”

Didn’t he love to do this type of bringing money into the crew? How could he taunt others?

Li Zhao didn’t know about the casting of My Immortal Girlfriend. Early in the morning of the third day of the new year, he rushed to the headquarters of Cangshi Watches to make preparations before shooting.

The department manager of Cangshi Watches received him with great enthusiasm and took him to the watch collection room. The collection room was filled with the best works of the chief designer since the establishment of the Cangshi brand. Even though Li Zhao was a layman who didn’t understand watches, he still felt the beauty of these exclusive watches.

He also noticed that the watch provided to him for the annual meeting was placed in a very special glass cabinet. On the wall above the glass cabinet hung a photo of a woman in a cheongsam. She had a slight smile on her face and was elegant and charming. Li Zhao couldn’t help taking a few more looks.

“This is Miss Xu, the founder of Cangshi Watches.” The manager saw that Li Zhao was interested in the founder and gave an introduction. “Miss Xu was never married but she was brilliant and had many suitors. The Xu family…”

The manager’s voice stopped like he was afraid of mentioning something taboo. He smiled and changed the topic. “Mr Li, there are many of Miss Xu’s works in the collection room. If you like then you can pick a few to take away.”

Li Zhao hastily refused. He would be too uninteresting if he had skin thick enough to take something away from the collection room. However, the more he looked at Miss Xu’s photo, the more he got a familiar feeling. He always felt that he had seen her eyebrows somewhere before. Where was it? It was impossible for him to forget an elegant and outstanding woman like this if he had seen her. If he hadn’t seen her, why did he feel like she was familiar?

The propaganda corridor had photos of the spokespeople of the Cangshi watches. The first few photos were of very famous actors at the beginning of the last century. Looking at all the photos, Li Zhao seemed to travel through time as he saw the brilliance of the Cangshi watches in different times.

Once he got to the studio, the stylist gave him a good appearance and they started to take photos.

Li Zhao wasn’t a professional model. All his experience with photos was some common sense taught to him after he joined Strawberry Entertainment. At first, he was stiff but the photographer was very patient. The photographer’s temper was so good that it was suspected he was taking art photos for a high price.

“Yes, that is the feeling. Let’s take another one.”

“Imagine that you are the master of this world, that you are the king,” The more the photographer shot, the happier he began. “Yes, right, good!”

Night fell and Li Zhao finally finished with the photos. Throughout the day, he had changed his makeup, changed clothes a dozen times and changed the shooting program over and over. Most importantly, he only ate a little bit for the effect.

He was hungry and panicked. This reminded him of when he was eight years old and locked up in the cellar. He was hungry and dizzy and finally gnawed off his nails.

“Zhao Zhao?” Da Ke noticed that Li Zhao’s condition was a bit wrong He thought it was low blood sugar and took out a chocolate from his pocket. “You should eat to gain some energy first.”

Li Zhao took the chocolate and placed it in his mouth.

“Zhao Zhao, you can’t eat so many high-calorie things!” Da Ke had been with Li Zhao for a few months and had never seen Li Zhao eating ferociously. He couldn’t react for a moment.

The sweet chocolate didn’t alleviate his hunger. Li Zhao opened the water bottle and drank most of it in one go. Then to the worried Da Ke, he said, “Let’s go back.”

He just needed to go back to Ting Ting and he could eat. Covering his hungry stomach, Li Zhao came to the underground parking lot and leaned against a pillar while Da Ke drove a car over. A black car was parked in front of him. The window slowly rolled down to reveal Yan Ting’s face.

“Ting Ting?”

“Get in the car.”

Li Zhao opened the door and got in, his head leaning against the chair in a dying manner.

“This is for you.” The scent cake shook in front of Li Zhao, crying out to his soul, ‘Eat me, eat me quickly!’

Who could resist such temptation? Li Zhao opened his mouth and bit down, finishing half the cake instantly. He took the cake from Yan Ting and ate it in two or three mouthfuls. “Is there anything else?”


Fresh cake and just hot milk.

“I finally came back to life.” Li Zhao ate three small cakes before finally getting a sense of steadiness. “Ting Ting, how did you know I hadn’t eaten?”

“I didn’t know.” He took a clean handkerchief and placed it in Li Zhao’s palm. “I just brought it from the kitchen.”

“Ting Ting, you are the best brother in the world.” Li Zhao wiped the corners of his mouth and reached out to hug Yan Ting, patting this person on the back. “If you hadn’t come, I might’ve nibbled on the car seat cushion tonight.”

It was warm. Li Zhao’s unique atmosphere filled the embrace. The air was also filled with the sweet smell of cake. Yan Ting slowly reached out his hand. It was about to touch Li Zhao’s back when Li Zhao’s phone rang.

“Zhao Zhao, where are you?” Da Ke’s voice came from the phone.

“My friend came to pick me up. You can drive back without waiting for me.” Li Zhao released Yan Ting, found a bottle of yogurt in the ice cooler and handed it to Yan Ting. Yan Ting opened the cap and handed it to Li Zhao.

Li Zhao drank two mouthfuls of yogurt and licked the corner of his mouth. “Okay, pick me up tomorrow morning.”

“I don’t live there. I live next door at my friend’s house.”

Hanging up the phone, Li Zhao found Yan Ting staring at the corner of his mouth and hastily wiped the yogurt off his mouth with a handkerchief. Alas, there was a friend who loved cleanliness and he was helpless.

Meanwhile, the fans of Lu Renyi had been somewhat aggrieved in recent days. The artist they scolded was praised by their Lu Renyi, making them have to be silent. Then the artist who was scolded by them became an enthusiastic citizen and appeared for a few seconds on the news broadcast.

For the sake of their brother, they reluctantly restrained their emotions. They were holding their breaths until hot news spread. Then they took on the gloating mentality and watched as melon eaters.

#My Immortal Girlfriend’s director says Li Zhao doesn’t fit the role of the male protagonist#

#The director of My Immortal Girlfriend was dissatisfied with Li Zhao and said Xu Bei is the perfect candidate in his heart#

#Lose weight to play the role, Xu Bei is the best#

The Lu fans eating melons felt this wasn’t right. This was clearly a textbook-like touching porcelain. Previously, the Internet biography for My Immortal Girlfriend had set Li Zhao as the male protagonist and fans of the manhua had objections or support. Then after a few days, the director came out and said that Li Zhao didn’t fit the role?

What was this? Did Li Zhao say he would accept the role? The director spoke himself to add drama. The director who could act should go directly to the stage as an actor.

These fans were stepping on other people’s heads for hype. The Lu fans might be bullies in the circle but even they wouldn’t do such a shameful thing.

In the major forums, posts about Li Zhao popped up.

For example, what did people think of Li Zhao’s behaviour of not contacting the creator of Overbearing Female President?

For example, since when did you hate Li Zhao?

There were live performances of pink fans turning black and it was very lively.

The Lu fans looked at this farce and couldn’t help feeling angry for the LI fans. It was such an obvious use of a water army for blackening, why did the Li fans set up an anti-black fan group? What was the use of Li Zhao having such fans?

Who was Xu Bei who was stepping on Li Zhao to market himself? Although they might’ve scolded Li Zhao, Li Zhao was the newcomer their brother wrote a small composition filled with exaggerated praise about. Xu Bei was just an onion who wanted to touch Li Zhao’s porcelain.

His water army was stepping on Li Zhao and this would make Lu Renyi’s eyes seem very bad. It was up to them to guard their brother’s reputation. They would first suppress Xu Bei’s fans.

Once other fans saw the invincible Lu fans suddenly rushing on Xu Bei, making the topic of #Xu Bei touching porcelain# hot, they were all stunned.

How did the Lu fans and Li fans become auspicious families? Don’t mention the fans, even Li Zhao’s team was surprised. This situation was a miracle in the entertainment industry.

“Zhao Zhao.” Zhang Xiaoyuan saw the public opinion on the Internet and asked Li Zhao, “Did you lower your head to the Lu fans?”

“Don’t be superstitious.” Li Zhao yawned. He finished filming the outdoor advertisement for Cangshi and wanted to have a good day off.

This time, the advertisement was to highlight elegance, nobility and deep feelings. In the advertisement, the watch was personified so Li Zhao looked at the dancer with affectionate eyes. The dancer was a student in school and was a bit unnatural in front of the camera at first.

Perhaps it was because Li Zhao looked into her eyes too affectionately that she gradually entered the play. After the shooting finished, the girl blushed and walked in front of Li Zhao. She whispered, “B-Brother Li, can I add you on WeChat and be friends with you, learning how to perform in front of the camera from you?”

“No.” A dark shadow stood in front of Li Zhao.

“My child doesn’t fall in love early.”

The author has something to say:

Baby Zhao Zhao is hungry.

Baby Ting Ting takes out a lollipop from his pocket: As long as you don’t make friends with girls, the lollipop is all for you.

Baby Zhao Zhao: Why?

Baby Ting Ting: Because we aren’t two or three year old children. We can’t casually play with girls~


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2 years ago

Is it considered dog food if they haven’t gotten together yet? _(:3 」∠)_

Thank you for the translation!!

11 months ago

Bro who’s this low level canon fodder, daring to try and step on Zhao Zhao. I’m rereading thing and I genuinely don’t remember this guy💀