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VH: Chapter 40

“Yes, you are. You are the most special cloud in the sky, the strangest existence on the earth.”

“Li Zhao is the spokesperson of the Cangshi watches under Canghuan. It is natural for him to receive an invitation letter from Canghuan. Your artist can’t receive the invitation letter. Just eat lemons silently in a corner. What do you want to do with my baby?”

“I’m a pure passerby. Although I feel that Li Zhao’s current position isn’t enough, he is the official spokesperson of the Cangshi watch and appearing here is normal. Last night, wasn’t there a marketing account that released the list of participants of the annual meeting. Li Zhao was among the invited guests. Network friend, did you only know about this matter now?”

“Not a passersby!”

The appearance of Li Zhao set off a new round of heat at the scene. Several Li fans holding Li Zhao’s light boards squeezed into a pile of fans, almost colliding with the boards of other fans.

“Zhao Zhao, come on!”

Li Zhao heard someone call his name. He stopped to look and saw a few girls desperately waving at him. He raised his hand and waved at them, showing a big smile.

“Ahhh, Zhao Zhao saw us!”

“Zhao Zhao looks good laughing! I’m going to be in love. I’m in love!”

The girls were jumping up happily. Even so, they didn’t forget to pull out their phones to take a live video and send it to their other companions in their group of fans. Li Zhao couldn’t stay on the red carpet for too long. He continued to walk forward. Occasionally, the media asked him to stop for photos. He smiled and cooperated before walking faster.

This suit looked good but it wasn’t warm. Once the wind blew, the chill went straight to his bones.

“Zhao Zhao, please stay behind.” The host waited for Li Zhao to sign his name on the exhibition board before asking him to stay for a brief interview.

“Okay.” As a qualified actor, even if he wanted to shiver from the cold, he could firmly control the impulse.

“Zhao Zhao, this is your first time attending our annual meeting. What do you think?”

“The organizers are very enthusiastic. The red carpet is long and the wind is cold.” Li Zhao took the microphone and spoke sincerely. “Before coming here, my agent didn’t let me stick the body warmers on my body. Now I regret listening to him.”

The host didn’t expect Li Zhao to be so straightforward and chuckled. “The heating in the room is sufficient. I wish you a good time tonight.”

“Thank you.” Li Zhao returned the microphone to the host and the live camera gave him a big close-up of the watch on his wrist.

Zhang Xiaoyuan sitting in the back and watching the live broadcast, “……”

Once this was over, he would be scolded by the Li fans again. In fact, the Li fans were late scolding Zhang Xiaoyuan this time, They were busy licking the screen, busy taking screenshots of photos as well as saying ahhhhhs.

Li Zhao hadn’t participated in a red carpet before. Thus, the Li fans hadn’t seen Li Zhao on the red carpet side. After watching the live broadcast, some self-proclaimed mother fans silently turned into girlfriend fans.

“Wu wu wu, I’m not a competent mother fan. The moment I saw the baby get off the car, I wanted to open the collar of his shirt to see what his collarbone looks like.”

“The thoughts upstairs is too dangerous. I suggest you stay away from my baby.”

“My family’s baby can be sweet and salty, which is a real treasure. Just wait, your mother will save money for a long time and buy a Cangshi watch.”

“Is the watch on our baby’s wrist from the Cangshi series? Why can I find similar items on the official website?”

Fans were suddenly nervous when they saw this. Their baby’s team surely hadn’t made such a low-level mistake? This was Cang Huan’s annual meeting. Their baby was a watch spokesman. If he wore another brand of watch then it was undoubtedly slapping Cang Huan in the face.

“Don’t be nervous. Strawberry Entertainment has provided a mature team with work experience for the baby. They absolutely won’t make a mistake. We just have to wait for official news.”

There were entertainers in the circle who had made such mistakes. In the end, the brand not only released the contract with them but also asked them to pay for the breach of contract. From then on, artists were extraordinarily attentive to what they wore at important occasions.

Soon, the official Weibo gave the Li fans a heart-stopping pill.

Cangshi Watch V: Mr Li Zhao is wearing our first designer’s favourite work, the Star Ocean. This means that even though there are countless shining stars in the galaxy, only you are the most dazzling one. We hope that Mr Li’s star path will be bright and for the stars to accompany him all the way.

“Li Zhao is too amazing! I’m not a Li fan but I sincerely admire him. You might not know the position of the Star Ocean watch in the Cangshi watch series but anyone who likes to collect watches will know it. The founder of the Cangshi brand is the ancestor of the Cang Huan family. It is said that she fell in love with a very excellent young man when she was young. Later, in order to save her, the young man lost his life. In memory of her lost lover, Ms Xu designed the Star Ocean watch and never married.”

“Thus, you might not understand. Let me put it another way. Star Ocean is a unique watch. It has been lying in the safe of Cangshi headquarters for years. Now this limited edition watch is on Li Zhao’s wrist. Looking at all the spokespeople of the Cangshi watches, who can beat Li Zhao?”

The melon-eating public had open mouths. Li Zhao was an eight-tier newcomer. Why was he so good?

“Are the Li fans writing a novel? Daring to brag about this type of thing? Are you trying to curry position for your artist?”

“Rather than praising the greatness of this watch, think about what your artist is wearing. Other artists have long claimed a brand, only your artist is full of mystery. No fashion blogger can figure out who he is wearing.”

“An 18th-tier artist with no strength and no work, all sense of existence is given by Cangshi. What big brand clothes can he acquire? An 18t-tier artist can only wear 18th-tier brands.”

“The upstairs person is too much. Who is wearing an 18th-tier brand? Isn’t he wearing imitation clothes?”

These people mocking Li Zhao were fans of the former Cangshi spokespeople, They couldn’t stand other people praising Li Zhao and took advantage of this opportunity to ridicule Li Zhao.

Their artist had long since inquired about internal information. Li Zhao was temporarily added to the invitation list and Strawberry Entertainment couldn’t borrow from any big names. Thus, the fans reasonably suggested that Li Zhao’s clothes were fake products or 18th-tier brands.

There was a chain of contempt among fans. It was normal for big fans to look down on new fans. If the new fans dared to refute, they would be covered with  various hats. So for many new fans, they learned to be resilient and face life with a smile.

Li Zhao entered the venue where tables were set up. A staff member led him to a middle round table. After approaching, the staff member looked at the table and his expression became slightly unnatural.

“Mr Li, please wait  a moment.” The staff looked around and saw LI Zhao’s name card on a table in the corner.

“Isn’t this Xiao Li?” A male entertainer at the middle table turned to Li Zhao and smiled. “I want to sit here and chat with my friends for a while. Do you mind changing seats?”

Li Zhao looked at the guests on this table. There were international superstars, famous directors and a few middle-aged and elderly men and women whose identities were unknown. The walk-around staff frowned but in front of many guests, he said nothing.

“Yes, have a good chat with my seniors.” Li Zhao didn’t hesitate and turned to the corner table.

“Mr Li, I will comment to the party involved and help you adjust your seat back.” The staff bowed and whispered apologies to Li Zhao. “This is our work error. Please forgive me.”

“It doesn’t matter, I’m good here.” Li Zhao smiled. “Don’t change back.”

The staff member sawLi Zhao wasn’t concerned and could leave with ease. Once backstage, he reported it to his superiors.

Soon, the male artist’s name was passed to the PR department. The PR department was busy and originally couldn’t care about a seat change. However, they saw that the person who was changed was the artist that Special Assistant Qin valued and took a breath. “This artist really came to do a big thing on New Year’s day.”

“This artist doesn’t understand. Later, don’t consider them for endorsement cooperation.” The deputy manager of the PR department took a few sips of coffee. “By the way, send a message to the company to let them know who is to blame.”

Out of so many artists, this person picked Li Zhao to change seats. Did he think a persimmon was easy to pick? He was happy pinching it and didn’t think about how much trouble he got their PR department in.

The vice-president of the head office spoke on behalf of Cang Huan, as well as the senior management of various departments. Li Zhao didn’t see the mysterious big boss. He was at the same table as representatives from other companies. These people didn’t know Li Zhao and were whispering inside gossip.

“He didn’t show up this year.”

“Last year, he didn’t participate either. I heard that the Xu family’s supporters are trying their best to find something against him.”

“How can that be so easy to do? The Xu family’s bad debts were directly cleared up by his hand.”

“He really shot hard. Five or six people were sent to prison by him and the others are scared gutless.”

“If I had seen my mother being forced by these people…”

“Shh, stop it!” Someone noticed that a stranger, Li Zhao was at their table and interrupted their conversation. “What is the point of talking about these rotten things when eating and drinking?”

“Right, right.” The middle-aged men who became talkative after drinking wine woke up and changed the topic.

Li Zhao bowed his head to eat, pretending not to hear the gossip.

“Little brother, what company are you from?” The middle-aged man sitting next to Li Zhao raised his glass. “Come, it is fate that we can sit at the same time. Drink.”

“Thank you.” Li Zhao clinked glasses with the strange and drank the champagne. “I am a spokesman of Cang Huan’s products.”

“Oh…” The middle-aged man elongated his tone. “You’re an entertainer.”

Hearing that Li Zhao was an artist, the attitude of the others on the table was casual. The boss even suggested that Li Zhao should meet him ‘privately’ to talk about cooperation.”

“I’m sorry, artists can’t talk about cooperation.” Li Zhao smiled innocently. “If your company has the intention of cooperation then please contact my agent.”

“Young people really don’t understand. Boss Li will take care of your business. You can talk to him first and then let your agent draw a contract…”

“Mr Li.” Qin Xiao’s arrival interrupted the conversation on the table. Once they saw him, the people at the table suddenly changed their expressions.

“Bosses, please eat well.” Qin Xiao pushed his glasses up his nose. Without waiting for them to open their mouths, he spoke directly, “This is my friend’s child. He came to the annual meeting for the first time and took the wrong seat. If you don’t mind, I’ll take him to my table.”

Mind? It didn’t exist! In particular, the Boss LI who just hinted that Li Zhao should talk to him ‘privately’ about cooperation was scared to death. It was the same even when Qin Xiao and Li Zhao went far away. The table had just been laughing. Now at this moment, no one dared to open their mouths.

“Those people are all partners of Cang Huan. If they talk nonsense in front of you then don’t give them face.” Qin Xiao took Li Zhao to sit at the table for Cang Huan’s internal management. “These are all my colleagues.”

The senior management saw Qin Xiao bring a well-dressed young man over and thought he was bringing an artist to make a toast. They didn’t expect him to sit down.

“Everyone, this is my friend’s child. He recently signed an endorsement cooperation with Cangshi. Once you meet him, remember to take care of him.”  Qin Xiao asked the waiter to fetch new tableware for Li Zhao. “Come Zhao Zhao, say hello to the uncles.”

“Hello uncles.” Li Zhao greeted them, although he thought that one of the uncles looked a bit like the vice-president of Cang Huan who just talked on the stage.

“Hello.” The high-level people showed loving smiles but they were curious about the identity of this child who Special Assistant Qin personally brought over for introductions.

Under the care of these kind uncles, Li Zhao calmly finished two bowls of rice. After he finished eating, these people praised him.

“Xiao Li is really good. You can eat two bowls of rice.”

No, at a normal level, he could eat five bowls.

If it wasn’t for the special occasion, Li Zhao suspected that these people would give him a standing ovation. It was just because he ate two bowls of rice. Were people from big companies so approachable?

As Li Zhao was being looked at with the kindest and gentlest eyes by Cang Huan’s high level officials, the controversy over Li Zhao’s outfit was boiling on the Internet. It was due to the post of a fashion blogger.

Fashion blogger: The more I look at it, the more I feel that the brooch on Li Zhao’s body is like the Angel Eyes loved by a nobleman in the last century. If this is the real product then Li Zhao is wearing something worth several suites on his body.

“Li fans, please don’t brag. At one time, you said that Star Ocean is the watch with the greatest status in Cangshi. Now you’re saying that the brooch is worth several suites. Why don’t you brag that his entire body is full of big brands. Each button is worth one suite?”

“Not long ago, an artist said in front of the media that he was poor. After a few months, he is busy hyping himself up as a great son. Does the Internet really have no memory?”

“I was originally Li Zhao’s passerby fan but I’m embarrassed enough to get cancer after seeing his team’s means of hype.”

“The team is so awesome. Why hasn’t the brand claimed the clothes yet?”

“Hahaha, although I’m poor and wearing imitation clothes, I can wear a brooch worth a few suites?”

“Is Li Zhao’s team fooling netizens?”

Jewelry Expert Wang: Everyone wants to taunt the mentality of a small artist. I understand but I think the same as the fashion blogger just now. The brooch on Li Zhao’s body is indeed like the Angel Eyes. I found a photo of the Angel Eyes and compared it with the brooch on LI Zhao’s body. I found that their similarity is almost 100%. How many suites is it worth?”

Jewelry Expert Wang was a well-known jewelry expert on the Internet. His words had a certain credibility but it was due to this credibility that his post caused a bigger stir.

The author has something to say:

Assistant Qin: This is a friend’s child, do you understand?

Everyone: Clap clap. This child is wonderful. It doesn’t matter where he is good. It is right to praise him.


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Truly treating him like a child lol. I too clap and say yay good job when my lil bro finishes his plate😂