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VH: Chapter 39

The team attached great importance to Li Zhao’s attendance at Cang Huan’s annual meeting, so the clothing and stylist came over early. Looking at the neighbourhood with five sentry posts, a policeman’s beat and extremely stringent security, the team started to doubt how much of Li Zhao’s poor public persona was exaggerated.

“This neighbourhood…” Someone said. “It seems hard to live in.”

“Zhao Zhao’s friend has two villas in the community so Zhao Zhao has rented one.” Zhang Xiaoyuan saw his other colleagues had misunderstood and explained, “Our family’s Zhao Zhao has nothing but poverty.”

His colleagues’ faces were full of vicissitudes. “Brother Zhan, do you know, I’m actually an evil spirit.”

“Which one?”

“A lemon evil spirit.”

“Hahahahaha.” Da Ke hit his thigh. “I’m telling you, I was as sour as you the day I helped Zhao Zhao move.”

Who didn’t want to have a rich and generous friend?

The driver timidly looked at Zhang Xiaoyuan. “Brother Zhang, should I continue to drive inside or drive into the underground garage on this side?”

“No, go straight to the right driveway. Zhao Zhao’s house has a private garage.”

The others felt sour. Li Zhao received a phone call from Zhang Xiaoyuan. He heard that they had entered the gate and was waiting at the door of Yan Ting’s house for them to come. A few minutes later, two cars slowly drove over. Li Zhao waved to them. “Here.”

“Zhao Zhao, why are you squatting at someone else’s door?” Zhang Xiaoyuan poked his head out the window.

“I’ve been living here these days. You drive in.” Li Zhao pointed in the direction of the garage. “The garage door is open.”

Once the car entered the garage, the team saw there was even security personnel in the garage. “What type of background does Zhao Zhao’s friend have?”

“He has two buildings and dozens of stores.” Da Ke shook his head. “The rent income alone every month is millions of yuan.”

“If these two houses are within the Third Ring Road then the stores…” Everyone looked down and calculated. “No, I think I hate the rich.”

The private garage was large and there were seven or eight cars parked in it. There was a security presence and people were embarrassed to look even more. They only vaguely felt that these cars weren’t cheap.

“Are you Mr Li’s colleagues?” The security guard smiled at them. He saw they had many things in their hands and called a few security guards over to help them. “Please go this way.”

“Please pay attention to the steps under your feet.”

The stylist’s heart was a bit unhappy. He didn’t understand why Strawberry Entertainment arranged for him to enter an artist’s house for the styling. What artist’s home would be equipped with his studio tools?”

However, even if he was dissatisfied, he would still give Strawberry Entertainment face. Seeing the luxury cars and security, as well as hearing the team members’ words, he understood that this artist was a nouveau riche. After stepping through the luxurious gate and looking at the domestic helper at the door, the stylist was even more certain that this was a nouveau riche.

“Welcome all of you. I heard that you specifically came to do the styling for Mr Li and my boss has prepared a dressing room for everyone.” The housekeeper smiled at the group. “Please come with me.”

The group followed the housekeeper and pushed open the door into a spacious room, staring in tandem.

Cosmetics and skin care brands of major brands were placed on different shelves, there were the most expensive makeup lights as well as a variety of professional equipment.

“This was prepared in a hurry. If there is anything missing then please let me know immediately. I will arrange for the staff to bring it over.” The housekeeper pointed to the snacks and drinks on the table, introducing the place where all types of utensils were placed. “Someone is guarding the door. Just open your mouth if you need anything.”

The stylist who just despised the owner as a nouveau riche now wanted to kneel down and recognize the owner as his father. This was the dressing room that stylists and makeup artists dreamed of!

“Teacher, what’s wrong with you?” The makeup artist saw that the stylist had tears in his eyes and wondered, “Have you forgotten to bring something?”

“No.” The stylist shook his head, Why did he have tears in his eyes?

It was because he loved things here deeply. Li Zhao entered the dressing room and was ravaged from head to toe. The skincare steps were done meticulously and every piece of hair received the stylist’s attention and love.

“Your skin is so good that you don’t have to worry about HD camera lens.” The stylist and makeup artist circled Li Zhao but soon found a problem. The clothing that Strawberry Entertainment borrowed didn’t fit.

A layman might not see anything but it was obvious that the tailoring of this outfit wasn’t suitable for Li Zhao’s figure. Li Zhao had long legs and white skin. This suit was obviously more suitable for mature men in their 30s.

“What do do?” Strawberry Entertainment had prepared three sets of outfits for Li Zhao but none of them had the effect that the stylist wanted.

These clothes would fail to fully display Li Zhao’s charm. The stylist shook his head critically. “I want the feeling of the suit to make people crazy enough to take off the clothes.”

“Sunshine, purity, abstinence but charming.” The stylist muttered as he looked at Li Zhao’s face. “These clothes will only waste this good-looking face.”

Li Zhao looked numb as he allowed them to touch him all over. Now he wouldn’t hesitate to say yes if they had him wearing sheets to the red carpet.

“Excuse me, sorry to bother you again.” The housekeeper knocked on the door and he was followed by two maids pushing a rack of clothes. “Mr Li, the boss ordered some clothes a while ago but the staff got the size wrong. Would you like to see if there is anything suitable for you?”

The rack was full of men’s clothes in all colours.

The stylist casually picked up one. “The design of this outfit is very similar to the style of the chief designer of the Red House.”

Designers of this level shouldn’t be making low-level mistakes about the size.

“This set looks like the design of Orange House…” The stylist’s hands trembled. These weren’t like products for sale but more like privately customized clothes. Was it a coincidence that so many designers got the size wrong?

What’s more, he picked one for Li Zhao to change into and the size was just right.

“This is the right one.” The stylist chose an elegant black outfit. It was a white shirt paired with a black suit. It was a timeless contrast of colours. This suit was really very suitable for Li Zhao but the jewelry he brought along didn’t deserve this suit.

The housekeeper saw them pick an outfit and opened a locked cabinet. “There are some accessories in here. I don’t know if there is anything you need.”

Everyone looked and could see well-arranged watches, cufflinks, brooches, collar clips, collar pins…

“I can’t look any further.” Da Ke covered his eyes and turned his head, leaning on his colleagues and gasping. “If I look again then I’m afraid I will commit robbery.”

“Uncle housekeeper.” The dying Li Zhao regained his spirit under the light of the gold and jewels. “These were all bought by Ting Ting?”

“These are the boss’ personal items and Mr Li can use them with confidence.” The housekeeper bowed gracefully. “Please don’t worry.”

The diamond’s light was somewhat bright. Li Zhao blinked and took a deep breath. “I see.”

The stylist put on gloves and carefully took out a diamond collar pin to put on Li Zhao. He mouthed the name of a big designer like he was worshipping something sacred.

Once Li Zhao was matched with the accessories, the stylist’s voice was shaking. “Zhao Zhao, you must protect these things tonight and don’t lose it.”

The brooch on Li Zhao’s chest was one of the favourite ornaments of a certain nobleman abroad a hundred years ago. Once the nobleman became bankrupt, his collection was auctioned. In the last century, this brooch was photographed by a domestic businessman and disappeared. He didn’t expect it to appear here.

It wasn’t a thing that could be bought with money. If these things were lost they couldn’t afford it, even if they sold their entire team.

“It is just a few pieces of stones put together.” The housekeeper smiled. “The boss said that he is happy as long as Mr Li has fun at the annual meeting.”

What damn stones? The stylist was going crazy. Was this just a matter of a few stones? Was it? Now nouveau riche were so bold? After the overall styling, everyone was satisfied. The team took photos in the villa’s corridor and took a few full-body photos to use as part of the studio’s publicity.

Before setting off, Li Zhao asked the team to wait for him in the living room. Then he knocked on Yan Ting’s door.

“Ting Ting.” He pushed open the door and found Yan Ting sitting on the balcony with a book on his lap that hadn’t been opened. He turned his head and looked at Li Zhao, silent for a few seconds. “Yes.”

“Do I look good?” Li Zhao went up to him and touched the teacup on the table. The tea was cold and the leaves outside the balcony gently shook in the cold wind.

He turned around to pick up the coat and draped it over Yan Ting. “I’ll try to come back early in the evening. Remember to have the kitchen leave me a meal.”

He definitely wouldn’t have enough to eat at such an annual meeting.

“Okay.” Yan Ting looked at the child’s new hairstyle and nodded. “It’s very nice.”

“I’ve been touched by them all afternoon. If I’m not good-looking then I’ll be sorry to my fans.” Li Zhao placed the cup a bit further. “Don’t drink it. It’s cold.”

“Zhao Zhao, get ready to go.”

Zhang Xiaoyuan’s voice came from downstairs.

“I’ll go out first.” Li Zhao took two steps. Seeing Yan Ting still looking at him from the chair, he couldn’t help walking back and reaching out to rub this person’s hair. “Man, you’re so cute!”

Li Zhao saw Yan Ting’s nice hair being ruined by himself and had a guilty conscience. He started to run.

The footsteps got further and further away. Yan Ting reached for the jacket draped around his body, got up and walked to the railing of the balcony. He watched Li Zhao and his team heading to the garage. The car slowly left the gate and the light in Yan Ting’s eyes gradually darkened.

“Sir.” The housekeeper stood at the door and didn’t come in. “Before Mr Li went out, he told me to remind you to drink the soup in the kitchen.”

The window screen trembled in the cold wind. Through the half-covered window screen, the housekeeper couldn’t see Yan Ting’s figure clearly.

“I know.” He looked down at his jacket. “Bring it up.”

The red carpet session of the annual meeting had always been popular with fans. Cang Huan also understood the psychology of fans and every year, they would broadcast the red carpet live on their video website.

Due to the development of the information age, Cang Huan had many industries related to entertainment information. For example, Cang Huan had shares in the famous online broadcasting platform such as Green Pepper Video.

The red carpet hadn’t begun yet. The netizens sat in the live broadcast room and the major forums opened live posts, waiting for the artists to appear.

As night fell, the media had already taken up the right spots around the red carpet. In the beginning, it was the bosses of major companies and there was no interest. In the live room, there weren’t many fans leaving messages. At most, some people came out to gossip about which boss had an affair with which artists. Otherwise, it was extremely cold.

Once the first female artist appeared in a fishtail dress, the screen started to boil!

The major marketing accounts were efficient. They started to see what brands the clothes and jewelry that the artists were wearing came from. Fans were busy comparing and praising their own artists. They also went to Weibo and forums to comment on and praise their artists.

When Li Zhao appeared on the red carpet, the screen was cold for a few seconds, followed by a large number of exclamation points and ‘ahhhhhhs.’

“Ahhh, who is this little brother? I want to know all his information in three seconds!”

“I can! This face, these legs, this waist, I can!”

“So many big people, how did this 18th tier Li Zhao mix in?”

“The collar pin on his shirt looks good. I want to buy a boyfriend who is the same.”

“Am I the only one who thinks Cang Huan will be low this year? Even Li Zhao, this type of 18-tier artist, can also get an invitation letter.”

The author has something to say:

Baby Ting Ting: I have a few good-looking stones here. I’ll give them to you~

Zhao Zhao: I’m going out to play. You have to eat at home.


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