VH: Chapter 37

He didn’t know who this person was but Song Yu obviously felt Li Zhao and this person’s closeness.

“Hello.” The man on the phone screen was sitting in an office chair with curtains behind him. It was probably because the curtains were pulled too tightly that Song Yu had a breathless feeling.

“Hello.” Song Yu had been standing casually and he instantly adjusted it to a cautious attitude. He had met this man who recently came to visit the crew. This person had a good relationship with Li Zhao.

“My family’s child has a simple personality. I hope…” The man on the mobile screen paused for a moment. His eyes didn’t change at all but Song Yu inexplicably felt that the eyes of the other person could see through everything. “I hope you get along well.”

Previously in the crew, this friend of Li Zhao didn’t talk to Song Yu but his eyes were normal. Today, he was obviously murderous. Song Yu thought of how Lu Renjia broke the explosive news on Weibo and suddenly understood. He didn’t dare look Yan Ting in the eye and put the skewers in his hand on the table. “Well, if there is anything then I’ll come to you after the New Year break.”

He was really afraid of this look.

“It’s fine, just wait.” Li Zhao placed his phone in front of him and spoke to Yan Ting. “My colleague brought some skewers. I’m afraid it will go cold. I’ll eat it and then call you.”

“En.” Seeing that Li Zhao’s attention was on the food, Yan Ting nodded slightly.

Li Zhao hung up the video, washed his hands and sat down. He smiled and told Song Yu, “It isn’t good to eat barbecue when it is cold. Come and eat it.”

They weren’t filming tomorrow so Song Yu also brought two cans of cold beer. He opened the tinfoil wrapped around the barbecue and the entire room filled with the smell. Li Zhao didn’t drink beer so he got up to grab the unfinished mineral water from the bedside table and ate happily.

“You aren’t drinking?” Song Yu looked at the lonely, forgotten beer to one side and felt that his heart was like these two cans of beer, cold.

“I won’t drink.” Li Zhao shook his head.

Song Yu looked at Li Zhao and didn’t drink the beer. He also didn’t eat the skewers.

“I’m curious about why you’re helping me. Song Yu remembered how Li Zhao introduced him to his friend.

Colleagues. It wasn’t close but wasn’t too unfamiliar. That’s all.

Li Zhao pointed right in front of him.

Song Yu wondered, “What do you mean?”

“The midnight snacks are real, the milk tea is real, the cakes are real.” Li Zhao touched his stomach. “You don’t know that when I was poor and hungry, every night I couldn’t sleep from hunger. You sent food and it was life-saving medicine for me.”

Song Yu, “……”

No, he just wanted to feed this person until Li Zhao was fat.

“It isn’t exploitative.” Li Zhao put the skewer stick into the garbage bag. “You fed me meat and I helped you clarify. There is no problem.”

Song Yu was hesitant. He really couldn’t imagine that in this era, there were still people who were too poor to eat dinner. Since he was a child, he had lived freely and never felt hungry. Yet for the sake of a few meals, this person endured him for so long.

Song Yu was very clear that his temper was unpleasant but he didn’t care. Regardless of his bad temper, there was always someone around him to please him and praise him. As to whether these people were sincere, he didn’t care. It was just like a man never caring what cats and dogs thought of him.

“You…” Song Yu felt his words were lacking and for the first time in his life, he felt guilty. This guilt was the size of a human hair but it was extremely rare for Song Yu to feel like this.

“You aren’t eating?” Li Zhao interrupted Song Yu’s words.

“What to eat? Do you think I’m unable to manage my body like you?” Song Yu was somewhat irritable. “Li Zhao, I owe you another favour.”

“Didn’t you agree that we have a contract for night snacks for the duration of the show?” Li Zhao looked up at him with a supper. “After the drama, you don’t owe me anymore.”

Song Yu sneered. “Am I so cheap?”

“Otherwise, give me 10 million.” Li Zhao was a very pragmatic young man.”

“Get lost.” Song Yu picked up the two cans of beer Li Zhao didn’t drink and let angrily.

Once Song Yu left, Li Zhao quickly video called Yan Ting and chatted while eating.

“Your colleague is gone?” Yan Ting heard no other noise from the room.

“He’s gone.” Li Zhao’s mood was very good as he thought of how he was going back tomorrow. “Why are you still working overtime? Or tomorrow, shall I go to your company to pick you up?”

“Okay.” Yan Ting agreed without any hesitation.

“Well, it’s a deal.” Li Zhao finished all the skewers and tie the bamboo sticks together. “Then go home early tonight to sleep.”

“Yes.” Yan Ting hung up the phone and called Special Assistant Qin.

“Get the car ready. I’m going back.”

“Yes, Sir.” Special Assistant Qin was inwardly delighted. “Sir, Mr Li’s crew should be on holiday?”

Yan Ting glanced at him. “Qin Xiao, since when have you been nosy?”

Special Assistant Qin saw that Yan Ting didn’t want to talk about Li Zhao and quickly said, “I’m sorry, Sir.”

Yan Ting ignored him. Yan Ting picked up his coat and went into the elevator. It wasn’t until the elevator closed that he suddenly said, “He’s coming back.”

There was no need for Yan Ting to explain the identity of ‘him.’ Qin Xiao knew who it was. He looked at his boss’ blank face and cautiously reminded, “Sir, you have an appointment with Dr Sun today.”

His appointment time with Dr Sun was at 8 p.m. and it was now 10 p.m. Qin Xiao didn’t know if Yan Ting had really forgotten or if he rejected meeting Dr Sun.

Yan Ting turned to Qin Xiao. Qin Xiao bowed his head and didn’t dare to look at such eyes. However, in order to look after Yan Ting’s health, he plucked up the courage to say, “Sir, it will soon be New Year’s Day.”

The elevator slowly descended and there were no sounds in the elevator. The elevator made a sound and the doors opened. Yan Ting strode to the side of his car and waited for the bodyguard by his side to open the door for him.


“Go…” He paused. There were some things he didn’t want Li Zhao to know.

“Go see Dr Sun.”

Dr Sun had waited a long time and thought Yan Ting wouldn’t come. The moment Yan Ting appeared at his door, he had a moment of pleasant surprise and found it really unexpected. However, he didn’t show it. He welcomed Yan Ting into the door and was faced with the patient’s long silence.

“Can you tell me what your symptoms have been like these days?”

Yan Ting’s expression was indifferent. “Still the same.”

“What about the frequency of appearances?”

Yan Ting was silent.

“Mr Ting, your symptoms are becoming worse.”Dr Sun stopped his pen. “I suggest you find a place to cultivate yourself for a period of time and try to… have less contact with others.”

Once the patient’s symptoms became worse, he might not be able to distinguish between illusion and reality. This wasn’t good for the patient and the people around him.

“Are you implying that I’m a madman?” Yan Ting looked at Dr Sun.

“No, you’re healthy.” Dr Sun gently shook his head “It’s just that your brain as a little cold. If you cooperate with the treatment then you will soon heal. Please don’t feel psychological pressure.”

In order to shift Yan Ting’s mood, Dr Sun took the initiative to mention his friend. “I’ve recently watched Mr Li’s TV series and found that he is a very interesting person. Can you tell me about him?”

The moment he spoke, he found that the patient’s eyes had changed and become aggressive. The other side hid it well but as a professional doctor, Dr Sun could distinguish the emotion of the patient.

He was a bit nervous. The patient’s symptoms… had become complicated. Although Yan Ting had emotions, they were only directed to a single person. He was still paranoid and possessive. If this continued, something could happen.

“Of course, it doesn’t matter if you don’t want to talk.” He didn’t want the patient to treat himself as an enemy so Dr Sun smiled and changed the topic. “If you don’t want to talk, I’ll sit here with you for a while.”

“He’s fine.” Yan Ting looked at Dr Sun. “Very good.”

“Of course, because you’re his friend.”

“No, I’m his best friend.” Yan Ting’s thick and long eyelashes lowered.

Dr Sun’s hand trembled as he smiled and waited for Yan Ting to open his mouth. However, Yan Ting no longer wanted to communicate with him. Then a sound came from his mobile phone. Originally, phones shouldn’t be brought into this room but Yan Ting was different from others. The fact that Yan Ting stepped into this room was already a success.

He was being paid high fees and Dr Sun’s medical ethics didn’t allow himself to be irresponsible to the patient. He guessed that the text message should’ve been sent by a friend named Li Zhao. It was because Mr Ting had completely hidden his aggressiveness after reading the message.

Yan Ting told him, “It’s time for me to go back and say goodnight to him.”

“Mr Tingl,” Dr Sun called out to Yan Ting. “If you have anything you need, please call me at any time. I’m available 24 hours a day.”

Yan Ting didn’t speak.

“Then I wish you and Mr Li Zhao a Happy New Year.”

“Thank you.” Yan Ting picked up the coat next to him and strode out.

After Yan Ting left, Dr Sin dialed Qin Xiao’s phone.

“Mr Qin, Mr Ting’s illness has become more complicated.” Dr Sun sighed. “His spirit seems to be in an attack state.”

“How did this happen?” Qin Xiao was very anxious. “Didn’t you say that his mental state has been very stable?”

“There is something out there that stimulated him.”  Dr Sun explained. “Mr Ring is very defensive and I can’t carry out hypnotherapy on him. Mr Ting has finally responded to the external environment but his emotions are morbid and twisted. I’ve very worried about Mr Li’s safety.”

“You can rest assured that I will pay attention to his safety.” Qin Xiao comforted himself. “You said that Li Zhao accompanying him will make him better, right?”

“I hope so.” Dr Sun hung up and sighed for a long time.

A young man in the entertainment industry, how long could he be friends with someone of the same gender? People changed with age and environment.

“These are yours.” Li Zhao gave his New Year’s gift to Zhang Xiaoyuan and the rest was stuffed back into the box. “There are for the people of the studio. Brother Xiaoyuan, please help me give it to them.”

Zhang Xiaoyuan glanced at the box full of gifts. There was the feeling of his baby running away with others, leaving the old man alone in the empty room. He felt some heartache. “What about this?”

He pointed to a small box.

“This is for my family’s Ting Ting.” Li Zhao placed the box on his knees.

“I’m not going to rob you.” Zhang Xiaoyuan opened the gift bag Li Zhao gave him. There were things suitable for the elderly and it was obviously prepared for his parents.

“Zhao Zhao, thank you.” Zhang Xiaoyuan wasn’t polite with Li Zhao. “Come to my house when you have time. My parents talk about you every day, turning my ears into a cocoon.”

“I’ll come after the second day of the new year.” Li Zhao smiled and nodded in agreement.

“Zhao Zhao, today… are you really spending time with Yan Ting?” Zhang Xiaoyuan wasn’t at ease. “Do you want to go to my home?”

“No, I’m fine.” Li Zhao shook his head. He put on a hat and mask and got off the car while holding a box. “I have made an appointment with Ting Ting. Now it is nearly 6 in the afternoon. I’m going to pick him up from work.”

“You’re also picking him up from work. If I didn’t know better, I would think Ting Ting was your girlfriend.” Zhang Xiaoyuan threw the scarf from the passenger’s seat to Li Zhao. “Be careful on the road. Don’t let people recognize you.”

“Goodbye.” Once Li Zhao’s car arrived, he waved to Zhang Xiaoyuan and entered the car.

“Sir?” Qin Xiao found that the documents in Yan Ting’s hands were still for a long time. Yan Ting looked at him and handed him the documents.

“Sir, did something happen?” Qin Xiao asked cautiously.

“No.” Yan Ting slowly placed the lid on the pen. “The child is coming to pick me up from work.”

At this moment, Qin Xiao saw the emotions of an ordinary person from Yan Ting. It was the mood of satisfaction. Qin Xiao didn’t know if he should be happy or worried.

The author has something to say:

At the door of the kindergarten, Baby Ting Ting carrying a schoolbag arrived early and stood there.

He proudly told his classmates, “Today, someone will come pick me up.”

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2 years ago

Omg baby Ting Ting is too cute, he’s so proud of himself.

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CUUTTTEEE, showing off!!!