VH: Chapter 36

“This fool who implied I bullied Li Zhao in the drama crew last time?” Song Yu suddenly became full of energy and his bloated eyes widened.

The assistant secretly glanced at Li Zhao. Strictly speaking, the person last time was… telling the truth?

Li Zhao received the gaze of Song Yu’s assistant and was very generous. “It’s fine. You can continue to chat. Pretend I don’t exist.”

“Mr Li, this time it is really impossible to pretend you don’t exist.” The assistant laughed. “It is also related to you.”

“Why is it related to me?” Li Zhao had intended to secretly listen to gossip but now he was involved. “What did he say?”

“He said you succumbed to Brother Song’s money…” The assistant whispered. In his view, Li Zhao was a particularly good person. He not only helped Brother Song speak well in front of the media, he also didn’t want  Brother Song to introduce resources to him. It was much better than the friends around Brother Song who always wanted to take advantage of Brother Song.

Li Zhao guiltily avoided the assistant’s eyes. In fact, he just took a fancy to Song Yu spending money to buy snacks at night. So he actually did succumb to money. Ah, this damn greed that he had nowhere to put.

“What else?” Song Yu didn’t believe that Lu Renjia would only say these things. If it was only these things then his assistant wouldn’t directly rushed into the dressing room.

“Lu Renjia said that you helped Mr Li speak last night because your family has a wide network of people. You knew in advance that Mr Li would endorse the Cangshi watches and wanted to rub Mr Li’s heat.”

“I’m using his heat?” Song Yu blew up and pointed at Li Zhao. “I’m using his heat?!”

The assistant, “…”

It was just a coincidence but they did seem to be using Li Zhao’s heat lately. Of course, there was no way to say this. The innocent Li Zhao who was also being accused smiled at Song Yu. “It’s fine, I don’t mind.”

“Li Zhao, I’m telling you. I’m cold to an 18th tier actor with no drama. I don’t need your heat.”

“Oh.” Li Zhao nodded, emotionally stable.

Song Yu, “……”

Strange, how did the fire in his heart burn even more?

During the hottest time of Overbearing Female President, even the Weibo pages of small characters in the crew were hot and many fans came in to confess. However, the fans’ love was short-lived. Once the drama was over, the heat brought about by the play would gradually dissipate.

Lu Renjia was just an online student with no contacts. He originally relied on the speculation of being Li Zhao’s friend and stepping on Song Yu to gain a small wave of friends. He almost signed to a company when Li Zhao spoke to the media, stating that his relationship with Song Yu was good.

After that, Song Yu was whitewashed and the fans Lu Renjia gained by pretending to be Li Zhao’s friend ran away. The company he had talked to also terminated the cooperation plan. Without a company, Lu Renjia soon returned to the state of being invisible. He tasted being known and return to the life of no one paying attention to him. It was too lonely.

The envy in the eyes of those at his school disappeared. On the contrary, some people would deliberately ask him if he had received the scripts of any major directors or which star he was in contact with.

He was ridiculed while Song Yu and Li Zhao soared. Now they were in the crew of Director Yan, a famous TV series director. The entire Internet might be mocking Song Yu as pretentious but his family had money so he still received resources.

In addition, Li Zhao was also vile. Song Yu had made trouble for him in the crew yet he was willing to say good things about Song Yu to the media. If it wasn’t for Li Zhao speaking for Song Yu, how could Lu Renjia be ridiculed by netizens and not even signed with a company?

They were all in a popular crew. Why were these two people the only ones with follow-up resources? The most hateful one was Li Zhao. How could a poor mountain bumpkin endorse a fashion luxury brand? Were these brands blind?

Jealousy was the most irrational emotion. Lu Renjia got up in the morning and was ready to go to class. On the way, he heard two female students talking about the development of the actors from the Overbearing Female President crew.

“Li Zhao is really good-looking, especially when he wears a white shirt. Look at him smiling at the camera, I really can’t bear it. Such a man is a white moonlight, a white rose, the cinnabar mole at the bottom of my heart!”

“Look at your bank card balance and become sober. Do you deserve such a good man?”

“Last night, I was more excited than my baby when Li Zhao got the endorsement of the Cangshi watch. It was really hard for my baby.”

“Sister, wake up. Your fan membership is going to be exposed.”

“Exposure is exposure. In any case, I’m not in the fan circle.” The girl with longhair blushed. “I heard the big fans saying that Zhao Zhao’s economic conditions aren’t very good. I am very happy that he can receive an endorsement.”

“Let me remind you that the watch he is endorsing is very expensive and we can’t afford it.”


“Still, Li Zhao is developing quite well. A few days ago, I was looking at the Weibo of the Sky Song crew and saw his picture. The costume is very exquisite. Li Zhao stood under a lantern in royal clothing. I can’t tell at all that the actor is very poor.”

“Our Zhao Zhao has a good temperament and acting skills. That’s why people are willing to cooperate with him.”

“The Overbearing Female President crew might’ve been hot for a few months but it seems that only Li Zhao and Song Yu have follow-up resources. I can’t check the other people.”

“Don’t mention it. This crew is amazing. The third male lead is from our school. His acting performance outside the crew is better than inside the crew…”

The two girls gradually walked away. Lu Renjia heard their conversation and his face was gloomy. He turned on his phone and couldn’t help spreading the resentment in his heart.

Lu Renjia: Seeing a rich second generation actor on the Internet hype up a friendship with another actor, saying that he is a straightforward person with a simple mind, I am laughing to death. The team bought marketing to spread this lie. Who would believe it? Who was the one who scolded the other actor for being a poor dog? Who was the one who deliberately bought high calorie food for the actor? Yet the actor is also flexible. As long as the food is delivered, he will eat it in front of the second generation’s assistant. After eating it, he can still smile and say thank you. In the face of resources, shame and personality aren’t needed. He is even happy when licking a dog?

The content of this post was so obvious that the marketing accounts took screenshots as quickly as possible and posted it to their own Weibos. Early in the morning, the melon eating masses were idle and bored. They saw this actor send some news for no price and their spirit suddenly awakened. Any netizen with a normal brain would know the two actors Lu Renjia was talking about. The three people were soon sent to the hot search.

#Real Brothers or Real Interests?#

#Lu Renjia’s Breaking News#

#Song Yu and Li Zhao’s hype brotherhood#

“I said that how can Li Zhao get Cang Huan’s resources when he is an 18th tier actor. It turns out he was licking Song Yu.”

“Upstairs, you’re too much. Don’t give Li Zhao too much praise. He is 38th tier, thank you.”

“As long as licking a dog is good, there are no shortages of resources.”

Most of these comments were water armies arranged by other companies who wanted to take this opportunity to step on Li Zhao. The entertainment market was big and every company wanted to launch their own newcomers. Li Zhao’s popularity was a threat to their newcomers. The other companies couldn’t let go of an opportunity to step on Li Zhao.

“Which of the upstairs are a water army? Black people, please think about the basic law. IF Song Yu is so great, why no pick up the endorsement himself? Go and see Song Yu’s current endorsements and then see if he has the ability to influence Cang Huan’s choices.”

“This Lu Renjia’s words aren’t credible. Previously, he sold himself as Li Zhao’s friend. The result was that Li Zhao opened his Weibo for so long yet he didn’t pay attention to Lu Renjia. Who has such a friend in the circle?”

“It’s a gimmick.”

“Blood-sucking bugs coming to suck my baby’s blood again, get lost!”

In the face of the netizens’ abuse, Lu Renjia seemed to go crazy and burst things out one by one.

Lu Renjia: Fans, don’t rush to help the rich second generation actor say good things. Your little brother was bullied yet you are still chasing other artists. Don’t you know that when your artist was filming, he huddled in the lounge with other supporting actors? The second male lead had a separate lounge while the first male lead didn’t have one. The entire crew was holding up the second male lead and turning a blind eye to the first male lead being bullied. I want to laugh to death when I see that you are helping the second male lead!

Lu Renjia: The rich second generation actor shaking his face in the crew and deliberately acting arrogant, who in the drama crew didn’t know about it? It is just that his rich family has real power. No one dared to speak for the first male lead.

Looking at the news being revealed one after another, the Li fans were shaken in their hearts. They were distressed about the suffering their baby experienced in that garbage crew and also worried that Song Yu would continue to bully Li Zhao in the Sky Song crew. However, their baby said in front of the media that Song Yu took good care of him. Thus, even if the fans had opinions on Song Yu, they didn’t want others to see Li Zhao as a joke.

Li Zhao secretly used his phone to read all the online news and then looked up at Song Yu, who had already done his hair.

Song Yu inexplicably didn’t dare look at Li Zhao and spoke in a dry voice, “Previously in the drama crew, I really…”

“Don’t worry, I won’t believe Lu Renjia’s words.” Li Zhao stood up and patted Song Yu on the shoulder. “All those foods at night entered my stomach and I can testify for you.”

Song Yu, “……”

He didn’t know why but he felt that Li Zhao was looking at him with strange encouragement and he also accentuated the words ‘foods at night.’ Did he receive some hint?

“Come here.” Li Zhao reached for Song Yu’s neck, placed their heads together and took a photo.

Li Zhao V: Brother Song said he would buy all my night snacks in the crew. I was very embarrassed and moved, so I agreed. [Photo]

“I’m sure you’re real friends. If you aren’t real friends then you will be killed sending such photos.”

“At first glance, this photo was taken by the baby himself. The ugliness is his style.”

Li Zhao’s photo had no beauty filter and the angle was very strange. It was an ugly shot. If it was other artists taking photos of that Xiao Yu, the Yu fans would’ve erupted. However, today’s Yu fans ran to this Weibo to praise Li Zhao.

If Li Zhao was silent for a while then it would imply he was forced to yield to Song Yu’s oppression. Lu Renjia’s revelations had little impact on Li Zhao but had a great negative impact on Song Yu.

However, Li Zhao stood up first and implied that he was the one who wanted to eat the high calorie food. Song Yu bought it because he wanted to eat it rather than Song Yu deliberately trying to fatten him up. The photo taken was really ugly but this was their beloved artist. They should push down their conscience and boast about it for their artist.

“It looks good wearing this costume.”

“Zhao Zhao is really straightforward. He is a big boy who doesn’t care about his words. We are at ease if our Xiao Yu has such a good friend.”

“Zhao Zhao’s skin is so good (Sisters, do you see my boasting standards?)

“Li Zhao!”Song Yu saw the photo on Weibo and couldn’t help growling out. “Did you deliberately look for the ugliest angle to take a photo?”

“Is it?” Li Zhao smiled. “Don’t you look like this?”

“No way, I’m not so ugly!” Song Yu was shaking. “Take a new photo.”

“No, even your fans are saying that I shot it well.” Li Zhao pointed to a comment in the comments section.

[Zhao Zhao, this photo is taken really well. The angle is clear, the light is bright and the texture of the costume is perfectly shown, as well as the beautifully embroidered patterns. Look, the slightest flaw can’t be seen. The crowns are modeled after the real thing and it shows how seriously the Sky Song crew is taking this. I’m looking forward to the Sky Song product.]

Song Yu: ???

Was this really his fan and not a Li fan pretending?

He angrily forwarded Li Zhao’s post and commented.

Song Yu V: I’m not so ugly! What type of poor photography is this?

The Yu fans who were demolished by their master, “……”

They worked really hard.

Li Zhao’s ugly photo caused the netizens to laugh. Combined with Song Yu’s team guiding public opinion, there weren’t many people who believed in Lu Renjia’s explosive news. Finally, he ended up crazy. However, Song Yu didn’t understand why Li Zhao was willing to take the initiative to help him. Near the Spring Festival, the night before the crew went on a holiday, he put down the self-esteem of a young master and knocked on Li Zhao’s door.

“Li Zhao, why are you helping me?”

Even if Li Zhao was a fool, he should’ve seen that Song Yu wasn’t friendly to him in the Overbearing Female President crew.

“Brother Song, don’t knock on the door every night.” Li Zhao looked at Song Yu’s hands. “However, I happened to be packing my suitcase and wasn’t sleeping. You come in and sit.”

Song Yu entered the room. He saw the phone on the table and the voice of another man coming from it.

“Zhao Zhao, who is it?”

“It is my colleague in the crew. Ting Ting, I’ll introduce you to him.” Li Zhao picked up his phone.

Ting Ting? Wait, which man took this little girl’s name?

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Ting Ting is very manly, ok? Song Fish is really dorky tho