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VH: Chapter 35

TL Note: Touching Porcelain (Setting up a scam by creating an accident and then demanding compensation)

He was woken up by the loud knocking on the door. Li Zhao reached out and touched the phone he had forgotten by his pillow. He half-squinted at the phone and saw it was nearly 12 in the morning. Who would knock on his door at this time?

He immediately remembered the fear caused by Yao Shasha in the Overbearing Female President crew. He carefully peered through the cat’s eye in the door and saw Song Yu’s deformed face.

Li Zhao opened the door. “Brother Song, what did you find me for? Come in and speak.”

Seeing Li Zhao’s sleepy eyes, Song Yu smiled angrily. “Sleeping, are you a pig who can keep sleeping?”

“It is midnight. Why aren’t you sleeping?” Li Zhao had long been used to Song Yu’s tantrums. He turned to take a bottle of unopened water from the cabinet and handed it to Song Yu. “Drink some water and calm down.”

“Are you giving me free mineral water from the hotel?” Song Yu held the water in his hand and couldn’t believe his eyes. “Li Zhao, how can you do this?”

“What’s wrong with mineral water? It is healthy and quenches thirst.” Li Zhao was afraid that Song Yu’s loud voice would wake up others. He hastily closed the door and smiled at Song Yu. “Brother Song, if you don’t want to drink it then leave it to me. I’ll take it to the crew tomorrow.”

Song Yu, “……”

After mixing in the circle for so long, Li Zhao was the poorest actor he knew. He stared at Li Zhao, opened the bottle cap and drank half of the bottle. “I’m sorry, I drank it.”

Li Zhao was silent. What on earth was this person doing?

“Li Zhao, I didn’t think you were this type of hypocrite.” Song Yu threw the remaining half a bottle of water into the trash can and sneered. “On the surface, you say you have no endorsements yet you’ve been talking well with Cang Huan. Have you been playing me for a fool?”

“Cang Huan?” Li Zhao was shocked. Wasn’t this the place where Ting Ting worked?

What did it have to do with him?

He looked down at the bottle of mineral water in the trash can and was a bit distressed.

“The official Weibo has publicized it. Are you still pretending?” Song Yu sat on the sofa. “Strawberry Entertainment managed to help you get such a big resource. By the way, what’s wrong with your agent? Why didn’t you forward Cang Huan’s Weibo post?”

“What post?” Li Zhao removed his eyes from the trash can, opened his phone and found Cang Huan’s Weibo.

Cang Huan’s latest product endorsement?

His eyes widened as he stared, confirming that the person mentioned in the Weibo post was him. He quickly quit Weibo, opened his address book and called Luo Rong’s phone.

“Brother Luo, what is going on with this endorsement?” Li Zhao scratched his head. “I’ve been too busy with filming recently. Did I miss any key news?”

“I thought you would be sleeping until tomorrow morning.” Luo Rong was particularly patient with Li Zhao. “The contract you signed with the company states that the company needs your consent to use your personal Weibo account. That’s why we haven’t forwarded the post for you. However, don’t worry too much. The studio Weibo has forwarded it first.”

“No, I’m not worried.” Li Zhao whispered. “How can a company as big as Cang Huan find me as a spokesperson?”

The most important thing as a person was to have self-knowledge. Even if he was dreaming, it was embarrassing to have such a dream. His biggest dream was to endorse instant noodles, biscuits and other products. This way, during his endorsement, the manufacturer would send him a lot of food for free.

“Don’t look down on yourself. Your appearance is outstanding and fits their new product very well.” Luo Rong naturally wouldn’t say that he didn’t know what craziness Cang Huan was smoking and just praised Li Zhao. “Your first endorsement is Cang Huan’s Cangshhi watch. In the future, you will gain other big endorsements. This is more advantageous than other artists.”

He didn’t usually have a nagging personality but tonight he spoke a lot. He looked at the studio working overtime to control public opinion ad said, “If it is convenient, please forward Cang Huan’s Weibo post. In addition, the Cangshi brand under Cang Huan has just made a post. You should forward that one as well.”

“Yes, thank you, Brother Luo.” Li Zhao hung up the phone and turned to look at Song Yu. “The endorsement is true.”

“Li Zhao, you are amazing. Such a big thing happened and you don’t even know.” Song Yu saw that Li Zhao really didn’t know about his matter and half the fire in his heart had dissipated. “Are you a pig? Aren’t you going to quickly forward Cang Huan’s post?”

Li Zhao went to Weibo and forwarded Cang Huan’s official post.

“Li Zhao, you’re a pig!” Song Yu read the contents of Li Zhao’s forwarded post and was shocked. “Can’t you say a few more words when forwarding it?”

Li Zhao V: Looking forward to the cooperation [smile].

This smiling face had too many meanings. Those who wanted to scold others but didn’t want to use dirty words would frequently use this expression.

“Forget it, you’re such a bumpkin.” Song Yu snorted and stood up. “Go to bed early. Don’t be too excited about endorsing a watch that you can’t sleep. You have to go to the crew tomorrow. If you are seen by others then they will laugh at you.”

He went t the door and turned to look at Li Zhao. “In addition, you are a star. Don’t live in such a shabby manner. Can’t you afford a few bottles of water and a few pieces of clothing?”

Li Zhao smiled and sent Song Yu out the door. He closed the door and subconsciously looked down at the half-empty bottle of mineral water in the garbage can. Then he lay back down on the bed.

During the years he spent at the welfare home, he had developed the habit of not wasting food and water. Everything he ate and every piece of clothing he wore was given to him by the state and caring people.

If he wasted them then it wasn’t just wasting the items. It was wasting the hearts of others. Thus, even if he had been away from the welfare home for nearly two years, he wasn’t willing to waste anything.

He felt a bit melancholy but at the thought of the endorsement fee entering his account, Li Zhao became happy again. He rolled back and forth on the bed two or three times. He subconsciously wanted to tell Yan Ting the news but he was worried about disturbing Yan Ting’s sleep. Thus, he had to put his phone back.

Ah! He really wanted to tell Yan Ting the news. Good things must be shared with friends in time to achieve complete happiness. He was just thinking this when Yan Ting called.

“Ting Ting!” Li Zhao picked up the phone as quickly as possible. “Why haven’t you slept yet?”

“I’ll go to bed after I finish processing these files.” There was the sound of paper being flipped over on the phone. “Am I disturbing your rest?”

“No, no.” Li Zhao was now wide awake. “Is there something for you to call me so late?”

Ting Ting’s personality wasn’t the type to call so late and disturb Li Zhao.

“Yes.” Yan Ting looked at the computer screen that showed Li Zhao’s Weibo page. “I forget to ask you. What colour sheets and curtains do you like?”

“Ah?” Li Zhao was still in a state of excitement and was confused by the sharp change in subject.

“Did you forget that you promised to spend the new year with me?” Yan Ting put down the documents in his hand and looked at Li Zhao’s smiling expression on the Weibo post. This expression was polite at first glance.

“No no, how can I forget such an important thing?” Li Zhao turned over and sat up on the bed. “Ting Ting, I have a very happy thing to tell you.”


His happiness almost spewed out of his phone.

“I’ve made a lot of money, a lot of money!”

Yan Ting wondered why there were people so easily satisfied in the world? Eating was happy, receiving endorsements was happy, as if everything could make him happy.

“Guess the name of the company that is making me money?”

“What is the name?” Yan Ting got up and went to the sofa, slowly sitting down.

“It is called Cang Huan.” Li Zhao laughed. “Isn’t it particularly surprising?”

“It is a surprise.” The coffee on the tea table was already cold. Yan Ting was going to take a sip but he saw his pale cheeks on the surface of the coffee.

“This is fate.” Li Zhao once again sighed. “I am 100% certain that you are the noble person who changed my fortune.”

“Your excellence has nothing to do with me.”

“You don’t understand.” Li Zhao cheerfully nagged Yan Ting for a while before remembering that Yan Ting would have to catch a plane tomorrow. He hurriedly stopped his words. “Hurry and go to sleep. Once you get home tomorrow, we will talk slowly.”


“Yes, you already have insomnia. Don’t drink coffee or strong tea before bed.” LI Zhao talked non-stop. “I have seen many white-collar workers who like to drink coffee.”

He put down the cold coffee cup and it made a soft noise as it touched the saucer.

“I won’t drink it.”

“It’s important to take good care of your body and to go to bed early.” Li Zhao’s brain made up an image of a good baby lying in bed. “Good night.”


Yan Ting looked at the coffee in the cup and was silent for a moment. He got up and lay down in bed, finding the dumplings audio on his phone. A person in the business public relations department suddenly received a message from his superior.

“Be polite when posting emoticons?”

The staff opened the official Weibo account and looked. As the official brand account, their content had always adhered to the mysterious and advanced style but they had never been rude. His superior’s aesthetic was always so strange and confusing.

After the announcement of Cangshi’s watch endorsement, the Li fans were happy as if it was the new year. Some rich fans started to launch a lottery to celebrate the first endorsement. Anybody who didn’t blacken their baby could participate in the lottery.

The world sympathized with the weak and admired the strong. Thus, once the weak Li Zhao hit Zhao Junnan in the face, Zhao Junnan’s fans became the target of the entire network. Previously, the netizens derided Song Yu as a pretentious person. Due to this fight, he got the favour of some netizens.

“In fact, Song Yu is a second generation rich person. He might be stupid but his heart wasn’t bad. During the Overbearing Female President interviews, he barely spoke to Li Zhao like they weren’t friendly. However, when Li Zhao was mocked, only Song Yu came out to help him talk.”

“Adversity reveals the truth of a person’s character. In the future, I will never laugh at Song Yu for being a silly, rich second generation.”

“No, person upstairs, aren’t you laughing at people for being silly?”

“Above the carp party’s head is the blue sky.”

“Sisters upstairs, don’t go. I…”

The PR team took advantage of this momentum and quickly sold Song Yu as a forthright second generation person. The response was really good.

“I think the most right thing Brother Song did was to feed Li Zhao and buy him food every day.” Song Yu’s assistant spoke to his agent. “This traffic is really good.”

Although Brother Song really liked to pretend to be forced in private. Early the next morning, Song Yu had puffy eyes and Li Zhao had black eyes. They received complaints from the makeup artists at the same time in the dressing room.

“Mr Song, you have a physique that is prone to puffiness. You can’t drink water before going to bed.” Song Yu’s makeup artist sighed. “Look in the mirror. Your facial value will be affected.”

Originally, Song Yu’s facial value wasn’t as good as Teacher Li sitting next to him. Now he made his face like this. Once the TV series started, did he want Teacher LI to grab the face fans? The face fans might flow like the wind but they were generous. In the entertainment circle, getting the face fans was already half making it. However, she didn’t say those words in case she offended Song Yu.

Li Zhao heard the makeup artist’s words to Song Yu and couldn’t help turning to look at Song Yu’s face. Song Yu turned to the side and didn’t let Li Zhao look at his face. He was now full of regret. Why did he drink mineral water that was worth two yuan in a moment of anger, and he also drank half a bottle?

“Brother Song, I can see it in the mirror.” Li Zhao stared at the mirror for a moment. “It’s fine. Your eyes are just a bit smaller and the influence isn’t much.”

“Don’t talk to me.” Song Yu looked like he had nothing left to live for.

He was wrong, he really made a mistake. He shouldn’t be near Li Zhao in the crew in the first place. Anger wasn’t conducive to health and also wasn’t conducive to beauty.

“Brother Song!” Song Yu’s assistant came from outside, voice a bit anxious. “Lu Renjia, the person who plays the 3rd male lead in Overbearing Female  President He wants to touch your porcelain and wrote something about you on Weibo.”

The author has something to say:

Question: What do you think of the new actor Li Zhao?

Xiao Yu: He is a beast.


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1 year ago

Song Yu’s tsundere-ness is too much this chapter lol

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No one takes as good care of Li Zhao as Song Yu.

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That’s right YuYu acts tough but he’s just an awkward spoiled silly person