VH: Chapter 34

Several marketing accounts with over a million fans started to burst out negative news related to Li Zhao like they had made an appointment. For example, during the filming of Overbearing Female President, he didn’t work with the crew. After his popularity, he hugged Strawberry Entertainment’s thighs and no longer contacted his poor friends from his former crew.

There was a metaphysics blogger who stated that Li Zhao’s previous company might’ve been small but it was always profitable. After signing Li Zhao, it started to decline and finally, the company closed down. In addition, after the collapse of the company, LI Zhao suddenly became popular. What did this mean? It meant that Li Zhao stole the company’s luck.

In the end, the metaphysics blogger was ‘kind’ and reminded Strawberry Entertainment to not step on the road of Li Zhao’s previous employer. One vicious method in the entertainment circle was to slander an artist’s life Which investor would dare to cooperate with an artist who would bring bad luck?

Li Zhao’s fans were disgusted when they say this. Anyone who had been in the fan circle would understand that someone was clearly using this opportunity to slander their baby.

The big fans were worried that this would affect the passersby goodwill toward Li Zhao They desperately appealed to everyone to ignore these marketing accounts. Quarrelling with them would just make them hotter. Just report it.

The metaphysics blogger saw that Li Zhao’s fans didn’t argue with him and felt a bit lonely, so he made a post.

Mr Five Elements: The artist surnamed Li is a typical person who sucks luck. What is a luck-sucking person? Anyone who stays with him is lucky while only he is good. This is a very selfish life.  I advise other artists in the circle to stay away from him. If your luck is sucked by him then it will be too late to cry. If you don’t believe it, you can go see the female star and second male lead of ‘XX Female President’. It seems that Li Zhao has absorbed their fortune?

Li Zhao’s fans wanted to express sympathies to the blogger’s family but they were good fans and couldn’t speak dirty words. They might not dare to speak but someone else was different.

Song Yu looked at the nonsense on the Internet and his mood worsened. He picked the metaphysics blogger and directly comments with an exclamation mark.

Song Yu V: Get lost! //@Mr Five Elements: The artist surnamed Li…

Song Yu’s words caused a huge stir on the Internet. Netizens who disliked Song Yu said that as an artist, he was too rude. He would lead children astray. However, more of them were praising his true temperament.

Li Zhao wasn’t the only artist who had been harmed by this metaphysics blogger’s nonsense. There were many female artists as well. He liked to say they weren’t good actresses and that a female artist’s face was very fickle, as if there were no good women in the entire entertainment circle. He also liked to stare at male artists.

However, there was a group of people who liked to hold this person’s stinky feet. They regarded his Weibo posts as holy orders and ran to the artist’s Weibo to humiliate them. The fans of these artists had long been disgusted with this metaphysics blogger. Seeing Song Yu stand up to scold him, they ran to the comments area to show solidarity with him.

Song Yu sent the Weibo post himself and his team was too late to stop him. They only found out when the Internet was lively.

“Are you cool? Has the evil spirit in your heart come out?” The agent had been in rage due to this artist for a long time. “This matter had nothing to do with you. Now the fans of the metaphysics blogger are scolding you for having a temper and no acting skills. Are you very happy?”

“Scold, scold.” Song Yu shook his legs. “You don’t have to try and persuade me. I won’t delete it. In the beginning, Li Zhao spoke for me in the media. I still owe him for it.”

Who would like to owe another person something?

“There are many ways to return the favour. You just chose the best way to attract the fire.” The agent took a deep breath. “Well, it’s fine. It will do you more good than harm. If you don’t want to delete it then don’t delete it.”

He didn’t tell Song Yu that this incident could be significant in the future, setting up him as an honest, rich person. He might not be fresh but it was better than acting pretentious. Moreover, Li Zhao’s noise was known through the Internet and he could be considered a hot artist. Artists shouldn’t be afraid of being scolded or they didn’t deserve the name.

“I don’t know what’s going on with these bloggers. Speaking nonsense like they hadn’t graduated from primary school.” Song Yu sneered. “Li Zhao might be a fool but those going against him are blind.”

The agent was silent for a moment. “Mr Song, you are awkward when making friends.”

“Who is awkward? Who wants to make friends?” Song Yu reacted like the agent had told him a horror story. “Don’t talk nonsense.”

This agent felt a bit bad. Why did the company have him bring this young master?

Just then, the agent received a phone call. He spoke politely and after ending the call, he looked subtly at Song Yu. “How are you feeling now? If you’re not feeling good, you can scold that metaphysics marketing account again.”

Song Yu looked suspiciously at the agent. Was this person driven insane by anger?

“Previously, we haven’t talked about an endorsement but the brand side took the initiative to call and set you as a spokesman.” The agent couldn’t hide his excitement. “It is for one year.”

Now the brand side was quite precise and the endorsement contracts were usually signed for a quarter or half a year. If artists had the strong ability to sell goods and the consumers responded, they would continue to renew the contract. Otherwise, they would ‘amicably terminate the contract’ and continue to harvest a new batch of fans.

Originally, Song Yu’s popularity and status weren’t enough to sign for a year. The brand offering to make it a year was simply sending fat meat to their mouth.

“Be better with Li Zhao later.” The agent was very emotional. “This type of person is prosperous and people with him will rise.”

Song Yu, “……”

How didn’t this become feudal superstition? He rolled his eyes. “How come his former employer didn’t flourish because of him?”

“Many company contracts are very demanding. They probably weren’t very good to Li Zhao and killed themselves.” The agent was half joking and half serious. “Thus, you must be better to Li Zhao in the future.”

Song Yu, “……”

The entertainment world was poisonous.

During the time when Song Yu was discredited by the media, Li Zhao stood up to clarify for Song Yu. When Li Zhao had rumors spread by the marketing, Song Yu didn’t hesitate to stand up and scold the accounts. This was a truly touching friendship in the entertainment circle.

There were a small number of netizens who found another type of fun and became CP fans of the two people, secretly becoming fans in the forum. Just when everyone thought that Song Yu scolding people was already a lively event, Li Zhao also forwarded the post despite normally being inactive on Weibo.

Li Zhao V: Everyone has a responsibility to create a civilized and scientific society. The promotion of feudal superstitions should be reported// Song Yu V: Get lost! // Mr Five Elements: ……

“Hahahahaha, I want to die from laughter. God created a civilized society and everyone has a responsibility to maintain it.”

“The baby is right. We must believe in science and oppose feudal superstition.”

“Promoting this type of backward thinking in this era. Report, report.”

“I don’t know why but I feel like Xiao Yu is a bit impulsive and mindless. Zhao Zhao is a good boy who is following the mindless one while waving a flag. I am moved by this pure and flawless brotherly emotion.”

“Everybody says that there isn’t a real friendship in the entertainment circle. Isn’t this real brotherhood?”

“Brotherhood? Hehehehe…”

This ‘hehehe’ seemed very magical. There were many points to praise. Li Zhao looked at the comment area in a confused manner. Was there something strange about this comment? Why were so many netizens replying with a mysterious smile below?

After taking a bath and changing out of the clothes covered in the smell of hotpot, Li Zhao called Yan Ting and the video connected.

Yan Ting was wearing a white bathrobe and water beads were still soaking his dark black hair. He was holding a towel and drying his hair as he looked at Li Zhao on the phone. “Dry your hair.”

“I’m doing it now.” Li Zhao had been busy reading the news on the Internet and had forgotten about drying his hair. He rolled off his bed and ran to the bathroom to get a towel. Then he jumped back in bed. “Ting Ting, are you going back tomorrow?”

Yan Ting wiped his hair. “En.”

“Alas.” Li Zhao sighed. “I really want to follow you back together.”

Yan Ting was silent as he gazed at Li Zhao. “What’s going on?”

Li Zhao shook his head. “It’s fine.”

He just didn’t want Ting Ting to go. It was nice to have someone accompanying him.

Among his friends, everyone had their own family and people who were more important than him. Even his fellow friends who came out of the welfare home had people they liked. Some were also married. It wasn’t until Ting Ting’s appearance that Li Zhao suddenly had a strange sense of responsibility. He wanted to make Ting Ting happy but also… need him a bit more.

He had this thought and scratched his head. Strange, how could he have such an idea?

He smiled with some embarrassment at Yan Ting. “Be careful when you go back. Don’t leave things in the hotel.”

“Okay.” Yan Ting put down the towel in his hand, black eyes gazing into Li Zhao’s eyes on the screen. “There are seven days until the Spring Festival. Once I go back tomorrow, I’ll have the housekeeper clean up things on my side. On New Year’s Eve, you and I will watch the Spring Festival together.”

“Okay.” Li Zhao coughed and thought that he should be polite. “Will it be too much trouble for you?”

“No.” Yan Ting picked up the phone and moved it closer to his face. “Zhao Zhao, I’ve been alone for 20 years.”

There obviously wasn’t any expression on Yan Ting’s face but Li Zhao felt that this person was sad. Refusing Yan Ting was an even more heinous crime. “Then I will cheekily stay in your home for a few days.”

Yan Ting moved his phone away slightly. “Thank you.”

Li Zhao was somewhat embarrassed. Ting Ting was serious in thanking him but was also very cute.

“Go to bed early tonight or it might be hard to fly tomorrow.” Li Zhao yawned. “I’ll go to sleep too.”

“Good night.” Yan Ting said good night but didn’t reach out to hang up the video.

“Ting Ting, good night.” Li Zhao waved to the camera and hung up the video. The sleepiness on Li Zhao’s face instantly disappeared. He happily opened the group chat for the children of the welfare home and couldn’t wait to tell them the news.

Zhao Zhao Has Good Luck: This year, I will be celebrating New Year’s Eve with someone!

A Better Tomorrow: !

Make a Billion First: !!

Blossoming Voice: Baby, you are still a child. You aren’t allowed to fall in love!

Zhao Zhao Has Good Luck: [Covers face] Sister Xia, you are misunderstanding. I am spending the new year with a good friend. He and I are both alone so we’ll be spending the new year together.

A Better Tomorrow: Zhao Zhao, don’t lie to me and Sister Xia. You can come spend it with us.

Make a Billion First: It is also okay to come to me. Don’t wrong yourself. You are 20 years old. Do you know how to celebrate the new year?

Zhao Zhao Has Good Luck: Hehehe, even if I don’t understand, Ting Ting will know. Sister Xia, Brother Ming, I’m still waiting to be a godfather to your children. I won’t disturb your world @A Better Tomorrow @Blossoming Voice

Zhao Zhao Has Good Luck: @Make a Billion First Brother Xiaojun, you just got a girlfriend this year. I won’t be your lightbulb. My family has a good-looking president with a cute personality and delicious home-cooked meals. None of you can take me away from Ting Ting.

The three people were worried that Li Zhao didn’t want to disturb them and deliberately said that someone would accompany him for the new year. They tried to persuade him only to find that Li Zhao wasn’t lying. Rather, he was showing off how good his friend was from beginning to end. Thus, they agreed with ease.

Blossoming Voice: @Zhao Zhao Has Good Luck, you know you can call us? No matter what you meet, I’ll be here for you. You’ll always have a home.

Li Zhao held his phone and couldn’t help smiling.

Zhao Zhao Has Good Luck: I know da. I love you ya. Kiss kiss da~

Make a Billion First: Talk seriously. What is da ya? If you are short of money then remember to tell me. I’ll give you living expenses.

Zhao Zhao Has Good Luck: Kiss kiss da, kiss kiss da, da da da~

Make a Billion First: You naughty child…

Chen Xiaojun put down his phone and looked at his girlfriend lying beside him. It was impossible for other people to imagine the efforts that an orphaned child needed to go through to live a normal life after living the orphanage. Fortunately, he had a girlfriend who loved him. It was just that Zhao Zhao was now a star. It was unknown if he had time to come to Chen Xiaojun’s wedding next year.

After talking with his friends, Li Zhao was really sleepy. He had just put down his mobile phone with Luo Rong called.

“Brother Rong.” He was so sleepy that he couldn’t open his eyes.

“The company helped you talk about a first-tier brand endorsement. The other side took the initiative to find us and even the endorsement fee is in accordance with the standards of first-tier artists. You should have no comments so the company helped you sign it.”

“Okay…” Li Zhao faintly heard that the company found a new job for him and agreed without hesitation. Work was equal to making money. He also wanted to make more money to give Ting Ting a big red envelope.

He heard that people who weren’t married would receive a red packet on New Year’s Eve. Then their new year would be peaceful, safe and smooth. Li Zhao had to send a big package to Ting Ting.

Listening to Li Zhao’s confused voice, Luo Rong didn’t insist on waking up Li Zhao. Based on his understanding of Li Zhao, it was impossible for Li Zhao to refuse such a good opportunity. It should be said that few artists in the circle could refuse such an endorsement cooperation.

The evening was the most active time for bored netizens. The melon eating netizens found that the marketing accounts jumped up and down sharply but Li Zhao’s fans were like Buddha, determined to uphold their three principles.

There were no comments, no forwards, no explanations.

“The Li fans are too Buddhist. Everything is coming out while they are still licking their master’s face?”

“Didn’t they follow their master today by reporting a blogger who publicized feudal superstitions?”

“Don’t mention this. Only the words ‘civilization’ and ‘science’ are spinning in my mind. This is poisonous to both its owners and fans.”

“Don’t say it, Li Zhao is really able to fight. I spend half an hour squatting on his page only to find his photos.”

“I’m a pure passerby. If I am a Li Zhao fan then I will die. I think Li Zhao might’ve been cheated. Think about it. Before Li Zhao was blackened, who was in the limelight?”

“Who else? It was the bragging veteran, Zhao Junnan.”

“Upstairs, your cover is blown. Before you sent the message, you deleted content about Lu Hao on your Weibo. A small 18 tier artist isn’t even fit to lick my family’s shoes. I will explode at anyone who dares to mention my family’s name.”

Soon, Lu Hao’s fans and Zhao Junnan’s fans were fighting in major forums.

Lu Hao’s fans knew that their artist was working with Li Zhao on a drama. Thus, they were very polite when mentioning Li Zhao and even helped him speak. Zhao Junnan’s fans weren’t polite. They said that one was an 18 tier artist and both people weren’t fit to lick Zhao Junnan’s shoes. This was a very arrogant attitude.

Li Zhao’s fans saw this and their hearts almost exploded. Then they thought about how their baby was a newcomer and could only bear it.

“Thank you for the fan upstairs for reminding me that my baby needs to practice his acting skills.”

“Thank you for the whipping from Mr Zhao’s fans.”

Zhao Junnan’s fans were unprepared for the Li fans’ thanks. Wasn’t this the time to tear at each other? As long as the Li fans scolded them, they could go to various forums to say that a small artist relying on his face went to the Internet to bully an actor who relied on strength.

Who would’ve expected for the Li fans to take the modest and good learning style? In the view of passersby, it was Zhao Junnan’s fans who were using their high status to pick on a small artist.

Ingenious, too ingenious. Li Zhao looked like a pure white flower but he must be a scheming dog in private. All his fans followed him. Zhao Junnan’s fans felt like they were punching cotton and were very upset. They had to grasp at Li Zhao’s no endorsement.

“Hasn’t your family been declared the spokesman of a first-tier brand yet?”

“A first-tier endorsement is very important and can’t be sloppy. When will there be an announcement about your family?”

Soon, the #Has Li Zhao announced the official endorsement# topic was brought to the hot search by Zhao Junnan’s fans. They were satisfied with their fighting power and triumphantly wanted for more people to see the joke Li Zhao.

A small new person dared to use their brother to shift his negative news. They would give this artist a lesson and let him know their brother wasn’t good to be bullied. Just as Zhao Junnan was feeling proud, Cang Huan’s official Weibo account sent a post without warning.

Cang Huan V: He is the cool breeze in summer, the warm sun in winter. He is the latest spokesperson of Cang Huan’s Cangshi watch @Li Zhao V. Thank you for taking this opportunity and we’re looking forward to cooperating with you.

The melon eating masses: ???

Was Cang Huan’s official Weibo hacked?

“Is it April Fool’s?”

“Is this really the Li Zhao I know?”

Cang Huan V replied to the dogs eating flowers: Many people in the company like Mr Li Zhao’s role in Overbearing Female President.

Seeing the reply of the official Weibo, all netizens were shocked.

“Li Zhao, too awesome! Awesome!”

“At this moment, I just want to know the mood of Li Zhao’s fans and Zhao Junnan’s fans.”

“I’ll speak for Zhao Junnan’s fans. Mom, my face hurts.”

“Hahahahaha, Zhao Junnan was the only one who was bragging. Your family wanted to drag Li Zhao into the water only to be hit in the face and killed.”

“Look at the topic that Zhao Junnan placed on the hot search. It matches even more with Cang Huan’s post.”

Originally, the Li fans were very Buddhist. At this moment, they finally came out and ran to reply in the #Has Li Zhao announced the official endorsement# topic.

“Thank you for the care of my predecessors. My family’s endorsement has been announced.”

“Thank you for the seniors’ concern. Our baby is still small and got the endorsement of a first-tier brand for the first time. If there are any shortcomings, please forgive him.”

Zhao Junnan’s fans, “……”

They didn’t want to endure or pay attention to this. They just wanted to delete the original topic and be quiet. Zhao Junnan’s fans were embarrassed while the Li fans were happy. They were happy along with Lu Hao’s fans. The endorsement might have nothing to do with their Lu Hao but it was enjoyable as long as Zhao Junnan was disgraced.

Soon, the people eating melons found something interesting.

“Am I the only one wondering why the message was announced on Cang Huan’s main Weibo even though it is the fashion brand being endorsed?”

“Perhaps it is to be more solemn?”

“I was idle and bored. I looked over the other endorsements of Cang Huan’s products and found these endorsement cooperations were publicized by the branch company’s official Weibo.”


“In my head, there seems to be an entertainment story that is being born.”

“Don’t think too much. Didn’t you see the official Weibo saying that many people in the company like Li Zhao’s role? Maybe it is because of this.”

“No, the most amazing thing is that Cang Huan’s post has been sent out for more than 10 minutes. LI Zhao hasn’t forwarded it and the studio’s official Weibo forwarded it first.”

“I was more bored than the upstairs netizen. I found that out of all of Cang Huan’s product endorsements, Li Zhao is the one with the most nonsensical praise. What cool summer breeze, what warm winter sun? Is this a human? It is clearly a male fairy.”

“I also noticed this. The Weibo post is so heartfelt that I almost thought Li Zhao wasn’t a seventh or eighth tier artist who relied on an online drama to become popular. He is actually an international bigwig.”

“What is Li Zhao’s identity that can lead the official Weibo to bend their waists like this?”

“My family was also a brand spokesman and the official announcement at the time was very official and formulaic. To be honest, I’m a bit jealous.”

“Jealous +1. Cang Huan blowing rainbow nonsense is really like a high imitation account.”

“This is the endorsement of Cang Huan’s super quality watch! If this is the endorsement that my family’s artist got then I would definitely go crazy.”

At this moment, Li Zhao was still sleeping. Suddenly, Song Yu banged on his door.

“Li Zhao, you have the nerve to be sleeping. Hurry and open the door!”

The author has something to say:

Zhao Zhao: I won’t open, won’t open. Ting Ting hasn’t come back.

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YuYu is so good, running over immediately to help Zhao Zhao’s career