VH: Chapter 33

The filming of the wedding wasn’t as romantic as it was in the TV series. Several cameras were aimed at the actors from different positions. There were the light, the sound crew and the rest of the drama’s staff and actor, creating a mess. Any audience that had never been in touch with a crew would probably doubt that the scenes in dramas were really shot like this?

The camera was still adjusting the position. Li Zhao and the opposing actress occasionally whispered quietly but based on their standing posture and distance, it could be seen that they didn’t have much private communication.

“This female artist is from Coban. Don’t look at her gentle appearance. She actually mocked out Zhao Zhao as prostitute actor.” Da Ke whispered from beside Yan Ting. “There are thousands of actors coming from Coban every year and there are several comparable to our Zhao Zhao. As long as she opens her mouth. she will show her superiority.”

Da Ke couldn’t forget that Yan Ting was a super-rich demolition tycoon. He was afraid that Yan Ting would see this female artist was beautiful and have other thoughts, so he quickly put on the mask of an artist. As a qualified assistant, he couldn’t let his artist’s friend become the gold master of another artist.

“Every department is ready.” Director Yan saw several camera crews make gestures to him and pulled out his loudspeaker. “Everybody, keep quiet. Don’t disturb the mood of the actors.”

“Okay, the actors in the background should pay attention to their expression. One, two, three, go.”

“Number one, give me a close-up on the embroidery.”

They didn’t spend so much money customizing clothes for no close-ups.

“Number two and three should get ready, the actors are going to cross the door.”

The bridegroom dressed in red clothes and held one end of a red hydrangea. He slowly crossed the threshold and gently held the bride’s hand, carefully helping her into the house. His eyes were tender like water. Although the entire hall was covered in red, his eyes were only focused on the bride, as if she was his own world.

“Ritual kneeling to heaven and earth.”

“Paying respects to one’s parents.”

“Husband and wife worship.”

“The fourth machine, close up on the eyes.”

What pair of eyes were they?

Lingering, tender, tolerant and warm. Director Yang looked at the monitor and was very satisfied with the eyes. He even nodded. “The first machine, keep up and zoom in on the veil.”

“Qing Qing, my wife.” The bridegroom’s eyes were like blinking stars. “You’ve worked hard today.”

“Go into the bridal chamber.”

His cheeks were red as he reached out to gently hold the bride’s delicate hand. “Come, I’ll hold you.”

“Thank you, my husband.”

The bride’s hand was tightly held as the two people turned toward the side door leading to the bedroom.

Yan Ting sitting in the chair suddenly got up and took a step forward.

“Mr Ting.” Da Ke quickly reached out to stop Yan Ting. He thought the other side was fascinated by the drama and quickly whispered, “The filming isn’t over yet. Don’t go there or this footage will be abandoned.”

“Okay.” Director Yang finished the shooting and walked up to the female artist. “Your face might be covered but when Mr Xu speaks to you, your body should respond. For example, shaking your shoulders lightly or hanging your head involuntarily. You must let the audience know that you love the person beside you.”

“Xiao Li is doing very well and your body language is just right.” Director Yang praised Li Zhao with a few words. After getting along with him during this period of them, he had changed from the common term ‘Teacher’ to ‘Xiao Li.’

For artists with a bit of popularity in the circle, being called Teacher by the staff was more politeness than closeness.

“Thank you, Director Yang.” The moment the shooting stopped, Li Zhao released the actress’ hand. He had fewer scenes today and after filming the two scenes in the bridal room, he could rest.

The shooting venue of the bridal room was next door. There were no intimate scenes between the two people. All the scenes were superficial. Li Zhao just needed to look at the actress affectionately and confide in her. After all, scripts couldn’t be described below the neck. Once the loving words finished and the candle was blown out, a night passed.

“Congratulations to the two of you for finishing early today.” Director Yang spoke. “Tomorrow morning, continue at 9 o’clock.”

“Thank you, Director. Everyone has worked hard.” Li Zhao thanked the crew and took his warm clothes, moving to Yan Ting. “I’m so cold. The costume isn’t warm at all.”

Yan Ting stared into Li Zhao’s eyes. The deep feelings and gentleness inside them had disappeared cleanly. Not a single trace could be found.

“Ting Ting, you and Da Ke can go to my lounge for a while. I will go remove makeup and then we’ll eat hotpot together.” Li Zhao pulled his jacket tight and whispered in Yan Ting’s ears. “This costume is too expensive and I can’t afford to damage it. It is more reassuring if I take it off early.”

Having said that, he ran to the dressing room. He was wearing the costume shoes on the set and his feet couldn’t bear it.

“Mr Ting, I’ll take you to Zhao Zhao’s lounge.”

Song Yu was filming and no one was in the lounge. Da Ke could send Yan Ting to the lounge. “Mr Ting, the lounge chair on the left is Zhao Zhao’s. Take a seat for a moment and I’ll pour water for you.”

There was a mirror in the lounge. Yan Ting stood in front of it and saw his pale, expressionless face. What was the difference between living and dying? People around him, whether happy or sad, would leave sooner or later. Death would take them, interests or a love that had nothing to do with him would take them.

His eyelids drooped and the only light in his eyes faded.

“Ting Ting!” The door of the lounge burst open. Li Zhao stood gasping in the doorway. He hadn’t changed out of his costume and he had a pink rechargeable hand warmer in his hand. “Here you are. The electric heater in the lounge is broken and there wasn’t enough time to get a new one. Sitting inside here will be very cold.”

Yan Ting gazed at the pink hand warmer, paused for two seconds before getting up to grab it.

“The outside crew only had hand warmers of this colour. Make do with it. No one can see them anyway.” Li Zhao said with a smile. “It has just been charged so it is warm. I will go remove my makeup now. Remember to cover yourself with the blanket on the couch. Your body is weak and you can’t catch a cold.”

Li Zhao nagged a lot before running away. As he ran, he didn’t forget to carefully hold the golden crown out of fear of it breaking. Looking at Li Zhao’s back, Yan Ting took off his gloves. His cold, pale hands felt the warm charged hand warmer.

Running from the dressing room to here just to give him a hand warmer? Warmth slowly climbed up his hands and into his eyes. Yan Ting slowly closed his eyes and in the cold wind, he held the hand warmer in his arms. Once he obtained some warmth, he didn’t want others to take it away.

Da Ke came back with the water and saw Yan Ting standing at the door of the lounge, cold wind blowing. He thought Yan Ting was waiting for Li Zhao to come back and explained with a smile. “The dressing room is very far from here and it is troublesome to remove makeup. Wait in the room for a while. It’s cold outside.”

Then he noticed Yan Ting holding a pink hand warmer and was surprised. “This hand warmer wasn’t left in the dressing room. How is it here?”

Yan Ting put the hand warmers into his coat and didn’t answer this question.

“Oh, surely Zhao Zhao didn’t run all the way from the dressing room to send you a hand warmer?” Da Ke was shocked. He is tired from filming yet has the energy to run so far to give you a hand warmer.”

What was this moving brotherhood? Why couldn’t he meet such a touching friendship?

At dinner in the evening, Song Yu didn’t see Li Zhao in the cafeteria and was very surprised. The crew booked a buffet at their hotel. As long as there were no scenes, the actors would dine at the hotel. Every meal, Li Zhao was the most active. It was surprising that he wasn’t here today.

“Group A’s staff said that Li Zhao’s friend came to visit. He went with his friend to eat hotpot together.” The assistant whispered, “Brother Song, are you looking for him for something?”

“Why am I looking for him? I’m far more comfortable without him.” Song Yu snorted coldly and grabbed the plate to grab a meal.

Brother Song, you eat less meat, less meat!” The assistant following him reminded him. “You are a physique that becomes fat after eating meat!”

“Shut up!” Song Yu put the meat on his plate back, his mood becoming worse.

The online rumours about Li Zhao’s endorsement had already become that Li Zhao was going to endorse a Cang Huan product. A number of marketing accounts swore it and many of Li Zhao’s fans believed it.

These fans didn’t want to think about it. It was Cang Huan’s product. Even big people in the circle couldn’t necessarily get these endorsement resources. How could Li Zhao get it? Was it using his poverty or his charming face? There were thousands of good-looking men and women in the entertainment circle. How could Li Zhao rank among them?

Still, what did that have to do with him? This person was leisurely eating hotpot with his friends.

The news that Li Zhao was going to endorse Cang Huan’s products spread through the major entertainment forums in just half a day. Countless netizens were amused by this absurd news.

“Who is Li Zhao? A small, transparent star is planning to scam Cang Huan. A new person has no shame in order to become popular?”

“My mood is complicated. He was added to my small wall and I thought he was honest. I didn’t expect him to do something so big.”

“What if it’s true?”

“Sister upstairs, wake up. Don’t dream. This is the Cang Huan brand, not another brand. At the beginning of the year, the fans of two big people in the circle were severely beaten. They bought a water army to fight against each other just to become the spokesman of a certain Cang Huan product for half a year. Your artist doesn’t even deserve to carry shoes for those two big guys. Don’t say that your artist is a new star of Strawberry Entertainment. Even the son of Strawberry Entertainment’s boss might not be able to get this resource.”

“I thought Zhao Junnan was shameless enough. I didn’t expect for one mountain to be higher than another. There was a more shameless and braver person than him.”

“In this social society, this new person called Li Zhao can receive the title of bragging emperor.”

Li Zhao’s fans didn’t dare to speak but one fan couldn’t help back. She couldn’t help going to the official Weibo and sending a private letter, asking if there was a plan to invite her baby as a spokesperson.

Once the message was sent out, the fan regretted it. This was clearly a matter of self-inflicted humiliation and she was ready to withdraw the message.

Cang HuanV: Thank you for your concern about our company’s brand. This brand does have a plan to cooperate with Mr Li Zhao and it is currently being prepared.

The fan: I knew it was impossible…

Huh? What did she just see? Was she dreaming? Was this real?

The author has something to say:

Eunuch Da Ke speaking slanderous words: Your Majesty, you see these lowly maid servants wanting to harm Imperial Consort Zhao.

Baby Ting Ting: You have to call him queen!

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10 months ago

Song Fish is truly a good friend😭 Worried that Zhao Zhao wasn’t running to the free food lol

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e bunny
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He keeps feeding LZ but LZ stays skinny, meanwhile SY has to watch his weight and can’t eat meat 😆