VH: Chapter 30

“Are you blaming me for having to shoot so many times?” After a long moment of sulking, Song Yu looked angrily at Li Zhao who was happily drinking milk tea. “In addition, are you a pig brain? Zhao Junnan has obvious problems. You are also silly to laugh at others. Stay away from him later. Do you know?”

His family was rich and powerful. Even if he didn’t have much fame, there weren’t many people in the circle who dared to offend him. Thus, when he learned that Zhao Junnan was coming to the Sky Song crew, someone had told him about Zhao Junnan.

He was popular when he debuted and made insiders hate him. After a decade of silence, he relied on Heroic Ruler to rise up. Now he was selling himself as a dedicated veteran when he was actually a bad person.

Looking at Li Zhao’s milk tea, Song Yu felt it was somewhat familiar. Wasn’t this his favourite milk tea brand?

Seeing Song Yu staring at the milk tea in his hand, Li Zhao gave a warm and friendly explanation. “Just now, your assistant bought you milk tea. You said you didn’t want to drink it so your assistant gave it to me.”

Song Yu took a deep breath and told himself to be calm. He must not be angry. “Aren’t you afraid that my assistant will put things in the milk tea? Now artists don’t accept food from fans. How can you eat food from my assistant?”

“Doesn’t sweat drip down onto the soil when weeding during the day?” Li Zhao drank the milk tea. “We have known each other for so long. I believe that you aren’t that type of person?”

“Do you believe me so much?” Song Yu felt his brain buzzing and he even wondered why this person was his opponent. It was simply a mockery of his intelligence.

“If you want to drink it then drink it. In any case, it is your own business if your body and skin become bad.” Song Yu took the script and put it over his face. He decided not to be bothered.

He was a normal person and shouldn’t be compared to this odd thing. Li Zhao finished drinking milk tea. Took out his mobile phone and opened a WeChat chatbox.

Zhao Zhao Has Good Luck: I did an outstanding thing just now.

Zhang Xiaoyuan: What thing?

Zhao Zhao Has Good Luck: Someone was saying bad things and I helped him close the door. My mobile phone has also become mature and learned to record automatically.

Zhang Xiaoyuan: ……

Zhang Xiaoyuan: Don’t be naughty. Send the recording over.

Li Zhao sent the recording to Zhang Xiaoyuan. After a while, he received a large number of angry insults from Zhang Xiaoyuan.

Zhang Xiaoyuan: That idiot Zhao Junnan! What a fool! I’m going to have a heart attack from anger! I saw it when he used shameless propaganda in front of the media, stating he doesn’t need a stand-in and selling himself as a dedicated person. He is a fool with no shame!

Zhao Zhao Has Good Luck: Brother Xiaoyuan, you shouldn’t speak dirty words to children.

Zhang Xiaoyuan: What child? He stopped the director of Heroic Ruler from giving you a small role. He doesn’t know how hard it is for an actor with no background like you to get a role with lines. I have been in the circle for years and haven’t seen someone so disgusting. Even Song Yu, the little fool, is better than this big fool.

Zhao Zhao Has Good Luck: You can scold Zhao Junnan but don’t scold my food parent. I just finished drinking his milk tea.

Zhang Xiaoyuan: ……

Zhang Xiaoyuan: You naughty child, are you trying to make me angry?!

Seeing that Brother Xiaoyuan had given up on scolding Zhao Junnan and had turned to scold himself, Li Zhao quickly wrote that he was filming and put his phone in his pocket.

“Brother Song, why don’t we try acting it out once again?” Li Zhao saw that Song Yu was full of frustration and headed to Song Yu with his script. “Have you ever felt that something wasn’t delicious only to find out it was good after tasting it?”

“Why? You came out with no training yet you want to teach me how to act?” Song Yu took the script off his face and twisted his head uneasily. “It is unnecessary.”

“No, I just want you to accompany me.” Once Li Zhao laid down his script and put away his smile, he was no longer Li Zhao but the famous court official recorded in history.

“Zhang daren, now the foreign enemies facing us today, Is Xu in your eyes more hateful than the foreign enemies?” The young man had a beautiful face and could make the women in the capital go crazy with his every move.

Song Yu didn’t expect Li Zhao to enter the scene and froze.

“Brother Song?” Seeing that Song Yu didn’t respond with his lines, Li Zhao was brought out of the character and looked at the other person. “Director Yang only gave us an hour to rest. I’m afraid that my performance isn’t good so please help me.”

Song Yu’s mouth moved and he didn’t speak.

“Brother Song, Brother Song?” Li Zhao waved his hands and stared at Song Yu with bright eyes.

Song Yu pinched the script in his hand before finally responding. “Let’s start.”

“Brother Song, I think that when you say this line, you can be a bit awkward. It is like when you told me to stay away from Zhao Junnan.”

“Who is awkward?! Who?”

“I was wrong, I was wrong, I mean, it just feels like that. Or shall we do it again?”

At the scene of the shooting, Director Yang looked at the shots in front of him and touched his forehead with worry. “Do it one by one. Don’t worry.”

He thought that Zhao Junnan and Li Zhao were friends. Who knew that Zhao Junnan wanted to block Li Zhao’s way. He didn’t want to worry about the grievances between these artists. It was just a pity for Li Zhao.

The investor invited Zhao Junnan to play a friendship role, mainly due to his current popularity and good reputation. The show’s biggest investor was Strawberry Entertainment. Li Zhao might be an artist of Strawberry Entertainment but Strawberry Entertainment had many artists. They wouldn’t necessarily offend Zhao Junnan for Li Zhao.

In the office, Ting Ting sat in a chair and flipped through the papers.

“Sir, Strawberry Entertainment is calling.” Assistant Qin came in with a phone and put it in front of Yan Ting.

He hadn’t slept for 20 hours. Yan Ting put down his pen and took the phone from Assistant Qin. “President Sun.”

“Hello Mr Ting, I’m Sun Huaizhi.” Sun Huaizhi’s voice was a bit cautious. “I’m sorry for disturbing your work. I called this time to thank you for letting the company find a good actor like Li Zhao.”

“En.” Yan Ting stopped turning the papers in his hand as he listened to Sun Huaizhi constantly praising Li Zhao on the phone.

“Unfortunately, the child Li Zhao recently encountered some trouble. Our company might not be able to resolve it for a while.” President Sun’s voice became more careful. “Please be assured that we will handle it.”

“Say it.”

“In recent times, there is a first-tier actor who seems to be targeting Li Zhao. The prepared resources we gave Li Zhao have been disturbed by him.” President Sun sighed. “Originally, we talked about a big brand endorsement for Li Zhao. Who knew that the actor surnamed Zhao stopped it halfway? Li Zhao is still a newcomer so we can only suffer the loss. Who told Li Zhao to take the good path to passersby?”

President Sun rambled a lot before hanging up the phone. Then he called Assistant Cao and said, “Don’t worry about Zhao Junnan’s side. We will continue to give Li Zhao resources and also double it!”

“President Sun, what are you doing?” Cao Jia stared doubtfully at Sun Huaizhi. How did the big boss suddenly become so bold. He wasn’t smooth as usual.

“Nothing, I just want to find the child’s parent and tell them a trivial matter.” President Sun smiled mysteriously. “Zhao Junnan is bullying a child. Don’t blame the child’s parents for finding him to make trouble.”

Cao Jia wondered. Was child referring to Li Zhao? However, Li Zhao was clearly from a welfare home. What parents? Was this a middle-aged parent?

Yan Ting put down the phone and looked up at Special Assistant Qin.

“Sir, I remember that the Commerce Department intended to find the right image spokesperson for a new product at the branch office.” Special Assistant Qin spoke before Yan Ting could open his mouth. “I think Mr Li is quite suitable.”

Yan Ting gave a slight nod. Once Special Assistant Qin left the office, Yan Ting rubbed his painful head and leaned back against the chair, closing his eyes. His body was sleepy to the extreme but his brain was awake. The phone screen lit up and he reached for it.

Zhao Zhao Has Good Luck: I’m so sleepy but there are several scenes in the evening.

Yan Ting: I’m not sleepy.

Zhao Zhao Has Good Luck: Then you chat with me and don’t let me fall asleep.

Yan Ting: En.

Li Zhao sent messages very quickly. He talked about how dinner was delicious. The crew had a lot of rice and meat in the boxed meal and even the osmanthus in front of the hotel was very fragrant. He was as happy as a silly fool and didn’t mention a single thing about being bullied. It was as if the things Sun Huaizhi mentioned didn’t exist.

Yan Ting: Has anyone bullied you?

Zhao Zhao Has Good Luck: Zhao Zhao is still a baby. Who would bully a baby?

Baby? Yan Ting’s pale, slender fingers stopped as his brain suddenly exploded with pain. He seemed to hear the woman’s screams and soft humming.

“Baby, Mother’s good baby…”

There was a jingling bell. His phone suddenly rang, interrupting the woman’s humming. The office suddenly quieted down and there was only the ringing of the phone.

Yan Ting picked up the phone.

“Ting Ting, I forgot to ask. It is so late. Why haven’t you slept?”

There was a loud voice from the phone as well as the sound of many people walking around.

“Overtime.” The pain caused him to sweat coldly, the sweat dripping down his pale cheeks. However, his calm expression didn’t show any of it.

“I knew that big companies like yours would exploit people.” LI Zhao sighed. “Ting Ting, you will be bald if you keep staying up late. It is a waste of your good-looking face. Go to bed early.”

The big company boss Ting Ting, “……”

Yan Ting told him, “I have insomnia. It has nothing to do with the boss.”

“If only I could share my sleepiness with you.” Li Zhao yawned. “If you want, I’ll count sheep for you. Find a place to lie down and sleep. Maybe the sheep will take my sleepiness to you.”

“One sheep, two sheep… fifty sheep…”

The voice of the man counting sheep became lower and lower. Yan Ting held his phone as he stared out the window into the night, his eyes quiet.

The author has something to say:

Baby Ting Ting: A wolf has come. Whine, all the sheep are gone!

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1 year ago

Junah you want to bully our baby, let daddy ting ting bury you.

8 months ago

Why is it that I just found out that Zhao Zhao is really mischievous, “My mobile phone has also become mature and learned to record automatically” “don’t scold my food parent. I just finished drinking his milk tea.”😂 He’s so funny

4 months ago

Zhao Zhao was 100% teasing Song Yu and you can’t convince me otherwise HAHAHAHAHA.