VH: Chapter 29

“Brother Zhao, we have very interesting news here.” After Zhao Junnan vented his anger, his life assistant whispered, “Song Yu, who is in the same cast, is good friends with Li Zhao on the surface. In fact, their private relationship is very bad. Maybe we can borrow Song Yu to help us. You are a top-notch idol while Li Zhao is an 18 tier online drama actor. If you deal with him personally, it won’t be a good thing when the Sky Song crew knows.

“Aren’t they known as good brothers?” Another assistant wondered. “Not long ago, Li Zhao registered a Weibo account and Song Yu of the Overbearing Female President group was the first artist to follow him. This also went on the hot search.

“That hot search was bought by Song Yu’s team.” The life assistant sneered. “I have a friend in the Overbearing Female President crew and he said that Song Yu always made things difficult for Li Zhao. Even the role of the first male lead was given to him by Song Yu. Now that the drama is broadcasted and Li Zhao is on fire, Song Yu is being scolded by the netizens. How can he be happy?”

“That’s not right. If the relationship between the two people is really so bad, why did Li Zhao help clarify when the original negative news of Song Yu broke out?”Another assistant had a question. “Is he the Virgin Mary?”

“That’s because you don’t know. Some time ago, Song Yu’s team was asking about resources suitable for Li Zhao.” The life assistant explained. “In the face of sufficient interests, even enemies can talk about cooperation. Recently, Li Zhao signed with Strawberry Entertainment. Perhaps this connection was assisted by Song Yu’s team.”

The other assistant said, “Song Yu, this second generation rich person shouldn’t help his enemy sign with a big company just to calm down public opinion on the Internet, right?” Seeing his colleague’s face sink gradually, the assistant’s voice grew smaller and smaller and finally closed his mouth.

“Go to the Sky Song crew and see.” Zhao Junnan calmed down and recovered his usual modest appearance. He had become popular at the age of 18. Later, the entertainment industry rapidly developed and was gradually squeezed out of the first-tier ranks by the new generation of actors. He had been silent for 10 years.

There were many artists in the circle but only a few were popular. It was too hard to be popular but it was too easy to fall down. Heroic Ruler allowed him to once again reach the top and he would never allow any flaws.

Zhao Junnan had a friendship with Director Yang in his early years. This time, Heroic Ruler became very popular and Zhao Junnan was willing to accept Director Yang’s invitation to play a role. For Director Yang, it was an unexpected joy. Thus, once Zhao Junnan arrived, he was warmly received by the entire crew.

In just half a day, word about Zhao Junnan’s amiability, lack of airs, dedication, etc. spread throughout the entire crew.

The most unhappy one was the male star of Sky Song, Lu Hao. Lu Hao and Zhao Junnan were actors who started their careers at the same time. They were similar in appearance but their encounter with popularity wasn’t the same.

Lu Hao had slowly developed to today’s status while Zhao Junnan was popular when he debuted before falling silent. After Zhao Junnan became popular, he stole the endorsement of a luxury watch brand from Lu Hao. Thus, the two people weren’t very happy in private.

Amiable, no airs and dedicated? Lu Hao sneered in his heart. During the time when Zhao Junnan first became popular, he acted like a diva, scolded his assistant and groped other actresses. If it wasn’t for this, he wouldn’t have become so cold later. The entertainment circle really had many types of people mixed in. Zhao Junnan was such a slag yet he still sold the act of a decent gentleman.

“Brother.” Just as Lu Hao was feeling unhappy, a familiar voice was heard in his ears. He looked up and saw Li Zhao, the new actor playing the second male lead. Lu Hao pointed to the empty position beside him. “It’s Xiao LI. Your part hasn’t arrived yet. Sit down and rest first.”

“Thank you, Brother.” Li Zhao saw down next to him and took out the script, reading it. Lu Hao glanced at Li Zhao and saw that the script was full of notes so Li Zhao didn’t disturb him.

“Li Zhao, I haven’t seen you for a long time.” Zhao Junnan’s arrival interrupted the peace between the two men.

Lu Hao glanced at Li Zhao, his eyes somewhat lighter. “Xiao Li, you and Teacher Zhao know each other?”

Zhao Junnan smiled gently and opened his mouth first. “I met Xiao Li when filming Heroic Ruler. At that time, I saw that Li Zhao had talent and planned to recommend him to play the role of the little master. Later, something else happened. I am very sorry for the failure.”

Hearing this, Lu Hao’s expression changed silently. The actor who played the little master was a younger brother in the same company and he had recommended it.

“Hello, Teacher Zhao.” Li Zhao put down the script and obediently greeted Zhao Junnan. Then he smiled innocently. “I didn’t expect you to do so much behind my back. Sorry, my agent didn’t tell me.”

Zhao Junnan’s smile was unchanged. “It isn’t your agent’s fault. I didn’t tell him. I originally wanted to give you a surprise when things were settled. I didn’t expect the role to be taken by others.”

“However, the circle is about luck. If you had played the role of the young master then you wouldn’t have time to shoot Overbearing Female President.” Zhao Junnan looked meaningfully at Lu Hao. “A popular person will be popular no matter what. People who can’t be popular will only be dead, even if they do their best.”

Lu Wei, “…”

Damn, he thought this hypocrite was indirectly scolding him but he had no proof!

Song Yu, who happened to pass by, at the same idea as Lu Hao. He stopped and turned to look at Zhao Junnan. Who was this silly thing scolding?

“It is no use even if you are temporarily popular. What if you are like Teacher Zhao, who was popular for one year and cold for 10 years. It is quite miserable.” Song Yu wore his costume and asked cynically, “Don’t you think this is true, Teacher Zhao?”

“This little friend is Song Yu.” Zhao Junnan spoke like he didn’t hear the sarcasm in Song Yu’s words. He smiled tolerantly at Song Yu. “I saw the Zhou Qinan role you played in Overbearing Female President. You looked very good and had an aura about you.”

“That, Teacher Zhao…” Li Zhao blinked his clear and innocent eyes. “Brother Song’s role was called Zhou Qibei.”

“Um.” Lu Hao faked coughed. He saw Li Zhao’s ignorant expression and couldn’t help laughing. “Xiao Li, Teacher Zhao is busy and it is normal to remember the character’s name wrong. Don’t specifically point it out next time.”

“Okay.” Li Zhao nodded and twisted his head, apologizing to Zhao Junnan. “I’m sorry Teacher Zhao, I’m young and don’t understand. Please forgive me.”

“Yes Teacher Zhao, Xiao Li is still a child. He doesn’t have a bad mind and don’t take his words to heart.” Lu Hao placed his hand on Li Zhao’s shoulder. “This child is very good. His personality is too sincere.”

Zhao Junnan smiled. “Li Zhao just kindly reminded me. How can I be angry?”

Child? Is there a 20 year old child in your family?

Zhao Junnan looked suspiciously at Li Zhao and saw Li Zhao’s brilliant smile. The smile stung his heart. Did Li Zhao really not understand or was he pretending to be naive?

“I knew Teacher Zhao is the most generous.” Li Zhao smiled. “I didn’t think we’d cooperate again. It is really fate.”

Zhao Junnan smiled, hiding his tightly clasped together hands under his costume.

“Oh.” Song Yu rolled his eyes and didn’t want to see Li Zhao’s silly appearance again. He turned around and left.

Half an hour later, it was Li Zhao’s turn to act against Song Yu. Zhao Junnan sat next to the director and smiled as he observed the two.

“Teacher Zhao, Li Zhao is a really good actor.” Director Yang thought Zhao Junnan and Li Zhao had a good friendship and took the initiative to praise Li Zhao. “Recently, there is a role in a big move that is suitable for him. I’m going to push him to try it.”

Zhao Junnan laughed. “Director Yang, you always train new people. Young actors in the circle are lucky to meet you.”

“It’s all about making the entertainment industry better in the future.” Director Yang smiled and waited for the two young actors to get into a good state for shooting.

“Your idea is very good but Li Zhao isn’t trained. He can play TV series well but if he goes to the big screen then his acting skills might not be enough.” Zhao Junnan sighed. “It might provoke condemnation and do him more harm than good. I think he should be trained for another two years.”

Director Yang stared at Zhao Junnan for a few seconds before nodding with a smile. “Your words make sense.”

In the drama, Song Yu and Li Zhao had an enemy to friend relationship. At first, they didn’t like each other. Then as the country was filled with turmoil, they started to grow and also learned to appreciate each other. Shooting a hostile scene was easy but when it came to regret, Song Yu’s eyes often weren’t in place.

“Stop! Teacher Song, you should be appreciating Li Zhao right now but your eyes aren’t in place.” Director Yang shouted through the loudspeaker. “Teacher Li, please do it again with Teacher Song.”

“Stop, do it again.”

“Do it again.”

Zhao Junnan saw Director Yang’s eyes shooting fire and got up, returning to his lounge.

“Brother Nan, it seems that there really is a disagreement between Song Yu and Li Zhao.” His life assistant brought him tea. “I heard that the earlier scenes were shot very well yet today, they are shooting a scene where the two people are friendly to each other and they NG again and again. Director Yang’s temper is so good but he is becoming angry with them.”

“Do you want to…”

“No.” Zhao Junnan’s face is gloomy. “That Song Yu isn’t a good thing. A new person who just entered the circle showed no politeness in front of his seniors.”

“He is a rich second generation and his family is willing to use money to raise him. The rest of the circle doesn’t want to provoke him.” The life assistant didn’t expect that after half a day, Zhao Junnan also hated Song Yu. “Why don’t we clean up Li Zhao first?”

“What is a rich second generation in this circle?” Zhao Junnan smashed the cup in his hand onto the ground. Hot tea splashed everywhere, making the room smell of tea.

“Teacher Zhao.” There was a knock on the door and Li Zhao’s bright smile appeared. “Your assistant didn’t close the door just now. I’ll close it for you.”

There was a click as the half opened door closed in front of Zhao Junnan and the life assistant.

Li Zhao closed the door of Zhao Junnan’s lounge and returned to his lounge. He saw Song Yu sitting in a chair and sulking because of the bad shoot.

Seeing him come in, Song Yu asked, “What were you doing in the next lounge?”

“Nothing.” Li Zhao touched his chest. “Just a trivial thing. I feel like the red scarf against my chest has become brighter.”

Song Yu, “……”

Damn, this person was too sick.

In the lounge next door, the life assistant secretly looked at Zhao Junnan’s dark face and inwardly sighed. Oh, it was over.

The author has something to say:

Zhao Zhao is still a child, Zhao Zhao knows nothing.

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This Zhao Junnan is so disgusting. I don’t know how Zhao Zhao can stand to smile around him. 凸( ̄ヘ ̄)

Thanks for the translation!)

1 year ago

Baby Zhao Zhao is unknowingly so hilarious 😂😂😂
Closing the door with his signature smile

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haha Song Yu is growing on me, such a tsundere

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YuYu is so funny