VH: Chapter 13

“Don’t panic. I’ll ask someone to inquire about Strawberry Entertainment.” Yao Shasha’s PR agent didn’t know what Strawberry Entertainment’s side meant. He quickly took out his phone and contacted a friend who would know the inside story.

After making inquiries, the agent looked puzzled. “There isn’t any news about Strawberry Entertainment signing Li Zhao.”

“Why did they join in? Are they doing charity?” After the big shock, Yao Shasha was furious and spoke with no scruples. “They might be a large company but they should still do things according to the rules.”

As a rule, it was generally impossible to interfere if two companies had no conflict of interest. She and Li Zhao were just two 18 tier online drama actors. How could they hinder Strawberry Entertainment?

“Don’t be so quick to criticize. Think about anyone who has offended Strawberry Entertainment lately.” The agent thought more than Yao Shasha and didn’t dare to offend Strawberry Entertainment.

“I’d like to offend them. I should have a chance to meet them.” Yao Shasha snapped out. “What should we do now?”

“Don’t make any comments online. All notices should be removed.” The agent saw Yao Shasha look scared and comforted her, “Currently, the drama hasn’t finished airing and Li Zhao would make things too stiff. If a reporter asks about it later, just say that you are ordinary friends with Li Zhao.”

Now was the information age and netizens were in contact with many interesting news. It was easy to put things behind them after a few days and they would forget about this matter.

He clocked on the Weibo of Li Zhao’s agent and saw the contents of Zhang Xiaoyuan’s post a few hours ago.

The agent wasn’t happy when he thought about how the other side had prevented them from being tied up with hype. Speculation as the drama was airing would only benefit both sides. Why did artists like to act like paragons of chastity?

In order to prevent losing her dignity in the industry, Yao Shasha’s side didn’t dare do anything. They had to forward Zhang Xiaoyuan’s Weibo post and say that this was a rumour. She was just good friends with Li Zhao.

The netizens soon found that once Yao Shasha’s studio forwarded Zhang Xiaoyuan’s Weibo, Zhang Xiaoyuan didn’t reply to the studio’s comments or forward this Weibo post. Anyone could see that Yao Shasha was singing a solo show.

The netizens who originally didn’t understand the cause of effect immediately saw the truth of the matter and taunted Yao Shasha. In addition, Li Zhao’s face fans went to Zhang Xiaoyuan’s Weibo and said he had redeemed himself. He didn’t have to go out of the entertainment circle alone for the time being.

“Zhang Xiaoyuan is a good person. You must take care of our baby.”

“Brother Xiaoyuan, remember to go back and tell that baby that a woman at the foot of the mountain is a tiger. The wildflowers on the side of the road can’t be picked.”

“My little baby’s home photo is delicious. I want to do uncivilized things to him below the neck. I’m going to wear the same type of pyjamas and it will be like sleeping with the baby.”

“Brother Xiaoyuan, opening a noodle store isn’t fun. You can’t earn a lot of money even if you wake up early and sleep late. You must not take the baby on the wrong path!”

Zhang Xiaoyuan silently read through the comments and was speechless. He couldn’t take Li Zhao out of the entertainment circle to open a noodle store at this time. He shook Li Zhao, who was lying on the sofa playing with his phone. “Zhao Zhao, tomorrow I will accompany you when you go record a program.”

His baby was half-grown up and had countless shameless people staring at him.

“I will start early tomorrow morning. You have been helping me collect information on the companies and haven’t slept well several nights in a row.” Li Zhao put away his phone. “It’s fine. I’ll go there alone.”

Zhang Xiaoyuan thought about the several companies he needed to interview. He did need to make use of his time.

“Then pay more attention.” Zhang Xiaoyuan didn’t have much experience with TV program teams and could only remind Li Zhao to be careful.

He was worried when his artist wasn’t popular and worried when he was popular. He was responsible for the follow-up cooperation and was afraid he would delay Li Zhao’s development.

It was necessary to set Zhao Zhao’s development route as soon as possible as well as to form a professional team. Imagination was wonderful but the reality was too skinny. Zhao Zhao currently… had no money.

“Brother Xiaoyuan.” Li Zhao perceived that Zhang Xiaoyuan had been under psychological pressure these last two days and advised him. “Don’t think too much. Last year, I was able to live well running around crews playing small roles or acting as a stand-on. Now might be better than that but if we fail, we can go back and open a noodle store.”

“Don’t you think about opening a noodle store.” Zhang Xiaoyuan shuddered. He heard the word ‘noodle’ and remembered the overwhelming #Zhang Xiaoyuan, leave the entertainment circle alone# topic.

Li Zhao smiled and took out his phone to see the WeChat message from Yan Ting.

Ting Ting: You are an actor. Don’t you live in a safe place?

Li Zhao might have some popularity on the Internet but he wasn’t recognized by anyone when going out. At most, some girls would think he was good-looking and would secretly stare at him.

Good Luck is Coming to Zhao Zhao: I’m safe for the time being.

Yan Ting: Make early arrangements to move. I have many houses here and you can pick one.

Good Luck is Coming to Zhao Zhao: How can I do that? I have to keep accounts clear even with my brother. I can’t take advantage of you.

Yan Ting: Demolition, I have many houses for rent.

Li Zhao, “……”

Li Zhao: Cry cry cry, I’m going to suffer from the disease of hating the rich.

Yan Ting stared at the tree words ‘cry cry cry’ for a long time and his expression was unprecedentedly solemn.

“Sir, what happened?” Special Assistant Qin came forward and asked, “Do you need me to deal with anything as soon as possible?”

“It’s fine.” Yan Ting turned the phone upside down and put it on his table.

Xiangguo TV Station’s ‘There Exists a Person with the Same Profession as You’ was launched nearly 10 years ago and was very popular with the audience. TV viewing might’ve been impacted by the online broadcasting stations but it was still the most wanted program for TV dramas and movies to publicize themselves.

Originally, the guests invited on this episode was a hot group. Unfortunately, the members of the hot group broke out with a conflict a few days ago and the program had to temporarily change guests. Thus, the main team of Overbearing Female President filled in the gap.

The program often invited celebrities from all walks of life to participate in this recording. It was easy to receive this type of hot Internet drama, even if there wasn’t much attention on them.

The team of Overbearing Female President arrived at the TV station very early and the crew also prepared a gift for the program team and staff members. Even Song Yu, the most arrogant among them, converged his attitude a lot when arriving at Xiangguo.

Before recording, the program group filmed the publicity for the three leading actors.  Li Zhao was wearing a white shirt and held a book in his hand as he smiled at the camera. “Today, do you want to go to the library with me to read books? What questions don’t you understand? Shall I teach you?”

The program group was very satisfied. A good-looking boy who was easily shot was rare.

Li Zhao finished shooting and Yao Shaoshao, who had been waiting for a long time, used this gap to take the initiative to speak to Li Zhao. Before she could get closer, Li Zhao took a few steps back in what could be called a divine snakeskin walk.

The other members of the Overbearing Female President cast saw this funny scene before pretending they didn’t see it. If it was a few months ago, perhaps someone would come out to ‘kindly teach’ Li Zhao how to get along with his seniors. However, the rest of the crew didn’t want to offend Li Zhao today.

Yao Shashao tied herself to Li Zhao for hype. Everyone in the crew saw this. The only surprise was that Yao Shasha suddenly stopped. There must be other reasons behind why a woman like Yao Shasha would stop so easily.

Song Yu sat next to them with a stinky expression. His attitude towards Yao Shasha and Li Zhao was consistent, it was disgust.

“Mrs Yao, it is your turn.” The cameraman’s words relieved Yao Shasha’s embarrassment. Li Zhao took this opportunity to slip out, find the bathroom and wash off the foundation and makeup that accidentally got on the back of his hand.

He looked in the mirror and sorted out his shirt collar before heading out of the bathroom. However, he couldn’t escape from Yao Shasha.

“Li Zhao.” Yao Shasha had been waiting outside for a long time. She saw Li Zhao come out and snuffed out the cigarette in her hand, looking at Li Zhao lazily. “There are still 30 minutes before the program starts recording. We can talk.”

“This… I don’t think it’s necessary.” Li Zhao stood in place and even quietly took a step back, as if returning to the men’s toilets. This was a guest-only toilet. The staff respected the privacy of the guests and usually wouldn’t come here.

“Oh.” Yao Shasha sneered. “Do you know what the most important thing is about mixing in this circle?”

Li Zhao stared silently at her, his eyes extremely complicated. Then he silently put his arms around his chest like a flower girl falling into a wolf’s nest.

“People should know how to act tactfully, especially the younger generation who isn’t sensible.” Yao Shasha lifted the curly hair on her shoulder. “Unless you can step on other people’s shoulders all your life…”

“Sister Shasha, you so-called ‘tact’ is to open the door to you in the middle of the night at the hotel or to cooperate with you in speculation?” Li Zhao smiled like an innocent child. “However, I’m an actor. I don’t want to sell myself.”

“Okay,” Yao Shasha sneered. “Let’s see if you have the ability to live your entire life with such principles.”

A child new to the circle always thought they could do whatever they wanted just because they were a bit popular. It was only after being beaten by so that they would understand the difficulties and rules of this circle.

“It doesn’t matter if I have principles.” Li Zhao’s smiled. “If something happens, I can go home and open a noodle restaurant.”

Yao Shasha laughed. Those who entered this vain world, who could withstand the temptation of the bright stars?

“Since you want to open a noodle store, why not leave the entertainment circle right now?” Yao Shasha made no secret of his malice towards Li Zhao. “You aren’t paying for anything and don’t even have to go to university. Why are you hotter than all of us?”

“Probably…” Li Zhao smiled like he couldn’t see Yao Shasha’s dislike of himself. “All things are about fate and people can’t help it.”

Yao Shasha shook with anger. Why hadn’t she previously found in the crew that Li Zhao could make people so angry when talking?

“Good!” Yao Shashao’s expression twisted. “You have a bit of popularity now and are going crazy without knowing who you are. Don’t you have anyone at home to teach you about grace?”

Hearing the words ‘anyone at home’, Li Zhao’s smile faded. “Yes, they died early and couldn’t teach me.”

Yao Shasha, “…”

What was this surging feeling in her chest? It was suffocating anger.

Clatter, clatter, clatter.

There was the sound of leather shoes rubbing against the ground in the corridor. Yao Shasha immediately got rid of her anger and showed her signature smile. Entering this world, joy and sorrow didn’t belong to her.

“I’m sorry to disturb you.” Song Yu’s arms were crossed over his chest as he leaned against the wall, staring at the two people without the slightest hint of embarrassment. The program has started recording. What are you doing standing at the bathroom door?”

Yao Shasha turned and started walking. She had only taken two steps when she suddenly turned her head and looked at Li Zhao with hateful eyes. She was able to endure it and thought this was what a bigshot should door. A poor boy who wasn’t as good as her should nod in front of her and not do anything offensive.

At these horrible eyes, a bright smile blossomed on Li Zhao’s face. Sometimes to deal with the enemy, only a bright smile was needed to make them angry to death.

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