VH: Chapter 115

A noodle restaurant was opened in the industrial zone of the western suburbs. The noodle store had sufficient portions, was delicious and reasonably priced. There were even larger pieces of beef and mutton than other stores. Many workers in the area like eating at this store.

The guests all knew that the person running the store wasn’t the real owner of the store. They didn’t know which rich second generation suddenly got a fever and decided to open a noodle store in this place.

Brother Chen was a small foreman of a construction site. The villagers heard he was a foreman and thought it was very beautiful. Only he knew that there were dozens of people under his hands who wouldn’t have a happy Spring Festival if they didn’t have a job or money.

On the construction site, the caterer had changed and charged 25 yuan for a meal. Here, a large bowl of meat noodles, two steamed buns and a kettle of water only cost 15 yuan. Thus, he often came here to eat.

After a few visits, he became familiar with the store. Sometimes when he was off work, he would come here to ask for a plate of peanuts, drink and chat with the store manager.

“Our store was opened by the boss for his lover.” The store manager laughed. “It is said that when the two of them fell in love, the boss told his lover that he would open a store in the future and let his lover be the second boss.”

Brother Chen, “…”

The way that rich people fell in love was really unique.

He picked up a peanut and threw it into his mouth. “Hey, your boss is a good man who did what he said. “He suddenly thought of his wife taking care of the children at home. A few years ago, he said he would buy her a silver bracelet. To this day, the bracelet still hadn’t been bought.

He was fidgety after drinking. He went outside after paying the bill. There was a jewellery store at the end of the street that shouldn’t be closed yet.

He had just walked to the door when he met two young men.

It was a late autumn night and the man on the left was wearing a suit and tie. At first glance, he looked like an elite in a TV series. The man walking next to him wore light-coloured casual clothes, a hat and a mask. His appearance couldn’t be seen but the two people were acting very intimately.

The business of this noodle store was very good. It was even famous among elite workers. It was said that the chef who made the noodles was hired with a high salary.

Alas, the happiness of the rich was really beyond imagination.

The store manager saw the two people come in and greeted them happily. There were no other guests in the store so he simply closed the door.

“Big boss, second boss, you came?”

“We came to eat noodles.” Li Zhao took off his mask. “Just eat noodles and don’t give money.”

“Big boss, have you recently picked up the script of a bully?” The manager smiled and brought out the side dishes. “I had the kitchen start cooking.”

He was a father whose daughter was kidnapped. All these years, he had been searching for his child. He finally got news of the child but the police told him his child was gone. Once he received the news, he crouched by the side of the bridge and cried. He was preparing to jump when he was persuaded down by a young man. Later, he came here to be the store manager and gradually found the taste of living.

Once the noodles were done, the store manager placed the noodles in front of them and calculated the accounts book in the back kitchen. This month was stronger than last month and the loss was less than 1,000.

Most of the guests of the noodle store were nearby construction workers. They liked big portions and had a strong taste for oil. The store had strict requirements for ingredients but the price they charged was so low. This was clearly doing charity.

Every time the staff of the Municipal Supervision Bureau came to do a food safety inspection, they would ask him if this was opening a store for the warmth of the people?

Other big celebrities opened high-end restaurants, hotpot restaurants or something else. Only their big boss was different. He opened a noodle restaurant in a low-key manner and didn’t make any money.

Every one in a while, the boss and his lover would come to the store to eat noodles. They would hold hands in a low-key manner and leave. Today, they ate a bowl of noodles. As usual, the second boss sat on the stool and rested while the big boss went to the kitchen to check hygiene.

The store manager was looking at his phone while he found that his big boss was hot.

#Li Zhao and a mysterious man boating on the lake, talking and laughing#

He panicked and hurriedly clicked into the comments area to see the reaction of the netizens. As a result, most netizens were wondering if the mysterious man was the local demolition tyrant or the mysterious boss.

The store manager, “……”

He couldn’t understand the netizens’ focus.

During this year’s Spring Festival, Shadow of the Sky that Li Zhao starred in had a big explosion. The box office actually broke through the 5.8 billion mark. It was at the top of the box office list for domestic science fiction movies and also first in the general domestic box office list. The young Li Zhao’s position in the movie industry rose a lot.

Second place on the box office list for the Spring Festival was Seven Boyfriends. The total box office might be only 2.1 billion but from the cost point of view, this movie could be regarded as a big profit. In particular, Li Zhao’s role won a lot of praise.

Previously, traffic fans often quarreled with Li Zhao. Since then, the fans of traffic artists would bypass any Li fans they saw. Powerful actors, please stay away from the world of traffic fans. Others praised Canghuan’s vision for seeing Li Zhao’s potential early on and gaining such a good spokesperson.

However, the hot Li Zhao didn’t pick up any endorsements or receive scripts. Instead, he worked step by step and studied. His life wasn’t much different from before. At most, his endorsement fee from brands was even higher.

Li Zhao finished checking the kitchen. He had just left the noodle store with Yan Ting when he received a call from Zhang Xiaoyuan.

“Zhao ah, you’re on the hot search again. Did you go boating on the lake with Mr Ting today?”

It wasn’t too cold to go boating today.

“It is the weekend so I went out to play with Ting Ting.” Li Zhao pulled open the car door and found someone filming him. He waved at the person secretly filming but this person was embarrassed.

“Brother Xiaoyuan, as I was getting in the car with Ting Ting, I was caught on camera.” Li Zhao closed the door and didn’t forget to wave to the cameraman.

This year, he went out with Ting Ting and deliberately didn’t hide in. However, in the eyes of the media and netizens, they had always been good brothers and there was nothing to do with dating.

Only the CP fans silently ate sugar but between the Cang Li CP fans and the Chai (demolition) Li CP fans, there were frequent arguments. This made the secretly watching Li Zhao laugh and cry.

The same was true for today’s popular comments area.

“Cang Li fans, don’t be ashamed. The one that Zhao Zhao mentions the most is his demolition tyrant friend. As for the boss you are imagining, who knows what he looks like or what his relationship is with Zhao Zhao. Haven’t you read stories of overbearing presidents?”

“Perhaps Zhao Zhao didn’t mention Canghuan’s boss to prevent him from falling into public opinion. Chai Li fans, don’t you know? Didn’t the boss of Canghuan attend the annual meeting last year for Zhao Zhao? It is said that he has never participated in the annual meeting before but last year, he made an exception for Zhao Zhao.”

“Are the Cang Li fans crazy? Is Zhao Zhao the only one who participated in the annual meeting last year?”

The All Li fans: Don’t quarrel, don’t quarrel. Perhaps the demolition tyrant and Canghuan’s boss are the same person?”

Cang Li fans: Get lost!

Chai Li fans: Get lost!

The All Li fans: …

What was this attitude? Couldn’t they be a bit friendly?

The Li fans watching the entire thing, “……”

Please pay attention to Zhao Zhao’s upcoming movie! This was obviously a touching brotherhood. What strange things were these people making up?

The biennial movie festival was about to open. Seven Boyfriends and Shadow of the Sky had applied for many categories and shortlisted for almost all of them. At the beginning of the year, Shadow of the Sky played a beautiful first shot. Other movies also had good box office but they all looked bleak in front of Shadow of the Sky.

It was said that at the beginning, no actors or investors could be found. Finally, the director’s sincerity touched Li Zhao. Li Zhao agreed to the director’s invitation in the form of movie investment.

Director Yang repeatedly stated in front of the media that if it wasn’t for Li Zhao, this movie wouldn’t have been successfully filmed. Even the subsequent investors were only willing to pay after finding out that the lead actor was Li Zhao.

Li Zhao had agreed to participate in the movie but he hadn’t expected it to burst like it did.

Several supporting actors invited by Li Zhao through human relations didn’t expect that they would rely on this movie to double their value. In particular, the tepid Song Yu had a much better popularity with passersby due to the guest role in this movie. The Yu fans said it wasn’t easy for their Xiao Yu to rub Zhao Zhao’s heat and finally catch on fire.

The movie was so popular that the happiest ones should be the investors and the theater chain. Then everyone discovered that the person who invested in his own name was very mysterious.

There were many netizens with brain holes who started to wonder if this investor was a transmigrator who knew that Shadow of the Sky would become hot, so he deliberately invested in this movie.

For this type of speculation, the bankrupt and banned from the entertainment industry Xu Bei could only swear. What f*king profit? In his previous life, this movie died halfway through. The director committed suicide and it never became hot.

This would’ve been the original fate of the movie if the protagonist hadn’t been replaced by Li Zhao. Due to Li Zhao, there were new investors and finally became a good movie worthy of being recorded in the history of domestic movies.

It was really ironic.

Sitting in front of the computer, Xu Bei watched the live broadcast and saw Li Zhao who was almost glowing from head to toe. His mood was so complicated he couldn’t tell what he was feeling. There were jealousy, regret and some absurdity.

He thought he would be able to take away Li Zhao’s chance to become popular again. Who would’ve expected Li Zhao to be more popular than his previous life and to have even found his biological parents?

Perhaps the significance of Xu Bei’s rebirth was only to witness God making up for the life of an unfortunate person. He wanted to force himself into the play but he turned out to be the funniest spectator.

Li Zhao was still very young. He was only 22 years ago. However, on the red carpet of this movie festival, he was the focus of almost all the media. Even the host of the national station deliberately interviewed him separately after he signed the wall.

After the award ceremony officially started, the camera would sweep over Li Zhao, whether intentionally or unintentionally. One time, it swept away and Xu Bei saw Yan Ting’s figure. He subconsciously sat upright.

Yan Ting was still alive. Not only was he alive, he was also getting better. He and Li Zhao had become a pair of dog men.


Once the results of the best actor category came out, the netizens of the live broadcast were surprised but also felt that they shouldn’t be. In the beginning, they felt that Li Zhao was too young. The organizers might be disappointing and give the award to an old actor.

To be fair, Li Zhao’s performance in Shadow of the Sky was very exciting. The role performed by him came alive. The other shortlisted actors didn’t perform badly but compared to Li Zhao, they weren’t so dazzling. Regardless of whether Li Zhao could win the movie emperor award or not, this movie had established Li Zhao’s status in the acting circle.

Although all the Li fans persuaded themselves in their hearts, they still went crazy with happiness when the guest giving the award read Li Zhao’s name.

Their baby was the movie emperor! What a praiseworthy baby!

That night, it was another night of crazy draws.

Canghuan opened a draw for Li Zhao for the third time but the netizens didn’t find it strange. They had the sense of ‘it really came.’ Out of all the luxury brand spokespeople, who was treated as well as Li Zhao?

The Cang Li fans won another point.

At least, until the early hours of the morning when a netizen posted a screenshot of the award ceremony to a forum.

Landlord: At the scene of the award ceremony, the figure of the demolition tyrant was found [Photo]

1L: First reply!

10L: Handsome people have become friends.

87L: Does no one get it? The demolition tyrant is sitting in the first row that is said to be for big people.

231L: There are more than 200 replies and no one has unearthed the true identity of the demolition tyrant. It is too disappointing.

537L: I have a guess, a bold guess. For example, the demolition tyrant is the investor of Shadow of the Sky. For example, the demolition tyrant is the boss of Canghuan.

650L: 537L don’t drop your skin. The ALL CP fans shouldn’t dance in this place. Those who support CP should leave.

Finally, this post turned into a dogfight.

The next day, the assistant of Canghuan’s boss sent a post on Weibo.

Qin Xiao: Congratulations to the boss for his personal investment in the movie Shadow of the Sky. It won six awards for best screenplay, best actor, best photography, best art, best director and best editing.

The Weibo post also had a photo of Yan Ting at the movie festival. Wasn’t this person in the photo the local demolition tyrant.

Canghuan’s boss = demolition tyrant?

Cang Li fans: ?

Chai Li fans: ?

All Li fans: ?

The fans were crazy and so was the media. For a friend, he invested in a movie that everyone didn’t like and the movie exploded. The one who invested money made a lot of money. What type of heavenly reunion story was this?

The All Li fans advised other CP fans: Everyone is a CP fan and things have reached this point. It is better to turn the war into a piece of jade and happily drink sugar.

The Chai Li fans, the Cang Li fans: Get lost!

Last night, netizen 537L was scolded by countless people. Now he was watched by numerous netizens and got the title of ‘half immortal.’

On this day, a reporter interviewed Li Zhao and asked him what he thought about a friend investing so much money for him?

Li Zhao replied, “Until the movie was successful, I didn’t know he had invested in the movie. He was always hiding it from me.”

The reporter was moved. “Ah, what a touching friendship.”

Li Zhao continued, “By the time I knew it, the movie was ready to be released. I didn’t expect that the box office would be so high. It was an unexpected joy.

The reporter silently thought, ‘I also want this type of unexpected joy.’

“A friend is silently supporting your career. Are you very touched?” After asking this sentence, the reporter faintly felt that something was wrong. Last time she interviewed a female artist, she talked about how the husband was silently supporting the female artist’s career and if she was touched.

Li Zhao nodded. “I’m very touched. In recent years, he has helped me a lot. Although the two of us aren’t blood relatives, we are the closest people spiritually. Even my parents regard him as their own son.”

The reporter, “……”

There wasn’t any obvious problem but there seemed to be something wrong. Once the interview video was released, most people were moved by such a sincere friendship.

Only the CP fans were inwardly screaming.

Ahhhhhhh, this sugar is so sweet!

Cang Li forever!

The author has something to say:

Student Zhao Zhao: Ting Ting, did you see? This is the noodle store I did for you.

Student Ting Ting: Yes!

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The All Li fans are truly so wise!! I love how they’re very casual about their dates and support/love for each other in front of others