VH: Chapter 114

The executives were very surprised when Yan Ting came to the annual meeting. Then they saw Qin Xiao bring Li Zhao over and Yan Ting personally getting up to seat the person next to him and understood everything.

There were several entertainers performing on stage but the atmosphere at Li Zhao’s table was very serious.

Li Zhao understood the pain of eating with the big boss.

“You can’t eat pickled peppers.” Yan Ting saw that Li Zhao was reaching out to grab the pickled chicken feet from the cold platter and grabbed his chopsticks. “You have been eating irregularly these days. First, drink a small bowl of hot porridge to nourish your stomach.”

Li Zhao gazed at Yan Ting with pleading eyes and Yan Ting ruthlessly shook his head. “No.”

The others at the table, “……”

What a heartless man.

After coaxing Li Zhao to eat half a bowl of porridge, Yan Ting told everyone, “My family’s Zhao Zhao is still young. Please take good care of him in future co-operations.”

He might be the boss of Canghuan but he had many brands. There was no way for him to constantly stare at the cooperation between Li Zhao and the company. He deliberately attended the annual meeting today to express his opinion. In the eyes of outsiders, it was difficult for him to have any sincerity toward Zhao Zhao.

There were many unnecessary misunderstandings and insults in the world due to the inaction of one side.

After the meal, the eyes of the senior executives toward Li Zhao changed a lot. If they used to regard Li Zhao as a temporary person to be flattered, they now regarded him as the second boss.

For his sake, the boss not only attended the annual meeting in person but also spoke a lot.

He spoke a lot!

This was a man who cherished words like gold and didn’t like noisy occasions. For another person, he went to an occasion he never appeared at previously, laughed and held hands with Li Zhao. He didn’t disguise the feelings between the two of them in front of the executives. If this wasn’t love, what could be called love?


Lu Renyi didn’t receive an invitation from Canghuan this year. In order to prevent the outside world from seeing him as a joke, his agent went around asking for help or an invitation letter. Last year’s incident of changing seats had offended the top management of Canghuan.

Then 10 days ago, Canghuan suddenly relaxed and sent him an invitation letter.

At first, they didn’t know why Canghuan changed their attitude. They asked around and couldn’t find a reason.

Then a staff member joked, “Is it because Brother Lu sent a congratulatory message to Li Zhao for his family reunion on Weibo yesterday?”

Since the seat changing incident, their side had been afraid of Li Zhao. The moment they conflicted with Li Zhao regarding resources, they would automatically withdraw. Lu Renyi took the initiative to help Li Zhao forward various promotional posts and even after Zhao Junnan’s double incident broke out, Lu Renyi stood with Li Zhao.

A year later, almost all Lu fans believed their artist was good friends with Li Zhao. Only the people in his studio knew that the two people didn’t even exchange a word in private.

Everyone thought that the staff member’s words were too absurd. Only Lu Renyi himself felt this might be the reason.

At the end of the annual meeting, Lu Renyi squeezed out a happy smile and took the initiative to find the person in charge of a certain brand under Canghuan to say farewell. The person in charge was very formal and Lu Renyi wasn’t expecting enthusiasm from the other person. He prepared to leave after the greeting.

The moment he turned around, he saw that the senior executives of Canghuan were about to leave from another passage. Li Zhao was walking with these people. A young and handsome man was walking beside him, holding Li Zhao’s coat. The two people didn’t move too intimately but Lu Renyi saw the warmth in their eyes.

Seeing this scene, Lu Renyi paused.

“Brother Lu, what are you looking at?” A currently popular small traffic star came to him. He had drunk a bit of wine and his expression was a bit airy.

Lu Renyi glanced at him lightly. “It’s nothing.”

Almost every year, there were popular male and female entertainers but it wasn’t easy to stay in this circle for a long time and let their status rise steadily.

He sorted out his collar, turned around and squeezed out a smile, quickly following two movie emperors. As he left the hotel, he was photographed walking with a movie emperor while talking and smiling.

In this circle, everyone had their own means of survival. Don’t offend people who shouldn’t be offended. This was what he learned last year.

Canghuan’s annual meeting ended and the styling of the artists continued to be a hot topic. Of course, the one netizens envied most was Li Zhao because everyone wanted to have a rich and generous good friend.

The heat of the Canghuan annual meeting had just dissipated when the Spring Festival Gala on New Year’s Eve finally came.

At 6 in the evening, the national television channel officially announced the programs of the Spring Festival Gala, which included favourite performers from three generations.

For the sake of the Spring Festival ceremonial feeling, everyone turned on the TV regardless of their interest in the contents of the program. This created a happy New Year atmosphere.

At 8:20, there was an opera performance. In the past, this type of program only interested the elderly people at home but currently, many young people were sitting in front of the TV and waiting for the performers to appear.

Why you ask? Naturally, it was for Li Zhao’s mother! In particular, the Li fans. Their baby failed to participate in the Spring Festival Gala performance so they would support the baby’s mother. They couldn’t tell if this singing was good or bad but this beautiful sister, who looked like a fairy goddess, was actually Zhao Zhao’s mother? She looked so young!

After the opera performance, the host walked onto the stage. “Teacher Du was only 15 years old the first time you appeared at the Spring Festival Gala. That was nearly 40 years ago and you have shown many wonderful performances. Can you tell me which performance is the most special?”

“This year.” Du Yushu replied without hesitation.


“It is because this year, my family is watching me from under the stage.” Du Yushu smiled. “We are gathered at the Spring Festival Gala.”

The camera swept down the stage and zoomed in on Li Zhao in a red suit.

“What a handsome son.” The host that had been waiting beside Li Zhao and Lin Shen handed a microphone to Li Zhao. “What do you think after seeing your mother’s performance?”

“My mother is the most beautiful woman in the world.” Li Zhao smiled and handed the microphone to Lin Shen. “Dad, don’t you think so?”


There was thunderous applause.

“Over the years, Du Yushu and Lin Shen have been silently donating to the gene bank project and this took most of their life savings.” The host started the routine sensational link. “Before I took to the stage, I asked Teacher Du if she was distressed about giving so much money? She replied that as long as more families can be reunited in the world, money isn’t important. Here, I would like to thank Teacher Du’s family. Thank you for your efforts and your selfless dedication.”

“Yes, love is boundless.” The host sitting next to Li Zhao once again handed the microphone to him. “Now I’m going to invite Teacher Du’s son, on behalf of his family, to send New Year’s greetings to the entire nation.”

“I wish you all a Happy New Year and good luck.” Li Zhao smiled at the camera. In the lens of the national TV station, he was very handsome and his eyes were beautiful.

Li fans: ???

Their baby was a family member of a performing guest and mixed into the Spring Festival Gala. As a result, he also gave New Year’s greetings to the people of the nation alone?! Wasn’t this the most hardcore relationship?

The Spring Festival Gala wasn’t over yet but Li Zhao’s family went on Weibo’s hot search. Everyone found out how much money Li Zhao’s parents had donated to the gene bank over the years. No wonder why the Spring Festival Gala specifically interviewed Li Zhao’s family. Their family’s experiences and deeds were really touching.

The Li fans also found that the young handsome man the camera swept over on the way to Li Zhao seemed to be Li Zhao’s local demolition tyrant. Was it a coincidence? They felt a bit strange but today was a special day and the Li fans didn’t explode anything.

Du Yushu’s performance was over and she planned to leave early after removing her makeup.

“Teacher Du, you used to wait until the Spring Festival Gala was over. Why are you in such a rush this year?” An employee who had a good relationship with Du Yushu joked. “Are you planning to rush back to eat a New Year’s Eve dinner?”

“Yes.” Du Yushu finished sorting out her clothes. “This is the first time my child is with us. Everyone will gather together to have fun.”

“Congratulations to your family and a Happy New Year.” The staff member spoke with a lot of sincerity. Then another staff member’s voice was heard from outside.

“Teacher Du, your family is waiting for you at the back exit.”

Du Yushu rushed outside and saw the three men waiting for her at the security gate. A beautiful smile blossomed on her face as she sped up and ran toward them. They didn’t go to the faculty building today. They went to Yan Ting and Li Zhao’s house where the family had already prepared a New Year’s Eve dinner.

“Click.” Li Zhao took a photo when four cups were placed together.

Li Zhao V: A reunion night. I wish you all a Happy New Year and a safe and smooth future.

“Zhao Zhao, Happy New Year.”’

“Isn’t it a family of three? Why are there four cups?”

“Maybe there is another elder in the family?”

“I wish the baby a Happy New Year. Good luck and be carefree.”

At midnight, Lin Shen and Du Yushu gave Li Zhao and Yan Ting a big red envelope.

“Happy New Year. May the two of you are happy and healthy.”

“Thank you Dad, thank you Mom.” Li Zhao put away the big red envelope. He glanced at the time and grinned at his parents. “Mom, Dad, I have an appointment with Ting Ting to go to the movies. You can come with us.”

“We won’t act as your light bulbs so you don’t act as our light bulbs.” Lin Shen waved his hand. “Go and play by yourself. Young people should stay away from the lives of the elderly.”

The abandoned Li Zhao happily led Yan Ting away. Lin Shen and Du Yushu watched their backs and showed loving smiles.”

“It will be livelier every day with these two kids.” Lin Shen took Du Yushu’s hand.

“Yes.” Du Yushu laughed. “It is bustling with noise and excitement.”

She had been looking for this noise and excitement on this brightly lit night for 21 years. Now, at last, it happened.

Outside the cinema, many young couples were waiting in line to watch a late night show. The pre-sales of Seven Boyfriends was much higher than any other Chinese New Year movie. Li Zhao pulled Yan Ting to a small corner, looked at the movie poster and then turned to Yan Ting.

“I love you, my heart loves you, my soul loves you.” Li Zhao opened Yan Ting’s large jacket, covered himself and kissed Yan Ting gently on the cheek. “To love you I am willing to offer my world.”

“Happy New Year, my Ting Ting. I hope we will be more beautiful this year.”

This was a line from Seven Boyfriends.

“Zhao Zhao, with you, I already have the world.” Yan Ting smiled. “Happy New Year, my Zhao Zhao.”

People were coming and going and everyone had feelings of love around them. Li Zhao and Yan Ting were just one out of countless lovers, both ordinary and extraordinary. Rather than going to see Seven Boyfriends, the two of them watched Shadow of the Sky. In the darkness, some audience members laughed at funny plots and wept at touching scenes.

Li Zhao knew that this movie was successful. Every frame of the magnificent science fiction movie used money. Anyone who watched this movie could see the sincerity of the crew.

Li Zhao held Yan Ting’s hand and whispered in his ear, “I am different from the protagonist.”

“What is different?” Yan Ting’s eyes flashed with a gentle light.

“I love you, beyond the blue sky and the sea.” Li Zhao smiled. “I will love you until death.”

Walking out of the cinema, Yan Ting took out a small velvet box from his coat pocket. “This is a new year’s gift.”

Li Zhao opened the box that contained a beautiful men’s necklace. It was just that the pendant of the necklace… was like the pea shooter in Plants VS Zombies? Yan Ting pulled out the necklace worn around his neck. It was a sunflower.

“You are my sunflower, I am your pea shooter.” Yan Ting held Li Zhao’s hand tightly. “Even if I die, I am looking forward to seeing you in the afterlife.”


The new year was coming, there was new hope.

The winter snow might be cold but as long as you have love, it would be hot and warm forever.

The author has something to say:

Congratulations to Baby Zhao Zhao and Baby Ting Ting for officially graduating from kindergarten!

TL: There’s still some extra chapters so don’t stop reading!

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