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VH: Chapter 113

The next morning, Li Zhao looked out the window at the snowflakes and didn’t want to get up.

“The house has an indoor gym…”

“I don’t want to get up.” Li Zhao rolled and moaned. “Dear, today you go and support the family. Let me be in charge of beauty.”

Seeing him act so shameless, Yan Ting leaned over and kissed his forehead. “Remember to get up for breakfast. I’m going to the company.”

“Uhuh.” Li Zhao burrowed into the quilt, only showing his hair.

If one liked a person, just watching his hair above the quilt felt different from looking at other people’s hair. The day had just begun. He was looking forward to chatting with Zhao Zhao over dinner after getting home from work or putting on thick clothes and going shopping.

Once outside the door, Qin Xiao already had the car idling and was waiting for him.

“Sir, the annual meeting has been arranged and the invitation letters sent out. Is it still the old rules this year? You won’t go…”

“I’ll go.” Yan Ting managed his tie. “I will accompany my boyfriend.”

“Okay, Sir.”

In the fact of love, so what if he didn’t like noise, people or socializing? Showing love was more important.

The phone vibrated and the mailbox showed he had a new email. Yan Ting looked down at his phone and opened his private mailbox where there was an unopened email. He glanced at the sender and directly exited the software.

The phone rang and Yan Ting answered in an expressionless manner.

“It isn’t easy to call your number. Did you blacklist me?”

Yan Ting didn’t speak but he was in a good mood and didn’t directly hang up.

“I know there is nothing to say between you and me.” For once, the woman’s voice was calm and didn’t have the madness and resentment of the past. “Last night, I met Li Zhao at the airport lounge and spoke to him for a bit.”

Yan Ting’s eyes cooled down.

“No wonder why you are so special to him. His face looks quite good, especially those pair of eyes. There is a tender feeling when looking at people. Anyone who looks at them will be tempted, don’t you think?”

“I know how good my lover is. You don’t need to boast. It seems you have nothing to say.” After that, Yan Ting was ready to hang up.

“Don’t worry, after finishing this call, I won’t call you again.” The woman seemed to know he would hang up and sped up her words. “Yan Ting, I don’t want to fight you anymore.”

“You were never my opponent.” Yan Ting declared calmly.

“You have a smart boyfriend and also learned how to take the offensive.” The woman took a few deep breaths to calm the anger in her heart. “It seems that he has a great influence on you.”

“What do you want to say?” Yan Ting didn’t like someone talking like this about Li Zhao in front of him.

“Thank you for raising your hand from my business this time.”

Yan Ting looked out the window at the traffic. If they hadn’t occasionally showed up, how could Zhao Zhao feel sorry for him? In the face of love, he was always shameless. He didn’t care about the means as long as Zhao Zhao stayed with him.

“I will give you a gift before our aunt and nephew relationship dies.” The woman’s tone was complicated. “You will know this gift when you open my email.”

“Yan Ting.” The woman sighed. “Perhaps you are right. The Xu family raised a bunch of madmen.”

Yan Ting’s face remained unchanged.


“Beep beep.”

There was a busy tone as the call was hung up. Yan Ting quit the call and opened the email. The file contained photos of the woman’s husband cheating. Yan Ting wasn’t interested in seeing this. He went to the end and saw a sentence, “Did you know about it long ago?”

Yan Ting paused slightly before downloading the audio file that was attached.

“You don’t want to leave him because he has money?”

“You probably don’t know but Yan Ting is paranoid and crazy like his mother. If you dare to leave him, your end will be like my short-lived brother. You will die by his hands.”

“Even if he is a cold-hearted monster?”

Yan Ting didn’t use headphones. Once Li Zhao’s voice appeared in the audio file, the driving Qin Xiao couldn’t help looking at Yan Ting’s face in the rearview mirror.

“It’s okay, it isn’t a big deal for him to support me.”

“My family’s Ting Ting is too good, gentle and considerate, kind and golden, broad-minded and reasonable. You can come and tell me this because he usually doesn’t care about you. I’m small-minded and my heart is narrow.”

Qin Xiao in the rearview mirror a slight smile appeared on the boss’ face. This smile was very small but pure. Pure happiness.

Li Zhao slept until after 9 o’clock. Then he got up, ate breakfast,  got dressed and went to the company to discuss his work arrangements during the new year.

“Baby, as a popular artist, you actually slept until 9 o’clock before getting up. Do you deserve your popularity?”

Li Zhao lay on the sofa and spoke bluntly, “Brother Xiaoyuan, I currently have a love brain.”

Zhang Xiaoyuan, “……”

“Zhao Zhao, your work schedule for the Spring Festival this year is like this.” Luo Rong put the schedule in front of Li Zhao. “We have seen the photos you took for the fashion magazine a few days ago and there are no problems. I have sent them to your email address. In the next period of time, you have four more movie promotion events, Canghuan’s annual meeting, an exclusive interview with the national TV station and the New Year’s party for Beijing TV. There are no arrangements for the first three days of the new year. The studio will help arrange the movie promotion on Weibo…”

Li Zhao listened to Luo Rong and silently calculated how much rest time he would get.

“There are also some online platform invitations that I have mostly rejected for you.” Luo Rong sat in front of Li Zhao. “This is your first time on the cover of a top fashion magazine. The fashion industry and other fans will stare at you. You have to be mentally prepared about your magazine sales.”

“Okay.” Li Zhao nodded.

“Canghuan’s annual meeting is in two days. You have to pay attention to skin care and don’t be like other artists under pressure.”

He didn’t know the fashion culture but no matter if it was male or female artists, they all liked to buy articles about how gorgeous they looked. Li Zhao was too eye-catching at last year’s annual meeting for Canghuan. If the level dropped too much this year then fashion bloggers would definitely spray poisonous words. This year, there was a luxury brand providing this season’s clothing that weren’t being sold. They also invited Li Zhao to a show.

Popular or not popular, the difference in treatment was too great. No wonder why so many people desperately wanted to be popular.

On the 29th day of the 12th lunar month, Canghuan’s annual meeting began. Major entertainment forums and entertainment gossip bloggers started to pay attention to the red carpet live broadcast.

Canghuan was a company, not an entertainment platform, so the list of artists participating in the annual meeting wasn’t announced. Countless people had speculated about the artists who would participate this time.

“I nominate Li Zhao. He is the spokesman for two Canghuan brands and they did a draw for him twice. This is the treatment of a dear son.”

“Hehehe, maybe it is the treatment of a little boss.”

“The upstairs CP fan, stay in your head!”

“Liu Fen should also go. It is rumoured that Liu Fen and a big flower fought over a first-tier makeup endorsement of Canghuan and she won.”

“I am a Fenfen fan, it is unofficially announced.”

“Am I the only one looking forward to what valuable jewellery Li Zhao will wear this time?”

“Public morals are degenerating every day, the people of today have sadly degenerated. In the past, you were only interested in the jewellery of female artists. Now you won’t even let go of a man.”

At 6:30 p.m., the executives of Canghuan’s headquarters and the branch offices started to enter the venue. The netizens who watched the live broadcast weren’t interested in these people. They just wanted to see artists.

The only exception was the executive who publicly admired Li Zhao on a TV program who got some goodwill from the LI fans. The Li fans spoke a few words of praise.

Then there were some entertainers who worked as a spokesperson for Canghuan’s brands or the brand friends. The scene finally became lively.

“Li Zhao, Li Zhao came out!”

“Ahhhhh, my family’s baby is in good shape today. The stylist can add a chicken leg!”

“Fashion bloggers, quickly find his clothing and jewellery.”

The fashion bloggers didn’t disappoint the netizens.

Fashion Blogger A: The suit on Li Zhao’s body is A brand’s super-seasonal outfit. The A brand just claimed it on their official Weibo and said they are optimistic about Li Zhao’s follow-up fashion resources.

Fashion Blogger B: The watch worn by Li Zhao is another treasure of Cangshi. The surface is a polished gem. As for the price… the price can’t be estimated. This is part of Cangshi’s precious collection. The degree of attention they paid to Li Zhao’s watch indicates that Cangshi has renewed their contract with Li Zhao. Other artists shouldn’t try to eat this endorsement cake.

Jewellery Expert: Sorry to let everyone wait for a long time. After a serious comparison, I have studied it again and again. The brooch worn by Li Zhao might be the Angel Feather jewellery that was sold for 110 million yuan. Of course, this is just my personal guess because the one who bought it was the grandfather of Canghuan’s boss. I can’t guarantee that the boss of Canghuan would lend such precious jewellery to a spokesperson. However, I can almost certainly say that his collar clip and collar pin are both from the hands of world-renowned jewellery designers and are worth at least 10 million.

The netizens: ???

Were they too poor or was this expert too airy? Jewellery worth 10 million was described as ‘just’?

Jewellery Expert: Don’t blame me for being too airy. It is just that Li Zhao’s body is too valuable.

Fans of the Cang Li CP secretly ate sugar. The mysterious president provided the most expensive jewellery for his beloved artist, making him the most beautiful baby on the red carpet. So sweet!

This time, no one stole Li Zhao’s seat. The moment he sat down, the artists at the same table greeted him enthusiastically. Unfortunately, he hadn’t even been sitting down for three hours when Qin Xiao came over.

“Mr Li, the boss has invited you to dine at his table.” Qin Xiao pointed at the table separated by a screen. “The company’s employees haven’t seen you for a long time and want to talk to you.”

“Okay.” Li Zhao stood up and smiled apologetically at those on the same table. “Sorry, excuse me.”

“Feel free.” Who would dare to stop him? It was only after he left that they started whispering. “Is the one who just came over the big boss’ special assistant?”

“Today’s wine is good.” Liu Fen, who was sitting at the same table, chuckled. “Everyone should try it.”

The people heard Liu Fen’s voice, remembered that Liu Fen had a good relationship with Li Zhao and blushed. Liu Fen turned to look at the screen and smiled.

The legendary boss who never attended the annual meeting, for his lover, he finally stepped into this noisy place.

This love.

She was afraid of touching it but hoped those around her would have a happy ending.

The author has something to say:

Baby Ting Ting: I won’t listen. Chants Buddhist scripture.

Bad person: You must listen!

Baby Ting Ting: I won’t!

Bad person: Your boyfriend is very sincere to you.

Baby Ting Ting: You can talk more.


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So much has happened all in one year, I’m a little emotional about the progress and contrast😭