VH: Chapter 111

Every time there was a hot topic in the circle, the various entertainment platforms were both happy and suffering. The topic was there but they would go bald from staying up late. The melon eating netizens were even more surprised by this wonderful reversal and waited for the Cangwei team to tear at the marketing accounts.

Normally, if artists sued marketing accounts then there would always be sneer and sarcasm. However, even the sunspots didn’t have much to say about the approach of Li Zhao’s studio this time. Even the people in the mud would be angry at using someone’s mother to make black materials. If you hit people then don’t hit them in the face, if you scold people then don’t scold their mothers.

These marketing accounts had compiled special photos and the contents were so ugly that they deserved to be sued.

The melon eating netizens were looking forward to the fight between Li Zhao’s studio and the marketing accounts. Netizens who cared about Li Zhao and the Li fans were happy for Li Zhao. After many hardships, he finally found his mother.

In order to celebrate Li Zhao’s reunion with his family, Li Zhao’s fans directly created a raffle event. Fans went to the comment area to add prizes and it was livelier than the new year. The major brands endorsed by Li Zhao also joined in the fun and launched their own draws.

Nothing was better than Canghang Automobiles. Their prize was an affordable car. Other car manufacturers sent car interiors or car models as the drawing prize. Canghang was so honest and sent a real car.

Canghuan’s brands that didn’t invite Li Zhao to be their spokesman also contributed prizes.

“If it wasn’t for Li Zhao finding his biological parents, I would suspect that he is the biological son of Canghuan’s president.”

“The brother upstairs must not know that Canghuan’s boss is still very young. He can’t give birth to such as old son like Li Zhao.”

“Young? Is it true? I have 100,000 words in my brain and I want to invite an author of Lujiang to write it.”

“Isn’t Li Zhao the spokesman who receives the best treatment from Canghuan? Canghuan celebrated on Weibo for him when he was admitted to Beijing University. Now he has found his relatives and Canghuan’s major brands are giving away prizes. Fans who like an artist like this must feel it is great. They are too good.”

“A Li fan coming out to speak. To be honest, it is cool but it is more painful. Many Li fans don’t dare watch the news about Zhao Zhao’s abuse when he was child. Watching it once will make us cry. He has a good personality, good growth and excellent performance. If he grew up in a normal family then he wouldn’t suffer so much.”

“I can understand the mentality of the Li fans. If my brother encounters something unfair then I also feel distressed. I’ll be considered someone fond of Li Zhao. I hope Li Zhao has a happy life.”

“Thank you upstairs friend for the blessing.”

“Wtf, quickly look. It isn’t only the LI fans who have started the draw. The fans of Lu Hao, Liu Fen, Song Yu and several other artists have also done so.’

“Is Li Zhao an ambassador of peace for the fan circle? He can make other artists’ fans do a happy draw for him, 6666.”

There was a saying that when there was a violation of Canghuan’s interests, there was the Cangwei Lawyers.

Once the marketing accounts who took money to smear Li Zhao and the leader of the water army saw the words ‘Cangwei Lawyers’, their legs softened and their intestines turned green. Even so, they couldn’t escape the fear of the legal team. They were frightened and spilled everything.

In the next two days, there was occasional news about a water army being seized. There was also a message saying that an Assistant Wang of a certain artist asked the water army to infringe on the interests of others. This was accurately captured by the netizens.

Someone quickly picked out that this Wang was one of Zhao Junnan’s life assistants. Everyone knew that the assistant had a backer. Unexpectedly, not only did Zhao Junnan lie and harass actresses in the crew, he also bought black materials to maliciously discredit another artist?

Scum! He relied on Heroic Ruler to create the image of a decent and honest man. Just because the news that Li Zhao was Zhao Junnan’s double was exposed, Zhao Junnan wanted to blacken him. What logic was this?

Li Zhao never mentioned the matter of being a double in public yet Zhao Junnan hated him.

What a trash person. Zhao Junnan, get out of the circle!


The Spring Festival was getting closer and Shadow of the Sky and Seven Boyfriends entered the publicity period.

Shadow of the Sky might’ve been filmed several months earlier than Seven Boyfriends but it required a lot of post-production work. Combined with the director’s high requirements and the honing of details, it was only coming out now.

Every year, the Spring Festival was the battleground of major movies.

Li Zhao was the lead actor and supporting actor in the two movies so he couldn’t avoid the publicity events. In Seven Boyfriends, Liu Fen carried the box office and the focus of the publicity was her. Li Zhao didn’t have to go to everything.

Meanwhile, Shadow of the Sky was Li Zhao’s first lead box office movie. From the crew side to his team, this movie was more highly valued.

The day when Zhao Junnan buying a water army was revealed, Li Zhao was participating in a live broadcast interview with Green Pepper Video. The host and Li Zhao were old acquaintances. No holes were dug for Li Zhao during the conversation and the atmosphere was very good. It reached the part where the questions of netizens were received. The first question drawn by the host was asking Li Zhao how he felt about Zhao Junnan purchasing a water army to blacken him.

“What?” Li Zhao froze for a few seconds in front of the live broadcast camera before circumventing this topic and making the host draw another lucky netizen.

The people watching the live broadcast felt distressed when they saw Li Zhao’s reaction. Zhao Zhao definitely didn’t know about it yet or he wouldn’t show such a reaction. Trash Zhao Junnan!

“This netizen said to congratulate you on your family reunion and to wish you a happy life. Once your movie is released, she will definitely go to the cinema to watch it. Are you nervous since this is your first time as a movie actor?”

“Thank you for the blessing.”

Li Zhao shook his head. “The teachers in the crew are particularly interesting and I am very happy to have filmed with them. I learned a lot. I think Shadow of the Sky is a movie that won’t disappoint anyone. It is because everyone in the crew is very serious and the special effects in post-production are great. I hope everyone can support this movie.”

“A netizen called Weak Green Insect asked if there was any pressure filming back to back movies?”

“On the contrary, Sister Fenfen is a particularly good girl and it is very interesting to film with him. Still, sometimes there is pressure. Occasionally, she will ask me what the colour of today’s red lipstick is and I can’t answer it. Then a few girls in the crew will laugh and say that I’m a straight man.”

The Li fans who saw this, “……”

Baby, what misunderstand do you have about yourself? You are a straight man.

The host was amused by Li Zhao. “So can you tell the number of the red colour on my lips?”

Li Zhao immediately made an expression of nothing left to live for.

The netizens: Hahahahaha.

“It is really hard for a straight man like Zhao Zhao to distinguish the red lipstick number.”

“Hahahaha, it is too hard.”

“Am I the only one who noticed that Li Zhao called the actress a girl?”

“He might be a straight man who can’t tell the difference between reds but it can be seen that he is very gentle to women. No wonder why a goddess like Liu Fen praises Li Zhao.”

After finishing today’s publicity work, Li Zhao went to Canghuan to pick up Yan Ting. Then he went to his parent’s house for dinner. Living dependent on his parents even upon reaching adulthood was beautiful.

The family of four finished eating and sat on the sofa watching TV and talking about the little things in life. Occasionally, the voices of other families could be heard. Li Zhao sat cross-legged on the sofa, leaning on Yan Ting and looking at Weibo using his side account.

“Straight man Li Zhao?” Yan Ting saw several keywords and glanced at Li Zhao subtly. A straight man?

Li Zhao, “……”

He pretended not to see Yan Ting’s expression and continued looking at Weibo.

Shocking Big Gossip V: I just discovered a particularly interesting thing. 11 years ago, when a child abuse case broke out, it didn’t attract the attention of too many people until an author published it in an authoritative newspaper. The articles related to this matter caused the media to follow up, making the matter bigger. I checked a lot of information and found that the author’s true identity is Lin Shen, a well-known professor at Beijing University. If you don’t know who Lin Shen is, you can go home and look through the language textbooks. You will definitely be able to find his name. Seeing this, you must be wondering why I specifically mentioned this thing. It is because Lin Shen has another identity. He is the husband of the famous opera artist Du Yushu, i.e. Li Zhao’s father. 11 years ago, due to this article, he saved an unknown child. Even he didn’t suspect that the child he saved was his biological son.

Shocking Big Gossip V: As a well-behaved gossip blogger, I asked people to check a lot of relevant information and found that Li Zhao’s parents donated to a lot of poor children after he disappeared. The husband and wife had been donating for years to the gene bank that was launched just a few days ago. After checking these things. I felt emotional. Perhaps kindness is rewarded.

Li Zhao choked seeing this explosive news.

Three years ago when he came to Beijing with Brother Xiaoyuan, he asked the newspaper about the author who helped him. However, the newspaper wanted to protect the author’s privacy so they never told him the information.

Later, he made money and bought some gifts. He asked the newspaper to forward it to the author. After consulting the author’s opinion, the newspaper once again refused.

At that time, the editor-in-chief of the newspaper said that the author had helped more than one child. Growing up well was the best reward for the author.

Li Zhao put down his phone and glanced at his mother giving his father a shoulder massage. He was speechless for a moment.

It turned out that when he was in despair, his father had protected him like Superman. It was just that his father didn’t know Li Zhao was his child.

“Dad.” Li Zhao walked up to Lin Shen and Du Yushu and reached out to them.

“Thank you.”

Thank you for never giving up on loving me. I am a child who is loved and expected.

After the reunion, his parents never talked about their efforts over the years and covered all the pain. They acted like only he was wronged during this long separation, that they had never been hurt or sad.

“Silly boy, why are you suddenly thanking me?” Lin Shen patted his back. “Call your friends tomorrow night. Let’s have a reunion dinner together.”

“Okay.” Li Zhao smiled. “Have a reunion dinner.”

“Wait until the Spring Festival and we will take you and Xiao Yan to your uncle and aunt’s house.” Du Yushu laughed. “You have to earn for us all the red envelope money you’ve missed all these years.

“This task is a bit arduous.” Li Zhao turned to look at Yan Ting. “Ting Ting, let’s be sweet this time and strive to earn more. We can let our parents lose too much.”

The priceless boss Yan Ting nodded silently.


In the dimly lit living woman, a woman called out to Yao Yuguang who returned late. “Yaguang, the company’s business is much better. Do you know what’s going on?”

Yao Yuguang was surprised. “Mom, why are you asking me?”

“Some people say that you’re very close to Li Zhao, the little star.” The woman threw a stack of photos onto the table. “This little star is being raised by Yan Ting? For the same of a man, Yan Ting is even willing to use Canghuan’s best team of lawyers.”

Yao Yuguang looked at the photo on the table and frowned. “Mom, why are you mentioning these things?”

The woman was silent.

She looked at her increasingly sensible son and turned to look out the window. “So I should let it go?”

“Mom, I’ve been thinking about it for a while.” Yao Yuguang walked to the woman and sat down. “The real one who should let it go is Xu Yanting. I know about what you did with Dad all those years. Although a son should help his parents, for this matter… forgot it.”

Besides, what was the difference? It wasn’t as if they could play Yan Ting.

The woman was silent again.

“Mom, don’t go and make trouble with Li Zhao.” Yao Yuguang couldn’t help being worried. “The relationship between Xu Yanting and Li Zhao isn’t just for fun. Even if it is just for the sake of our future life, don’t make trouble for them again.”

The woman calmed down. She picked up the photo of Li Zhao on the table and gazed at it. “Okay.”

The author has something to say:

Dreaded hired men group: Those who offend my boss will be beaten.

Baby Ting Ting adding a sentence: Those who offend the boss’ boyfriend also have to be beaten.

Dreaded hired men group: The boss is right!

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9 months ago

Lol straight man Zhao Zhao, if only they knew….

3 months ago

Please don’t make trouble again mother yuguang…. pity yao yuguang to have a parents like them. I hope for the sake of her child she truly stop scheming againts zhaozhao and tingting