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VH: Chapter 11

Zhang Xiaoyuan sent this Weibo and hadn’t attracted any attention but the video of the reporters interviewing Li Zhao started to become popular on the Internet.

In particular, the dazed Li Zhao speaking in a confused voice made some netizens burst with motherly love. They itched with the desire to touch his face. The netizens with faster hand speed relied on this video to make a series of expression packs and photos.

For example, 【 Zhao Zhao is a good baby, Zhao Zhao doesn’t know anything 】, 【 Zhao Zhao is surprised 】, 【 Don’t fool me 】, 【 I am still a child 】, 【 Zhao Zhao bows 】etc. quickly spread on the Internet.

Perhaps the people who used these emojis didn’t know Li Zhao’s name but he was quietly increasing his sense of presence in another way.

Once this interview came out, Song Yu’s fans started to crazily praise Li Zhao, from his appearance to his personality. There was even the default agreement that the two people were good brothers.

I Love Xiao Yu: Xiao Yu is good friends, unlike some people who want to be popular. I advise the marketing friend to not deal with 38 tier artists who rely on the fact that Li Zhao doesn’t have a Weibo account to brazenly gain hype while stepping on another crew member.

Yu’s Hand Warmer: My Xiao Yu is an honest boy who doesn’t know how to market himself, simply letting some shameless people smear him.

Song Yu saw that his fans took the opportunity to sell him as miserable and almost vomited up his meal. Song Yu bought a water army every day to boast about himself. How could he not understand marketing? However, they wouldn’t get involved in such a big mess in order to not drag their beloved artists into the water.

For Song Yu’s PR team, Li Zhao standing up to speak for Song Yu was an unexpected joy. Song Yu’s agent was full of emotions as he spoke to Song Yu. “I didn’t expect that someone would selflessly speak for you with your dog data.”

Anyone could see that Li Zhao remaining silent was the best choice. If he was Li Zhao’s agent, he would’ve stopped Li Zhao from talking at this time.

Wasn’t he a fool to not take advantage of such a good opportunity to sell himself as miserable?

However, this fool helped his own artist so he only felt happy.

“Our side hasn’t contacted Li Zhao’s PR team yet he took the initiative to speak for you. If it wasn’t for him, the chocolate endorsement you just got would be lost. This is a big favour and you should remember to thank Li Zhao personally. I’ll see what resources are suitable to be introduced to Li Zhao, which can be regarded as paying back the favour.” The agent looked at Song Yu. “You aren’t the same type of actor. Even if he has a chance to develop in the future, he won’t pose a great threat to you.”

Song Yu, “……”

They weren’t the same type so he should abandon his dislike?

“Previously, I didn’t bother pursuing the matter when you targeted Li Zhao. However, from today on, don’t have any conflicts with Li Zhao.” The agent pointed to the online data. “Now everyone knows that Li Zhao spoke up for you. If you do too much to him in the future, you will become a white wolf in everyone’s eyes. Understand?”

Song Yu was angry for half a day and couldn’t help saying, “Li Zhao has a fart team. He is too poor to even have an assistant.”

“A bullied and poor young person with no background can become popular. Do you know what this means?”


“It means that he has popularity in his life.” The agent tapped the keyboard. “Multiple friends have many roads. If you really disliked him then you should’ve kicked him out of the drama crew in the first place, not giving him a chance to appear on the stage. Now that he has gained popularity, you have to bear it well even if you don’t like it.”

It was rare to see Song Yu so quiet and listening to him so the agent spoke a few more words. “Don’t think I am saying too much. This type of person with a popular life, it is better not to offend them.”

Song Yu looked up at his agent.

“Believe it or not.” The agent closed his laptop and got up. “You should take a break for a while. You have a meeting at 4 o’clock in the afternoon. I’ll come and pick you up at that time. Remember to thank Li Zhao personally.”

Song Yu ignored the agent and spent a long time sitting on the sofa. Then he pulled out his phone and searched his address book. He finally found Li Zhao’s WeChat account on his WeChat blacklist and pulled this person out of the blacklist.

Song Yu: I won’t take advantage of you. I’ll introduce a role to you in a few days.

At the hot pot store, Li Zhao reluctantly put down his chopsticks. The food was delicious but his stomach couldn’t hold any more food. He had to wipe clean his mouth. “This hot pot is delicious. Next time, I’ll call Brother Xiaoyuan and we’ll eat it again.”

“Okay.” Yan Ting’s chopsticks followed. His posture was too elegant and it was as if he was eating at a high-class banquet rather than hot pot.

There was the sound of a message from WeChat. Li Zhao saw a person called ‘This Land Under Heaven’ had sent him a message.

“I won’t take advantage of you. I’ll introduce a role to you in a few days.”

Yan Ting’s eyes swept over the mobile screen phone. It wasn’t intentional but from childhood, he never forgot what he saw. Then he saw the contents of the message. His eyes became indifferent as he slowly lowered his napkin.

Li Zhao couldn’t guess the identity from this strange WeChat name. Sometimes, in order to maintain the superficial friendship of the crew, he might add others as friends but then they would never exchange any words.

Good Luck is Coming to Zhao Zhao: Sorry, some time ago I might’ve been too busy and made a mistake on the note about your name. Can I please ask you…

Song Yu received Li Zhao’s reply and was so angry he nearly threw his phone on the carpet. Li Zhao, this deceptive ghost, what was writing the wrong note. It was clear that he forgot to write a note on the name.

He usually called Song Yu ‘brother’ in the crew and boasted about him in front of the media, yet Li Zhao felt Song Yu didn’t even deserve a name note? Song Yu’s chest was filled with anger and he once again dragged Li Zhao back on the blacklist. He would be a rotten bast*rd if he later took the initiative to send messages to Li Zhao.

After a while, the other side didn’t reply to his message to Li Zhao sent another message. Then there was the WeChat prompt that he wasn’t the other person’s friend.

“A wrong message?” Li Zhao whispered but didn’t think much about the matter. He got up and told Yan Ting, “I will go pay the bill. You wait for me here.”

Yan Ting nodded.

The hot pot soup was still cooking. Yan Ting looked at the bubbling soup without the slightest emotion on his face. A man in a suit walked in carefully, bowed and turned off the fire. “Sir, I don’t know if you have any comments about the food in the store?”

Yan Ting asked, “Are you the store manager?”

“Yes, Sir.” The smile on the old man’s face was even more eager.

Yan Ting was about to speak when there were footsteps outside the door. He raised his index finger slightly and the store manager took two steps back. Li Zhao saw there was someone else in the room and grinned. The store manager sincerely smiled back.

“This is for you.” Li Zhao put a box of digestion tablets into Yan Ting’s hands. Yan Ting held the digestion tablets and his dark black eyes looked at Li Zhao.

“In our first two meals together, I found that you eat very little.” Li Zhao naturally helped Yan Ting open the medicine box and placed it in his palm. “Today, you ate more than the last two times and I’m afraid you can’t stand it. There is a drugstore nearby so I bought a box. Take a few tablets.”

Yan Ting smelled the digestion tablets and there was a light, fruity fragrance. He found the word ‘children’s digestion tablets’ on the box and there was a children’s cartoon picture in the corner.

“Thank you.” Yan Ting made simple chewing motions.

The store manager’s eyes secretly swept over the two people and he was afraid to speak.

“You are?” Li Zhao saw the stranger still standing next to him and turned to look.

“Hello Sir, I am the store manager. Can I ask if you are satisfied with the meal?” The manager asked with a smile.

“It is delicious. My friend and I liked it, right?” Li Zhao hit Yan Ting with his elbow.

“En.” Yan Ting gave a short reply.

“It is enough that you are satisfied, satisfaction is good.” It was a simple compliment but the manager seemed to have received a great confirmation. He bowed to the two people and spoke excitedly. “We must make further efforts to carry forward the spirit of service. I look forward to your next visit.”

Li Zhao didn’t think the store manager would be so excited and hastily gave a few more words of praise. The more compliments he gave, the happier the other side was. He sent them to the door and smiled brightly as he watched them leave.

“This store is really good. It is cheap and warm to guests.” Li Zhao smiled. “Today’s life is really complete.”

“Are you satisfied?” Yan Ting’s pale lips slightly quivered. “Really?”

“I earned the appearance fee, ate delicious hot pot with friends and also got a discount card for members.” Li Zhao smiled. “Of course, it is perfect.”

Yan Ting nodded slightly. “I understand.”

“What do you understand?” Li Zhao had adapted to the mysterious atmosphere of his new friend. His understanding of this was very simple and rough. Yan Ting didn’t like making friends or communicating. His heart was always mysterious.

Yan Ting replied, “I’ll take you back.”

Li Zhao wondered, “Ting Ting, you don’t have a girlfriend?”


Okay, for the sake of their brotherhood, he would let this person maintain their mystique. Mysterious men were popular with girls and Li Zhao thought he was very understanding.

“It’s fine. You are only 28 years old and don’t need to be in a hurry.” Li Zhao comforted Yan Ting. “There will always be girlfriends.”

Yan Ting was silent. As a mature man, sometimes he had to put up with young men.

After returning Li Zhao home, Yan Ting headed back to the company. The driver and assistant stooped over to open the door for him and whispered, “Sir, the director of Strawberry Entertainment Company wants to talk to you.”

“I’ll see them.” Yan Ting held a fist against his mouth and coughed softly.

“Yes.” The assistant waited for Yan Ting to step out the door and quickly draped the coat over Yan Ting’s shoulder. Suddenly, Yan Ting’s footsteps paused. He looked back at the box of digestion tablets on the seat of the car. Then he leaned over and put the box of medicine into his coat pocket.

Once he entered the office building, Yan Ting rubbed his temples and looked at the world that never changed every day. His eyes were like a pool of stagnant water with no ups and downs. The elevator rose floor by floor and slowly opened in the pale light. Beyond the elevator was a stylishly decorated corridor.

“Sir, your nutritional medicine.” Outside the elevator, a man in a professional suit handed him a box of pills.

“No, I don’t need it.” His eyelids slightly lowered and his entire body melted into the cold corridor, not giving out any vitality. The only thing that seemed out of place here was the coat pocket. The box of children’s digestion tablets was worth less than 100 yuan.

The man in the professional suit had some worries in his eyes but he couldn’t say anything. He could only keep his head down in silence.

The author has something to say:

Zhao Zhao: A good brother without a girlfriend, my heart is breaking.

Ting Ting: Don’t want to talk.


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Thank you so much for your hard work!O(≧▽≦)O

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In the future, the will only be Zhao Zhao!!

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Zhao Zhao is so innocent. How old is he again? 20 right?