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VH: Chapter 109

Du Yushu publicly condemned Zhao Junnan. For Zhao Junnan’s team, this was undoubtedly the worst. This type of traditional artist usually didn’t have a sense of existence but once they spoke, from a certain point of view, it represented mainstream opinion.

“What should I do now?” Zhao Junnan was panicked. He could give money to marketing accounts to affect public opinion on the Internet but he didn’t want to offend this artist.

He didn’t know Du Yushu’s status at first. Then after checking her information, his legs were a bit soft. Her previous generation ancestors were all national artists and had an outstanding status.

“Don’t worry, I’ve checked it.” The agent had ordered someone to find out information. “Du Yushu and her husband mostly live in the faculty building of Beijing University. They have no children and most of their income is donated to a research project in a research institute. Their lives are very ordinary. If we go to visit this Teacher Du and then donate a sum of money to the research institute in your name, things will get better.”

“Yes, Brother Zhao. As long as you take a photo with her, put it on the Internet and then create an image of painful change, things can still turn around.” The assistant spoke excitedly. “I will ask someone to contact Teacher Du right now.”

The agent didn’t block it. He thought that a kind-hearted artist like Du Yushu should leave some room for people to reverse things.

They didn’t expect that Du Yushu, who was usually gentle and good at talking, wouldn’t give them any face this time. She directly rejected their request and even indicated to the outside that she didn’t appreciate Zhao Junnan as a person.

Zhao Junnan’s work team was dumbfounded. What hatred or grievance did she have that she wouldn’t give up at all?

After lunch, Lin Shen had to go to a school meeting and Lin Hong went to the institute. Du Yushu and Meng Ling stayed at home to chat with the young couple.

“Xiao Yan, come and help your aunt get some things.” Meng Ling stood at the door of the guest room and waved to Yan Ting. Yan Ting glanced at Li Zhao before getting up and walking toward Meng Ling.

He pushed open the door of the guest room and found that the room was full of books and newspapers. The bookcase was in the style of the last century with solid wood and glass doors. The owner of these books was clearly fond of them and sorted them into categories really well.

“The top cabinet.” Meng Ling pointed to a corner of the bookcase. “There are photos of Zhao Zhao when he was a child.”

Yan Ting had long limbs and easily took out the album.

“Zhao Zhao was really good-looking when he was born. The nurses at the hospital said they had rarely seen such a good baby.” Meng Ling opened the photo album that contained photos of when Li Zhao was just born.

Yan Ting quietly looked through it. In just three months, Li Zhao’s parents had taken many photos of him. It could be seen that they regarded Li Zhao as very precious. A cute and well-behaved baby who grew up with parents who loved him must be happy every day.

There was a lot of pain in his heart and he subconsciously looked at the living room. Li Zhao was bowing his head to talk to Du Yushu and his expression was very gentle.

“It is a past matter and let it pass.” Li Zhao heard that Du Yushu had posted on the Internet condemning Zhao Junnan. “I am also a child protected by my mother. I am very satisfied.”

Du Yushu’s eyes reddened again. She was a seemingly gentle, practical and tough woman but she shed countless tears for her child.

“That’s right.” Li Zhao suddenly remembered. He had found his parents but he hadn’t told Sister Xia and the others.

“Mom, come. I’ll take a photo with you.” Li Zhao leaned his head toward Du Yushu. The two heads were touching and they looked very intimate in the photo.

He then sent the photo to the Family and Friends Love Each Other group chat.

Small friends: ???

Wasn’t Zhao Zhao in love with Yan Ting? How could he behave so closely with another woman?

This woman looked to be nearly 10 years older than Li Zhao but she looked beautiful and had a good temperament. For Li Zhao, who had no maternal love since childhood, she might have a different appeal. Otherwise, with Zhao Zhao’s personality, it was absolutely impossible for him to send photos to the group casually.

Still, a man couldn’t be like this!

A Better Tomorrow: Zhao Zhao, are you with Yan Ting?

You are a man with a boyfriend. Don’t make a mistake!

Zhao Zhao Has Good Luck: He is in the room. He is helping clean up.

His friends were relieved. Yan Ting was here as well which meant it definitely wasn’t that type of relationship. Then they felt that something was wrong. How could the rich and dignified person like Yan Ting help clean up?

A Blossoming Voice: Zhao Zhao, what happened?

Zhao Zhao Has Good Luck: I found my parents.

His friends were shocked at first and then ecstatic. They asked Li Zhao about his experience of finding his biological parents.

Du Yushu knew that Li Zhao was chatting with his friends. Instead of looking at the contents, she took the fruit and fed him, as if she wanted to make up for the missing love in the past. Li Zhao accepted it in silence. It was because he knew that letting his parents do things for him would make them feel better.

“Thank you Mom.” He sent Du Yushu a big smile.

“A child doesn’t need to thank his mother.” Du Yushu laughed. “It is us parents who should thank the child. We brought you into the world but you bring us happiness.”

However, we didn’t grow with you.

Li Zhao smiled, put down his phone, picked up a piece of fruit and delivered it to Du Yushu’s mouth. “You eat too.”

Du Yushu thought that she had never eaten such a sweet strawberry for many, many years.

There was a knock on the door. Li Zhao grabbed Du Yushu who was ready to get up. “Mom, I’ll go open the door.”

He wanted to try the experience of opening a door for a guest.

“Okay.” Du Yushu nodded.

Chen Lanlan didn’t expect that when the door opened, it would be Li Zhao standing there with no hat or mask. The heating in the room was sufficient and Baby Zhao Zhao was only wearing a white shirt and light-coloured knitted vest. He looked like a male lead from the comics.

Who was she, where was she, was she a lucky fairy?

“Hello?” Li Zhao saw the girl’s expression and knew that she had recognized him. He smiled at her. “Please come in.”

“No, no.” Chen Lanlan’s heart was beating like a drum. “Aunt Du, my mother heard you had guests over and had me send some freshly fried peanuts.”

“Lanlan, come in and sit down.” Du Yushu beckoned Chen Lanlan to come inside and sit. “Zhao Zhao, this is the daughter of Professor Chen who lives next door. She is the same age as you and has published several comic collections. I heard they are very popular with readers. Our families have been friends for decades and there is no need to care about anything.”

“N-No.” Chen Lanlan didn’t dare let Li Zhao know that she had drawn a sweet story about Zhao Zhao and the mysterious boss. This would suffocate her. “It is just a few for friends.”

“You must be very good at drawing.” Li Zhao bent down to give Chen Lanlan a pair of slippers.

Chen Lanlan’s heart was making an impassioned scream. She must be the world’s luckiest Li fan, even getting the baby to bring her slippers.

Ah, I’m going to die, I’m going to die. I want to cry.

Chen Lanlan, who was usually carefree, sat on a small corner of the couch and secretly looked at Li Zhao from the corner of her eyes. The baby’s glasses looked good, his nose looked good, his mouth was invincible and his fingers seemed to be kissed by God. They were perfect and flawless.

The real person looked even better than on camera! Nice! The best looking in the world! Steady, Chen Lanlan. Today you are gentle, elegant and intellectual. You absolutely can’t let the baby hate you.

“Ting Ting.” Li Zhao turned his head and called out to Yan Ting. “The strawberries are finished. Can you help wash enough for another plate?”

Yan Ting came out of the guest room and spoke gently, “You only think of me at times like this.”

“I have to entertain the guests.” Li Zhao giggled. “Go quickly.”

Chen Lanlan secretly glanced at the man talking to Li Zhao. She inexplicably felt that the other person was looking at Li Zhao with eyes full of doting. And… he fit her image of the mysterious president.

“How can I let Xiao Yan do those things? I’ll go.” Du Yushu didn’t want to be the bad mother-in-law who made things difficult for her child’s lover.”

“Mom, give him a chance to please you.” Li Zhao pulled Du Yushu back. “It is just washing a few strawberries.”

Mom? Mom?!

Chen Lanlan felt that her head had been run over by a group of ostriches. She couldn’t react for a long time. Her baby was an orphan and Aunt Du’s child had drowned long ago. So… how could the baby be Aunt Du’s son? Was she awake today? Yes, she must not have woken up. How could her baby be next door, how could he open the door for her, give her slippers and even sprinkle sugar with a beautiful man in front of her? Fake, everything was fake.

However, she ate the strawberries washed by the beautiful man, listened to Aunt Du talk about finding Li Zhao and she could only stuff strawberries in her mouth.

Zhao Zhao was Aunt Du’s child? Their baby had a… mother?

Chen Lanlan felt sluggish at first before it was followed by ecstasy.

Their baby had a mother! This was great!

After watching his performance in Seclusion Mountain Forest, she almost cried and prayed that Baby would be able to reunite with his parents and be the treasure in the palm of their hands. Now her wish had come true.

Chen Lanlan watched this scene happily and couldn’t help exclaiming, “It’s great!”

It was great for Aunt Du’s family and for Zhao Zhao.

“Baby Zhao Zhao, you can rest assured that I will never tell anyone about what happened today.” Chen Lanlan glanced at Yan Ting sitting next to Li Zhao. “I won’t say a word.”

Hearing the other person call him’ baby’, Li Zhao laughed. “You are my fan?”

Chen Lanlan blushed and nodded shyly.

“Thank you.” He didn’t want to hide it after learning that Chen Lanlan was Professor Chen’s daughter. A child who grew up in such a family wouldn’t spread someone else’s secret. More importantly, he didn’t want Yan Ting to be wronged.

“You’re welcome, you’re welcome, this is what I should do.” Chen Lanlan couldn’t help asking, “Mr Yan looks like the person who appeared on the news broadcast with you.”

Li Zhao laughed. “It’s him.”

Chen Lanlan suddenly realized. It turned out that he was the demolition tyrant who had been taking care of Zhao Zhao. Although she supported the Cang Li CP on the Internet, she saw that Zhao Zhao was very suitable with this person.

“You, you are worthy.” Chen Lanlan thought that she absolutely couldn’t let them know that she drew the Cang Li CP.

“Thank you.” Yan Ting nodded slightly, noble and elegant.

That night, fans of a well-known cartoonist on Weibo found that their lovely painter wife didn’t adore the handsome star and mysterious president but started to adore the handsome star and local rich tyrant.

Oh, the demolition tyrant was more handsome, more elegant and more gentle. His interaction with the handsome star was particularly sensational, making a lot of fans scream.

One brave CP directly pinged Li Zhao. Li Zhao accidentally saw this comic. Then he saw that the comic blogger’s name was Lan Lan Lan and guessed the identity of the other person. He showed the comic to Yan Ting and reached out to pinch Yan Ting’s ears. “Yes, there are two demolition tyrants in the family.”

Yan Ting, “…”

He lied for a while. After it was revealed, he was poked from time to time.

He looked up at Li Zhao’s hand on his ear and picked up this person. He was guilty of lying and could only redeem his sins using his body.

As Li Zhao was drunk in a gentle dream, Zhao Junnan wasn’t having a good dream. The day after Du Yushu publicly condemned him, his agent received a call from the director of the Spring Festival Gala saying that due to the repetition of the program type and the limited time for the party, their program was canceled.

A movie resource being talked about was also lost. The thing that disgusted him most was that this resource was taken away by Lu Hao’s team.

If a person who lacked virtue was unlucky, they shouldn’t feel sad or discouraged. It was because they would find that they were even unluckier later on.

The movie resource was taken by Lu Hao, the Spring Festival Gala program was canceled and there was even an endorsement that hadn’t yet expired but the brand side had started contacting a new spokesperson. They didn’t mean to renew his contract.

At the end of the year, there were many red carpet activities. Brands he talked to about lending him their clothes changed their mind and no longer lent him clothing. He was a first-tier artist yet couldn’t even borrow clothes from the current season of a big brand. What face did he have to go to the red carpet?

Zhao Junnan’s team was so worried they were going to lose their hair. The PR team also felt it was impossible to reverse. There was a high probability that… they would watch Zhao Junnan go cold.

Sure enough, once Zhao Junnan’s red carpet image was exposed by the media, many marketing accounts mocked her poor state and poor fashion resources. Zhao Junnan couldn’t even borrow the current season outfit from a big brand. He had to wear the old season clothing from Brand A.

It wasn’t over yet. The day after Zhao Junnan was mocked and disgraced, some reporters took photos of Li Zhao and a mysterious friend going to the theater to watch Du Yushu’s performance. They even sat in the best viewing area.

After the performance, Du Yushu also invited Li Zhao and his mysterious friend backstage.

Zhao Junnan’s heart was lifted by this report.

“Go buy some black materials!”

“Say that Li Zhao and Du Yushu’s relationship isn’t clear. Du Yushu is actually raising a pretty boy plaything outside.”

In any case, he was already cold so they would simply die together!

“It doesn’t matter how unpleasant it is. Just edit it!”

There were so many entertainers in the industry who had their route affected by black materials. Zhao Zhao was just one more.

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