VH: Chapter 102

“You don’t want me to give a statement. You want to expose big news.” Li Zhao laughed. “Are you interns?”

“How did you know?” The two interns were surprised.

“It is because experienced reporters don’t ask in such a straightforward manner.” Li Zhao took a sip of water from the cup. “It is snowing so much today yet you still came running to gain some news until your faces are blue from cold. Old reporters are mature and have more experience with interviewing. They won’t be as silly as you.”

The reporters, “……”

“I hope you won’t do it again in the future. If it happens another time, don’t talk about snowing, I will pretend not to see anything even if it is a knife.” Li Zhao put the mug down on the table. “Come on, think about other questions to ask.”

“Then let’s talk about your new works. There is a story that the movie Shadow of the Sky and Seven Boyfriends that you participated in will fight during the Spring Festival. Which movie do you prefer?”

“It seems you really want to explode big news.” Li Zhao couldn’t help laughing. “These two are excellent movies and it is up to children to make their own choice. Adults should naturally watch both. I am optimistic about both of them. I hope everyone will support them. Reporter friends, you will also buy tickets to support me, right?”

“Yes, right right.”

The reporters didn’t expect Li Zhao to fight so hard. During the interview, they even brought up buying tickets for the movies he participated in.

“Do you think you will fail any subjects in these final exams?” The reporters finally remembered Li Zhao’s identity as a student.

“Thinking about it isn’t any use. It is up to the teacher.” Li Zhao thought about it carefully. “I personally think that the possibility of failing isn’t likely.”

“Because your attendance rate is high?”

“Isn’t it because I study hard and get good grades?” Li Zhao felt that these two reporters weren’t good at speaking.

The reporters laughed in an embarrassed manner and hurriedly changed their words to praise Li Zhao.

At the end of the interview, one reporter asked Li Zhao, “Zhao Zhao, your movie with Teacher Lu Hao is about to finish shooting. Will you pick up a TV series or movie next year?”

“I will try it if I encounter a suitable role.” Li Zhao replied seriously. “A supporting role or lead role is fine as long as time permits.”

In the past six months, there had been occasional rumours from marketing accounts that Li Zhao was going to lose the Cangshi Watch and Canghang Automobiles endorsements. Every time, they were personally slapped by the official Weibos of the two companies. Now everyone knew that the brand side was very satisfied with Li Zhao.

However, there were still marketing accounts that said Li Zhao’s heat had decreased in the past six months and he was going to be cold.

The Li fans didn’t really respond to this. Li Zhao took the route of a traditional actor rather than the traffic route. Hot searches every day wasn’t a good thing.

He was a success as long as the audience members of his TV series liked to watch it or if they are willing to spend money to buy tickets to the movies.”

“Zhao Zhao, thank you for accepting our interview.” The reporter turned off the camera and thanked Li Zhao.

Li Zhao shook hands with them. “Don’t do it again in the future. If your family knows that you have been squatting so long in the snow just to interview a celebrity then they will be distressed. In addition, your behaviour has disturbed the lives of other students. I hope that you will be formal reporters the next time you interview me.”

“Thank you.” The two reporters were a bit embarrassed and thanked Li Zhao while apologizing. Once the two left the office, they happened to see the professor coming in with a plate of snacks.

Did he know they were leaving before coming out? The two reporters were in a somewhat complicated mood. Li Zhao drank water from a mug while they had paper cups. It seemed that the professors of Beijing University really cared for their students.

“The interview is over?” The professor put the snacks on the table and smiled at the reporters. “Go slowly.”

The reporters, “……”

‘We understand, we’ll be leaving right away.’

“Professor, Auntie cooked again?” The moment Li Zhao looked at the snacks, he knew that the professor’s wife had made them herself.

“Yes, she knew you were coming to school today and made it early in the morning so I could bring it to the office.” The professor placed the snacks in Li Zhao’s hand with a smile. “How is your study?”

“It’s delicious.” Li Zhao ate two of them in one bite. “Thank Auntie for me.”

The professor smiled along with him.

“I’ve almost finished studying everything. I’m sure that I won’t fail.”

“Don’t fail and try to get a scholarship.” The professor put on his glasses, took a book from the drawer and sat on the chair next to Li Zhao. “Eat slowly then go back after eating.”

“Professor Lin, there are so many gods in the school. Telling me to get a scholarship is looking up to me too much.” Li Zhao came to the professor with the snacks. “All your graduate students are learning tyrants. How can they know the pain of an ordinary student like me?”

“You didn’t go to school for two years yet were still admitted to Beijing University. How can you be an ordinary student?”

“That’s because there was a real learning tyrant who gave me supplementary lessons, sample questions and invited several famous teachers to teach me remotely.” Li Zhao thought about the months before the university entrance examination and couldn’t help shivering. “The teachers estimated that my score would be around 680. It was my ancestors’ blessing that I could get 701.”

Perhaps his ancestors thought that him loving lost and alone in the world was too pitiful. Just as he took the exam, they blessed his brains and he got a high score.

“Your learning tyrant friend is very nice.” The professor’s name was Lin Shen. According to him, the number one scholar was his ancestor and there were countless scholars in his family.

Li Zhao didn’t know if this was true or false but Professor Lin’s family really had a strong academic atmosphere. Many people in his family were scientific researchers, striving for glory for their country and seeking to benefit the people.

“Yes, he is the best friend in the world.” Li Zhao heard the professor praise TingTing and his eyes curved into a crescent moon.

Professor Lin saw his expression and knew this friend had an extraordinary meaning to Li Zhao. The professor glanced at his messy bookcase. “After eating snacks, you need a real meal. In any case, you have almost finished studying. Help me organize my bookshelves before leaving and this evening, I will invite you to dinner.”

“Did Auntie do it herself?” Li Zhao asked.

Professor Lin joked. “You don’t want to eat it if it wasn’t made by my lover?”

“Hehe.” Li Zhao scratched his head and laughed. He put down the plate of snacks and helped Professor Lin organize the bookshelves. Professor Lin’s eyes once again fell on Li Zhao’s neck and there were inexplicable emotions in his eyes.

It was 5 in the afternoon by the time they finished organizing the bookshelves. The school had arranged for Lin Shen to live on campus so he and his wife had been living at school for a while. Li Zhao followed behind Lin Shen while carrying large bags of ingredients. The other teachers saw it and smiled. “Xiao Li, are you going to Professor Lin’s home to eat?”

“The child has to film and study. My wife and I are worried he can’t keep up so I’m bringing him back.” Professor Lin spoke first before Li Zhao could open his mouth. “I can also have a lively dinner when he is eating with my wife.”

The teacher seemed to think of something and looked at Li Zhao with a smile. “That’s true. Children their age eat the most. Us old people can also feel it is appetizing when watching them.”

The teacher came home and his family member asked him, “Is Old Lin’s family having a guest over? I can smell the chicken soup from their house.”

“What guest? Old Lin and his wife are very fond of a student. It is the star our daughter likes, Li Zhao.” The teacher took off his thick coat and sighed while changing shoes. “If Old Lin’s child was fine then he would be as old as the child called Li Zhao.”

His family member hastily warned him. “Say it in a whisper. if Old Lin and Yushu heard you, how sad would they be?”

Lin Shen and Du Yushu fell in love and had a child within two years of being married. Who would’ve expected that when the babysitter took the child out shopping, a trafficker was encountered.

The trafficker stole the child and ran away. By the time the police tracked them down, the police discovered that the trafficker had a problem with the car on the way and fell into the river with the child. Eventually, the trafficker’s body was picked up by the disappeared. The child was so small. How could he survive falling into the water? They were afraid that even his body was eaten clean by the fish in the river.

Every year, the couple burned clothes for their child. It progressed from baby clothing to adult clothing. They never failed to miss a year.

“I know.” The teacher cautiously glanced at closed doors. “They are so good to Li Zhao. Probably because this Li Zhao’s facial features are a bit similar to Du Yushu. They miss their child.”


The couple sighed together. The child was only a few months ago. It was a pity for his parents.


”Auntie, how did you cook the chicken soup? Why does it smell so fragrant?” The moment Li Zhao walked through the door, he smelled the chicken soup. He changed into slippers and ran to the kitchen.

“This is the Reeves’s pheasant I bought from someone. I slowly stewed it and the taste is sure to be good.” Du Yushu saw Li Zhao and smiled gently. She opened the lid and scooped out the chicken legs and wings for Li Zhao. “Come and taste it. Is it suitable or too salty?”

“Thank you, Auntie.” Li Zhao looked at the chicken legs and wings in the bowl. He sat on a small bench and nibbled on the chicken while talking with Du Yushu, coaxing her to keep laughing.

Du Yushu was beautiful enough for her age to be forgotten. Even when cooking in the kitchen, she seemed to be dancing. Her hands were white and delicate and it could be seen that she usually didn’t cook.

Lin Shen stood in the living room and watched the smile on his wife’s face. He knew why his wife was so good to Li Zhao but he was unwilling to tear apart this beautiful scene.

“Auntie, let me cut them.” Li Zhao ate the chicken that Du Yushu had deliberately scooped up, put down the bowl and washed his hands. “You go and watch TV with the professor.”

“How can you do this alone?” Du Yushu handed Li Zhao an apron. “You cut the vegetables and I’ll cook. Old Lin, come over and peel the garlic.”

Lin Shen, who was usually respected by students in school, could only peel garlic in front of his wife. He smelled the chicken soup but he couldn’t eat it.

“Zhao Zhao, when will your movie be released? I’ll buy tickets with Old Lin to support you.” Du Yushu watched Li Zhao’s skill in cutting vegetables and felt a bit distressed.

Such a good child. How cruel were his adoptive parents to abuse such a good baby?

“Auntie, I’ll give you tickets. I’m the lead actor and get a certain amount of free friends and family tickets.” Li Zhao laughed. “It is also a ticket with good seats.”

“Okay.” Du Yushu thought. After watching it once, they would buy a few more tickets and watch it as a family together.

The three people cooperated and a good dinner was done. Li Zhao picked up his phone, took a photo and sent it to Yan Ting. He said he went to his professor’s house to eat and Yan Ting shouldn’t worry.

“Sending a photo of the meal. It seems like you have a girlfriend?” Du Yushu laughed and gave another big piece of chicken leg to Li Zhao.

Li Zhao used clean chopsticks to split the chicken leg meat in half. He gave half to Du Yushu and half to Lin Shen. “It is my lover.”

Perhaps it was because the atmosphere here was good or perhaps Li Zhao didn’t want to hide the feelings between him and Yan Ting. So at this moment, he told the truth.

Du Yushu was stunned. She looked at the chicken leg half in her bowl and the chicken leg bone in Li Zhao’s bowl and smiled. “Your feelings must be very good.”

She had loved for over 50 years and had seen everything. She was very strong when it came to emotional matters. Li Zhao didn’t say a girlfriend, he said a lover. This allowed her to understand the gender of the other party.

“Yes.” Li Zhao nodded. “He is my lover and a family member. He supported me and helped me when I was taking the university entrance examination. He usually agrees with whatever I say but he is very strict when it comes to learning.”

“Love is love, it isn’t indulgence.” Du Yushu smiled emotionally. “He must be a very good person. Your vision is excellent.”

“His vision is also excellent.” Li Zhao smiled. “That’s why we were born a pair.”

Lin Shen didn’t say anything. He just smiled as he scooped some chicken soup for Du Yushu and Li Zhao. After scooping, he ate the chicken leg half that Li Zhao gave him. He just finished the chicken leg when there was a knock at the door.

The moment the door opened, he heard the excitement of his older brother who was at the institute all year round. “Second Brother, the genetic database that my institute has been working on for many years is finally complete!”

The author has something to say:

Baby Zhao Zhao was at an elder’s house. He picked up the phone before eating and called Baby Ting Ting to report what he was eating.

The elder teasing him: Zhao Zhao, are you calling your girlfriend?

Baby Zhao Zhao seriously shook his head: Not a girlfriend but a lover.


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2 years ago

Zhao Zhao! Take heart, all your wishes will soon come true!

Thank you for the translation!

1 year ago

Ong im so happy that his parents didn’t throw him away but he was stolen.

1 year ago

Okay now this was too fairy tale like. I’m glad they didn’t throw him away and Zhao Zhao deserves the best, but it is too cliche. But I guess blood and family is emphasized a lot in the culture so I’m not surprised the story took this direction

1 year ago

Did the professor see the mole near his collarbone? Maybe they are his parents.

11 months ago

Lol yeah this end part is a bit rushed and fairytale ending but I’m happy, bc he gets all his wishes fulfilled. A very feel good, comfort storyy~

7 months ago

I would’ve been fine if his parents wasn’t found since LZ has found what he has missed in YT.

but considering the reasons why his parents wasn’t found before and how YT was involved this time to make it work (giving funding and letting LZ go to uni), I’m really happy for LZ even if it is kinda cliche. I don’t mind the cliche tho, if it means that both LZ and YT can be happy since they’ve suffered too much before. :’)

these two deserves so much love. T-T

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