VCRMM: Chapter 99 Part 2

The future world.

A lot could change in 10 years but there were some who were persistent. For example, Ah Caizi was still a game streamer.

As the first batch of closed beta players to enter Starry Sky Age, she had accumulated a certain advantage in the early stage so she wasn’t eliminated from the subsequent game.

In addition to live broadcasting games, the most common thing for her to do was visit the fan works area of the Starry Sky Forum.

The growth of the Starry Sky fan works area was definitely indispensable from her.

“Let me see if the wife I’m following is producing food…” However, as soon as she entered the forum, a special attention from the backend popped up.

[Si Sheng x Snow Roland, the CP post. Do you support it?] has updated. Come and take a look~

What the, f*k!

This one-handed creation of the newly popular Si Snow CP had finally updated again after half a month!

She was so surprised. Something good happened today!

Ah Caizi couldn’t wait to enter the fan post. She clicked on the option ‘only look at the original poster’ and the scroll bar that was originally almost invisible suddenly elongated. Finally, it became almost as long as the entire page.

The food was really too little!

Ah Caizi couldn’t help feeling sad for a moment. Then she pulled the scroll bar to the bottom. The two large pictures that came into view made her eyes widen.

In one picture, she saw a silver-haired young man sitting on the edge of the bed in the gorgeously decorated palace, with gauze-like bed curtains in the background and… the messy bedding vaguely revealed an ambiguous atmosphere.

This young man, who was as beautiful as an elf, was looking at the blond-haired man who was half crouched down in front of him.

The man looked up at him, eyes gentle and pious while his slender fingers reached out to help the young man button up the last two buttons of his white shirt.

There was still a gap in the collar of the young man’s shirt, revealing snow-white skin and… a looming hickey!

What the h*ll! What the h*ll! What the h*ll!

No matter whether it was the composition of the light or the characters, this was a must! Obviously, both of them were neatly dressed but this image was really… too seductive!

In particular, the young man’s flushed face, the kiss mark under his shirt and Si Sheng’s gentle smile that was filled with a bit of flirtation.

In addition, the messy bedding in the background seemed to explain something.

Oh my god, was this something she could watch for free?

She wanted to knock on something. Was there any wood?

So sweet!

Ah Caizi couldn’t help enlarging the picture, not wanting to miss any details.

She still couldn’t see His Majesty Snow’s face clearly but His Majesty’s appearance was really divine!

A silver-haired lofty superior!

Was this really a painting or photoshopped? She couldn’t find any bugs at all. It was almost like it was photographed…

Wu, Si Snow was too good!

There was no burden in shipping them at all. After all, looking at the analysis of historical data, His Majesty Snow was likely to be Si Sheng’s first love and Si Sheng seemed to miss him.

Woohoo, a first love CP was really amazing.

Ah Caizi saved the picture and casually forwarded it to her fan base. The proportion of girls in her fan base was very large and there were many fans of Si Sheng.

The moment she sent this picture, there was a group of people who turned into screaming chickens.

However, it was also under the reminder of her fans that she remembered this wife sent two pictures!

Ah Caizi hurried back to the forum.

She returned the enlarged image to its original size and slid the scroll bar. Then she saw the second picture.

The background was a room with slightly old-fashioned decorations and wasn’t comparable to the gorgeous palace in the first image.

In the picture, a young boy around five years old was standing on a chair. In front of him was a thin teenager looking down as the little boy buttoned up his shirt.

Unlike the beautiful colors of the first picture, the second one exuded a faint warmth. This made people feel soft when they saw it.


The two kids were so cute!

In particular, the silver-haired little boy with the bob. His flesh cheeks and soft white skin made it really easy for people to mistake him as a girl if it wasn’t for the boy’s clothes on his body.

Meanwhile, the blond-haired teenager in front of him looked very handsome. In particular, the thin and sickly appearance made it so people couldn’t help feeling pity.

Ah Caizi saw it with her heart in both hands. No one could refuse the charms of children!

In particular, these two children looked so well-behaved!

Then she soon realized that something was wrong.

Wait, light blond hair and gray-blue eyes while the little boy had short silver-white hair…

Ah Caizi hurriedly returned to the first picture and after careful comparison… f*k, this was the child version of Si Snow?

They were also buttoning each other’s clothes!

Once these two pictures were put together… it was too story-like, right?

Wu wu wu, how could it be so good? It turned out that Si Sheng and His Majesty Snow were childhood sweethearts?

Si Sheng was so small and thin when he was a child!

His Majesty Snow was so cute!

Ah Caizi almost cried from the sweetness. Then she thought about how His Majesty Snow was dead in the game and felt that all the sugar had turned into a knife. She almost couldn’t recover her breathing.

She hadn’t read the contents of the original poster’s note carefully so she quickly opened the comments area.

It had only been a few minutes since these pictures were posted and there were hundreds of replies.

“Wu wu wu, I’m exploding. It is so good, so sweet. I can’t help calling the police!”

“F*k! Young Si Sheng! Young His Majesty! Isn’t this too cute? I declare, the new mother fan is online!”

“I helped you wear it when I was a child and you helped me wear it when I grew up… can this be any sweeter?”

Some people even expanded and wrote fanfiction based on these two pictures.

“That year, he was still the marshal of the emperor while that year, he wasn’t the new emperor who just ascended to the throne.”

“That year, he was just a humble commoner who saved a passing prince in the chaos of war and embarked on a completely different path.”

Someone continued to write from Si Sheng’s perspective in the replies.

“I was brought back to the palace when I was young by you. From then on, my pale and cold life started to bloom.”

“On that day, I moved into your house, ate the food you had carefully prepared and put on the clothes you customized for me…”

“Looking at your young self carefully buttoning my shirt with your little fingers, I made a decision in my heart.”

“I will guard you and the empire that you love.”

Then there was the picture of when they were grown up.

“This heart that wants to protect you… I don’t know when it changed. More and more, my eyes are unable to leave you, Your Highness.”

“Watching you ascend to the throne and watching the servants ask for your acceptance, jealousy filled my heart. I finally understood that I couldn’t let go of you.”

“That night, I did something excessive to you… once I knelt on the ground the next day and begged for your forgiveness, you just blushed, threw your shirt at my face and ordered me to put it on for you.”

“Do you know how happy I was at that moment?”

“I just never thought that in the near future, I would usher in such a heart-wrenching farewell…”

Ah Caizi was having a good time eating candy but she didn’t expect for there to be a knife at the end!

Ahhhh, please stop the knife! This child is going to become stupid from the knife…

At the same time, Xu Sili was also watching the fan post expand and there were only question marks on his face.

These people were too good at imagining things!

It hurt his brain when he saw it, especially when he was forced to accept the result of being ooxx by Si Sheng. It was simply outrageous…

In addition to the fan post expanding, someone soon noticed the content of his note. After a lot of praise, he could see a message with a request every time he refreshed the post.

Xu Sili originally had some expectations, but after carefully reading a few replies, he immediately closed the future forum in an ashamed manner and decided to ignore it for the time being.

What riding posture or something? He didn’t understand it!

The teenager holding him turned to the next page of the book. Perhaps it was due to the dream but the teenager could read the words of the book.

It made him a bit thirsty.

He wanted to learn more and he wanted to get stronger quickly… in order to protect the little dumpling in his arms.

Although, the child might not necessarily need his protection either.

The wind and snow were whistling outside the house. As time passed, the sky became darker and the snow was getting heavier.

However, the cold outside the house couldn’t affect him at all.

At this moment, he was staying in a warm room with a blazing stove for warmth. In addition, he was lying in a soft bed, full of food and hugging a soft, little dumpling in his arms.

It was hard to imagine that he had been in the hellish cage yesterday, ignoring the whipping of his slave master and approaching death in pain and despair.

Today, he had been freed from that nightmare and he was so happy that he was at a loss.

Therefore, no matter what happened in the future, he wanted to repay the little prince who rescued him. It was due to the little prince that he could experience his first warmth after coming to this world…

The teenager thought about this and was inevitably a bit distracted.

At this moment, he inadvertently glanced down and noticed the little boy’s red face. The child’s skin was very white so the red color was obvious.

“Your Highness, are you okay?”

He knew that turning red was a symptom of illness and that illness often heralded death. He was worried and suddenly raised a hand to test the child’s forehead.

“I’m okay.” Xu Sili was annoyed by the post and grabbed Si Sheng’s hand in a very depressed manner.

“Are you really okay? Do you want to drink water?”

The teenager had lost all his wariness from the morning and his eyes were full of concern and nervousness. This made Xu Sili feel warm in his heart. Looking at this teenager, he couldn’t help thinking of the fan post.

It was basically nonsense speculation but there was still a small part that was right…

Xu Sili turned and buried himself in the arms of the teenager.

He held Si Sheng with both hands and rubbed his cheeks gently against the teenager’s chest. He said softly, “Si Sheng, protect yourself. I don’t want you to be hurt in the future.”

There were still five days of the trial to go and he was worried that this guy would do something stupid for him if there was real danger.

This was definitely not something he wanted to see.

The young Si Sheng looked down at him. His hand carefully landed on the boy’s head and he gently touched it. However, he was silent and didn’t answer.

Proofreader: Purichan

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