VCRMM: Chapter 99 Part 1

Xu Sili pursed his lips when thinking about his current relationship with Si Sheng. He opened the future forum in a complicated mood and glanced at his backend points.

After he exchanged it for the magic medicine last time, his current forum points had reached a new high of over 6,000.

In addition, the cumulative number of views of his posts was close to 70 million. He had only written two posts in total, one of which was a question post. It could be imagined where such a high number of views came from.

Xu Sili sighed and opened the post.

[Si Sheng x Snow Roland, the CP post. Do you support it?]

Looking at the title, he finally understood why he felt so unpleasant seeing th either CPs in the first place.

It was because he liked Si Sheng.

Seeing his name as a CP with someone else’s name against the one he created by himself, it was no wonder he felt good!

This possessiveness that had nowhere to be vented…

Moreover, in the fan works area of the Starry Sky Forum, Si Sheng was still an all-purpose gong and there were so many CPs…

Xu Sili bit his lip.

After his appearance at Orchid Moon City the other day, Si Sheng should’ve gained a lot of fans, right? Was the fan works area of the Starry Sky Forum established yet? Or were there already many posts about Si Sheng?

The more Xu Sili thought about it, the more unpleasant he felt. He couldn’t help grabbing one of the hands of the teenager holding the book. He was about to open his mouth to bite it but stopped when he saw Si Sheng’s thin and slender wrist.

The current young Si Sheng was so pitiful that he couldn’t bear it.

Xu Sili felt discouraged.

“Your Highness?” A voice filled with some doubts came from above him.

Xu Sili looked up at him before continuing to cuddle in his arms for warmth. Xu Sili grabbed his hand and kissed the back of it.

“You are too skinny. Eat more to gain meat.”

The little boy’s childish voice was heard. The teenager shook slightly as he felt the soft touch that remained on the back of his hand. The roots of his ears were slightly hot and he hummed softly.

Xu Sili made fun of him before quickly letting go so that Si Sheng could turn the page while he continued looking at the forum.

It hadn’t been long since he released the second picture so why were the views so high? It made him reluctant to delete it… after all, it was a hen that laid golden eggs.

He opened the post and saw the picture where he and Si Sheng were standing on the bell tower while Si Sheng was holding him from behind.

He hadn’t thought about it before but now looking at it…

There was indeed a gentle atmosphere.

However, that had only been a few days since coming to this world. How could Si Sheng fall in love with him…?

Xu Sili shook his head and suppressed this doubt again.

He looked at his first post and tried to hypnotize himself.

Now he was Snow Roland and Snow Roland was him. So this was his and Si Sheng’s post. There was no mistake!

Xu Sili suppressed his inexplicable unhappiness and looked at the amount of views. Then he suddenly thought of something and couldn’t help frowning.

He propped up his strong heart again and entered the fan works area. He ignored the names that were familiar to him and clicked into the CP popularity rankings.

The CP name that ranked first was impressively:

Si Sheng x Mu Xingzhou.

Right! Who was this Mu Xingzhou? What was his relationship with the future Si Sheng? The vinegar that had just been adjusted was kicked over again.

Of course, Xu Sili wasn’t aware of this.

He didn’t click into the CP related posts to find abuse. He just made good use of the search function to search for Mu Xingzhou in the search bar.

Soon, the character information of Mu Xingzhou popped up.

Mu Xingzhou, the leader of the star thieves, the most wanted criminal of the Interstellar Alliance and the third ranked NPC in Starry Sky Age.

Apart from the introduction, everything else was unknown. He was a very mysterious NPC and a photo was only obtained by an almighty research player.

He was a handsome guy.

The reason why his and Si Sheng’s CP popularity was so high wasn’t just due to the matching appearance and because they were mysterious and powerful. It was also because…

This guy always wanted to kidnap Si Sheng to be a star thief!

Moreover, after Si Sheng defected from the Roland Empire, he carried out several activities against the Roland Empire. His originally good relationship with the players became hostile.

The few players who photographed Mu Xingzhou’s whereabouts were all related to Si Sheng. Every time, he generously sent an invitation to Si Sheng but Si Sheng never paid attention to him.

Even so, this didn’t prevent them from becoming the number one CP in terms of topic. It was because out of all the CPs with Si Sheng, this was the only one with suspected emotional involvement!

It was originally based on Mu Xingzhou’s stalking behavior so many people set up Si Sheng as the shou this time.

After all…

A shameless, wife protecting, mad demon, star thief leader gong x lofty flower, indifferent and cruel imperial marshal shou. It was so fragrant!

The two of them clearly admired each other but couldn’t get along because of their different positions. Who would’ve expected that the imperial marshal would be forced to commit treason under the emperor’s prosecution. The overbearing star thief leader protected his wife and finally won the beauty’s hand, successfully turning things positive. Wasn’t this good?

Maybe in the place where everyone couldn’t see, they had already got together?

Then later on, there was the incident where Si Sheng annihilated a planet with his bare hands…

Once this awesome HD video came out, the Mu Si CP was killed in an instant and the Si Mu CP stood up again. (For CPs, the name that is put first is generally the gong)

Si Sheng was the ceiling of Starry Sky’s combat strength so he must be a gong, a complete gong!

Xu Sili’s face turned blue and then white. HIs fleshy face puffed up and his heart was full of suffocation.

The sound of paper being flipped pulled him back from his thoughts temporarily. He couldn’t help looking up again. From his perspective, he could only see the teenager’s pointed chin and graceful neck.

He had been locked up in the basement for many years and couldn’t see the light of day. His complexion was very white and his young and immature skin had no flaws. He was like dusty jade. Even if he hadn’t bloomed yet, he had already shown something different.

The teenager seemed aware of his gaze and lowered his head. His gray-blue eyes were shining as if aware of something and he looked at the boy with some hesitation.

“You… haven’t finished reading it yet?”

He turned the page back as he spoke.

The little boy suddenly smiled. He reached out and stroked the light golden hair on the teenager’s shoulders and said, “After reading it, I suddenly wanted to look at you.”

The teenager froze and his eyes became evasive again. A faint red color appeared on his face and his shy appearance made people want to tease him.

“You… what nonsense are you saying again…”

He pursed his lips and barely kept his composure. “I don’t have much to look at so just read the book…”

Under the teenager’s force, Xu Sili was forced to withdraw his gaze. He didn’t know why but seeing Si Sheng in the young period, he especially wanted to tease Si Sheng. It was just like back to the time when he first started playing games.

No, it was more fun than back then. After all, now he didn’t have to look through the screen and he could still kiss and hug Si Sheng.

He quickly controlled his thoughts and looked at Mu Xingzhou’s introduction again.

Now Xu Sili had woken up. Even if there was something between this Mu Xingzhou and Si Sheng, it was also their future timeline.

In the future timeline, Si Sheng had killed Snow Roland… didn’t Xu Sili originally want to get revenge when he posted this?

He couldn’t confuse the Si Shengs of the two timelines.


Xu Sili’s competitive spirit was immediately aroused when he looked at the CP rankings where the Si Sheng and Snow Roland CP couldn’t even rank in the top 50.

He might know that his and Si Sheng’s CP had only been established for a month so the exposure was naturally incomparable to the other CPs who were approaching 10 years, but Xu Sili wasn’t convinced.

Must be first!

Stomp down hard on the other CP combinations!

He thought like this and opened his and Si Sheng’s fan post again. The second picture was a picture of Si Sheng drinking milk tea. Due to the cute contrast, the response was actually quite good.

However, this was a CP post after all. A single photo of just Si Sheng would inevitably cause dissatisfaction.

“Si Sheng is a little cutie! Is this a picture of him drinking milk tea from a boyfriend’s point of view? What is Little Snow doing?”

“Little Snow must be taking pictures!”

“I am seeking Snow Roland’s face. There is too little food. Save the child!”

“Where is the poster? Missing again?”

“It has already reached 5,000 views? Is the original poster gone?”

“According to the first post and a bigshot researcher, I wrote a fanfiction. Babies lacking food are welcome to read [Link].”

“I drew a picture! However, there is no HD photo of Snow’s face. I can only refer to Snow’s original prototype character. Everyone can take a look!”

In addition to complaining about the lack of Snow Roland, there were people who sent self-recommendation links because Xu Sili had been ‘missing’ for too long.

If Xu Sili didn’t post a picture again soon, it was conceivable that the popularity of this post would soon shrink.

After all, it was able to gain popularity in a short period of time due to the ‘quality’ of the original posts and the old materials excavated by the bigshot. The combination of the two was the right time and right place.

He hoped to increase the popularity of the CP so the more people who produced food, the better. This meant Xu Sili wasn’t unhappy when seeing the self-recommendation people.

He was now struggling over what type of picture to send.

After thinking about it, he decided not to worry too much.

A sense of CP was very metaphysical. He used to be in the entertainment industry so he naturally understood some things.

In any case, this post was the result of a mistake and he could do whatever he wanted. It was also good to take it as a record of his and Si Sheng’s daily life.

So what type of pictures would be good to send?

He picked and chose in the photo album.

He had taken a lot of photos during this time and he had quite a few from today.

Finally, he inadvertently glimpsed two similar photos and Xu Sili’s heart moved. He gritted his teeth and made a decision.


Long time no see. Here are the promised pictures.

P.S. In the future, a picture will be sent for every 20 million increase in views.

P.P.S. There is an added customization option. You can leave a message in the post for the desired picture and I will randomly select one and meet the requirements. There is no charge and the pictures can be shared.


He typed down the added note with a ruthless heart. In order to avoid regretting it, Xu Sili closed his eyes and sent it.

The sacrifice was a bit big but he gritted his teeth when thinking about the CP popularity rankings.

After all, if he wanted to make up for the disadvantage of time, he had to come up with enough advantages. If the requirements weren’t too excessive then once this trial was over, he could try it with Si Sheng…

Um, just think if it was earning points to buy blueprints!

As for the two pictures that were just sent out…

Xu Sili couldn’t help blushing when he saw the first one.

Forget it, at least those areas weren’t exposed…

Proofreader: Purichan

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