VCRMM: Chapter 98 Part 2

The little boy hugged him from behind. Then he said this after kissing the teenager and rubbing his cheek again.

The teenager thought the little boy was teasing him.

He pursed his lips. Just as the little boy was about to retreat, the teenager bent down and lifted the boy up in the midst of the boy’s exclamation.

He probably hadn’t expected the teenager to act like this so suddenly. The little prince, who loved mischief, exclaimed with surprise and hurriedly hugged his neck. It was as if he was afraid he would be thrown down.

The teenager had already put his hands around the young man’s back and firmly protected him.

At this time, the maid heard the movement and hurried over. The maid called Janice glanced at him angrily and defensively. Then she obviously froze when she saw his new image.

The teenager’s mouth twitched sarcastically.

It was only then that the maid’s mind returned. She pointed at him and screamed, “What are you doing to His Highness?”

The teenager pursed his lips but before he could say anything, the prince on his back had already spoken in a loud voice, “Janice, don’t make a fuss. Si Sheng won’t hurt me. Don’t worry.”

He hugged the teenager tightly while arguing with his maid. His words were full of trust in the teenager.

The teenager bit his lip.

He really didn’t understand how this child could show such sincerity to someone just because of a false dream.

Nevertheless, he was greedy for this sincerity.

It was just like how he longed for the warmth of the sun.

They walked out of the bedroom and found two deck chairs in the courtyard that were already warmed by the sun.

The teenager carefully put the boy down. Then when he stepped on the lawn, he turned around and picked up the boy again.

He might be thin but he had a lot of strength.

Even when he was completely injured, he could strangle an adult male with an iron chain, let alone a five year old boy.

He was originally going to carry the boy to the recliner. Then after he picked up the boy… the teenager found that he was reluctant to let go of the boy.

The boy’s body was soft and had a faint milky fragrance. It felt really good to hold the boy in his arms.

However, the teenager restrained this desire.

This warmth didn’t belong to him and it would be lost sooner or later… he shouldn’t be nostalgic.

He placed the child down on the recliner and watched him lie down. Then the teenager’s eyes fell on the other recliner.

He had never basked in the sun like this.

How did it feel to lie in a chair like this, wrapped in a warm and bright light?

He didn’t like it…

He lay on the recliner and his entire body was exposed to the bright sunlight. It felt like he was naked and felt very uneasy and uncomfortable.

The teenager hugged his body tightly, his heart full of bitterness.

Sure enough, he really was a maggot in the gutter. He even tried to wander in the sunlight…

However, he was the one who proposed to bask in the sunlight. What would the prince think of him if he retreated back to the shadows now?

The teenager closed his eyes, bit his lip and silently endured the pain that was like sitting on needles.

He could overcome this… he could…


Suddenly, a soft noise came from the recliner.

The teenager was startled and propped up his upper body to look at the place where the movement came from. He saw that the little boy was struggling to climb onto his recliner.

“Your Highness…”

He hesitated as he watched the little boy rub and rub. The little boy rubbed against his side and into his armpits before hugging him with both hands.

“You have quite a lot of room here. Let me squeeze in.”

The little boy was very relieved. “It always feels a bit cold to lie down alone.”

Janice, who had gone to get a blanket, felt very speechless as she saw this scene.

Nevertheless, she saw that the prince was no longer as sad and teary as he had been a few days before due to the emperor’s ruthless decision. It was as if he had forgotten about the incident. She sighed and finally didn’t say anything.

“Your Highness, put on the blanket. It is cold now.” Janice stepped forward, shook the blanket in her hands and draped it over both of them.

Then she said, “I am going to prepare refreshments for Your Highness. It seems to be cream cake today.”

Xu Sili felt warm all over as he was nestled in Si Sheng’s arms and wrapped in a blanket. Then he heard there was cake and said with a smile, “Good. Remember to give Si Sheng some as well.”

“Yes, Your Highness.”

The teenager watched Janice walk away before looking down at the small ball wrapped under the blanket.

The blankets absorbed the heat radiating from their bodies and the warmth of the sun. It made him feel that every cell in his body was warmed.

He didn’t know if it was the blanket wrapping him or… the company of the child. However, the uneasiness he just felt seemed to have completely disappeared.

“It is comfortable to bask in the sun…”

The child snuggled in his arms, fleshy cheeks slightly deformed from pressing against him. Even so, the boy didn’t realize it and just let out a comfortable sigh.

It was very comfortable…

The teenager looked down at the child and couldn’t help reaching out a finger. He just wanted to touch the boy’s cheek when he heard Janice’s footsteps. He hurriedly withdrew his hand, leaned back on the recliner and pretended to sleep.

Janice visibly lightened her steps.

Something heavy was placed beside the recliner. He smelled the faint scent of tea and something sweet, but he didn’t open his eyes.

It was only when Janice walked away lightly that he opened his eyes slightly. He made sure there was no one around him before fully opening his eyes.

The little boy had fallen asleep holding him.

He had a fleshy little face, long and curly light-colored eyelashes and slightly pursed lips. He looked cute as he slept in a completely defenseless manner.

The teenager looked at him and couldn’t help raising a hand to softly touch the short, silver hair.

The child’s hair was soft, thin and smooth. It was like the most advanced satin and he couldn’t help rubbing it.

Really beautiful…

His gaze fell on the boy’s sleeping face. The teenager remembered the countless sneak attacks today and pursed his lips.

He wanted to kiss the boy as well.

Once he realized this thought, he suddenly woke up and quickly withdrew the hand that was touching the little boy.

They had only known each other for less than a day.

Although in the dream…

Nevertheless, it wasn’t the same.

How could the boy accept the closeness so quickly? What if… what if the boy suddenly changed his mind, disliked him and drove him away.

In the slave market, he had seen too many moody guests. Although…

He felt that the little prince wasn’t such a person but his sense of reason told him that he shouldn’t indulge so quickly.

It was dangerous so don’t do it.

Reason was pulling at his own desires, but in the end, reason prevailed. The teenager lay back down, his hands above his head to avoid contact with the little boy.

However, the area of the recliner was limited.

The little dumpling turned over in his deep sleep and was about to roll down. The teenager noticed this and hurriedly stretched out his arms to hug the boy tightly.

Xu Sili frowned and murmured uncomfortably. Then he fell asleep in the arms of the teenager again.

He was too sleepy.

The head injury was healed but his body was still in a weak state. Yesterday when Si Sheng was rescued, he almost drowned.

In addition, the growth of a child needed enough sleep. Now that he was basking in the sun and surrounded by trusted people, he was temporarily controlled by sleepiness.

As for the dangerous trial…

Let’s wait until he woke up. It wasn’t possible to fall asleep and die in his sleep, right?

It turned out that sleeping also had risks, especially outdoors.

The sky, which had been clear in the morning, suddenly darkened at noon. Then it started to snow.

By the time Xu Sili felt the cold, Si Sheng had already carried him back to the bedroom.

Janice also lit firewood in the furnace.

Xu Sili looked at the snow outside with a sad expression.

He didn’t like snowy days.

It was because it was really cold when the snow melted. He also didn’t like winter. Unless he had to go out, he would stay in his heated house all the time.

Meanwhile, the heating system in this world obviously wasn’t so advanced.


At this time, he heard the teenager’s voice and looked sideways.

The teenager held a small plate of cake and sat down cautiously. Once Xu Sili looked over, he glanced away and said, “Your cake hasn’t been eaten…”

Xu Sili saw him and forgot the melancholy of a snowy day. He leaned toward the teenager. Since the other person had lost his memory, he flirted with Si Sheng.

“Are you going to feed me?”

The little boy was looking at him brightly with a cute face. Anyone who didn’t have a stony heart probably wouldn’t be able to reject him.

The teenager originally thought that he should be a cold and ruthless person who didn’t have the slightest feeling for the world. Yet once he saw the boy’s expectant eyes…

He bit his lip and said nothing. Instead, he picked up a silver fork and scooped up a small piece of cake, feeding it to the mouth of the little prince.

Xu Sili blinked. He was surprised but still opened his mouth to eat the sweet cream.

“You eat as well.”

He looked at Si Sheng.

This person hadn’t eaten his share either. Based on the teenager’s personality, it was impossible for him to eat the cake alone while Xu Sili was sleeping.

The teenager stopped.

He didn’t move but Xu Sili moved. His small hand took the fork from the teenager’s hand. He scooped up a large handful of white cream and fluffy cake and raised it to the teenager’s mouth.

He saw that this person was a bit evasive so he opened his mouth slightly and demonstrated it.

The young man’s ears were red.

Yet in front of the little boy’s strong gaze, he opened his mouth and ate the cake, chewing it with bulging cheeks.

It was sweet and something he had never tasted before.

He didn’t know why but seeing the smile on the little boy’s face, he actually felt that compared to the sweetness on his tongue, his heart… was even sweeter.

After eating the cake and drinking tea to relieve the tiredness, Xu Sili pulled Si Sheng to climb onto the bed.

It was too cold.

In any case, there was no place to go on a snowy day. It was better to hide in the bed for warmth.

He used Si Sheng as a pillow. His body had become smaller so he could easily lean into Si Sheng’s arms. Then he had Janice find a book and let Si Sheng hold it. Then the two of them read it together.

Of course, Xu Sili’s mind wasn’t on the book.

After so long, it was rare for him to have some free time. This made him finally remember the fan post he had posted on a whim…

But now… it seemed it couldn’t be called a fan post…

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