VCRMM: Chapter 98 Part 1

Xu Sili felt that no matter what Si Sheng asked right now, Xu Sili would probably satisfy him, let alone a small matter like basking in the sun.

In particular, he felt like his heart was melting when he heard the teenager’s cautious tone and expression that feared rejection.

So after breakfast, he asked Janice to help carry two deck chairs to the grass in the yard and to place them in the sunniest place.

It was winter so the weather was a bit cold, but today it was very good and there was a bit of sunshine.

“Si Sheng, how is it?”

Xu Sili stood at the door of the bedroom and looked in the direction of the screen. From his point of view, only a thin figure could be seen.

After bringing Si Sheng back to the palace yesterday, Xu Sili asked the maid to measure the size and then asked Silin to help buy suitable clothes for Si Sheng.

Silin had looked at him somewhat strangely due to yesterday’s events, but she just thought that his personality had changed greatly due to his sudden setbacks.

His second sister comforted him patiently for a long time. As for Si Sheng, she became more sympathetic after seeing his injuries.

The empire was in a very difficult period and the population was an incomparably important resource. Thus, they had been fighting the slave trade.

The original slave market that was openly shown went underground after the abolition of slavery and it was now under constant attack.

The rescued slaves would get new identities and go to the other main cities to start a new life.

The people of the Roland Empire were easy to move. By the time Xu Sili had crossed over to the world, the slave trade had basically disappeared. Second Princess Silin probably contributed a lot to it.

It was a pity…

Xu Sili inwardly sighed as he thought about how Silin would die ten years later in the beast wave. He didn’t dare have any more contact with her out of fear of feeling sad at the end of the trial.

Just after finishing breakfast, Silin sent someone to give the clothes. Si Sheng finally didn’t have to wear the guards’ clothes that didn’t feel nice and weren’t warm.

Yet after he went behind the screen with the clothes, nearly 10 minutes had passed. He still hadn’t come out so Xu Sili had to ask him about it.

“Ah… I…”

The teenager replied in a rather confused voice. Xu Sili couldn’t hold back and ran over with his two small, short legs.

They were both boys anyway. In addition, he wouldn’t shy away from seeing the other person based on the relationship between the two of them.

Xu Sili poked his head behind the screen and saw that the teenager had his back to him. The teenager’s clothes were a mess and he was looking helplessly at the full-length mirror.

The teenager saw the boy’s little head in the mirror and the red glow that had subsided filled his cheeks again.

“Can’t you wear it?” Xu Sili asked.

The teenager looked at him through the mirror and opened his mouth. Finally, he lowered his eyelashes in frustration and remained silent.

He really couldn’t wear it.

He had been living in a cage ever since he could remember and was surrounded by slaves like him. They only had one piece of loose material as clothing and it was enough for him to wear from childhood to adulthood.

He had never worn so many intricate clothes.

He couldn’t even do such a small thing well and he was seen by… His Highness…

The teenager clenched his fists and his entire body was shrouded in thick, dark clouds. It was also at this moment that he once again felt the disparity in the class status of the two of them.

Before he could immerse himself in the negative emotions for a long time, a pair of soft hands held his clenched fists.

The teenager blinked, lowered his head slightly and met the little boy’s gentle and beautiful eyes. There wasn’t ridicule or doubt in those purple eyes. There was only gentle pity.

“If you can’t do it then I’ll teach you.”

Xu Sili tugged at his clothes. “Take these off first.”

If he was an adult right now, he could help Si Sheng get dressed. Just like…

Si Sheng did it for him before.

Xu Sili blushed when thinking of the scene this morning and quickly suppressed his thoughts.

The teenager looked down at the little boy and pursed his lips. He grabbed his clothes nervously but didn’t move.

Xu Sili noticed this and couldn’t help tilting his head to look at Si Sheng.

The teenager turned his face away, the tips of his ears red. “My body… isn’t good looking… it will scare you.”

“But I saw it yesterday.” Xu Sili climbed onto the chair next to him and said while meeting the teenager’s dull eyes. “I was the one who helped you take a bath.”

The teenager continued to be sluggish as if he had lost his soul.

Xu Sili looked at him helplessly. “You really aren’t bad looking. Once you finish getting dressed, we can go out and bask in the sun, okay?”

“Or do you want the maid to come…?”

“No!” The teenager shook his head in a panic and muttered, “I… I will take it off.”

He turned his back and took off the clothes he had just put on his body one by one.

Xu Sili kept looking at this person.

He might’ve seen it yesterday but he still felt distressed when he saw it again.

The whip wounds that hadn’t healed had disappeared under the treatment of the water healer, but the scars from before couldn’t be removed.

Xu Sili’s eyes turned red again when he saw the large and small scars covering the teenager’s thin body.

He reached out and gently touched the scar on the teenager’s back.

The teenager trembled all over. He obviously had goosebumps and bent over like a beast, but he still stood where he was. He left his back to Xu Sili and didn’t escape.

Such recognition made Xu Sili’s heart feel soft and pained.

Even though his memory was blurred, Si Sheng was still so good to him. Xu Sili couldn’t help leaning over and carefully kissing the scar on the teenager’s shoulder.

The child’s lips were soft and warm. Once they were put on his old wound, the teenager just felt like he was under some type of spell.

The wound, which had no sensations at first, suddenly became hot again. But… instead of pain, it felt warm. It was as if it was melting the ice in his heart.

The teenager clenched his hands and felt some panic.

This strange feeling of attachment made him feel overwhelmed and want to escape.

Fortunately, the little boy quickly retreated.

His voice had a slightly nasal tone that made him sound particularly soft. “Put on your clothes quickly or you will get a cold.”

The teenager sighed with relief but also felt inexplicably lost.

He wanted to say that this type of cold was nothing to him. After all, it was dry and comfortable. The sunlight coming in through the window was like heaven compared to the wet, cold and dark underground cage.

However, he didn’t refute it.

Instead, he asked, “How do you wear it?”

The teenager was now only wearing one pair of pants.

The pants were very simple. They just need to be put on and then pull the zipper and do up the button. Therefore, Si Sheng was confident enough not to take them off.


The little boy picked up a small, triangular piece of clothing from the clothes that were brought in and said seriously, “This must also be worn.”

The teenager looked at him in a puzzled manner.

The clothing was familiar but he didn’t remember how to wear it. There didn’t seem to be any relevant information in the dream.

Xu Sili sighed.

“This one goes under the pants.” He looked at Si Sheng while trying to make his expression look serious.

However, the teenager looked at him, face turned red little by little again.

“Pants… do I have to take off my pants as well?”

The teenager tried his best to hide it but his shyness was still seen by Xu Sili. This simply made him become filled with love.

Why was Si Sheng so cute in his childhood?

Xu Sili tried his best to manage his facial expressions so that he didn’t hurt the fragile self-esteem of the teenager. Then he said seriously, “Yes.”

After that, he explained the role of the triangular piece of clothing.

The teenager listened to the little boy’s detailed teachings and his ears had already turned red.

Something that could give him the most intimate and softest protection… he felt it was unnecessary but he still gritted his teeth and took off his pants.

Then he put on the thin piece of clothing under the command of the little boy.

In the process, Xu Sili couldn’t help taking a peek.

The teenager was much younger than the adult Si Sheng but it was quite impressive considering his age.

Xu Sili realized that his thoughts weren’t serious and hurriedly stopped. He watched the teenager put on his pants and then asked him to put on the rest of the underclothes.

After the shirt was put on, he couldn’t help pulling the teenager closer. He used his now short but more flexible fingers to help him button it up one by one.

“You helped me before. Now I will help you.”

The teenager listened to his words and blinked. “You mean in the dream?”

Xu Sili sighed.

He thought it was a dream…

He raised his eyes and looked at the teenager’s young and thin face. Xu Sili helped him do up the last button before leaning over and gently pecking the corner of Si Sheng’s mouth.


He saw the teenager’s shy and evasive gaze and grinned mischievously.

Xu Sili bent down to pick up the vest and sweater, only to think of something. He said, “Don’t use honorifics. Of course, you can use it in front of outsiders. This is also for your protection. There is just no need to use it in private.”

The teenager couldn’t help turning to look at him. “By outsiders, you mean…”

Xu Sili put the vest and sweater over the teenager’s face. He saw the teenager’s dazed eyes and couldn’t help rubbing the light blonde hair.

“Of course, it is someone other than you and me.”

The teenager watched the little boy in front of him who was helping him get dressed. He heard these soft words and felt that something in his heart was collapsing and melting.

Someone other than you and me…

They are all outsiders?

He stared blankly at the little boy, quietly letting the little boy do as he pleased and following the instructions to get dressed.

The teenager stood in front of the full-length mirror again and could barely recognize himself.

In the mirror, there was a young man with light blond, medium-length hair, a cold complexion, picturesque eyebrows and well-cut clothing that fit well on him.

He seemed to have come out of an oil painting. His temperament might be cold and his gray-blue eyes hid indescribable sharpness, but his beautiful facial features made him look very noble. He was like a real aristocratic teenager.

The little boy behind him stood on a chair. His two small hands were on the teenager’s shoulders while his head protruded from behind the teenager’s shoulders. The purple eyes looked him up and down in the mirror.

The sharpness of the teenager’s body was suddenly put away. A faint crimson color appeared on his cold white skin and he was somewhat nervous and restrained.

“It’s so beautiful.”

The little boy tucked the teenager’s hair behind his ear. Then he gently pecked the boy’s cheek and grinned.

The teenager lowered his eyelashes to avoid meeting his gaze.

He felt his heart beating quickly. He wanted to escape this excessive intimacy but in fact… he didn’t hate it.

“Let’s go bask in the sun.”

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