VCRMM: Chapter 97 Part 2

In fact, Xu Sili also had such symptoms when he first entered the trial. It was due to the notification of the game system that he quickly remembered this was the trial.

After realizing this, he remembered more and more things.

Meanwhile, Si Sheng was an NPC and didn’t have a game system!

This should be a convenience that the game gave to players but NPCs didn’t have this preferential treatment!

They entered the trial and it was a real trial.

Fortunately, this trial only lasted seven days and there were five days left.

Xu Sili thought of this and relaxed.

He looked at the teenager, whose face was flushed and whose eyes were guarded, but who didn’t jump out of bed away from him. He thought about it for a moment before asking, “Si Sheng, don’t you remember anything?”

The teenager calmed down.

Si Sheng…

There was no mistake. This child called him Si Sheng.

Only the man in the dream called him that…

“You dreamed it as well?” He asked in a low voice.

A dream?

Xu Sili blinked. “Do you regard those memories as dreams?”

“Memories?” The teenager frowned.

“That’s right. Those are your memories but they might be a bit blurry for you right now,” Xu Sili explained.

However, the teenager was decisive. “That is impossible!”

“Why is it impossible?” Xu Sili looked a bit confused.

The teenager pursed his lips. He watched this gentle and soft face and remained silent.

It was because he couldn’t protect anyone! But…

Was it really impossible?

Xu Sili saw that Si Sheng was silent and felt a bit helpless.

He tilted his head and thought about it. “Forget it. It doesn’t matter if you don’t believe me.”

“Just remember, we have to spend the next five days cautiously. It is because danger that can threaten the lives of both of us can appear at any time.”

At this point, the boy’s expression became serious.

Xu Sili didn’t know whether he entered the same trial with Si Sheng because they were a team or because Si Sheng was essentially his puppet.

However, it didn’t matter. He was even glad that the two of them could be in the same trial world. It was just that…

He looked at his small child’s body and couldn’t help sighing.

He had encountered another crisis when he brought Si Sheng back yesterday. He was bathing Si Sheng when he accidentally fell into the bathtub and almost drowned in the bath water. Fortunately, he could swim and this saved him.

A human child was really too fragile. This method of death was… very embarrassing.

“You… are you okay?”

Xu Sili was sighing when he heard the teenager’s voice.

He looked up into the beautiful gray-blue eyes of the blond-haired youth. These eyes were no longer dead and silent like yesterday. They had become agile.

They were still unfamiliar but Xu Sili could feel his concern.

The little boy suddenly grinned, showing a bright smile that was brighter than the sun.

The teenager stared blankly. He was still staring when the boy suddenly pounced at him and pushed him back on the bed.

“You… what do you want to do?”

The teenager once again blushed in panic, but his hands instinctively hugged the little boy to prevent him from falling.

Xu Sili looked down at this person with a smile and couldn’t help pecking Si Sheng’s cheek twice.

Sure enough, Si Sheng was really cute in his childhood. No wonder why he liked Si Sheng at first glance when playing the game.

The kissed teenager froze again.

“You don’t think that… I’m dirty?”

He looked at the exquisite child who was beautiful and cleaner than any other child he had ever seen. No, he was the cleanest and most beautiful of all children.

Meanwhile, the teenager was just a dirty slave.

He was a lowly little slave who lived like a maggot in the gutter. He didn’t even have a name.

He couldn’t understand why this aristocratic boy got close to him several times. Not only did the boy hug him, but there were also kisses. This left him at a loss.

Was it because of that dream?

Xu Sili heard these words and was stunned.

In fact, he might’ve raised Si Sheng with his own hands but he still had the mentality of a player at that time.

In addition, time in the game passed very quickly. He only played for a year and Si Sheng had already grown from a small teenager to a robust man.

Xu Sili actually didn’t have much time to get along with Si Sheng.

His heart stung when he saw the teenager’s uneasy and timid expression.

This was the Si Sheng he had never known.

It made him feel distressed and want to cherish Si Sheng…

“You aren’t dirty.”

He rubbed the teenager with the tip of his nose. Then as the teenager looked dazed, he rubbed Si Sheng’s hair with his small hand. “Look how beautiful this light blond hair is!”

Then he stroked the corner of a gray-blue eye. “These gray-blue eyes seem to be hiding the galaxy when you smile so that people can’t forget it when they see them.”

The teenager pursed his lips. He could feel his heart beating wildly and his face was becoming hotter.

He never paid attention to his appearance.

It turned out that his hair color was light blond? His eyes… what color was gray-blue?

He looked at the little boy and heard the boy continue in a cute and childish voice, “You look good when you smile.”

The teenager opened his mouth and finally spoke in a bitter voice.

“I don’t smile… I don’t know how to smile…”

Xu Sili couldn’t help pausing.

He had somewhat forgotten… how did the originally dark and fierce slave reign in his anger and transform into the cold, handsome but gentle marshal in his final memory?

He always thought it was just a data setting…

Now, how could he still regard Si Sheng as data?

Si Sheng must’ve suffered a lot to become the powerful patron saint in the future…

Suddenly, the man’s gentle words rang in his ears.

“If the past was so that this servant could stand by your side and embrace you like this then this servant is willing.”

At that time, he felt that Si Sheng was coaxing him. Now thinking about it, they weren’t sweet words at all.

It was because Si Sheng really suffered a lot.

How could someone take such a tragic experience and downplay it into sweet words to make another person happy?

Therefore, Xu Sili couldn’t understand it even more. If that was the truth then where did Si Sheng’s deep affection for him come from?

How could he receive such deep affection from this person?

Xu Sili saw the bitterness in the teenager’s eyes and temporarily suppressed the doubts in his heart.

He would know one day.

“Just smile when you’re happy.” He leaned over, pressed his face against the teenager’s face and rubbed all over.

In any case, he would enjoy the moment.

His poor little Si Sheng…

Wu wu wu, so cute! He was really overflowing with love.

“What are you doing…?”

The teenager who had never been close to anyone had a red glow on his face. He spoke words of resistance with his mouth but his hands were tightly hugging the little boy and not letting go.

It seemed… he had no way to refuse this child. He didn’t even have the desire to do so.

However, he was very afraid. He was afraid that such a time would disappear and he would return to the dark and cold cage, enduring endless pain and torture…


The sound coming from his stomach interrupted the teenager’s thoughts.

Xu Sili stopped rubbing and looked into the teenager’s embarrassed eyes. “Are you hungry?”

The child was lying on the teenager’s stomach and the two of them were very close. The breath from the boy’s words sprayed on his face.

The teenager moved his face away and pursed his lips while staying silent.

Xu Sili couldn’t help stroking his hair.

“I will immediately ask someone to bring food in. You received water healing yesterday and you are now weak. You need to eat more to replenish your energy.”

Then he moved to the edge of the bed. His small hand grabbed a thin rope and he shook it vigorously.

The bell rang and a maid soon walked in with hot water and towels.

Xu Sili asked her to put the things down and sent her to bring food.

In addition to Janice, there were only two maids serving him here. This was far from the treatment of an emperor, but as a modern person, he was accustomed to doing things himself.

The teenager looked at the washing utensils that the boy handed over. It was obviously the first time he had come into contact with these things but he naturally knew how to use them.

He looked at his own reflection in the water basin.

It was the first time he had seen such a clean self…

In fact, he still couldn’t understand the situation. Why did the aristocratic boy bring him back? Was it simply due to that strange dream?

In addition, what exactly was the threat to the lives of the two of them?

He really wanted to talk to the boy again but after knowing that he was hungry, the boy couldn’t help becoming busy.

After washing, he carefully had the maid try everything before handing the milk and bread to the teenager.

The boy also complained to him in an old-fashioned tone while eating. He said that the bread in the palace was really unpalatable for over ten years.

The teenager listened to these complaints. Then he noticed something and stared at the boy in a daze.

“Are we in… the palace?”

At this moment, the boy had snatched the bread from his hand. The boy told him not to swallow it because it was easy to choke to death. Instead, he helped tear the bread into sizes that were easy to eat.

In fact, this feeling was very strange. He was obviously still a young boy but he had to take care of the teenager who was much older.

In addition, the identities of the two of them were very different. The glares of the maid on the side were about to soar into the sky.

However, the teenager’s thoughts were currently filled with the word ‘palace.’


Xu Sili nodded. “This is the imperial palace.”

The teenager looked at him and asked with some difficulty, “Then… you are?”

Janice couldn’t watch it any longer.

She heard their topic and finally coughed. “Please use honorifics. This is the noble imperial bloodline of the Roland Empire and His Majesty’s most beloved little prince, His Highness the Third Prince.”

Xu Sili couldn’t help rolling his eyes.

“That is the past.”

He looked at Si Sheng and added, “I’m just a poor little boy who has been sent to the cold palace and lost my favor and inheritance. So don’t look at me with this type of expression.”

The unfamiliar look of awe and wariness made him feel very uncomfortable.

Moreover, his current identity didn’t matter at all.

“Janice, you go out first. We want to eat,” Xu Sili looked at the young Janice and ordered directly.

“Your Highness!”

Janice was angry because she didn’t approve of him being so close to a slave of unknown origin, but she was forced to leave at Xu Sili’s request. She closed the door behind her.

The room was quiet.

Xu Sili himself wasn’t someone who talked a lot and he didn’t feel that silence was embarrassing when he was with Si Sheng.

The teenager also concentrated on eating.

He followed the boy’s words and didn’t swallow it down, no matter how hungry he was. It was just that occasionally, he would become distracted and his eyes would drift to the delicate and beautiful face of the little boy. Then his heart would feel strange.

The longer they got along, the more he seemed to remember some things…

However, these things were too far away from him, they were so far that he couldn’t believe they were real.

“Si Sheng, what do you want to do after eating?”

At this time, Xu Sili suddenly asked him a question.

The teenager was about to shake his head at first. Then under the boy’s anticipation of fulfilling any request, he hesitated. Then he carefully opened his mouth.

“I… I want to bask in the sun for a while. Can I?”

He hadn’t been in the sun for a long time…

Then he felt the child’s increasingly loving eyes and this made him at a complete loss for words

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