VCRMM: Chapter 97 Part 1


Who was holding him and crying?

A thought other than killing Klaus finally came to mind and the teenager raised his head mechanically.

He saw a small face in the dim light of the basement.

It was nice and clean, like a legendary elf.

The elf looked at him, purple eyes filled with crystalline tears that didn’t fall. They were full of distress.


Was this child feeling distressed for him?

No one had ever felt sorry for him…

The teenager felt a hint of novelty as his dead eyes looked at the child holding him. The chain in his hands that strangled Klaus loosened slightly.

He sensed this but he didn’t care.

In any case, the fat pig was dead.

Like the countless slaves Klaus had killed, he was suffocated to death while feeling pain and despair.

The teenager’s heart was overjoyed.

It was the first time killing someone but there was no fulfillment. Rather, he was full of a bloodthirsty killing impulse.


What was going on with this child?

Surrounded by soldiers of the army, the young man looked indifferently at the child in front of him.

Wasn’t this child afraid of him?

He stared straight into the child’s eyes and tried to discern other emotions like fear or disgust.

However, there was nothing.

The beautiful purple eyes were cleaner and more beautiful than the purest gemstone he had ever seen on one of the customers.

It was like the man in the dream…

He couldn’t help raising his hand toward the boy’s cheek.

Then the heavy chains made his hand shake violently.

He had used all up his strength killing Klaus. Now he couldn’t even do a simple gesture like raising his hand.

The irony was that he heard nervous scolding from the people around him who wanted to get closer. It was as if they were afraid that he would do something to the aristocratic child in front of him.

The teenager’s mouth twitched and his eyes narrowed slightly. His icy gaze fell on the child’s fragile neck.

It was so delicate and tender, as if it could be bitten off in one bite.

Yes, everybody deserved to die…

The aristocratic child who appeared was no exception…

Such thoughts were like the whispers of the devil, entering his ears and making him feel the desire to drag a few more people to hell with him before he died!

The teenager’s eyes froze again.

However, at this time, a pair of hands held his trembling palm.

They were soft, warm and firm as they grabbed his hand with pity. Then…

The boy bent down and sent his face to the dirty palm, rubbing gently against it like a kitten. He was well-behaved and cute.

The teenager stared blankly.

This scene felt somewhat familiar to him.

Teardrops slid down from the corner of the little boy’s eyes and dripped onto the teenager’s palm. They were warm and hot, as if burning his heart.

It felt like something was melting…

But… why are you crying…?

The teenager’s eyes became blank.

The little boy looked up and he sniffed lightly. His eyes were red but they were gentle and firm.

“I’m here,” he declared.

The fair and tender little hand held his face and brushed away the hair where the original color could no longer be seen. He gently touched the teenager’s face.

“It’s okay, no one can hurt you any longer.”

The teenager’s consciousness started to become blurred.

He looked at the little boy, heard the soft childish voice and felt that he must really be dying for such an illusion to occur.

Was there really a god in the world?

He couldn’t helping thinking of the slaves he had once been locked up with who would pray to the gods every day.

So when he was about to die, the gods sent a little angel to meet him? But… shouldn’t people like him go to hell?

A long time passed before he finally reached out a finger and gently touched the boy’s cheek. It was as soft and warm as he imagined. It was like the sun was shining on his body.

He was able to experience this feeling again at the last moment…

Xu Sili looked at the teenager with the beast-like eyes that finally recovered some of the emotions that belonged to a human being—joy—and he felt like he was about to explode with distress.

He didn’t dare to move Si Sheng at all.

The teenager was so injured that the thin clothes on his body had long turned bloody.

“What about the water healer? Why hasn’t the water healer come yet?!”

He looked angrily at the nearest royal guard and his cold and majestic eyes made the guard think for a moment that he had seen the emperor.

This was obviously just a prince who was a few years old…

The guard was feeling overwhelmed when he saw the entrance and his expression became happy.

“The imperial water healer is coming!”

A girl’s clear voice was heard. Then the second princess, Silin Roland, rushed in from outside with another person.

Then she saw the scene in front of her and couldn’t help being startled.

Xu Sili was overjoyed when he saw the water healer who helped heal him yesterday. He got up quickly and tried to drag this person over, only to find that his wrist was tightly grabbed by the teenager.

The teenager’s thin body fell forward as Xu Sili got up. Xu Sili quickly supported him, looked down and found that he had fainted.

Xu Sili panicked.

“Quickly! Help heal him now!”

The imperial water healer naturally wasn’t Niya. He looked at the little prince and then at Second Princess Silin.

At Silin’s nod, he ignored the miserable slave owner on the ground, stepped forward and gently grabbed the teenager’s thin arm.

Xu Sili was relieved to see this person healing Si Sheng. Then he looked at the big man pressed to the ground by the soldiers and couldn’t help narrowing his eyes.

An icy cold expression appeared on the face of a five year old child and it made people look at him with trepidation.

“Sister, can I deal with him?” The little boy looked at the thoughtful girl on the side. His childish voice was soft but his words gave people chills.

Silin looked at this child and felt that her brother had become a bit strange. Yet in the face of this question, she just replied indifferently, “It is up to you.”

Roland’s little prince personally wanted to deal with a criminal of the underground slave market. It wasn’t a big deal.

The little boy looked at the big man again. He ignored the big man’s despairing cries and ordered, “500 lashes from the whip. Do them all, regardless of whether he is alive or dead.”

Then he looked at the royal guard beside him. “Then execute him. I don’t want him to see the sun tomorrow morning.”

The guard was stunned by the little prince’s cold purple eyes. He actually shivered for a moment before hurriedly replying, “This subordinate will obey the order!”

No one saw the teenager’s eyes flutter slightly as he lay on the ground receiving treatment from the water healer. Then the teenager completely fell still…


In the early morning, the sun shone through the clouds and fell toward a remote and quiet palace in the imperial palace complex.

The maid quietly came to the door of the bedroom and listened carefully.

The bedroom was quiet and there was no movement. A bit of worry appeared on her face, but in the end, she just stood at the door and didn’t enter.

It was because the little prince told them that no one could enter his bedroom without permission.

In the bedroom, light shone through the whitewashed curtains and brightly illuminated the entire room.

The silver-haired boy sleeping soundly on the bed was disturbed by the light and his fleshy face distorted.

He shrank under the quilt, wrapping his arms around the person beside him as he fell asleep again.

The teenager who was hugged by him frowned slightly. Then his eyelashes fluttered and he opened a pair of gray-blue eyes.

They were dead and silent, without any brilliance. Then they became a bit dazed when he saw the magnificent dome of the palace and the light that poured in along with a slight breeze.

So warm.

He had forgotten how long it had been since he experienced such a feeling. It was as if the sun was shining on him.

His attention soon fell on the quilt over his body.

It was soft and clean. It was also a high quality fabric that he had only seen in his dreams. Now… it covered him.

Was he still in the dream?

Otherwise, why did all the cold, hunger and endless pain seem to be far away from him?

It was so comfortable…

The teenager closed his eyes slightly as he felt the comfort that only existed in his dreams, hoping that he wouldn’t wake up.

Then he felt something squirming next to him.

He abruptly opened his eyes and a beast-like alertness once again appeared in his eyes. He lifted the quilt and looked down.

Then the teenager’s hand suddenly stopped.

He looked at the opened quilt in a daze. The hand holding the edge of the quilt tightened as he didn’t know what to do. Then he once again put the quilt back, covering up the small glutinous dumpling.

What was this?

Memories from before he fell unconscious finally came to mind.

It was him.

The aristocratic boy who inexplicably appeared…

So this was the child’s home?

He was brought back? Didn’t he kill Klaus? Could it be that this was a dream again?

The teenager was in chaos for a while.

Just then, he felt squirming under the quilt. Under his stiff gaze, the boy’s little head popped out from under the quilt.

His eyes were sleepy and his healthy face was flushed. He was soft and cute like dough.

“Are you awake?” The childish voice was also soft and felt like it could melt people’s hearts.

The teenager looked at him helplessly.

The little boy, who had just woken up, yawned slightly. His purple eyes watched the other person carefully before he suddenly put his arms around the teenager’s neck. He leaned forward and kissed the corner of the teenager’s mouth.

“Good morning.”

The teenager was originally on guard and hadn’t expected such a thing at all. His eyes widened and his heart was beating wildly. Then he abruptly sat up.

Xu Sili was taken aback by Si Sheng’s sudden action.

He rubbed his eyes with the back of his hand and looked at Si Sheng with some confusion. Then he found…

The teenager’s neck was red.

Xu Sili blinked, sat up and poked his head out from behind the teenager, looking at this person’s face.

The teenager sensed his intentions and hurriedly turned his face sideways, but he couldn’t escape from Xu Sili’s eyes.

Wow, so red…

Xu Sili had a novel feeling when he saw Si Sheng’s innocent appearance.

Was it easier to become shy during the childhood period?

Of course, calculating the age, Si Sheng was already 12 years old and he couldn’t really be called a child.

He was just about to realize something when he heard the teenager’s stuttering and irritated voice.

“You… who are you? What exactly do you want to do?”

The voice that hadn’t spoken for a long time was a bit hoarse, but it was still immature and beautiful.

Xu Sili finally understood the seriousness of the problem.

Si Sheng seemed to have lost his memory!

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1 year ago

As far as I’m aware, anyone 18 or under is a child tho…
So cute <3

1 year ago

Not considered a child!? He’s not even a teen yet the heck. I was thinking he was like 16 because they kept saying teen loooool

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