VCRMM: Chapter 96 Part 2

By the time Xu Sili woke up again, he had changed his clothes and the wound on his head was completely healed. He was lying on a soft bed.

Above him was the dome of an unfamiliar palace.

He blinked and looked at the girl who was lying beside his bed. She seemed to have been guarding him all night.

At this time, the girl happened to wake up.

She saw him and her red eyes filled with tears. “Your Highness, you’re finally awake! Do you still feel any pain?”

Xu Sili looked at her quietly.

This was Janice, a teenage Janice.

It was amazing…

He looked around at the realistic scene around him. If it wasn’t for the system reminder, he would’ve even wondered if he had gone back to the past.

Was this some type of high-level illusion? Or was it something like a game instance?

Janice was still crying.

Xu Sili saw her crying so pitifully and had no choice but to comfort her. “Don’t cry…”

It was a soft and sticky, childish voice.

Xu Sili, “……”

“It is my fault that Your Highness was injured… Your Highness, please punish me…” The girl was still crying.

Xu Sili never knew that Janice had such a weak character previously.

He ignored her and struggled to sit up.

Janice saw this and quickly stopped her tears. She helped him sit up and put a pillow behind him.

“Master Water Healer said that Your Majesty’s injury is fine. There will just be a bit of weakness and it will be fine after resting for a while.”

Xu Sili heard her words and looked down at his hands.

The delicate and small hands were fleshy and there was a small pit near the thumbs.

He looked at the furniture around him that felt much larger and couldn’t help covering his face.

Fortunately, this would only last for seven days.

It was also fortunate that Si Sheng wouldn’t see him like this.

Janice still seemed to have the tendency of nagging. Xu Sili didn’t like his current childish voice but he had to speak again. “Janice, I’m hungry.”

“Y-Yes, I’ll go and prepare food for Your Highness!”

Janice turned and left. The bedroom was finally empty.

Xu Sili sat on the bed for a while. Then he slowly got out of bed.

Due to his height, he could only lie against the edge of the bed, his feet dangling in the air as he slowly descended to the ground.

It was really inconvenient.

The injury meant his legs felt a bit weak but it wasn’t a big problem.

He soon moved to a chair to cushion his feet and took the mirror that was placed on the table.

Reflected in the mirror was the face of a little boy with silver hair and purple eyes. He looked exquisite and the bob hairstyle covering his ears made him as beautiful as a girl.

Xu Sili put down the mirror with a snap.

Except for the color of his hair and his eyes, he looked exactly the same as when he was a child. Even his hairstyle was similar.

His mother didn’t let him wear female clothing, but she had always wanted a daughter. Therefore, she would cut his hair in a bob and dress him in an androgynous manner.

This meant that from a very young age, he received confessions from both boys and girls. Some boys continued to insist even after knowing his true gender.

Being exposed to these things so early meant he wasn’t particularly interested in love. He didn’t meet anyone he was interested in until…

Xu Sili sat down on the chair. His two short legs lowered and dangled in the air.

Si Sheng…

Had he entered the trial as well?

If it was his weak period then should it be the time of slavery? Could Si Sheng handle it?

Worry rose from the depths of his heart like an invisible hand grabbing fiercely at his heart.

It should be… okay, right?

Then the NPC warrior who died in the trial appeared in his mind again.

There was no way.

Xu Sili comforted himself in this way.

Si Sheng was so strong and he would definitely be able to pass the trial… but he had lost all his abilities.

It was just like Xu Sili, who had lost all his abilities and truly became a child. However, he had the assistance of the game system while Si Sheng had nothing.

Xu Sili’s face turned pale and he bit at his nails.

He started to regret it.

It was his fault. If only he hadn’t insisted on coming to this trial area, if only he had fled the moment he found that an NPC warrior had died…

“Your Highness, what’s wrong?”

Janice walked into the bedroom with a tray. She saw the little boy biting at his nails and couldn’t help running over anxiously.

Xu Sili wanted to say it was fine when he heard an unfamiliar voice.

“Little Snow!”

He looked over and saw that Janice was being followed by an unfamiliar figure. It was someone in a military uniform…

A girl?

“I rushed over when I heard you were injured. Are you okay?” The girl was around 15 or 16 years old. She ran over in a hurry and picked him up directly.

“Let your sister see. Does your head still hurt?”

Xu Sili finally realized. This was the second princess of the Roland Empire, Snow’s sister who died in the beast wave, Silin Roland.

“Ah, it doesn’t hurt.”

He came back to his senses and found that he was being held in her arms. His face flushed and he struggled to get to the ground.

Silin didn’t force it and rubbed his head with a smile.

“Little Snow is still so shy.”

Xu Sili didn’t want to pay attention to her. He didn’t know how to face this girl who had died in Snow Roland’s memory.

He walked over to Janice, ready to eat something to fill his stomach.

Silin obviously misunderstood.

She looked at her brother and said somewhat helplessly, “Little Snow, don’t be unhappy. You might not be able to become an elementalist but you can at least grow up safely…”

Before she finished speaking, she thought of the child who had just been seriously injured and smiled awkwardly.

“This time, you courted disaster on your own…”

Xu Sili looked at her indifferently while carefully chewing on the bread to prevent himself from choking.

Saying such a thing to a child?

Based on the original Snow Roland’s glass heart, he probably wouldn’t be happy to hear such a thing.

Silin slowly became quiet.

She watched the little boy eat while thinking about what to say to save the awkward atmosphere.

Then she thought of something. “I was supposed to go on a mission today, so I took a leave of absence to see you.”

Silin might be the second princess but she joined the army when she was a teenager. She was responsible for the security of the inner city and was a violent girl with her own ideas.

Xu Sili took a sip of milk and decided to ease the atmosphere with his sister. After all, he might still need to rely on her to survive the next six days.

He asked, “What mission?”

“You won’t understand if I say it.”

Xu Sili glanced at her and Silin immediately answered, “Haha, it is about cleaning up the underground slave market… a little kid like you won’t understand this…”

Xu Sili couldn’t help freezing.

“You mean… the underground slave market?”



A bucket of sewage was poured into the cage. A teenager curled up in the corner struggled to open a pair of gray-blue, dim eyes.

He… where was he?

The cold and foul stench of the sewage, the darkness of the environment and the heavy shackles on his wrists and ankles all reminded him of where he was and who he was.

He was just a nameless little slave who had been through several underground slave markets. He always refused and was returned by the buyers so he finally angered the slave owner.

He was punished in various ways.

Every part of his body except for his face was covered with whip marks. If he fainted, he would be awakened with cold water and suffer from endless pain, hunger and cold.

Yet this time, he seemed to have something else on his mind when he woke up.

It was probably a dream.

In the dream, he was the most powerful man in the empire and guarded the noblest person in the nation. That person called him Si Sheng.

It should just be a dream, right?

In reality, he was just a little slave without any power, like the mud on the ground.

The little light that was hard to light up in his gray-blue eyes was slowly extinguished.

He was going to die.


His dull eyes turned slightly and landed on the big man outside the cage who was throwing the bucket heavily on the ground.

He was going to get revenge before he died.

In fact, he wanted to kill the slave owner more. Still, it didn’t matter. Everyone deserved to die.

He would kill everyone if he had the power.

Thus, he knew that the extra memories in his mind were just a dream.

He couldn’t protect anyone, let alone become the patron saint. If he had power, the first thing he would do was destroy.

A fierce light flashed in the gray-blue eyes. However, when the big man looked over, it was covered by the drooping eyelashes.

The boy tightened the chains of the shackles and made a slight noise.

“Wake up!”

The big man walked up to him and kicked him with a foot. “Mr Klaus said you need to accept the punishment of 100 lashes. There are still 20 lashes left.”

“If you can survive it then the matter of offending the guests will be written off. If you don’t survive…”

The big man smiled evilly and didn’t continue speaking. He just removed the whip hanging from his waist.

He was about to start when there was movement outside.

Several figures came down the steps while talking and laughing.

“It is Mr Klaus.”

The big man murmured, “And… Viscount Kennett’s butler? Boy, consider yourself lucky.”

It wasn’t allowed to punish the goods when guests came in order to avoid disturbing them.

The teenager ignored him and controlled his breathing.

He might not have the skills from his dream but he seemed to be able to learn some skills.

For example, he could quickly recover his strength through a certain breathing method.

The pain from his chest was like a knife cut but he could truly feel that his lost strength was quietly recovering.

The thing that excited him even more was that he heard Klaus’s footsteps.

It was close… closer…

They stopped in front of his cage.

“This child…” The viscount’s butler held a handkerchief to cover his nose and frowned at the teenager.

The fat on Klaus’ face moved as he smiled. “He isn’t very obedient so I need to adjust him. Don’t stain your eyes. Go to the other side to look. There will definitely be something to satisfy you.”

The butler hesitated for a moment and looked at the young man with a thoughtful expression.

“Take him out, I want to see.”

“He seems to be quite beautiful. Maybe the master will like him.”

Klaus was stunned and hurriedly ordered the big man to take out the teenager while saying, “He might not be very obedient…”

“My master likes disobedient people.”

“So it is like that. I understand,” Klaus responded. Then he looked at the big man again and signaled for the other person to hurry.

The big man hadn’t expected things to become like this. He quickly smiled, untied the shackles around the teenager’s feet and dragged him out.

The teenager had just been whipped so his thin and frail body was bloody and his steps were very weak.

However, there was a hint of satisfaction in the butler’s eyes when looking at him like this.


The change took place before he could finish speaking.

The teenager, who had just acted very weak, suddenly burst out. He jumped nimbly onto the back of the slave owner Klaus and wrapped the chains attached to the shackles around Klaus’ neck!

The young man’s eyes were fierce and there was even a blood red glow in the gray-blue eyes.

The people present screamed while the other slaves in the cages watched numbly or cheered.

The teenager turned a blind eye to this.

He had only one goal—strangle this fat pig alive before he died, giving the fat pig a taste of pain and despair!

In the end, he did it.

The guards were all frightened by his crazy appearance. The big man eventually reacted and whipped him again but he didn’t let go.

There was only one thought in his mind.

Kill Klaus… kill him… kill him…

He didn’t let go even when the soldiers of the army suddenly poured in, even if the big man who whipped him was caught and even if the soldiers shouted at him.

This lasted until a body with a milky scent gently hugged his dirty head in a trembling manner. A soft and sticky childish voice entered his ears and sounded like this person was going to cry.

“Si Sheng, I’m late. I’m sorry…”

Proofreader: Purichan

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