VCRMM: Chapter 96 Part 1

The dense forest of the Asmo Mountains.

Li Lai had been here for more than three days.

He still hadn’t found any clues about the fifth squad and the bad thing was—he was injured due to an encounter with an interstellar beast.

In the process of escaping, he had to go deep into the dense forest where the three star giant snake was located.

The interstellar beast chasing him had turned and fled because the thick grass ahead revealed the tail of a giant snake.

Li Lai’s heart was beating wildly and he couldn’t help gulping.

Yet before he could escape, he spotted the anomaly.

The smell of blood…

There was the faint smell of blood along with a slight sense of oppression.

A bold guess rose in Li Lai’s mind.

His eyes widened slightly. After hesitating for a moment, he carefully picked up a stone and threw it at the giant snake.

The stone landed on the snake’s tail and bounced away again.

The giant snake was motionless.

Li Lai, who had been preparing to escape, stopped again.

He watched cautiously before finally deciding to get closer. Then he found that—

The giant snake was dead!

It was cut in half by a sharp blade and the wound was very flat. It should’ve been killed in one blow and based on the marks of the wound, it might’ve just died!

Who was it? Who did this?

Li Lai was speechless from shock.

Who in the Roland Empire had the ability to kill a three star beast with one blow?

Lord Marshal…?

Hadn’t the marshal already returned to Imperial City? How could he be here? Or was it… someone from the Bewatt Empire?!

Li Lai kept thinking and even started to wonder if the disappearance of the fifth squad was related to the Bewatt Empire.

At this time, there was a sudden noise from the grass and the sound of footsteps.

“Who is it?”

Li Lai instinctively called out. The tension agitated his wound and blood flowed from the corner of his mouth.

Unexpectedly, he heard a familiar voice.

“Captain, it’s me.”

A figure emerged from the high grass that was half the height of a human. Wang Hu looked at Li Lai and smiled brightly.

“I’ve found you!”

“Wang Hu, why….” Li Lai’s eyes widened. “Didn’t you go back to Imperial City?”

“No, how could I leave you here alone?” Wang Hu saw the blood at the corner of Li Lai’s mouth and hurriedly took out a small bottle from his pocket, throwing it at Li Lai.

“Take this medicine to heal the wound first. It is a primary health recovery medicine.”

He didn’t rush forward to approach Li Lai. He knew that the captain was now on guard against him. After all, it was an extraordinary situation and he could understand.

Li Lai looked at the medicine in his hand and calmly checked it. In the end, he chose to take one. He felt his injury recovering quickly and the vigilance in his heart toward Wang Hu was put down.

“I didn’t expect you to come to me…”

Wang Hu smiled. He knew the crisis of trust was lifted and finally approached.

He took the small medicine bottle from Li Lai’s hand and carefully put it in his pocket.

“Does this medicine work? My apprentice gave it to me.” He spoke in a slightly bragging manner.

Li Lai blinked. “Hua Sui?”

“Yes.” Wang Hu nodded. “He also came with me. He walked around the forest with me for a few days before disappearing. It seems the passage from the other world is closed and the braves won’t be able to come for a while.”

“Before leaving, he gave me a lot of good things and told me not to die. Hehe, it isn’t bad to have an apprentice, right?”

Li Lai nodded. Wang Hu was a shadow warrior and it was much more convenient for him to move in the forest.

“Did you find anything?”

“Yes.” Wang Hu looked deep into the forest. “Charlie and the others should’ve disappeared in that direction.”

Li Lai followed his gaze and couldn’t help being a bit excited. “Okay, go over and take a look.”

If they were alive then he would see the people. If they were dead then he would see the corpses!

He would definitely find them.

Before leaving, they joined forces to handle the body of the three star giant snake.

A three star beast was already at the top of the food chain in the Asmo Mountains. If they were contaminated with its breath then they could effectively scare away the one or two star beasts.

In addition, this snake skin, snake meat and snake gall were definitely good things!

They soon disposed of the body of the three star giant snake and headed in the direction of the white fog, quickly disappearing into the dense forest…


It hurt…

Xu Sili slowly opened his eyes.

The feeling of dizziness and weakness made him unable to concentrate or think. He stared blankly at the blue sky above his head and there was the soft rustling of leaves in his ears.

Where was he?

He was just about to remember something when the sharp pain coming from the back of his head forced him to stop. He curled up and raised his hand to touch the back of his head.

There was a feeling of stickiness and wetness. He took back his hand and saw dripping blood.

The thing that made him feel dazed was his short, child-like little hands.

What was this situation?

Xu Sili had a splitting headache and felt at a loss about what was going on at the moment. He seemed to have forgotten something but he couldn’t say what he forgot. It was very vague and unclear.

Luckily, he had the game system.

[The Asmo Trial has begun.]

[Trial content: Go back to your weakest period and successfully survive the game of death in this weak state.]

[Trial duration: Seven days.]

He finally remembered something when he saw this system message.

That’s right. He was pitted by that magic circle and the trial had begun.

He had returned to his weakest period…

Xu Sili looked at his hands that had shrunk several times. Then he looked at his body that had obviously become a child.

So he was back to Snow Roland’s childhood?

What about Si Sheng? Did he also enter the trial?

At this time, the pain coming from the back of his head meant Xu Sili no longer had time to care about this.

He looked at his health bar.

His maximum health was only a pitiful 1,000 points, which was similar to a newborn baby. Not only had he lost 200 points, but even worse—

He was still bleeding at a rate of 2 points per second.

In other words, he would die due to blood loss after six minutes.

His head might be aching and dizzy, but for the sake of his own life, Xu Sili tried to use his brain and pull up Snow Roland’s memory.

According to the surrounding environment, this incident should’ve occurred when Snow was five years old.

He had just completed the test and was recognized by the academy as an ordinary person without any elemental talent. Therefore, he was neglected by his father and moved from the original imperial palace to a remote courtyard.

He was originally a little prince who grew up pampered. How could he bear such a difference?

This caused the little guy to run from his quarters to the woods. Then he heard the voice of the guards looking for him, he secretly climbed up a tree and managed to hide. Who knew he would accidentally fall down from the tree?

In Snow’s memory, it was Janice who caught him and rescued him. From that time on, he had a special affection for Janice.

However, now it was the trial. Janice’s appearance was removed.

This meant he fell firmly to the ground and injured the back of his head. If he didn’t save himself, he would die quietly and immediately.

This mortal situation…

He had to say that it was really unexpected!

Xu Sili complained in his heart before struggling to get up. He couldn’t waste time or he would really die.

“Is there anyone?”

He tried to shout, but the rapid loss of strength was clearly not enough to do so.

Moreover, the guards had just left. It was estimated that no one would pass by in a short time.

He had to stop the bleeding himself first.

Xu Sili quickly changed his strategy. He took off the small coat on his upper body with difficulty, wrapped it into a ball and covered the wound.

However, this didn’t work.

The rate at which his health dropped didn’t decrease.

Xu Sili lowered his coat and frowned. Then…

His eyes fell on the small green grass not far away and Xu Sili’s eyes lit up.

He might not be able to use Insight right now but thankfully, he had used Insight on almost everything he saw when he first learned Insight.

Therefore, he still remembered this type of grass. It looked very inconspicuous but it had a good hemostasis effect.

Moreover, this grass could be seen almost everywhere. It grew into a cluster as soon as it grew. This meant there must be more nearby!

Xu Sili felt the loss of strength.

The dizziness and weakness that accompanied the excessive blood loss also frightened him. Then he thought of a method and quickly moved.

He crawled over with difficulty and indeed found more of the hemostatic grass around him.

He smiled and took action.

In the quiet and deserted woods, the little boy with an increasingly pale face was busy collecting the grass. He put them all on his coat, wrapped them up and crushed them with a stone to extract the juice.

Finally, when there was just a bit more than 200 points of blood left, Xu Sili successfully stuck the ground up grass on his wound.

It might be embarrassing but at least the bleeding debuff was gone.

Once he finished all of this, it wasn’t long before he heard the footsteps of the patrolling guards passing by in the distance.

Xu Sili opened his mouth. He found that he could no longer make a sound. Even so, he didn’t waste his efforts. He grabbed the stones on the ground and kept throwing them at the trees.

The sound of the stones was very small and he was a bit worried.

Fortunately, this group of guards didn’t neglect their duties.

They soon heard the movement, spotted him and hurriedly picked him up.

“Your Highness! Your Highness! Are you okay?” A guard asked anxiously.

Xu Sili hadn’t completely lost consciousness.

He didn’t have time to complain. He opened his eyes, looked at the guard holding him and said in a loud voice, “Go find a water healer.”

The guards heard this and finally recovered from their fright. They responded positively and carried him in a panicked manner to the residence of an imperial water healer.

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