VCRMM: Chapter 95 Part 2

The surroundings were still filled with fog but it had faded a lot. The light had become dim and the scenery still wasn’t clear. He could only feel that it was a long passage and there was a breeze blowing behind him.

Thankfully, he and Si Sheng weren’t separated.

As Xu Sili looked around, a small fireball appeared in Si Sheng’s hand, brightening the dim passage.

It could be seen that there were obviously artificially stacked bricks on both sides of the passage. He could vaguely see ancient patterns depicted on the surface.

“Is this the ruin?”

Xu Sili examined the patterns. “What did we just trigger? Why were we suddenly teleported?”

“It is the white fog.” Si Sheng explained, “It seems that those who meet the conditions will be teleported in.”

Xu Sili nodded as if he understood.

He looked at the communicator and found that contact with the outside world was cut off. Xiao Wu was still present but Xiao Wu couldn’t contact his clone that was outside.

Xu Sili put away the communicator before suddenly remembering something.

“By the way, the place where you went to get the flute was also a ruin?” He wondered.


Si Sheng looked at him. “It isn’t a place where Your Majesty can go now. Even I can’t guarantee your safety.”

Xu Sili couldn’t help pouting. “I didn’t say I wanted to go now.”

He took back his attention and looked at the passage around him. “Which direction should we go in now?”

“What does Your Majesty think?”

“Let’s just take a look.”

The strategy recorded in the future forum stated that from the entrance of the Asmo Mountains, walk along the passage. Pass through the maze and they would be able to reach the real trial place.

The trick to navigating the maze was to keep going straight. Once a fork in the road was encountered, choose the right side.

There might be powerful illusions in the maze. Just close his eyes and pass through recklessly. If he took a step back then he would be directly returned to the starting point.

Xu Sili had the strategy in hand and had no worries. The only worry was whether the squad who had unintentionally broken in had smoothly passed through.

Of course, the probability of them passing it was very high. It was because he stood in place but no one showed up.

Hopefully, they could catch up.

These NPC soldiers were very good and Xu Sili didn’t want them to have any accidents.

The passage became narrower and narrower so Si Sheng put away the shadow leopard. He held Xu Sili’s hand and carefully walked forward.

Soon, they encountered the first fork in the road.

According to the guide, it should be to the right but… Xu Sili underestimated the power of the illusions.

He saw that the passage to the right was densely packed with spiders the size of his palm. For someone with an intensive phobia, it was definitely to a degree where they would vomit at first glance.

On the left…

It didn’t look friendly either. Green gas filled the passage to the left and was accentuated by the fluorescent gemstones on the walls.

It was just that overall, it was better than the spider passage.

Xu Sili retracted his gaze and his eyes fell on the right passage again. He looked at the spiders and silently thought in his heart that it was all fake. But…

He could still hear the subtle noise of the spiders moving around.

He hesitated and looked at Si Sheng.

Si Sheng understood and threw the small fireball in his hand.

However, the spiders ignored it and were safe. They seemed to really just be an illusion.

Xu Sili gritted his teeth and showed an expression of resignation.

“Are you sure you want to go this way?” Si Sheng raised an eyebrow.

“Yes!” Xu Sili nodded firmly.

“But… you look…”

“I’m not afraid of spiders at all!” The young man’s voice increased slightly. “It is just that the number is a bit too much so I’m dizzy.”

Si Sheng saw the young man’s pale face and his slightly trembling hands.

He nodded slightly and didn’t say anything else. He just suggested, “That… do you want to go first?”

Xu Sili couldn’t help staring.

F*k, letting him go first? Wasn’t Si Sheng the one who took the lead just now?

“It is just an illusion. They won’t hurt you,” Si Sheng stated.

Xu Sili gritted his teeth. He saw the man’s encouraging eyes and had to turn around and stiffly walk toward the right passage.

He just said he wanted to protect Si Sheng. It didn’t make sense to let Si Sheng take the lead in everything.

It was just an illusion anyway. Pass through it with closed eyes…

He thought so, closed his eyes and bravely took a step. Then he soon felt a spider burrowing through the hem of his pants and crawling over the skin of his leg…

“F*k, spider!”

The young man let out a short cry and stomped his foot to shake the spider away from his body. Then he turned around and slammed into Si Sheng’s arms.

Si Sheng took a step back to relieve the force of the collision. In the blink of an eye, the two of them had returned to the starting point again.

Xu Sili was immersed in fear and gasped for breath.

Si Sheng smiled slightly at the sight of the young man hugging him tightly and not letting go, but his tone was still full of concern.

“Your Majesty, are you okay?” He asked in a low voice.

Xu Sili was so frightened that he couldn’t maintain his strong posture from earlier. He said in a trembling manner, “Si Sheng, those are real spiders, not illusions! One just entered my pants!”

“That is an illusion,” Si Sheng told him softly, “It is just that you cared too much so there was an impact on both hearing and touch. It is a type of high-level illusion.”

Xu Sili heard his calm voice and slowly calmed down.

“Yes, you’re right!” He nodded. “I cared too much.”

Xu Sili regained his strength and continued to move forward with Si Sheng, returning to the passage full of spiders.

It was just that Xu Sili was still unable to overcome his fear as he saw that there seemed to be more spiders in the passage and there was no place for him to step.

“You lied.” He turned to look at Si Sheng, his voice a bit pitiful.

The smile in Si Sheng’s eyes deepened.

He tilted his head and seemed to think for a moment. Then he looked down at their feet. “You can step on this servant’s shoes.”

Xu Sili blinked. He was a bit confused but he still obediently did it.

“Doesn’t it hurt?”


They were too close. In order to maintain his balance, Xu Sili could only wrap his arms around Si Sheng’s waist and keep his body close.

“And then?” He looked up with some confusion.

“Then…” Si Sheng stared at him deeply and said softly, “Focus on this servant’s body.”

“For example, like this…”

Si Sheng lowered his head and kissed the young man.

Xu Sili’s face became hot as he finally figured out the man’s intentions.

“This entire time…”

He suddenly thought of something and couldn’t help gritting his teeth. “You could obviously use the flash to take me across…”

“It can’t be used,” Si Sheng told him. “This maze seems to forbid certain movement skills.” 

Xu Sili paused and stared suspiciously.

Was it true or false?

It did make sense when thinking about it. It was a maze after all. It would lose its meaning if the flash skill could be used.


“Don’t you want to kiss this servant?” The man looked down at him, gray-blue eyes filled with a bit of grievance.

Xu Sili couldn’t help freezing.

“It’s not that I don’t want to…”

His cheeks were flushed, probably due to anger. “Now isn’t the time to do this type of thing. You will be so distracted doing this. How can you walk?”

SI Sheng didn’t speak and just watched him quietly.

Xu Sili was about to be defeated and his eyes fell on the lips as he thought about whether to do it or not. Then Si Sheng reluctantly said, “Okay.”

Xu Sili was startled. Then he felt his body suddenly float up.

Si Sheng had wrapped him in a wide cloak, picked him up and flew through the passage full of spiders.

The flash couldn’t be used but it was obvious that flying was possible.

Xu Sili was speechless.

Si Sheng, this guy… he did it deliberately!

However, nestled in Si Sheng’s arms and wrapped in his cloak, Xu Sili felt the powerful breath around Si Sheng’s body and did feel an indescribable sense of reassurance.

Those terrible spiders were also forgotten by him.

He wrapped his arms around Si Sheng’s waist and the anger dissipated. He couldn’t help giving a reminder, “Keep going forward. Every time you encounter a fork in the road, go to the right.”

Si Sheng didn’t ask anything and just carried him all the way through countless illusions, deep into the maze.

Eventually, he stopped in front of a door.

Xu Sili felt this person pause and couldn’t help raising his head from Si Sheng’s arms.

In front of them was a door covered with intricate patterns and what seemed to be ancient writing. It looked solemn and mysterious.

This was what appeared in the screenshot of the future forum.

They successfully passed through the maze and made it to the entrance of the trial place!

Along the way, they hadn’t encountered anyone from the escort team. So the escort team should’ve successfully passed through the maze and entered here.

The maze strategy was simple but it wasn’t easy to pass through.

In addition to the illusions of various disgusting insects, there were very realistic ancient beasts. If they instinctively attacked then they were likely to hit their teammates. It couldn’t be said that there was no danger to life.

However, the squad passed smoothly which showed their excellence. He could only hope that they hadn’t suffered any damage yet.

Xu Sili let go of Si Sheng and withdrew from his arms. Xu Sili held Si Sheng with one hand while carefully placing his other hand on the door.

[Congratulations on clearing the Asmo Maze. Experience +500.]

[You are entering the trial area. Loading…]

Xu Sili just glanced at the words that appeared when there was a burst of dizziness again. After standing firm, he found that he and Si Sheng had already entered the so-called trial area.

This was the interior of a palace.

Looking at the decoration style, it should be thousands of years old. Xu Sili had seen one of the patterns in the ancient books in the Roland Imperial Library.

“This is the trial place?”

His voice wasn’t loud but there were echoes that spread.

Si Sheng looked around and frowned slightly.

It was because he discovered that spiritual strength seemed to be greatly limited here.

“Let’s go inside and take a look.”

Xu Sili held his hand and walked slowly into the depths of the palace. His heels tapped on the floor tiles and made a clear sound that echoed in the empty palace. It was a bit scary.

Finally, a magic circle appeared in front of them. At the same time, there was…

The bodies of the more than 30 people of the escort team scattered around.

Dozens of people were lying on the ground on the dusty magic circle. It wasn’t known if they were dead or alive and people couldn’t help feeling frightened by the sight.

Xu Sili couldn’t help glancing at Si Sheng.

They stood still and weren’t in a hurry to step forward. Xu Sili observed and used Insight on the person closest to him.


[Status: NPC.

Personal level: Lv 15

Health: 55,000/55,800

Magic: 1,000/1,000

Elemental Affinity: Metal.

Occupation: Warrior.

Special Status: Trial in progress.]

Xu Sili sighed with relief. This person was still alive! Then he soon became worried again.

He used Insight on Charlie’s companion and found that:

The man was dead.

It was also an NPC warrior but his health bar had been emptied. The cause of death turned out to be… failing the trial?

Xu Sili frowned.

Would failing the trial cause death?

What were the conditions for this trial to start?

Si Sheng also frowned. He didn’t have the Insight technique so he could only sense through their breathing that some of these 30 or so people had already died.

“Your Majesty?”

He looked at Xu Sili and wanted to take this young man away.

Xu Sili didn’t want to leave. There were still more than a dozen people alive. He couldn’t just leave them here, right?

“They are doing the trial and I don’t know if there is a way to stop it…”

Before he could finish speaking, he saw that the magic circle in the distance actually moved toward them. It reached the two of them in the blink of an eye.

Xu Sili had just shouted with panic in his heart when he felt his vision darken and he lost consciousness.

Lines of text appeared in the dark void.

[The Asmo Trial has begun.]

[Trial content: Go back to your weakest period and successfully survive the game of death in this weak state.]

[Trial duration: Seven days.]

Proofreader: Purichan

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