VCRMM: Chapter 95 Part 1

Xu Sili suspected that he had heard incorrectly.

He blinked and asked.

“You said that you would take me to find the missing squad? Didn’t you just say it was too dangerous to let me go?”

Si Sheng lowered his eyelashes and hid the look in his eyes. “It is very dangerous.”

He continued, “So this servant is a bit shaken and I might change my mind at any time.”


Could it still be like this?

Xu Sili stared at him. “What do you mean?”

Si Sheng looked up and met this person’s eyes.

“Let’s go now.”

“Huh?” Xu Sili froze. “Go now? Isn’t it too urgent?”

Si Sheng glanced at him and his communicator. Then Si Sheng decided to retreat in order to advance.

“Yes, it is true that this servant didn’t think it through. Then we won’t go…”

“No!” Xu Sili quickly covered Si Sheng’s mouth, afraid that he would continue.

“You promised to go. You can’t go back on your words.”

He covered Si Sheng’s mouth and thought about it.

Going now… it wasn’t impossible.

If they went earlier, they could find the missing squad members earlier and bring the NPC warriors back before the players went offline.

After all, the trial place was only discovered one year after the open beta started. At that time, the interstellar beasts between Orchid Moon City and Imperial City were swept away. Right now, it was still very dangerous for NPCs.

Xu Sili thought of this and made a decision.

In any case, he had already met his brother and passed the news that he wasn’t dead to his family. There was no need for brothers to become tired by being together all day. It was enough to know the other person was safe and sound.

Xu Sili thought of this and started to arrange the departure. As for Xu Yuheng, he just made an excuse to deal with it.

He was the emperor now and had to deal with major state affairs every day. He was busy and couldn’t leave. This reason would still work.

Sure enough, his second brother didn’t suspect it and told him to pay attention to rest.

Xu Sili felt a bit of guilt in his heart. Then he thought about the missing soldiers and the upcoming outing and he forgot this guilt.

The field! An adventure!

He was coming!

He finished setting up the bionic robot and reassured Janice and Li Zhecheng that he would come back soon. Then Xu Sili disappeared from the palace with Si Sheng under their worried eyes.

“Guard Captain, why do you think His Majesty suddenly wants to go out into the wilderness?” Janice crossed her arms over her chest, her red eyes full of worry.

Li Zhecheng was also worried. Once he heard this, he suddenly shifted his gaze with a bit of guilt.

“Maybe it is because he has been in Imperial City and wants to go out and see… haha, I will go to stand guard first.”

Then he quickly ran out of the emperor’s palace.

Janice watched him suspiciously. Then she turned her head and saw the bionic robot that looked exactly like the little emperor. She couldn’t help her eyes filling with love.

“Ma’am, do you need me to do anything for you?”

At this moment, the robot cocked its head at her and asked in a voice that was very similar to Xu Sili’s voice.

Janice saw it and was instantly hit in the heart.

Oh, His Majesty was so cute!

Xu Sili didn’t know about Janice’s interaction with the bionic robot. At this moment, he and Si Sheng were sitting on the back of the shadow leopard as they flew in the direction of the Asmo Mountains.

Strangely, Imperial City’s guardian circle didn’t stop them, but Xu Sili could be sure that the officers at the border didn’t know about their departure. 

Si Sheng seemed to be aware of his doubts and asked, “Is Your Majesty curious about why the guardian barrier isn’t responding?”

Xu Sili nodded. “Do you know why?”

“Yes.” Si Sheng nodded. “It is because Your Majesty is the bloodline of the Roland imperial family.”

“Huh? Do you have an explanation?” Xu Sili was intrigued.

Si Sheng hugged him and whispered, “These five guardian circles were set up by the Roland imperial family thousands of years ago. As long as you are a direct descendant of the Roland imperial family, you can pass through the guardian circle unimpeded and unaffected.”

Xu Sili cocked his head. “What about you and September?”

“Of course, it is because of Your Majesty’s protection that we can freely enter and leave this circle together.”

Due to his protection…

Xu Sili laughed. Was this trying to make him happy? He turned to look at Si Sheng.

The man’s expression was casual like he was telling the truth.

“You know a lot,” Xui Sili couldn’t help saying.

Si Sheng’s lips curved slightly. “Your Majesty is over exaggerating.”

Perhaps the atmosphere at the moment was so good that Si Sheng temporarily forgot the bad things that happened at the palace.

He rested on the young man’s shoulders, his breathing soft.

Yet when a flying interstellar beast tried to approach, he glared at it coldly.

A terrible wail was heard. Xu Sili saw that one hundred meters away from them, a flying interstellar beast that was several meters long fell from mid-air. He couldn’t help smacking his lips together.

“That is a four star beast. I don’t know if it is delicious?”

Si Sheng paused before replying, “Next time, I will grab one for you to take back.”

“Can you cook?”

“No, but this servant can learn.”

“Then will you make it for me to eat?”


The young man’s low laughter rang out in a pleasant manner. “Then I will taste it.”

Si Sheng was silent but the shadow leopard, who had a contractual relationship with him, clearly felt his happy mood.

The shadow leopard secretly rolled his eyes while feeling full.

Of course, his master’s craftsmanship probably wasn’t a blessing he could enjoy.

In the sky, the two people and the leopard flew at a great speed.

Along the way, there were many powerful flying interstellar beasts that avoided them from far away. It was as if they were dodging a flood of beasts even though they should obviously by the tyrants of the sky.

The silhouette of the Asmo Mountains gradually appeared in the distance.

Xu Sili called up the future forum and rummaged through the posts he had seen before.

“Go forward and take a look at this place.”

Xu Sili used the communicator to call up the map and marked a location on it.

Starry Sky Age’s game system didn’t have automatic pathfinding or map navigation. There was only the map of the game itself.

This helped Xu Sili.

The screenshot of the location found in the forum was more detailed than the current map. Some places were changed but the position was generally the same.

Si Sheng didn’t ask him why he knew where to go. Si Sheng directly ordered the shadow leopard to fly over and slowly landed on the ground.


The moment the shadow leopard fell to the forest, Xu Sili heard the creepy movement.

He looked in the direction of the sound and found a giant snake coiled around a thick, ancient tree. The brown eyes were looking to this side as it hissed. However, it didn’t seem to notice them.

It was because Si Sheng had opened the passerby halo.

This was Xu Sili’s second time facing an interstellar beast. The first time was the frozen three star beast. At that time, he was still extremely weak. Now everything was different.

The three star python only caused him a brief visual impact. Then he soon calmed down.

“A new three star snake appeared in the Asmo Mountains. It is as Li Lai’s report said.”

Xu Sili spoke while looking around.

“It seems that we are heading in the right direction. The trial place should be nearby.”

Si Sheng nodded. His spiritual power spread out and he soon found it.


Before leaving, he drew his sword from his waist. A sword light flew out and the giant snake around the ancient tree was split in half, dying in a daze.

He put his sword back in the sheath. Under Xu Sili’s gaze, a crystal clear green star core flew out of the python’s head and floated in front of him.

Si Sheng felt for a handkerchief, wrapped the star core in it and handed it to Xu Sili.

Xu Sili blinked. He looked at the star core wrapped in the handkerchief and then the corpse of the giant snake on the ground. He always felt that something was wrong.

Wasn’t this… treating things too lightly?

However, he didn’t have a chance to say anything. Si Sheng had already ordered the shadow leopard to head toward the location he had just discovered. He didn’t even give the giant snake a single glance.

Xu Sili was quickly relieved and put away the star core.

The Asmo Mountains were extremely dangerous for ordinary people but for him, it was like walking through his own back garden.

Not only was there the passerby halo to avoid attracting the attention of interstellar beasts but Si Sheng also set up several layers of wind shields to block the poisonous insects and poisonous pollen that occasionally fell from the trees.

He protected Xu Sili well and ruled out the possibility of anything hurting him.

Xu Sili also felt this.

He nestled in Si Sheng’s arms and looked at the primitive jungle of another world while feeling it was much safer than going to the wilderness in his previous life.

The shadow leopard was fast.

After a while, they came to the place where Si Sheng sensed the abnormality.

There was a thick fog here and they could barely see the scenery within half a meter.

“Si Sheng, here…”

Xu Sili had just spoken when he felt shaking under him.

He quickly grabbed Si Sheng’s arm as his vision swirled. Once it returned to normal and he opened his eyes, he found that he was no longer in the forest.

Proofreader: Purichan

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