VCRMM: Chapter 94 Part 2

After Li Zhecheng left, Xu Sili reached out and pulled SI Sheng over, making Si Sheng sit next to him. Xu Sili was still smiling brightly and there seemed to be a sly idea in his shining eyes.

Si Sheng glanced at him before shifting his gaze away.

He knew his current state was very unstable. He wanted to ask clearly but even he didn’t know what he would do after hearing the answer.

If he took Lord God away, would Lord God… still be as happy as he was now?

He probably… wouldn’t be?

Having spent this time together, Si Sheng knew that if he did this, Lord God might never show such a soft side to him again.

So what should he do now? Pretend he didn’t know? However, he couldn’t pretend that he didn’t know anything.

“Si Sheng.”

The young man’s voice entered his ears. Si Sheng turned around and found that the young man had somehow walked behind him and hugged him from behind, with a hint of softness in his tone.

Did Lord God want him to do something?

Lord God was always like this. Every time he made a request, he would lower himself and act spoiled. Si Sheng knew his intentions but couldn’t do anything when the young man was like this.

At an angle that the young man couldn’t see, Si Sheng’s lips curved in a mocking manner.

“What’s the matter? Tell me.”

He spoke with a bit of depression.

Xu Sili didn’t notice his abnormality at all. His mind was completely occupied by the major discovery just now.

He sneaked up to Si Sheng’s ear and whispered, “Si Sheng, how about we go to the wilderness together?”

Si Sheng blinked. “You.. what did you say?”

“It is the Asmo Mountains, between Imperial City and Orchid Moon City. A squad has gone missing there and I want to go take a look.”

Xu Sili’s voice was filled with excitement.

The moment he heard Li Zhecheng’s request, he asked Xiao Wu to find them. Then he found that even Xiao Wu couldn’t monitor the missing fifth squad, regardless of whether they were players or NPCs.

Later, his second brother went online and he asked about the situation of these players. His second brother went to the Starry Sky Forum to check and found that these players had posted help messages.

Around three or four days ago, they had been left in the Asmo Mountains. They were waiting to cross the river when they encountered powerful interstellar beasts in the middle of the night. They were forced to flee from the river bank and headed deep into the forest.

As a result, it wasn’t known what they triggered but they were accidentally teleported to a mysterious place. 

In this place, they couldn’t contact the outside world, not even through private messages. Fortunately, they could still post things on the forum and exchange things from the faction warehouse.

Their supplies wouldn’t be a problem for a short period of time. It was just that the closed beta time was almost up. They wouldn’t be able to enter the game again and without their supplies, their trapped NPC teammates might die.

Therefore, they hurriedly searched the forum for a solution and updated the information of that mysterious place every day.

The writer of that post hadn’t updated today but Xu Sili had another method: the future forum.

He logged into the forum that he hadn’t used for a long time. He ignored some unread messages and searched for information about the Asmo Mountains directly. Then he soon found out the identity of this mysterious place.

It was a ruin left behind from before the natural disaster. The owner was no longer alive and around a year after the public beta started, it became a place that every player must go to.

It was because in the ruins, there was a secret trial realm with no level restrictions! They just needed to clear the secret realm and they could get 50 points in the spiritual attribute at once!

This was undoubtedly a very tempting reward.

He was now level 20 and his spiritual attribute was just over 100 points. This was an increase by 50 points. Don’t mention the players, even he was moved.

Of course, the trial would definitely be difficult.

He had no intention of dying, but he really wanted to go to the ruins and bring back the unfortunate squad as well.


Si Sheng was so powerful. His presence meant it shouldn’t be a problem to go deep into the Asmo Mountains!

Xu Sili had been staying in Imperial City and he could only see the outside world through the surveillance. He had long been feeling itchy.

He had been worried that there might be a civil uprising if he left Imperial City for a long time. Then after following Qiu Zheng to handle government affairs, he found that his previous worries might be a bit unnecessary.

As a new emperor who just ascended to the throne for three months, his behavior and demeanor were always being watched. However, after the series of measures that he implemented in the past two months, public opinion supporting him had increased significantly.

More critically…

The video of Si Sheng dealing with the traitors of Orchid Moon City and slaughtering tens of thousands of interstellar beasts in one go had spread in a very short amount of time.

Moreover, the editor thoughtfully emphasized Si Sheng’s sentence about those who dared to betray the empire and His Majesty would be killed without mercy. It was put on a loop many times.

In conjunction with the forbidden skill of Thunder Judgment, people couldn’t arouse the desire for rebellion at all.

At least in the near future, it should be enough to deter those who wanted to act.

Xu Sili thought of this and tightened his arms even more. His cheeks pressed against Si Sheng’s face and he rubbed against this face with a smile. Joy was about to overflow from him.

It was all due to Si Sheng.

“Let’s go secretly and don’t let anyone else know.”

He continued to whisper, “Okay, we can tell Janice and Li Zhecheng to let them cover for us at the critical time. I also ordered a bionic robot from the Interstellar Alliance that can disguise itself as me.”

Si Sheng was hugged by the young man and listened to the plan that sounded perfect.

Yes, it was perfect…

A perfect plan to take him away…

He couldn’t help clenching his fists.

Xu Sili felt Si Sheng’s body tighten and thought this person didn’t agree. He quickly said, “You just need to use your passerby halo skill and those interstellar beasts won’t find me. I won’t be in any danger.”

“I just want to go take a look and bring back the missing squad. There are many elementalists among them.”

“Your Majesty..” Si Sheng suppressed the ever-expanding wicked thoughts and whispered.

“This isn’t appropriate. It is… dangerous.”

Xu Sili bit his lip.

Of course, he knew the dangers involved. It was just that Si Sheng’s strength gave him a lot of confidence and he even felt that Si Sheng was omnipotent.



Xu Sili said in a slightly discouraged manner.

He didn’t let go of Si Sheng due to this. Instead, he lay against Si Sheng’s back in a soft manner, so naturally that it seemed like it should be like this.

As for whether it would be seen by others…

They had left very tacitly once Si Sheng arrived.

Xu Sili hadn’t intended to disclose it but it was difficult to hide any secrets in the palace, not to mention that the two of them acted too intimately.

If it was changed to someone else, there might be scandals flying all over the place. However, Si Sheng’s coldness and ruthlessness were too deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Everyone didn’t dare to spread it casually and it was just tacit knowledge.

“Are you disappointed?” Si Sheng asked.

“Ah, a little bit.”

Xu Sili muttered in a small voice. In order to go out, he secretly hid it from his second brother to prevent his brother from worrying. He hadn’t expected to become stuck at the last level.

“When can I become as strong as you?” Xu Sili murmured in a low voice. “Then I can go wherever I want.”

“Your Majesty… where do you want to go?”

“I haven’t thought about it.”

Xu Sili’s body swayed slightly as he chatted with Si Sheng. “Once I become stronger, the nation becomes better and Joan is older, let’s go out and play together.”

Si Sheng exhaled very slowly at these words.

“Together… with this servant?” He wondered.

“Yes.” Xu Sili raised his eyes and looked at the blue sky outside the pavilion. “Once I am no longer your burden, we can go anywhere.”

He laughed at the thought. “I really want to go to another planet to see.”

Then he heard the man’s voice.

“You aren’t a burden.”

He was feeling stunned when Si Sheng broke free of his embrace. Si Sheng turned around and hugged him, burying his face against Xu Sili’s chest.

“This servant hopes… you can always rely on me and that I can always protect you.”

Xu Sili couldn’t help his face heating up and he felt that his heart was being disturbed by this person again.

Why did Si Sheng have to use such sincere words to break his defense every time? But…

He thought for a moment. “Even if I become as strong as you, I will still depend on you.”

He hugged Si Sheng and rubbed his chin against the soft blond hair. A touch of tenderness appeared in his expression.

Psychological dependence wasn’t something that could be quit after becoming strong.

“It isn’t a question of depending on you or not, but…”

Xu Sili cocked his head and organized his language. “I also want to protect you.”

“You might be strong but there will always be times when you are weak.”

Xu Sili’s heart tightened again as he recalled the scene of the man being stained with blood while his health bar was almost empty.

“In a moment like that, I don’t want to be in a hurry like an ant on a hot pan, being unable to do anything.”

“If I can become stronger, maybe a single Sprouting song can heal you. Once the time comes, you will fight and I will assist. We will be invincible!”

Si Sheng raised his head from the young man’s arms. His gray-blue eyes were deeply fixed on the young man who said he wanted to protect him.

The young man smiled and rubbed Si Sheng’s hair vigorously.

It was like… in the beginning, when he had nothing. He felt this warmth and heat.

It was like… the brightest light filled with irresistible warmth

Xu Sili looked down at Si Sheng. At this moment, Si Sheng’s eyes were particularly soft and completely different from usual. It was completely different from the man who treated him roughly last night.

Was Si Sheng moved by what he said?

He smiled slightly as he lowered his head and kissed these beautiful lips.

“Si Sheng, you are so good-looking.”

The young man’s purple eyes curved into a crescent moon and he was smiling joyfully. There was none of the loss from just now.

Si Sheng stared and was about to reach out to touch him when the young man’s communicator rang.

Xu Sili raised the communicator and glanced at it.

It was Second Brother.

Today was the last day of the closed beta and his brother wanted to say goodbye to him before leaving.

Si Sheng was keenly aware of something.

He asked, “Is it a brave man?”

“Ah, yes,” Xu Sili said casually. “He is… that leader of the mercenary group.”

It wasn’t easy for him to explain his relationship with his second brother to Si Sheng at the moment. Even so, he hoped that the two of them could get along well.

“He is very capable. This time, the traitors in Orchid Moon City were dealt with by him.”

Si Sheng pursed his lips. He couldn’t bear to hear the young man praising another man and… the two of them exchanged communicator numbers?

He couldn’t help staring at the young man. “What did he tell you?”

“He said he wanted to meet…”


Si Sheng gritted his teeth and suddenly said, “I’ll take you.”

“Huh? Where to?”

“Go out to the wilderness and find the missing squad.”

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