VCRMM: Chapter 94 Part 1

Chamo had returned to human form for some time.

When Si Sheng came over, he had just sent Asheng and His Highness Joan to the academy. He was sitting at a small round table in the garden, holding a cup of tea and drinking tea in a leisurely manner.

The water healer Niya was standing beside him, her expression not very good.

“Chamo, please cooperate with me in treatment!”

Niya had really never met someone like Chamo before.

Previously in her career, she was basically begged by others for healing. This was the first time she was begging someone like this.

However, she had to beg. It was because the emperor had said that healing one Chamo was worth healing 1,000 people. She couldn’t refuse such temptation.

Chamo was drinking hot tea and holding a book in his hand. He smiled with squinted eyes. “Ms Nia, don’t worry. Come and drink a cup of tea to put out the anger.”

He picked up the teapot, poured a cup of tea and handed it to her.

“Regarding the injuries, just go with the flow. Too much pursuit of speed will leave hidden dangers.”

The man had short, silver-gray hair and wore exotic earrings in his ears. He smiled in a handsome manner and it was indeed a good appearance that people couldn’t resist.

Niya turned a blind eye to it.

She asked in a deep voice, “Are you questioning my water healing technique? As the former imperial water healer, I can’t accept such humiliation!”

Chamo looked at her and sighed. He was about to continue speaking when he suddenly frowned.

He turned his head sideways and looked at the entrance of the garden.

Niya was initially a bit angry at the thought of him ignoring her. Then she followed Chamo’s gaze and couldn’t help freezing.

“…Who are you?”

Chamo looked at the blond-haired man who exuded a powerful aura. His beast intuition made his back slightly stiff and he couldn’t move for a while.

This person obviously just stood there and didn’t do anything, but he felt like he was facing the beast king of ancient times. His body lost control.


Si Sheng gazed at him indifferently, eyes as cold as ice. The low air pressure around his body clearly showed that he wasn’t in a good mood at the moment.

Chamo nodded stiffly. Then to Niya’s surprise, he suddenly turned into a silver-gray giant wolf.

He crawled on the ground and meekly lowered his head.

The gap between four stars and eight stars wasn’t just twice the difference in strength. The instinct of beasts to surrender to the strong meant Chamo had no resistance in front of Si Sheng.

On the contrary, it was Niya who didn’t have that big a reaction. Her cheeks were flushed and she nervously held her breath when Si Sheng approached.

“I need to talk to him.”

She heard the man’s cold voice.

Niya turned around, hurriedly lifted her skirt, curtsied and ran away with a shaking body.

The only ones remaining in the garden were Si Sheng and the silver wolf on the ground.

Si Sheng looked down at the silver giant wolf.

“Tell me about the day you left for Orchid Moon City.”

Chamo gulped and hesitated slightly. Then under the increasingly stronger pressure from Si Sheng, he finally let go.

“This… it was a deal between me and His Majesty. I took him to Orchid Moon City and he helped me heal my injuries while giving Asheng a stable environment to grow up in…”

“You took His Majesty to Orchid Moon City?”

Si Sheng cocked his head. This was a surprise.

“Tell me in detail. I want to know all the things that happened that day, including the time, where you went, what you did, what you saw… who you met.”

“I have to know it all. There can’t be a single mistake or…”

Chamo once again lay on the ground. He revealed a look of indescribable pain like he was under some heavy pressure.

This familiar coercion…

He might not be able to remember what happened when he was unconscious but his fear of this coercion was carved into his bones.

Chamo didn’t dare be negligent and told this person about the events of that day without any reservation. He didn’t even let go of what clothes the little emperor was wearing that day.

“I… I don’t know what His Majesty did across the lake. He should be meeting someone… I saw fire and black smoke…”

Si Sheng pursed his lips.

His voice became deeper and it wasn’t known what emotions he was carrying.

“You said he was happy, but when he came back… he was in a bad mood?”


Chamo didn’t know if he should say what happened next. His brown beast pupils turned. Then he glimpsed Si Sheng’s dark face and he couldn’t help trembling.

“His Majesty seemed to be crying. His eyes were red and his voice was a bit choked up. When he flashed back, I faintly heard a quarrel…”

“He was very depressed after returning. I didn’t want to cause trouble so I made an excuse to leave. I don’t know what happened next.”

Si Sheng lowered his eyes and stared at the wolf. There was no trace of emotions in his gray-blue eyes. They were slightly squinted and seemed full of danger.

“You say, His Majesty flashed back…are you sure?”

“Yes, I’m sure. He walked to the other side of the lake and flashed back when returning.”

Si Sheng stared at the giant wolf but his thoughts were already drifting away.

A conversation entered his ears.

“Your Majesty, why do you look so tired?”

“I used your skill…”

“Will using my skill put a lot of burden on you?”


It was that day.

The first time Lord God used the summoning spell to summon him back, the day his emotions got out of control…

On that day, he occasionally showed a sad expression and he seemed to have lost his vitality.

Si Sheng clenched his fists. He told himself not to think about it any longer but his thoughts were moving on their own.

A few details that were incomprehensible at the time started to be connected.

It was also after that day that their relationship developed by leaps and bounds. Lord God started to accept him and started to rely on him.

Then one day, Lord God suddenly cheered up again.

What happened that day?

Yes, there was the traitor incident in Orchid Moon City. His Majesty called a meeting that day and the one who discovered the traitor was the brave man.

Wasn’t he the leader of the Yusiqing Mercenary Group? He led the mission of eliminating the traitors and guarding Orchid Moon City.

Si Sheng’s mouth twitched, but there was no smile in his eyes. He told himself not to think about it any longer, not to think about the even crueler possibility. However, he found that…

He couldn’t control his fast-moving mind.

So Lord God accepted him because… he quarreled with that brave man? Was it due to that brave that he wished to be Si Sheng’s lover?

So what was he to Lord God?

A replacement that could be discarded at any time? Or a plaything that could be teased?

His eyes once again saw the sight of the young man dressed in luxurious clothing and hugging the brave man in the main hall.

So now… 

Did they reconcile?


Si Sheng felt like his heart was tightly grasped by a hand. It was more painful than being thrown into the abyss and facing the never-ending darkness all the time.

Chamo was under greater pressure. His fur was already wet with sweat and the ground under his body cracked. The cracks spread out on all sides…

He hadn’t recovered from his wounds so in the end, he coughed up a mouthful of blood and closed his eyes while fainting.

Si Sheng didn’t look at the giant wolf at all.

He lowered his eyes, his bangs hanging down and casting an indelible shadow on his face.

In the end, his figure flashed and disappeared in place.

He reappeared in another garden. A young man was sitting in the pavilion in the center of the lake, talking to the chief guard Li Zhecheng.

Si Sheng watched from a distance, fists clenched and heart filled with the breath of destruction.

Why… do this to him?

Giving him hope and then taking it away in this manner…

Si Sheng gazed deeply at the young man.

He had been controlling the twisted ambitions in his heart. In fact, he often thought that perhaps he should take advantage of the fact that Lord God was still weaker than him to…

Break his wings and cut off his path forward. This way, Lord God could only rely on him forever, staying by his side and not going anywhere.

The power of Lord God recovered quickly. In two months, he went from an ordinary starless person to two stars in strength. He was also much stronger than an ordinary two star person.

Based on this speed, it was only a matter of time to catch up with Si Sheng.

One of the reasons why he had been able to suppress his terrible thoughts was because Lord God was too weak and Si Sheng couldn’t always protect him. He hoped that Lord God would have the ability to protect himself.

Now Lord God had become a top two star. He could almost walk sideways in this world as long as he didn’t go into the wilderness…

Take him away, take him to a place where no one could find them, imprison him forever and let Lord God become his personal possession…

Such thoughts continued to grow and made Si Sheng’s aura become more and more dangerous.

The young man sitting in the pavilion seemed to notice something and turned to look at him.

The young man saw him and blinked. Then a smile suddenly appeared on the originally expressionless face. The beautiful purple eyes curved into crescent moons.

The sun fell on his face and the scene was as beautiful as an illusion.

Si Sheng froze.

Even at such a moment, this person’s smile could still touch his heart like this. It possessed the power to clear the clouds and show the moon, easily casting a beam of light on his dark heart.

He stood still as he watched the young man from afar.

“Si Sheng!”

The young man put one hand to his mouth to make a horn. His voice crossed the distance while his other hand waved, motioning for Si Sheng to come over.

Si Sheng pursed his lips. There was some resistance in his heart but his body instinctively flashed and came to the pavilion.

“Your Majesty…”

His voice was low and deep. Xu Sili didn’t notice anything unusual but Li Zhecheng suddenly got the chills.

He glanced at Si Sheng and wisely bowed down. “Your Majesty, this humble servant will leave first.”

“Yes, don’t worry about your brother. I’ll find a way.”

“Thank you, Your Majesty.”

Li Zhecheng expressed his thanks and hurriedly left the pavilion, leaving the two most honorable individuals in the empire alone.

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