VCRMM: Chapter 93 Part 2

Once the kiss was over, Xu Sili opened his eyes and found himself lying on the bed in his bedroom. In front of him was a curtain like a light veil.

Si Sheng hugged him and used the flash again.

Due to the kiss just now, Xu Sili’s breathing was a bit unstable.

He saw Si Sheng pressing down on his body and didn’t become angry because they went straight to the bedroom. Instead, he held the man’s face and kissed him.

“Si Sheng, I missed you very much.”

He wrapped his arms around the man’s neck and whispered into his ears between gasps.

During the past few days of separation, he once again felt the importance of Si Sheng to him.

There was no doubt that Si Sheng had become his emotional support in this world. It was the same even if he had now reunited with his second brother.

Si Sheng’s heart trembled slightly. Due to these words, the gray and defeated emotions that shrouded his heart seemed to be moving far away from him and could dissipate at any time.

Then he saw the young man’s gorgeous clothing and suddenly paused.

He had only seen the young man dress up like this once.

It was also the time when the braves were summoned.

So he dressed up so delicately and beautifully for that brave man?

Si Sheng’s lips pursed. His eyes turned slightly red but he didn’t say anything. He just lowered his head and kissed the young man, responding to his thoughts with action.


The leather belt was pulled out and landed on the wooden floor with a loud noise.

The young man’s crown rolled down from the edge of the bed. It rolled to the edge of the table and was blocked by the legs of the table. Then one piece after another of exquisitely crafted clothing was discarded on the ground without any care.

Once again, Xu Sili was forced to lie down on the bed.

Burying his face down in the pillow made him feel suffocated for a moment.

He turned his face to the side, breathing heavily. His long silver hair scattered over his shoulders, hiding the snow-white skin and deep marks that had just been left behind.

“Si Sheng,” he whispered to the man behind him. His hoarse voice was too charming and made people want to bully him.

“You stop.”

Si Sheng didn’t stop.

Xu Sili found there was no response and raised his voice. “Si Sheng!”

The man eventually stopped his actions.

Xu Sili felt the hand pressing on his back move away. The man’s hot body pressed against him as Si Sheng hugged him, chin resting lightly on his shoulder.

“I’m sorry… this servant lost his sense of measure…”

The low voice was filled with a bit of repressed grievance.

Xu Sili leaned lazily against him while feeling his soft limbs. He hadn’t shouted to stop because of this.

He tilted his head sideways and rubbed against Si Sheng’s cheek intimately.

He said, “I want to see you.”

Si Sheng was stunned as he heard the young man saying, “I don’t like lying on my stomach. I want to look at you. Don’t you want to watch me as we do it?”

Looking at Lord God…

Si Sheng’s heart skipped a beat at this proposal.

“Can I?” he asked.

“Why not?” Xu Sili turned around, put his hands on the strong shoulders and looked up at this man.

He held Si Sheng’s face and kissed him tenderly.

Due to the physical attributes transforming his body, Xu Sili’s figure was actually very good. His muscle lines were beautiful and smooth and he was lean and beautiful.

It was just that he had a small frame. He looked much smaller in front of the tall Si Sheng.

Xu Sili hadn’t seen Si Sheng’s emotional appearance before so he wanted to see it today. It was just… he always felt that something was wrong with Si Sheng today.

He didn’t know the reason. After all, the two of them had just met. He couldn’t have done anything to make him unhappy, right?

Si Sheng was very fond of Xu Sili’s initiative.

This made him feel that he had a place in Lord God’s heart.

He enjoyed the sweet kiss until the last moment when he finally changed from passive to active.

The veil-like curtain around the bed covered the figures of the two people.

The silver-haired young man was lying on the bed, his silver hair scattered and his face flushed crimson, like a rose that was about to bloom.

His eyes were half-squinted and filled with lustrous water.

At this moment, a humming and groaning sound overflowed from the bottom of his throat, as if dissatisfied with someone’s delay in taking the next step.

Si Sheng looked at him. This should obviously be an intimate moment but in his mind, the scene of the young man hugging someone else appeared again.

The man hugged him and rather than refusing, Lord God hugged him back…

Si Sheng gritted his teeth.

He touched the young man’s cheek with his palm and trembled slightly. Then he quickly retreated, deeply afraid that he would hurt the other person if he exerted force.

He just had no way to control his heart.

He was jealous, madly jealous.

“Your Majesty…”

He buried his head in Xu Sili’s shoulder and whispered in a low voice, “You said I am the only one… you belong to me… your body and mind are mine…”

It wasn’t only the body but also the love of Lord God, all the love!

He asserted sovereignty in an overbearing manner but he knew in his heart that he had no such power at all, for he was now merely a lover.

So was it that he wasn’t perfect enough as a lover? Why would Lord God look for someone else?

Xu Sili covered his eyes with his arms. He had already been teased so badly but this person was still chattering. It wasn’t known what nonsense he was talking about.

In the end, he couldn’t bear it any longer. He reached out his slender arms to wrap around Si Sheng and said, “Yes, I belong to you…”

His hoarse voice was soft and contained a bit of helpless coaxing. “It is only you. I can only give you offense and let you do it, okay?”

Si Sheng, “……”

You’re Majesty, aren’t you being too direct?

After an unknown amount of time, Si Sheng said with difficulty, “You have to do as you say.”

“What have I ever lied to you about?”

Xu Sili frowned with a bit of impatience.

He opened the love-stained eyes. His cheeks were clearly red and his voice was hoarse and soft. He seemed to carry a bit of the majesty that belonged to an emperor.

“Are you going to keep talking?”

It was a posture where if this man wanted to talk, he would keep talking.

The angry young man was more charming than when he was at Si Sheng’s mercy.

Si Sheng stared at him, unable to control his heartbeat.

He pursed his lips. In the end, his love for Lord God prevailed and all the jealousy from before was suppressed in his heart. He didn’t dare to show it again for the time being.

As for chatting… they would talk later.

Having said that, there was inevitably a bit of emotion in his actions.

Such emotional fluctuations were naturally easily perceived by the other half.

Xu Sili felt that Si Sheng today was very abnormal.

However, he didn’t have much energy to think about it. He could only attribute this to absence making the heart grow fonder. Thus, Si Sheng’s excitement could be understood. In any case, the backlash from the passive skill meant he basically only felt good.

Once it was over, Si Sheng was still considerate. He helped heal Xu Sili’s body with the water healing technique and regained his tenderness. This meant Xu Sili didn’t notice that Si Sheng was abnormal. 

The two people were lovey-dovey all night. It wasn’t until they finished eating breakfast together the next day that they finally separated and went to do their respective affairs.

Xu Sili walked out of the palace with great energy.

Then he saw Li Zhecheng and found that his chief bodyguard didn’t look very good. The dark circles under his eyes were about to catch up with Qiu Zheng.

The young emperor had always been sympathetic to his subordinates so he asked about it.

Unexpectedly, once he asked, Li Zhecheng suddenly knelt down in front of him on one knee. “Your Majesty, there is a presumptuous request from this humble servant. I hope Your Majesty will fulfill it!”

Xu Sili looked at him with a frown. “Let’s hear it.”

Li Zhecheng told him about the disappearance of Li Lai and the fifth squad, his tone full of worry for his brother.

“Lieutenant Colonel Li Lai felt that it was his decision that the team stayed where they were and disappeared. He wants to see if they are alive or at least their corpses, so he insisted on staying in the Asmo Mountains to search for clues of the fifth squad.”

Li Zhecheng gritted his teeth. “However, he is only one person. This humble servant is worried…”

“So what do you want to do?” Xu Sili raised an eyebrow.

“Your Majesty, the marshal has returned and your safety can be guaranteed…”

The chief guard opened his mouth with difficulty. “I, Li Zhecheng, am requesting to leave the imperial guards and go to the border to rescue Lieutenant Colonel Li Lai. Please allow me, Your Majesty!”

It was the first time Xu Sili was hearing about this.

Didn’t all of the escort team arrive at Orchid Moon City? There were still people missing?

Moreover, Li Zhecheng and Li Lai were actually brothers!

They might both be surnamed Li but he hadn’t really associated the two of them with each other.

“You get up first.”

Xu Sili looked at his loyal chief guard and touched his chin. “You haven’t been to the border before, right? Can you cross the Morris Mountains alone and find Li Lai?”

Li Zhecheng was a two star metal type warrior. He was strong but this didn’t mean he could cross the area between Imperial City and Orchid Moon City on his own.

“Let me understand the situation first.”

Xu Sili saw Li Zhecheng’s worried face and comforted him. “There are more than 30 people and it is impossible for them to disappear so strangely. Your brother is also an excellent talent. I won’t let him have an accident.”

Li Zhecheng looked grateful. “Thank you, Your Majesty!”

Xu Sili nodded and contacted Xiao Wu.

Among these 30 people, there were both NPCs and players. NPCs could disappear but it was impossible for players. It would be easy to find their clues.

He communicated with the little robot.

On the other hand, Si Sheng wasn’t handling military affairs as Xu Sili thought. He had come to the palace of Joan Roland and found the ancient beast with space powers, Chamo.

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