VCRMM: Chapter 92 Part 1

Si Sheng didn’t count the number of people when he boarded the shuttle. He headed to the control room and directly ordered the pilot to take off.

Fortunately, there were two pilots who could take turns. Otherwise, after three consecutive days of flying, they would need to rest for more than an hour before taking off again.

“We will obey!”

The alternate pilot replied and carefully raised the shuttle into the air.

Now the sky within a radius of several kilometers was clear and there were no flying interstellar beasts. The interference to the shuttle was greatly reduced and the psychological pressure on the pilot was reduced.

The shuttle released white exhaust gas as it turned into a white mark and disappeared into the sky.

Si Sheng looked through the glass at the blue sky outside while thinking about what he had just discovered.

Why did the ancient silver beast appear in Orchid Moon City?

Had his wounds been healed? Based on the IQ of that stupid dog, he doubted that the dog could go back after coming to Orchid Moon City.

He was thinking about it with a frown when Si Sheng’s heart moved and he looked sideways at the door of the control room. The door was made of a special alloy and was tightly shut. There were no gaps at all to see outside the door.

However, Si Sheng seemed to see something.

He frowned and walked over.

Xu Yuheng saw that Si Sheng had boarded the shuttle and was about to go to him to test things. He hadn’t expected that as soon as he took a step, the marshal simply disappeared in place.


He had forgotten that the marshal had mastered a skill similar to the advanced Wind Riding technique.

However, this wasn’t difficult for Xu Yuheng.

He felt the shuttle start to rise and quietly used the four layered Wind Riding Technique. He left the cabin without anyone reacting. Even the NPCs didn’t notice his departure.

He came to the door of the shuttle control room.

Si Sheng should be in there, right? The pilot couldn’t have taken off without his orders. Of course, it couldn’t be ruled out that he used a communicator to give orders but Xu Yuheng decided to try his luck.

He stopped in front of the control room door and looked to the left and right. He didn’t see anything resembling a doorbell.

If he knocked on the door, could they hear it from inside?

Xu Yuheng didn’t worry about it. He would know if he tried. He was just about to knock on the door when as a result—

The metal door suddenly moved from the middle to the sides.

Xu Yuheng blinked. The first thing that caught his eye was the man’s slightly bearded chin. Then he raised his eyes and faced a pair of indifferent gray-blue eyes.

They were icy cold and had the indifference and majesty that belonged to a superior.

Xu Yuheng was calm.

After all, this was a game NPC and he was a person who had been in a high position for a long time. It was just that after feeling Si Sheng’s aura up close, he couldn’t help being surprised by the realism of the game.

He withdrew his hand and took a step back.

Xu Yuheng was impressed by Si Sheng.

This was a card character from Game of the Gods that Xiao Li spent time and money on raising. All of it was set according to Xiao Li’s game data and adjusted in some aspects.

At the time that he was transferred to Starry Sky Age, he was programmed with an order to be completely loyal to the Roland imperial family and Xiao Li.

It had to be said that after seeing his abilities, Xu Yuheng’s concerns about the safety of his brother’s life had been reduced by half.

As Xu Yuheng was looking at Si Sheng, Si Sheng was also looking at him.

This was the brave.

Si Sheng frowned when he saw the face that resembled Lord God by 40-50%.

In fact, looking at it roughly, they wouldn’t feel similar because the temperament of the two people was too different. Xu Yuheng was wearing a pair of glasses and looked more like an educated scum.

Yet when looking closely at his facial features, there would be some resemblance between the eyebrows and eyes, especially the eyes.

Si Sheng pursed his lips and his expression didn’t look good.

In his mind, Lord God was unique. Based on his domineering personality, he didn’t feel any affection for Xu Yuheng due to his similar appearance.

He even found it an eyesore.

It was like seeing a fake and shoddy imitation. He just wanted to destroy it.

This type of thought made him unknowingly reveal a hint of coercion, all of which was focused on Xu Yuheng.

Xu Yuheng also felt it.

It was just that his realism was adjusted to around 10 and this coercion had no effect on him. His expression was normal but there was some scrutiny in his eyes when he looked at Si Sheng.

He felt Si Sheng’s malice.

In addition, the game system gave him intuitive feedback.

[Ding~ Si Sheng’s favorability toward you -1,000.]

[Please note, the favorability value has reached the ‘disgust’ level. The NPC might kill you at any time. Please pay attention to your words and deeds and remain vigilant.]

Xu Yuheng felt it was strange.

The two of them hadn’t even exchanged a word and Si Sheng decreased his favorability by 1,000? Maybe he would even be killed?

Even if he disobeyed orders and sneaked into the control room, it wouldn’t be so serious, right?

He slandered this person in his heart but he still maintained a gentle smile on his face as he said respectfully, “Marshal Si, I am the leader of the Yusiqing Mercenary Group. It is a pleasure to meet you.”

Si Sheng observed the man’s expression.

He might be smiling but Si Sheng could tell that the words were insincere. He had often faked a smile so he could tell that Xu Yuheng’s smile also wasn’t sincere.

[Ding~ Si Sheng’s favorability toward you -500.]

[Please note, the favorability value is -1,500 and it has reached the ‘disgust’ level. The NPC might kill you at any time. Please pay attention to your words and deeds and remain vigilant.]

Xu Yuheng, “……”

F*k, what was this NPC doing?

After finally realizing the humiliation of his favorability inexplicably being lowered, Xu Yuheng’s expression couldn’t help becoming a bit distorted.

So ugly.

Si Sheng thought silently in his heart.

[Ding~ Si Sheng’s favorability toward you -100.]

[Please note, the favorability value is -1,600 and it has reached the ‘disgust’ level. The NPC might kill you at any time. Please pay attention to your words and deeds and remain vigilant.]


Xu Yuheng looked at Si Sheng, who was expressionless and only frowning slightly. He finally took a step back cautiously.

Si Sheng was the highest official in this shuttle. If he was upset, Xu Yuheng would be thrown from the flying shuttle…

Add Si Sheng’s feat of destroying thousands of interstellar beasts in a casual manner and Xu Yuheng felt it was very likely.

He felt wronged in his heart but Xu Yuheng maintained his rationality. After all, he had to rely on this flying shuttle to get to Imperial City and see Xiao Li.

He just had to bear with it for the time being. He would find a way to get back at this person once his level was higher.

As for the matter of taking him to see the emperor, Xu Yuheng didn’t bring it up.

He hadn’t done anything yet his favorability had dropped so fiercely. Who knew if he would be treated as an assassin after mentioning it? He had better be cautious before reaching Imperial City.

“I’m just passing by. I’ll go back first if there is nothing. Marshal Si, excuse me.”

Xu Yuheng temporarily conceded but in his heart, he had already made a note in his small book. He was waiting until later to settle the account.

Si Sheng watched this person leave without stopping him or doing anything. Si Sheng retreated back to the control room and sat in the chair with his eyes closed.

Xu Yuheng returned to the cabin.

He hadn’t been away for a long time and few people had even noticed his disappearance. Of course, this didn’t include Baifeng.

He saw Xu Yuheng’s pale face and couldn’t help asking, “Brother Yu, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing.” Xu Yuheng shook his head and thought about it before typing on the communicator.

He couldn’t get through on Si Sheng’s side but he still had Xiao Wu.

Xiao Wu could contact Xiao Li. Surely this stinky boy wouldn’t be embarrassed and refuse to see him now?

Xu Yuheng took the initiative to contact the artificial intelligence for the first time. He wasn’t certain in his heart but he soon got a reply from Xiao Wu.

He saw a small line of characters appear on the communicator: 

[Second Brother, are you looking for me?]

Xu Yuheng sighed with relief. He was able to get in touch with Xiao Wu. He started typing.


[What’s the matter?]

[What should I do to meet your brother when I arrive in Imperial City?]

[Xiao Wu doesn’t know, but according to the flying route of this shuttle, the end point is the imperial palace of the Roland Empire.]

Xu Yuheng blinked. The destination was the imperial palace?

He was instantly relieved.

It was much more convenient if he could go directly to the palace. This might be the arrangement of that stinky boy so there was no need to worry about not seeing each other.

Xu Yuheng thought of this and thanked Xiao Wu.

[You’re welcome~ If you have any questions, you can contact Xiao Wu at any time. Xiao Wu is always here!]

Xu Yuheng raised an eyebrow and asked about Elder Bryce.

The ten traitors had been dealt with and his and Baifeng’s task of protecting Orchid Moon City was completed. The rewards were all received and distributed to the players who helped.

However, the traitor leader wasn’t caught. This was a thorn in the heart for Xu Yuheng, who pursued perfection.

[Bryce isn’t using a communicator so his location can’t be tracked. Still, the cameras everywhere are keeping a close eye out for him.]

This was also expected by Xu Yuheng.

Bryce had been hiding in Orchid Moon City for many years and could develop three 2 star elementalists to become traitors despite only having a strength of half a star. This showed his wisdom in itself. It wasn’t too much to describe him as treacherous and cunning.

Now his power had almost been uprooted and he would probably be hiding for a while. Once he made a comeback, his means of revenge would probably be even more intense.

[Yes, you have done a good job, Xiao Wu. Keep up the good work.]

Xu Yuheng liked being encouraging to this artificial intelligence who was still in his infancy. Xiao Wu was indeed very obedient and well-behaved, which made him feel like he was raising a child.


[Xiao Wu will work harder. Second Brother, kiss~]

Xu Yuheng was slightly startled and couldn’t help laughing.

This little guy had learned how to act cute. His progress was quite fast.

[Yes, kiss.]

Proofreader: Purichan

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