VCRMM: Chapter 91 Part 2

Just then, his communicator rang again. Si Sheng couldn’t care about the administrator and looked down.

His Majesty: If any of the braves in Orchid Moon City want to come to Imperial City, let them ride in the flying shuttle as well.

Si Sheng blinked.

The braves of Orchid Moon City?

He remembered that on the day when the braves first appeared, His Majesty suddenly became depressed after summoning all the braves.

Now… he wanted to continue summoning them?

Si Sheng frowned slightly. His gaze fell on the braves not far away and a thought suddenly flashed in his head.

The brave warrior that Lord God really wanted to summon…

Could it be one of them?

That person wasn’t in Imperial City so he was disappointed. Now he wanted to summon the braves of Orchid Moon City to see if ‘that person’ was among them?


Letting Si Sheng bring the escort team back just to take that brave warrior?

In a moment, Si Sheng thought a lot. He even guessed it 80-90% correctly. However, these things were just his guesses. He needed more evidence to be sure.

He suppressed all his doubts and carefully replied to the message. Then he looked at the administrator and continued to give orders about the braves in Orchid Moon City.

He didn’t stay any longer when the explanation ended and his figure flashed away.

The chief administrator regained his mind and hurriedly sent someone to contact all the elites of the escort team. Meanwhile, he walked toward the players and talked to Xu Yuheng and the others.

Si Sheng had controlled things when talking to the chief administrator so he wasn’t heard by others. Now seeing him disappear again, the players instinctively looked at the sky to try and see his figure in the air.

It wasn’t found.

This time, the marshal really disappeared.

“Whimper, Si Sheng is gone!”

“Will I see him again in the future? Wu wu wu, I couldn’t even talk to him or take a group photo…”

“Based on the reality of Starry Sky, such a high level NPC shouldn’t be encountered casually.”

“Hey, I wanted to learn skills from him…”

“Forget it! He is the marshal and the way he kills beasts makes me numb. He isn’t an amiable instructor. There is no need to go looking for abuse. Don’t affect his overall impression of players!”

This was also the rule of favorability that the players had summarized.

Some NPCs had good personalities, such as Li Zhecheng. Those who offended him would generally lose some favorability. Meanwhile, other NPCs had more difficult personalities. An example of this was Li Lai, who directly reduced everyone’s favorability by 1,000, which was ruthless.

Si Sheng didn’t seem to have a good personality at all. What could they do if someone turned it into a complete mess?

The player who said these words was quickly attacked.

He felt wronged.

“I will definitely remain polite and not arouse his disgust…”

The others booed him. Then the administrator came over and they shifted their attention.

They heard the administrator express his intentions and everyone looked at each other. F*k! Wasn’t this a good thing? A free escort to Imperial City!

The journey from Imperial City to Orchid Moon City might’ve been recorded but it was difficult to reproduce it perfectly.

In addition, the time wasn’t allowed because—

The first closed beta was coming to an end.

If they didn’t go now, they could only wait until the second test. Then not only would there be no escort NPC but they would have to be online for at least a week!

Ever since the closed beta started, how many people had been envious of the treatment of Imperial City players? Everyone naturally knew what to choose.

The thing that a lot of players cared about was—

Would Si Sheng be on the shuttle?

At this moment, Si Sheng wasn’t on the shuttle.

There was still an hour left. He used the passerby aura and summoned the shadow leopard to fly through the sky.

He might’ve mastered the flying technique but his speed was still inferior to the shadow leopard.

The shadow leopard’s figure flew over the border town.

Due to the huge movement on the city wall just now, the people hid from fear. Now the movement had disappeared and they emerged from their homes one by one.

The figures of Si Sheng and the shadow leopard didn’t attract anyone’s attention.

They flew all the way.

Under the full flying speed of the shadow leopard, the two of them quickly reached the center of Orchid Moon City, which was a certain distance from the central town.

Directly below them was a lake.

Orchid Moon City was very barren. There weren’t many good things except for a blue gem.

The orchid in Orchid Moon City was originally supposed to be ‘blue orchid.’

The shadow leopard descended and landed on the surface of the lake. The shadows on the surface of the lake supported him, allowing him to walk on the water.

He swung his tail and hit the lake from time to time.

The calm lake water was agitated and ripples spread in circles, continuing to spread out.

Suddenly, the shadow leopard’s slender tail hit a fish.

The fish jumped up and swung madly in the air, trying to escape back into the water. However, it was always hit by the shadow leopard.

The tail seemed to be alive. It wasn’t fatal but it was very annoying. The fish stared angrily at the shadow leopard and suddenly opened its mouth to spit out a stone at it.

The stone hit the shadow leopard. The shadow leopard was happy instead of being surprised. He let go of the fish and hurriedly caught the small stone.


The shadow leopard wrapped shadow tentacles around the small stone and delivered it to Si Sheng.

The stone was around the size of a quail egg and the surface was smooth. Si Sheng wrapped a handkerchief around the stone and carefully sensed it. He used his spiritual power to slowly invade the surface of the stone.

He saw powder gradually fall from the surface of the stone, revealing a crystal clear blue gem inside.

This was the specialty of Orchid Moon City, kyanite.

Kyanite could help elementalists restore their magic and nourish their spiritual power. It was just that the production was very small and it only existed in a few lakes of Orchid Moon City.

It was because this gem was produced from the blue crystal fish. It formed inside the blue crystal fish and would only spit it out at the enemy when it was angry.

The blue crystal fish was rare. As for the kyanite, it was discovered by Si Sheng by chance.

Si Sheng smiled slightly when he saw the blue crystal that had been polished as smooth as a mirror by him and completely revealed its true colors.

He took out the pendant that Xu Sili had given him and put it together with the blue gem.

This pendant was just an ordinary blue stone. It might contain some trace elements but there was nothing special about it compared to the kyanite.

Yet for Si Sheng, this was a treasure that he loved and cared about.

After looking for a while, he tucked the blue necklace back against his chest and kept it close to his body. Meanwhile, the blue crystal was placed into a small box by him.

He did all of this and was about to order the shadow leopard to leave. Then he suddenly stopped.

“Go to the forest over there,” Si Sheng ordered.

The shadow leopard obediently flew into the forest and slowly landed. Then he observed his surroundings.

Did the marshal find something?

Someone had been here before but it should’ve been a long time ago. The traces left behind were almost destroyed. But…

The space fluctuations still remained.

It might’ve been well concealed but he was Si Sheng.

Si Sheng carefully sensed the spatial fluctuations left here. It shouldn’t be far from where it was generated and—

He sensed a familiar breath.


It was the silver wolf from the palace.

Si Sheng frowned slightly and carefully confirmed it again. There was no mistake. It was indeed very similar to the traces left by the wolf after cutting through space.

So here came the question.

How could the silver wolf, who was staying in the imperial palace while recovering, appear in Orchid Moon City tens of thousands of kilometers away not long ago?

Si Sheng looked at this ordinary forest and finally didn’t find anything.

He suppressed the doubts in his heart and patted the shadow leopard’s head.

The shadow leopard understood and started to fly back at full speed.

In an hour, all the members of the escort team and the players who were preparing to go to Imperial City were concentrated on the shuttle.

Many people were excited.

“Hahaha, I’m finally leaving Orchid Moon City. I’m about to become the emperor of Imperial City!”

“Wait for me to post about it on the forum and let the players who didn’t come to defend the city see what they missed.”

“It is so bad but I like it!”

Everyone was laughing but they learned to be obedient. Even if they talked hotly in the channel, they still looked gentle and polite on the surface. It was as if they were very well-behaved.

There was also a strategy guide posted on the forum.

In front of NPCs, it was best to remain humble. It didn’t matter even if they acted differently. Don’t do things in front of NPCs that crossed the line in reality as well.

There might be no practical benefits to gaining an NPC’s favorability but there were associated penalties.

For example, if more than five NPCs had a negative favorability toward them, they were likely to not be able to get imperial reputation points for a long time, unless the negative value was raised.

Therefore, the favorability of NPCs was absolutely indispensable for players who were currently relying more on the faction warehouse.

Xu Yuheng also got on the shuttle.

He didn’t expect that all the plans he envisioned hadn’t been implemented when he somehow became blessed in the midst of the misfortune. He could actually arrive in Imperial City before the end of the first closed beta.

As for how to meet the emperor after arriving in Imperial City…

Xu Yuheng hesitated when he saw Si Sheng appear on the shuttle before walking toward this person.

Proofreader: Purichan

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