VCRMM: Chapter 91 Part 1

Xu Sili looked at the image of Si Sheng, saw his burning eyes and spoke with difficulty.

“Si Sheng, you can’t come back now…”

Before he finished speaking, he saw the bright light in the man’s eyes dim slightly, making him unable to say the next words.


Si Sheng looked at him with a slightly furrowed brow. The eyes staring at him were a bit pitiful and contained a vague accusation.

Xu Sili couldn’t help feeling weak.

Before Si Sheng left, Xu Sili had promised that after arriving at Orchid Moon City, he would contact Si Sheng and summon him back immediately.

But now…

This was breaking the promise, right?

Xu Sili faced Si Sheng’s slightly aggrieved gaze and felt as if he had done something heinous. His eyes became slightly evasive and he hesitated for a moment before trying to convince the other person.

“The escort team needs you…”

“They will encounter a lot of dangers on the road and might suffer heavy losses. Since you are already going back to Imperial City, take them back as well…”

As the marshal, part of Si Sheng’s duties was to protect the military and the people. It was just that Xu Sili’s words were a bit underwhelming, especially—

“However, this servant needs Your Majesty.”

The man’s voice was light and made Xu Sili’s heart jump.

He raised his eyes again to meet Si Sheng’s beautiful eyes.

Previously, they were as cold as the lake water in deep winter when facing others but now they had melted into a warm spring.

Xu Sili’s heart softened.

He didn’t know what made this man who was countless times stronger than him so pitiful but seeing him like this, Xu Sili couldn’t bear to disappoint him.

He thought for a moment before saying softly, “Wen Jishan told me yesterday that once Doha Town is completed, there will be a large bonfire party.”

“Si Sheng, shall we go there together when you come back?”

The young man’s purple eyes shone brightly and there was a touch of reassurance and anticipation.

Si Sheng was still floating in mid-air.

He saw the young man’s gentle eyebrows and suppressed the throbbing in his heart as he asked softly, “So is this a date?”

He stared intently at the young man. The milky white skin visibly developed a faint blush.

Then his god, His Majesty the Emperor, gently lowered his long and curly eyelashes and slightly turned his cheek to one side.

Si Sheng stared at him with fascination and the young man’s delicate lips moved slightly.


It was very soft and had only a single syllable, but it contained a magic that made Si Sheng’s heart beat wildly.

“We will go on a date once you come back.”

The moment the young man finished speaking in a low voice, he unilaterally ended the video call.

Immediately after, there was the sound of a message.

His Majesty: Be obedient.

His Majesty: Come back early.

Si Sheng saw these two brief messages while recalling the young man’s expression and words just now. He couldn’t help smiling. Due to the new expectations, the haze that had just hung over him seemed to be dispelled a lot.

Lord God was so cute…

He had this thought in mind as he manipulated the wind elements and slowly lowered his height.

However, he soon stopped in mid-air again.

He looked at the wild plains with corpses scattered all over under his feet and cocked his head in thought. Then he reached out his hand again.

There were countless people watching him below.

They didn’t know what the marshal was doing in the sky, but there must be something important. Therefore, they waited below.

Of course, there were higher level elementalists present. The improvement in their physical strength allowed them to barely see the figure of the marshal. They could see that he was using his communicator to make a video call.

They couldn’t see any further than this.

At this moment, Si Sheng’s actions attracted the attention of countless people, including the players who were discussing him enthusiastically.

Their camera had a zoom function. The image might be blurred after zooming in but they could at least see a close-up of the front of his face. So from before to now, the casual audience in the live broadcast room:

“Ahhhh, Lord Marshal smiled!”

“F*k, Si Sheng is too great! He is my husband from today on!”

“Who is Husband Si Sheng smiling at?”

“Woo, my husband won’t have a partner, right? What is Si Sheng’s setting in Starry Sky Age?”

“When will the open beta be? The second closed beta test is also possible. If I am selected for the second closed beta, this female believer is willing to lose 12 kg!”

Among Ah Caizi’s fans, there were many old players of Game of the Gods. Every time there was a card character from the game, the live broadcast room would explode.

Today had the most spectacular explosion. The barrage filled the screen to the point of being unable to see clearly.

The moment Si Sheng finished the call and slowly descended, many people quieted down and held their breaths, waiting for him to come to the city so they could admire his magnificent beauty again.

Who knew that he would suddenly stop in the air. Under everyone’s doubtful gazes, Si Sheng raised his hand slightly and it seemed like some power had spread out from him.

In the game, it wasn’t just the NPCs but also the players who felt the change. They just couldn’t tell specifically what it was. There was an inexplicable sense of crisis.

It was the general in charge of the projection who first discovered that something was wrong. He pointed to the image and shouted, “Look at the interstellar beasts!”

Everyone couldn’t help looking at the corpses of the interstellar beasts that had fallen to the ground. They saw that the mountain of meat that had been lying quietly and had lost its breath of life was slightly shaking at this moment. It was as if something was about to come out.

What was he doing?

The doubts in everyone’s hearts were quickly answered.


In the beginning, it was just a very small popping sound. Soon, the sound became more rapid and denser. In less than a minute, the whole battlefield was shining in the sunlight.

They were star cores!

Above each dead interstellar beast, a tiny star core flew out and quietly floated in the air.

It was originally at a volume that couldn’t be discerned. Then the amount accumulated to the extreme and it became enough to attract attention.

There were thousands of interstellar beasts that had just died on the battlefield. Their star cores were all extracted. Then in full view of everyone, they gathered at a certain point in the sky.

Si Sheng looked in front of himself as a huge star core cluster slowly condensed and formed. It wasn’t until it was around the same height as him that it stopped growing.

The surface of this huge cluster of star cores shone beautifully.

Si Sheng looked at it and nodded with satisfaction.

Lord God should like it if he used this as a gift, right? Before that, they needed to be washed with water.

He waved his hand and the cluster of star cores, which could be called huge, disappeared from in front of him.

At the same time, the shadow leopard felt something as he was sleeping in the contract space. He opened his eyes and looked up.

F*k, what was this?

Poor September was still in a daze when he was hit by the huge ball that fell. He almost fainted.

He lay dizzily on the ground in the contract space. He watched it hit and then scatter star cores all over the ground. He couldn’t help being full of question marks.

What the hell were these things? Why did Master throw them in? Was it giving him something to eat?

He sniffed lightly before frowning with disgust.

Outside the contract space, Si Sheng sensed his movements and thought about it before saying, “September, eat all the one star cores and don’t move against the rest.”

There were too many one star cores and Lord God might not like them.

September: ???

He was tempted to refuse but his master had already disconnected from the space.

There was no way. The shadow leopard could only lower his head and painstakingly control the shadow tentacles to pick up the star cores one by one to distinguish their level.

The star cores were around as thick as a few of his hairs. How easy was it to distinguish the level of each one? However, he didn’t dare to disobey his master’s orders. He could only do this chore in anger.

Did his master think he was too idle so something was deliberately found for him to do?

The shadow leopard in the contract space was full of grievances and the players outside the contract space in Orchid Moon City were also dumbfounded.


This NPC, Si Sheng, would even clean up the battlefield?

Damn, how many star cores were there? At least 10,000, right? They could exchange them for a lot of reputation in the faction warehouse!

Many people had already been thinking about the interstellar beasts. There were so many corpses that they could help collect them!

Now the value of the corpses had suddenly been reduced by half.

Si Sheng faced the players’ mournful eyes and descended from the air. The noisy military camp abruptly became dead silent again.

If the previous reverence was due to the rumors then now, after witnessing with their own eyes the type of miracle Si Sheng had created, all the Orchid Moon City soldiers and civilians present respected and worshiped this patron saint from the bottom of their hearts.

Indifference had long returned to Si Sheng’s expression. He looked at the administrator in an expressionless manner and said.

“Send people to clean up the corpses. If you can’t even do such a small thing well then you shouldn’t be the administrator.”

The chief administrator’s body trembled and he didn’t dare contradict anything. He quickly and respectfully said, “I will obey the order, Lord Master! This humble subordinate will definitely handle the aftermath well.”

Si Sheng was noncommittal and asked, “Where is the escort team?”

The chief administrator froze.

In fact, he really wanted to keep the escort team behind. After all, he was greedy for such a team composed entirely of elites.

Yet in the face of the marshal’s cold gaze, he didn’t dare say such a request. After all, the marshal had already helped them solve the biggest trouble. He should be content.

He said respectfully, “Lord Marshal, do you want to see them? I’ll send someone to find them right away…”

“By the way, Lieutenant Colonel Li Lai went out two days ago. It was to pick up the fifth squad that stayed in the wilderness but he hasn’t returned yet.”

The chief administrator couldn’t help being a bit apprehensive when he thought of this.

He had been distracted by the traitors’ affairs and the holes in the guardian circle appearing more frequently. This meant he ignored Li Lai’s departure from the team for a while.

He hadn’t been back for so long… nothing happened, right?

Fortunately, Si Sheng just nodded. “Let them go to the flying shuttle to assemble. I will give them an hour. After an hour, the flying shuttle will set off to return to Imperial City.”

“If there is someone who doesn’t get on the shuttle by that time, they can stay in Orchid Moon City or walk back by themselves.”

Si Sheng didn’t take Li Lai’s matter to heart. For him, the wilderness was as easy to go in and out of as his back garden. Li Lai was a lieutenant colonel so he must be an elementalist. What could happen?

Just like the previous question, this showed Si Sheng’s intuitive feelings.

It was really difficult for him to understand why these people had spent three years failing to clear even one meter of the road. They could still be forced into the city by the interstellar beasts.

However, none of this mattered.

The important thing was that he was going to leave right now.

It was because according to the speed of the shuttle, it would take three days to reach Imperial City. He didn’t want to wait another minute or second.

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