VCRMM: Chapter 90 Part 2


Baifeng saw this terrible scene from the city wall and couldn’t help gulping.

“Brother Yu, he is so strong!”

He sighed. “Too strong, really too strong… Si Sheng is awesome! Starry Sky Age is awesome!”

He didn’t know what else to say apart from these few words.

It could no longer be described as simply shocking.

Still, he had to say that the audio-visual enjoyment of this close-up viewing was simply too cool!

At this moment, it wasn’t just Baifeng. The other players had also exploded.

Xu Yuheng glanced at the area channel before opening the Starry Sky Forum to take a look. The homepage was all occupied by the topic of Si Sheng. Countless female players had a new husband who made them lick the screen.

Then he opened the live broadcast room of Ah Caizi and the barrage that filled the screen made him feel a bit numb.

Xu Yuheng turned off all the information channels and looked up at the blond-haired man in mid-air. His heart was also shaken.

Really strong.

Strong in every sense.

He had always known that the quality of Starry Sky Age was very high but he hadn’t expected it to be so high. Si Sheng was the ceiling of combat strength in Starry Sky Age and he definitely deserved the title of patron saint of the empire.

The generals and soldiers at the border of Orchid Moon City recovered from their sluggishness and let out deafening cheers. All of them laughed and cried, hugging, jumping and shouting together.

Three years, it had been three years.

The defensive battle had been going on for three years. Now due to the actions of the marshal, they could finally breathe!

No, perhaps no interstellar beast would dare to go near Orchid Moon City again for a long time.

It was roughly estimated that the number of interstellar beasts killed or injured was more than 10,000, or even far more than that. The strong smell of death and blood released would make the surrounding interstellar beasts stay far away.

After all, the interstellar beasts might be fierce but they also sought benefits and avoided harm. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have tried to escape before Si Sheng made a move.

The chief administrator saw the scene on the projection and wept with joy.

This was great…

Orchid Moon City was defended!

His heart was full of gratitude as he looked at the distant figure in the sky with admiration.

However, there were still people who couldn’t help complaining after their excitement calmed down.

“Lord Marshal is so strong. Why didn’t he act earlier? If he had taken action earlier, we wouldn’t have needed to defend the city so hard…”

It was the general whose communicator had just rang. He muttered in a quiet voice.

The chief administrator heard his words and sent him a cold look. “Clay, I have to remind you to put away your disrespect and sloppiness or it will be you who suffers!”

The general was stunned and his expression was a bit ugly.

The chief administrator continued to scold him sternly, “Lord Si Sheng is the patron saint of the empire but he isn’t our nanny!”

“If we let Lord Marshal do everything himself then what is the meaning of our existence?”

“Please don’t try to morally kidnap a supreme being or we will lose him. This isn’t something that you or I can afford!”

The general called Clay paled and realized he had said the wrong thing. He lowered his head in shame and didn’t dare to speak.

On the other hand, the chief administrator looked up at the sky with some trepidation. He hoped that the mighty marshal hadn’t heard the words just spoken.

Si Sheng didn’t hear it because he didn’t bother to listen.

He stared down indifferently. Both the dead interstellar beasts and the cheering people in the city couldn’t make him feel much emotion.

He had only received orders to protect Roland when he came to this world.

He had fulfilled his duty as long as the Roland Empire and Roland imperial family didn’t perish. As for those who survived under his protection, they never left any traces in his heart.

He didn’t care so it didn’t matter.


The person he had cared about came to this world so the world started to gain some weight.

However, that was it.

Si Sheng withdrew his gaze in a somewhat bored manner. Before he could think about anything, his communicator suddenly rang.

His incoming message notifications were set to a vibration and only one person had music.

This music was the song he secretly recorded the young man singing.

It wasn’t Roland’s Good Night Song or Sprouting. It was an unknown song that the young man had hummed on a whim and only he had heard it.

All the ice and snow on Si Sheng’s face melted in an instant. He hurriedly opened the communicator and found it wasn’t a voice request, but a message.

[His Majesty]: This move was so handsome!

Si Sheng blinked and the indifference in his eyes dissipated. It wasn’t particularly obvious but his expression became vivid and he was no longer like an emotionless statue.

He quickly raised his eyes and looked around. His Majesty saw him? How did he see it?

Soon, a flash of inspiration came to mind.

Si Sheng thought of the strange bee before.

This bee didn’t have the breath of life at all and was more like some sort of instrument. Now he probably knew what it was.

His lips curved slightly as he looked down at the young man’s message.

This short sentence was read over and over again, as if to imagine the expression of the young man the moment he wrote these words and the only exclamation mark.

Then he soon became a bit dissatisfied with his imagination.

He hadn’t seen Lord God in almost three days and nights. Thoughts of him filled every cell of Si Sheng’s body. He wanted to see the other person and hear his voice.

However, the always resolute marshal had a rare hesitation on his face. There was no longer the coldness from when he dealt with the traitors and killed the interstellar beasts.

He stopped in mid-air and hesitated for a moment. Then after a long period of psychological construction, he finally gathered up his courage and—

He clicked on the video request.

The Imperial City, the emperor’s residence.

Xu Sili held the monitor and played back the video of the previous scene over and over, including the section where Si Sheng dealt with the traitors.

Due to the closeness, this scene was shot from close-up.

However, the move that seemed to end the world was shot from a distance out of fear of the little bee being affected.

Of course, these frames held an unparalleled handsomeness in Xu Sili’s eyes.

He was calm on the surface but he had already transformed into a groundhog in his heart.

Ahhhhh, really handsome!

Was his man so cool? Simply invincible! As expected of the man he liked!

Then Xu Sili remembered something and hurriedly opened Si Sheng’s personal panel. He found the name of the move just now in his skill bar.

A must kill skill, Thunder Judgment!

In the setting of Starry Sky Age, it was a large-scale, forbidden technique.

Xu Sili had a bit of an impression of this skill. It seemed to be the only skill card he drew at a lottery event. He didn’t even think about it and gave it to Si Sheng to learn. Then he used money to directly raise it to the full level.

It was just that at the time, SI Sheng already had too many skills and he used the usual combos. After trying it out several times, it was left in the corner.

Xu Sili never thought that this move would be so awesome in a holographic game!

It was really cool!

He had to learn it later when his magic increased!

Xu Sili thought about the future and couldn’t hold back for a moment. He sent a message to Si Sheng.

He felt that Si Sheng wouldn’t necessarily be watching. After all, he was still on the battlefield. Unexpectedly, Si Sheng actually sent him a video call request?

Xu Sili blinked and looked at the monitor where this person was still floating in mid-air. His heart suddenly skipped a beat.

Obviously, the two of them had done things that couldn’t be mentioned but at this moment, a mere video call made his palms sweat and his heart feel strange.

He cleared his throat and was about to answer when he suddenly stopped.

The young man used his spiritual power to glance at himself. Then he raised his hand very quickly to carefully straighten his bangs. After that, he clicked accept when the call was about to be automatically disconnected.

Si Sheng’s miniature projection floated above the communicator.

It had been three days since they saw each other. Every day was very fulfilling but once he actually saw this person, Xu Sili found that he missed Si Sheng.

He stared at Si Sheng. Si Sheng was also staring at him, gray-blue eyes filled with tenderness that only appeared when facing him.

“Your Majesty…”

It was the first video call. Although it was affectionate, Si Sheng couldn’t help feeling a bit uncomfortable once he opened his mouth.

He coughed softly and asked in a dry manner, “You have woken up?”

Xu Sili sensed the embarrassment this person was trying to hide and felt incredulous, but he couldn’t help laughing.

He relaxed his straight back, placed the communicator on the table in front of him, hugged a pillow in his arms and allowed himself to face Si Sheng in a comfortable position.

“What time is it now?”

He muttered before asking softly, “Do you have time to talk to me now?”

He glanced at the monitor as he spoke.

There were tens of thousands of people waiting for Si Sheng underneath but this person was video chatting with him in mid-air. Was it appropriate?

Si Sheng stared at him deeply, as if he wanted to pass on his thoughts through the distance of space.

“It doesn’t matter the time. If Your Majesty is willing to talk to this servant then this servant will always have time.”

His gaze was firm and his tone so gentle that it seemed like dripping water.

Xu Sili looked at this person and felt like a feather was scratching at the tip of his heart, making him feel very itchy and a bit hot.

He could never resist Si Sheng’s sweet words.

This guy always had a set.

“Yes,” he answered softly but he couldn’t do anything more than this.

In fact, he wanted to give this person a hug.

Si Sheng’s lips curved and he asked while staring at Xu Sili, “Then… can Your Majesty summon this servant to go back?”

The beautiful gray-blue eyes were full of deep expectation and it was completely impossible to refuse.

Xu Sili was confused by beauty and almost agreed. Then he hurriedly stopped once the words reached his mouth.

Ah, no.

He wanted Si Sheng to bring the escort team back and to let his second brother come to Imperial City as well.

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