VCRMM: Chapter 90 Part 1

Thump thump.

Xu Sili sat in front of the monitor and watched as Si Sheng simply and neatly dealt with the traitors and shocked thousands of soldiers and generals. He just felt that his heart was beating in a frighteningly fast manner.

In particular, when Si Sheng’s eyes moved slightly, he looked up at the camera and seemed to cross a distance of tens of thousands of kilometers to look at Xu Sili.

This throbbing sensation made him shudder.

Then Xu Sili soon realized that Si Sheng had discovered the surveillance bee!

Xu Sili’s heart jumped and he quickly controlled the little bee to fly further away. Anyone Si Sheng stared at would die. If this little bee was taken as an enemy and destroyed, Xu Sili would cry to death.

Fortunately, Si Sheng just took a look before retracting his gaze.

Beep beep—

Just then, a notification sound rang through the military camp, which had been silent due to Si Sheng’s warning.

It was from a general in the front.

The communicator on his wrist beeped and beeped. He didn’t dare to look up as he rejected it with a white face. Then after a while, the communicator rang again.

He raised his head and looked at Si Sheng while sweating profusely.

There had to be an urgent situation at the front line. If he didn’t listen and delayed the military information, he would be in even more trouble.

Si Sheng’s expression was indifferent. “Pick it up.”

The general was relieved and hurriedly answered the communicator. It was just that in his rush, he turned on the speaker mode.

“The east city gate is asking for support, the east city gate is asking for support! 2 two star beasts have broken in! Lord Natasha is not here and we can’t hold on!”

The moment the opposite side’s voice was heard, the scene fell quiet again. Even a needle dropping could be heard.


Everyone’s eyes fell on the woman on the ground, whether intentionally or unintentionally. A hole pierced the top of her head and she had fallen to the ground with closed eyes, bleeding all over the ground.

At this moment, the joy of executing the traitors disappeared from the hearts of the people and they were instead shrouded in a haze.

Natasha was dead…

Jack was dead…

Even the wind elementalist William was dead…

Orchid Moon City lost three two star elementalists all at once! It lost half its strength in less than two days!

They had originally relied on these top powerhouses to support them. What should Orchid Moon City do? Even if they were traitors, they had always defended the city for the sake of their disguise.

The eyes of the generals turned black as they thought of the days ahead. There were also soldiers who finally reacted by bowing their heads in bitterness and despair. Some even wept softly.

The remaining two star elementalists who heard the news looked at each other before finally gritting their teeth. One of them plucked up the courage to say, “Lord Marshal, the east city gate needs support. We…”

The next words were stuck in his throat due to Si Sheng’s cold gaze.

After he fell quiet, Si Sheng lowered his eyes slightly and slowly took off the snow-white gloves on his hands.

“For three years,” he spoke calmly as he moved.

“The border line of Orchid Moon City hasn’t moved a single step out from the border of the guardian circle and even the army has to stay in the city walls…”

He folded the white gloves and held them in his palms. “To be honest, I’m surprised.”

His tone didn’t fluctuate and he seemed to just be stating facts. There was no sense of blame but all the soldiers of Orchid Moon City who heard these words turned red and bowed their heads in shame.

The administrator was lying on the ground. His face was toward the ground and his expression couldn’t be seen clearly, but his body was trembling silently.

A dead silence fell in the barracks again.

Meanwhile, the players finally recovered from their confusion. They didn’t show anything on their faces when they saw Si Sheng embarrassing all the soldiers and even the two star elementalists with just a few words but they were discussing it wildly on the team channel.

“F*k, f*k, is Si Sheng so handsome in Game of the Gods?”

“I don’t know. I didn’t have the Si Sheng card.”

“Si Sheng was too trash in the early stage and was super difficult to grow. I quit halfway through.”

“Ahhh, he is so handsome! What were those two skills just now? I saw his eyes turn gold and the golden lines on his face were so beautiful!”

“Did any sisters take pictures? Send them to me privately, privately!”

Si Sheng frowned and looked sideways at the group of braves who had bright eyes. Then he suddenly stopped on someone’s face.

Lord God…

He blinked and his gaze wandered over Xu Yuheng’s face. Apart from the color of the hair and the eyes, this face was 40-50% similar to Lord God’s face.

Was it a coincidence?

Si Sheng frowned. However, this thought was only fleeting before he quickly withdrew his attention.

It was because another general’s communicator rang.

He felt a bit impatient.

He had already completed what Lord God ordered of him and it was almost a day later than expected…

He should ask Lord God for forgiveness and then request to be summoned back, but he was caught up in these trivial matters.

Si Sheng pursed his lips.

It was just that he knew Lord God might not be happy if these things weren’t resolved.

He seemed to value these people very much.

Lord God loved the world. There was no way.

Therefore, Si Sheng could solve these troubles so they would no longer distract Lord God.

Si Sheng had this thought and his figure flashed. He disappeared from his spot.

The players saw this scene and shouted with surprise, “He disappeared!”

“Where did he go?”

“What type of skill is this? An advanced wind technique?”

The NPCs lying on the ground heard these words and looked up one after another. They saw that the marshal had disappeared and couldn’t help looking at each other.

Was the lord disappointed in them so he left?

“Look over there! The sky! Outside the city!”

At this time, someone pointed to the sky outside the city walls and shouted loudly.

Everyone followed his finger and looked at the sky outside the city. From a distance, they could faintly see a small dot. Only the high level elementalists could barely see Si Sheng’s figure.

He floated high in the sky. A gust of wind blew his blond hair and his cloak fluttered behind him. Powerful energy was gathering around him, making the hearts of anyone who saw him thump.

Boom boom—

The sound of the beasts stomping on the ground and running wildly came from outside the city gate.

The group looked at each other. There were some bold players who happened to be wind elementalists. They hurriedly used the Flying technique to fly toward the city wall.

“Brother, take me!”

People saw this and hurriedly called out to the wind elementalists to give them the flying blessing. Then they flew out of the city together.

Xu Yuheng was quite indifferent but at Baifeng’s strong request, he blessed Baifeng with the Flying technique so that Baifeng could rush over to join the fun.

As for the ordinary soldiers in the barracks…

They had a way as well!

A soldier clicked on the communicator and the virtual image outside the city wall was suddenly projected.

Senior generals had viewing rights to these fixed cameras on the city wall so they could keep abreast of the situation outside. It was just right to use it now.

There were many pictures and he quickly enlarged one of them.

He saw that the interstellar beasts densely packed outside the guardian circle suddenly started to run toward the outside as if they were frightened. It was as if there was a flood of beasts chasing after them.

On the other side of the east city gate, the interstellar beasts that had just broken in ignored the soldiers fighting them and turned to run toward the hole they had just entered.

In the air, Si Sheng looked down at the interstellar beasts who were running away in a radial manner. He couldn’t help his mouth twitching.

They were quite astute but…

Could they escape?

He looked up at the dark clouds in the sky before reaching out and grabbing the air. The dark clouds in the air seemed to be attracted by something and all converged toward him.

More and more water molecules condensed and formed. Raindrops fell one after another but none touched Si Sheng’s body.

A blue-white light slowly flickered around his palm. Lightning gathered in his palm and made a thin sound.

More and more thunder elements gathered and became violent to the naked eye. It became unstable like it would explode at any moment.

A huge electric light enveloped Si Sheng, setting him off like he was a real god. He was sacred, majestic and full of a powerful aura.

Everyone held their breath and stared. Even the casual gamers who just entered the live broadcast room after hearing about it forgot to send a barrage for a while. One by one, they were attracted by this shocking scene.

Finally, once the pressure was about to reach the critical point, the indifference in Si Sheng’s eyes faded. A strong killing intent flashed and the ball of thunder gathered in his hand was thrown down.


The ball shone with a thunderous light. After it left Si Sheng’s palm, it expanded extremely quickly in the air and landed at a speed so fast that they couldn’t cover their ears.

There was a moment of silence before the world exploded with an apocalyptic explosion.

The ground that was touched by the thunder elemental ball directly exploded and created a 100 meter crater. Any interstellar beast within the explosion range couldn’t react at all and turned into ash.

This wasn’t the end of it.


The violent lightning bolts composed of thunder elements turned into substance around the 100 meter pit and quickly spread in all directions.

The interstellar beasts that were fleeing couldn’t run faster than the lightning. They were caught in the blink of an eye. The moment they were touched by the lightning, they directly convulsed and fell to the ground.

In the flash of lightning, the fur of some interstellar beasts was burned to carbon and the skin and flesh were directly roasted. Due to the rain, the power of thunder and lighting were further enhanced.

The lightning that spread toward Orchid Moon City was blocked by a light curtain when approaching the guardian circle. Some of it was actually absorbed by the light curtain and filled up the previous hole.

The other part didn’t disappear but bounced back in the opposite direction. It headed into the wilderness and continued to harvest the lives of the interstellar beasts.

In the dazzling blue and white light, an area of several kilometers outside the city gate seemed to be a terrifying hell field.

After approximately three minutes, the light gradually weakened and disappeared. The people in Orchid Moon City finally saw the scene outside clearly.

Corpses were scattered all over the field. A few larger interstellar beasts survived but they were seriously injured and could only roar. The scorched black earth seemed like it had been ravaged by a fire and extinguished by rain.

Proofreader: Purichan

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