VCRMM: Chapter 9

Who are you? The man’s low voice echoed in the empty palace like it had been enlarged countless times.

Xu Sili barely maintained the surface calmness but his heart trembled like it was being washed away by surging waves. Did Si Sheng realize that he wasn’t Snow Roland? Recalling his own words and deeds from last night to the present, Xu Sili had to admit that he did expose too much in the face of a crisis. He hadn’t thought at all about imitating Snow Roland’s words and deeds.

Yet according to the memories he received, before Snow Roland rose to the throne, the intersection between him and Si Sheng was zero. Snow Roland didn’t have the talent of an elementalist and despite being a prince, he could only enjoy the lowest level of treatment. Thus, Snow didn’t like to go out and he basically never met Si Sheng.

Even in the month when he took the throne, the two of them had probably only met two or three times… Janice hadn’t even noticed that his core had changed. How had Si Sheng seen it? In any case, it couldn’t be admitted.

Xu Sili’s heart turned while he coldly brushed away Si Sheng’s hand. He couldn’t tell the truth. It wasn’t just his current tense relationship with Si Sheng. This was an interstellar world with countless strange creatures.

In Snow Roland’s knowledge reserve, there was a type of interstellar beast that could invade other people’s brains and control their bodies. He didn’t want to be treated as an alien. There absolutely wasn’t a good end to it.

He was just about to make up a reasonable excuse when he met this man’s oppressive eyes. Xu Sili couldn’t help feeling short of breath. From the poor little slave to the mighty duke and marshal, how much effort and money did Xu Sili put in? He also moved Si Sheng’s data to this world, thinking he might see it before he died.

The worst case scenario would be that he died before the game developed. Then it would be better to let Si Sheng stay in his empire and assist the NPC created based on him. As a result, this guy actually killed Snow Roland!

Xu Sili really couldn’t imagine how his parents and brothers had felt. They did everything to promote the progress of the game and finally achieved results. They wanted to enter the game to see ‘him’, only to find that ‘he’ was dead again? There was a pain in his heart just thinking about it.

Now he had crossed through to himself and this bastard actually wanted to kill him! Not just that, Si Sheng had acted against him a few times. His thigh ligaments that were strained from last night still hurt!

Anger rose. Xu Sili wasn’t good at suppressing it. He gritted his teeth and glared at Si Sheng. “Who am I? I’m your father!”

The young man’s words were earth-shattering. They echoed in the quiet bedroom and even the calm and collected Si Sheng couldn’t help being stunned. A moment later, he frowned and coldness flashed in his eyes.

Xu Sili wasn’t afraid. He had been spoiled since he was a child and it wasn’t good to provoke him. His temper was quite big, otherwise he wouldn’t have stepped on Si Sheng’s face last night. He stared back at Si Sheng without any weakness. There was the Backlash effect. Did this guy still dare to turn over the sky?

Si Sheng narrowed his eyes slightly. They were in a stalemate until a golden light flashed in his eyes. The golden light was too fast and disappeared instantly. Even Xu Sili didn’t notice it despite staring at him.

There was something strange in Si Sheng’s mind. The skill where the question had to be answered… it didn’t work.

He saw the young man’s slightly angry expression and thoughtfulness appeared in his eyes. It wasn’t known what he was thinking but the ice slowly dissipated. He abruptly said, “I don’t have a father.”

Xu Sili was startled. Indeed, in Snow Roland’s memories, Si Sheng was an orphan again. Si Sheng added, “But there is a father-like existence.”

Xu Sili blinked. Why did this sound so awkward?

“So?” He wondered.

Si Sheng observed his expression as if wanting to discover something. Finally, he frowned and shook his head. “Nothing. Your Majesty just needs to know… there are some words that can’t be said.”

“Huh.” Xu Sili sneered. “Marshal, you are saying this when you have repeatedly committed crimes? Aren’t you worried that this emperor will punish you for your crimes?”

He took the posture of an emperor. Although he didn’t know if it was right or not, he would never admit that he was an outsider. The thought just now of easing his relationship with Si Sheng also ceased.

“Si Sheng, remember your identity! No matter how strong you are, you are now my puppet, my servant.” Xu Sili declared in a low voice. “I didn’t obliterate your consciousness so that you can maintain an independent personality. This is already being merciful but remember that I can change my mind at any time. Mess with me again and I don’t mind turning you into a mindless and soulless puppet!”

The option might be irreversible but it was impossible for Si Sheng to know this. Xu Sili stared at the other person, not allowing himself to show any guilty conscience.

“Last night, it really was you.” Si Sheng mused. “It is a secret technique…”

The strange rope of light had disappeared and it seemed that something had invaded his body.

“You aren’t wrong,” Xu Sili answered in a deep voice. “So please take care of yourself. I believe that with the marshal’s wisdom, there is no need to talk about what should be done and what shouldn’t be done. As long as you and I are at peace with each other, everything will be no different from the past.”

Hitting with a stick and then giving a sweet jujube?

Si Sheng watched the other person. The young man still wasn’t afraid but he looked like a little cat with the hackles raised in Si Sheng’s eyes. He looked away and nodded. “I understand.”

As for what he understood, he didn’t explain. He agreed but Xu Sili didn’t relax at all. Instead, his mood became more solemn. He remembered that when Si Sheng was a little slave, he stayed dormant until he was rescued by the princess. Once he was released, he suddenly and violently killed the slave owner.

Xu Sili got the chills when he thought of this. If the setting of Starry Sky Age referenced Game of the Gods then the character of Si Sheng might not have changed much. It was too dangerous. He had to be careful. After all, he was bluffing just now. He really didn’t have the means to restrain Si Sheng. Now he could no longer erase Si Sheng’s consciousness.

Just then, a female voice was heard. “Your Majesty!”

It was Janice who had stayed in the bedroom next door. She heard the movement and hurried over. Janice saw Si Sheng and was very alert. “Lord Marshal, why are you here?”

She came to the bedside and guarded Xu Sili like a hen guarding her chicks.

“Now isn’t the time for His Majesty to meet guests or to deal with government affairs. Lord Si Sheng, you are trespassing on His Majesty’s bedroom. This isn’t in compliance with the rules.”

Janice spoke without any humbleness. This was worthy of being a mom fan. She didn’t show weakness even in the face of the patron saint of the Roland Empire. Si Sheng’s eyes moved slightly, passing over her and falling on the young man behind her. It seemed he knew that a helper had come. The little emperor’s expression brightened a bit. He met Si Sheng’s gaze and didn’t evade it in the slightest.

Si Sheng pursed his thin lips. Then he retracted his gaze and met Janice’s stern eyes. Under the gaze of both her and Xu Sili, his mouth twitched before he suddenly said, “Maid, please clean up the bedroom next door.”

Janice was startled while Xu Sili was also a bit dazed.

“Lord Si Sheng, you mean…” Janice asked hesitantly.

“Next, I will be staying in the palace for a while.” Si Sheng appreciated the two people’s surprised expressions before explaining quietly, “Last night, a group of traitors was cleaned up in the Imperial City. One of them got wind of it and fled ahead of time. I’m afraid he will threaten His Majesty’s safety in the future. Therefore, I will stay in the imperial palace as protection until the person is caught. This is my duty and what the former emperor entrusted to me.”

No one spoke for a while and the atmosphere was a bit stiff. Si Sheng actually brought out the old emperor. Janice didn’t know how to reply for a while and she had to turn to look at the young emperor who was still bewildered.

“Your Majesty… what do you think?” Janice asked hesitantly.

Xu Sili frowned as he stared at Si Sheng. What did this guy want to do?

Si Sheng didn’t look at him. Instead, the gaze was turned to the window. The sunlight came in from outside the window and was bright and clear, but it couldn’t completely eliminate the shadows on the window. There was still a drop or two of blood on the wall.

Xu Sili thought of Mary last night. She quietly sneaked into the room as a shadow. It was difficult for ordinary people to find her. If it wasn’t for Si Sheng…

If those people really came back then it would be hard for him to cope with in a short time, even with Janice. She couldn’t give him a full sense of security.

“Your Majesty?” Janice asked again.

Xu Sili scratched his head irritably. He lifted the quilt and lowered himself to the ground with a gloomy expression. “Let him live as long as he wants. I’m hungry. Have someone prepare breakfast.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.” Janice replied respectfully. She hurriedly fetched slippers for him before going out to order people to prepare breakfast. In the bedroom, there was once again only Xu Sili and Si Sheng.

Xu Sili looked at him with a frown. “What are you staying for?”

“Didn’t I tell Your Majesty?” Si Sheng was serious as he stared with deep eyes at the little emperor in front of him. “This subject is your servant. It is the duty of this subject to protect your safety.”


Xu Sili was too lazy to pay attention to him. Xu Sili grabbed the Glorious Radium 4000 and as he was about to go out, he heard a knock on the door. It was the maids. He gave his approval and a group of maids entered with toiletries and clothes. Xu Sili saw them and felt like he was getting a headache.

Si Sheng wisely left. He walked out of the palace and saw the guards standing upright while silent. They stood guard solemnly and majestically. He didn’t pay much attention to them. His high leather boots hit the floor tiles, making a clear sound in the corridor.

A breeze blew his light gold hair. The man suddenly stood still and glanced sideways at the blue sky outside the promenade. His thoughts floated so far away that he seemed to be able to see something in the sky. It had been three years, almost four years, right? It had been so long since he came into this world.

Lord God, are you finally… willing to appear?

Proofreader: Purichan

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I love this novel! It’s very well translated! Thanks a lot for this amazing work! I look forward to it and decided to join you in this awesome journey!

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So technically, ML kind of transmigrated in a form of cross over. No wonder he end up messing the storyline.

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And God replied, “Never!” And striked down with lightning, killing him to the last strands!


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