VCRMM: Chapter 89 Part 2

Xiao Wu explained the situation at the scene to him.

It turned out that after Xu Yuheng organized the players to head to the border, they went to the military camp together under the leadership of the chief administrator to capture the remaining two traitors.

However, these two traitors were very cunning. They were both two star elementalists and had been guarding the border for many years, so they established a very high prestige in the army.

You know, there were only six two star elementalists in Orchid Moon City. Add in William and it was almost equivalent to removing half of the high-end combat strength of Orchid Moon City.

The chief administrator had been hesitant to arrest them, but in the end, it was a direct order from Imperial City and he had to obey.

However, they ran into trouble during the arrest.

The two traitors not only refused to admit their crimes but they also tried to stir up the emotions of the soldiers.

“Lord Administrator, I have always respected you but what you did today is really chilling!”

One of the wood elementalists spoke with a sad face. “Natasha and I have dedicated ourselves to guarding Orchid Moon City for so many years. All the soldiers have seen it. Do you want to use such despicable means to obliterate our achievements and let newcomers ascend?”

Then his eyes fell on Xu Yuheng and the players. “How did Natasha and I offend you that you would collude with outsiders to slander us like this?”

Natasha was a fire elemental of the rare spiritualist type. She looked at her other two star companions who had hurried over and then the soldiers, her eyes red.

“Do you think that we are traitors like the chief administrator?”

This usually fiery elementalist was now showing such a fragile side. The generals and soldiers who were selfishly on their side were naturally more partial to her.

Under the leadership of some people, the soldiers supported the two elementalists with the declaration of dying together with them.

The chief administrator’s face was livid.

He snapped out, “Jack, Natasha, the evidence that you secretly contacted the leader of the traitors, Bryce, is decisive. Last night, you and William wanted to blow up the core of the guardian formation and destroy the guardian circle of Orchid Moon City. Do you still want to deny it?”

“Lord Administrator, you can just order us if you want to remove us from our posts. Why do you want to slander us with forged evidence?”

The wood elementalist Jack frowned with a look of being wronged.

“Yesterday, Natasha and I stayed at our posts. In the middle of the night, we dealt with a two star beast that sneaked in and only just came back to rest. The soldiers who followed us can testify to this.”

“That’s right!” Natasha exclaimed. “We stayed at the border last night and didn’t leave. Many people can testify to this. You actually said that we want to blow up the core of the guardian circle? It is ridiculous!”

“We have proof…”

The chief administrator’s words hadn’t finished when he was interrupted again by Jack.

“Alien technology is developed and such chat records can be fabricated at any time. Lord Administrator, you should come up with more powerful evidence.”

The two of them were stubborn and the chief administrator had to look to Xu Yuheng for help.

Xu Yuheng had a headache.

The two people reacted too quickly and hid too deeply to search for evidence at their residences.

In fact, there was still another way. It was to make public the video recorded by Xiao Wu. It would be absolutely certain once this video was released but in this way, Xiao Wu’s existence would be exposed.

The Roland Empire couldn’t only have traitors in Orchid Moon City. The moment the traitors were alerted and they directly abandoned their communicators in the future, Xiao Wu’s monitoring ability would be greatly weakened.

Xu Yuheng had some hesitation and this hesitation made Jack and Natasha more arrogant.

Yes, there was no conclusive evidence!

The two people looked at each other and continued to incite the soldiers. They thought it was best for there to be a mutiny and to kill the chief administrator directly.

The moment the chief administrator died, the backbone of Orchid Moon City would be gone.

Then the difficulty would be much lower the next time they wanted to do things.

The emotions of the soldiers had actually reached a critical point. On the one hand, the endless battles and physical and mental fatigue caused everyone to accumulate a lot of negative emotions.

On the other hand, they heard that William had died. If they lost another two elementalists who were two stars, their battle lines might collapse. The generals were terrified of this.

Therefore, even if they understood that the chief administrator wouldn’t lie, they hoped not to deal with Jack and Natasha at the moment. At the very least, give them some breathing room and slowly dispose of them.

This made them choose to remain silent and indirectly led to the detonation of the long-term negative emotions accumulated by the soldiers for a long time.

A well-disciplined military camp had now become a complete mess.

Xu Sili’s face was dark. He was thinking about how to solve this problem when he suddenly heard a horn blowing from the other side of the city wall.

The sound of the horn generally heralded an enemy attack and was often only blown in serious circumstances.

The original noisy barracks was quiet and everyone looked in the direction the sound came from. They saw a large group of flying interstellar beasts in the sky.

They were migratory birds migrating south.

There was the guardian circle so they generally couldn’t cause damage to Orchid Moon City. Then…

Why blow the horn?

They soon discovered the reason.

They saw that there was an empty zone in the black flock of birds. The interstellar beasts flying to the front, left, right and back were all far away from this area.

In the center of that vacuum was…

A military shuttle?

No, was the shuttle of the Roland Empire so advanced? How could it make the huge interstellar beasts avoid it? If there was such a powerful shuttle, Li Lai and the others wouldn’t have taken such a huge risk to escort the elemental instructors over!

Everyone looked confused and even the attention of the players was attracted.

Then in front of everyone’s eyes, the military shuttle stopped outside Orchid Moon City’s guardian circle.

It floated in mid-air, seemingly blocked by the guardian circle.

In the shuttle’s control room, Si Sheng had a cold face.

The speed of the shuttle meant he arrived at Orchid Moon City nearly a day later than expected. So at this moment…

He was in a very bad mood.

The pilot was about to cry. He shivered as he looked at the marshal’s aura, that was so powerful it was to the point of invincibility. He said, “My Lord, Orchid Moon City’s guardian circle…”

“Contact the administrator,” Si Sheng ordered coldly. “I’ll give you a minute.”

As for what terrible things would happen if the guardian circle wasn’t opened in one minute, it was beyond the poor pilot’s imagination.

In order to prevent the marshal from violently breaking the guardian circle, he hurriedly contacted Orchid Moon City’s military as soon as possible. Within a minute, he drove the shuttle into Orchid Moon City.

So under everyone’s attention, the flying shuttle only paused for a short time before starting again. It directly entered Orchid Moon City and reached the sky above them.

“My lord, there is no suitable place to land here…”

The pilot looked over the densely populated military camp below. If he wanted to land, he would have to fly further.

“I’m going down. You can do it yourself.”

Si Sheng said indifferently before disappearing from the flying shuttle.

Below, everyone was looking up at the flying shuttle in the air in order to see what the mysterious shuttle was going to do.

Only the chief administrator thought of something. He was just about to speak when his voice got stuck in his throat.

A blond-haired man in a white military uniform appeared in front of him in the blink of an eye.

The wind blew his cloak behind him. In the warm sunlight, the man appeared like a god in front of everyone’s eyes.

“F*k, when did this person show up?”

“Ahhh, I was scared to death!”

“He is so handsome! This modeling is amazing! By the way, who is he?”

“It seems to be… Si Sheng?”

The players who reacted first were discussing it in the team channel. The soldiers quickly stopped their posture of looking up and noticed Si Sheng’s appearance.

Everyone was stunned.

It wasn’t until someone took the lead that the soldiers all got down on one knee.

“I greet Lord Marshal!”

The fanatical cries were deafening.

It turned out to be the patron saint Si Sheng!

No one found out how he appeared. He was simply too strong!

So the reason why the shuttle could make the flying interstellar beasts retreat was due to Lord Si Sheng? Sure enough, he was as powerful as rumored. He was worthy of the title of number one powerhouse!

In the barracks, everyone except for the players were kneeling, including the chief administrator and the four two star elementalists.

This scene shocked the onlookers.

Meanwhile, Si Sheng was still indifferent and he didn’t even look at the players.

He placed his white-gloved hands on the sword at his waist and looked at the administrator coldly. “What happened? Why is there such a commotion in the barracks? Do you want to mutiny and rebel?”

The chief administrator received the pressure directly and lay on the ground in a panic. He was trembling like a sieve but he still managed to explain everything.

Si Sheng listened to his words and narrowed his eyes slightly before taking back the trace of pressure he leaked.

“Lord Marshal, please don’t listen to the chief administrator’s nonsense. He is slandering us. Natasha and I are innocent!”

Jack retorted with red eyes, “This subordinate once followed you to fight against the interstellar beasts. We have guarded the empire together. How can we betray it?”

He spoke with such emotion that even he might’ve believed that he wasn’t a traitor.

Si Sheng stared at him coldly. The moment Jack inadvertently raised his eyes and met his gaze, Si Sheng’s gray-blue eyes suddenly turned gold.

Jack became eerily still.

His expression became a bit sluggish and his eyes lost focus.

“Are you a traitor,” Si Sheng asked.


Jack nodded obediently.

The soldiers were all stunned and even the players were a bit confused. Jack had just resisted to death. How could he suddenly admit it?

Meanwhile, Natasha was already slumped on the ground.

“Besides you, who else has become a traitor?” Si Sheng continued to ask.

“I don’t know very well. We all had contact with one person. It wasn’t until today that I knew William and Natasha were also traitors…”

The scene was quiet and Jack’s voice entered everyone’s ears.

“Were you planning on destroying the guardian circle of Orchid Moon City?”



“It is the order of the Bewatt Empire.”

“How long have you been a traitor?”

“It has been almost two years…”

The interrogation went smoothly. Under this question and answer process, Jack basically confessed everything that could be explained.

Finally, Si Sheng’s eyes returned to their normal color and Jack also regained his sanity. Of course, his face was as white as paper at this moment.

Natasha didn’t hesitate to give in. In particular, the moment when Si Sheng looked at her, she didn’t wait for him to use the ‘question and answer’ skill and confessed it all.

“Wu wu wu, Lord Master, I just joined for a few months. I haven’t participated in most of the traitors’ actions… please forgive me. I am a two star elementalist and I can still contribute to the empire!”

Natasha lay on the ground and cried for forgiveness. Her previous angry appearance was completely gone.

The response she got in return was a laser bullet that shot her in the head. This two star elementalist of the spiritual department died neatly like this.

Jack, whose face was splattered with blood, suddenly gritted his teeth. He turned his body into a tiny bud and drilled into a gap in the ground, trying to take the opportunity to escape.

Si Sheng’s eyes swept over him.

In an instant, Si Sheng’s eyes turned gold again and complex and mysterious lines covered his face.


The clearing suddenly exploded. Jack, who had just drilled into the crack, was ejected and his body exploded. He became a mess of blood and flesh and was dead.

The strange lines on Si Sheng’s face disappeared like they had never been there.

He retracted his gaze and looked over the soldiers who were still kneeling on the ground. Finally, his eyes fell on Xu Yuheng and the other braves who were still standing but were obviously in shock.

He spoke in a soft, not loud, manner but it clearly spread to the ears of everyone present.

“Those who dare to betray the empire, those who betray His Majesty won’t be spared!”

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