VCRMM: Chapter 89 Part 1

Only 100 meters away from the core of the guardian circle, two figures were fighting. Their movements couldn’t even be seen because they were just two shadow-like things.

There was a backstab and Hua Sui pierced Rouse’s back.


Rouse almost regained his original shape as he screamed. He gritted his teeth and fought back, but golden rays of light fell on Hua Sui and Hua Sui’s wound healed quickly.

It was the light elementalist’s Light Healing technique.

In order to ensure the safety of the core of the guardian circle, Xu Yuheng attached great importance to the team configuration here. There were four light elementalists who had mastered the Light Healing technique.

The presence of these four nurses could greatly make up for the difference in health between Hua Sui and Rouse.

During the process of Hua Sui and Rouse fighting, a series of powerful attacks from various departments like metal, fire, earth, wind and thunder kept greeting Rouse.

There was no need to worry about hurting Hua Sui so the players in the squad released their skills like they didn’t care about losing money.

Indeed, dealing damage was money!

Rouse was a warrior and a strong person who was level 15. He had a lot of health. There was a high probability of them entering the top eight of the output ranking as long as he was defeated.

The top eight received 10,000 Escher coins!

10,000 Escher coins was 100,000 in reality. Only fools would take it easy at this time.

This undoubtedly created a huge psychological shadow for Rouse.

At first, he thought that Hua Sui wanted to die with him and this was why Hua Sui ignored the attacks of his companions. Then he found that—

The attacks all fell on him and the Light Healing techniques were given to Hua Sui!

It was obviously the two people entangled together so why was it so unfair? Was there any reason for this?

He knew that the plan had failed. Unfortunately, he didn’t run away immediately and even thought about destroying the core on his own.

Of course, this would be difficult. It was impossible for him to destroy the core on his own without a blast bomb.

So after hesitating, he found that Bryce’s side couldn’t be contacted and he prepared to flee.

Originally, it should be very easy for him as a dark warrior to escape. However, now he had been entangled for at least half an hour!

Damn! Weren’t the braves weak?

Why were there so many elementalists? There was also a dark warrior with a higher level than him and these people were so skilled!

Rouse was very depressed but there was nothing he could do.

His strength was constantly weakening. Meanwhile, his opponent was not only in peak condition but also had helpers!

At this time, something that made him even more desperate happened.

“God Hua, we’re here to help you!”

“Hold on, your brothers are coming!”

God Hua?

Hua Sui’s expression changed and he roared directly at the players who came as reinforcements. “Get lost!”

Then he took advantage of when Rouse was feeling desperate to take out the laser gun that had never been used. He fired a clean shot at Rouse’s heart.

-10,880! Critical hit!

This bloody number appeared in the air. Rouse already had his health reduced to one third. Now it decreased by more than half and he even received the bleeding debuff.

Hua Sui fired again and completely took Rouse’s life.

The other players shouted regretfully without the joy of defeating the boss. It was because Hua Sui jumped to first place on the output ranking. The only one who could compare was God Eight, who killed a half star warrior alone.

Hua Sui snorted coldly and put away the laser gun. Then he started to grab the items on Rouse’s body.

There was nothing of particular value other than a waist card. He curled his lips and was too lazy to stay here to be watched. He once again turned into a shadow and disappeared.

The counterattack night raid came to a perfect end.

It was just that the task of guarding Orchid Moon City hadn’t been completed. There were still two traitors hiding in the border camp and the leader Bryce, who wasn’t present here.

Xu Yuheng had sent people to contain him in advance but he just received news that Bryce had run away.

This old man was very cunning. He slipped away after sending out the call to action and even left his communicator in place. The AI’s intelligence simply went against the sky but Bryce had such powerful anti-tracking abilities.

Now he wasn’t wearing a communicator and Xiao Wu couldn’t monitor him. They wouldn’t be able to catch him for a while now that he had escaped.

In addition, according to Xiao Wu’s feedback, the traitors in the barracks at the border hadn’t shown any abnormality. It was estimated that they felt they were safe and well hidden.

It was a pity that they encountered an artificial intelligence. Otherwise, it really would’ve been difficult to find them.

Xu Yuheng really wanted to go to the border to arrest them but it was already late at night. It was around 3 or 4 o’clock in the morning in reality. Most players had to go offline to rest.

The remaining two traitors were both two star elementalists and their status in the army wasn’t low. It wasn’t easy to capture them without the players.

He had to suppress his anxiety. He led the players to increase their favorability with the army of the core of the guardian circle before letting the players go offline.

The epic rated escort mission that had been online for nearly two weeks had become a point of attack for rival companies. As an official person behind the game, Xu Yuheng couldn’t repeat the offense.

However, according to the test results of the game cabin, basic physiologic activities were carried out offline after the players were online for two consecutive weeks. So far, there had been no problems.

Most players chose to go offline and rest. There were only a few night owls still online, such as professional players like Qing Yan.

It was rare to find a new map or a place like the core of the guardian circle. They were very curious and couldn’t help taking advantage of the chaos to wander around.

Then they were soon caught by the guards who resumed the patrols.

Xu Yuheng was too lazy to take care of them. He had been busy these days and was tired, so he went offline to sleep.

Meanwhile, various posts were active on the Starry Sky Forum. Among which, the most discussed was undoubtedly tonight’s battle at the core of the guardian circle.

The accurate information and counterattack plan made by players in response to the information, the tactical cooperation in the face of William, a two star elementalist, and the wonderful battle between Hua Sui and Rouse were all organized into strategy posts, from which players could summarize a lot of information.

The first thing was the combat system of this game. It abandoned the fixed skill release mode of other online games and fully realized the high degree of freedom and high flexibility in combat. Highly skilled players could create new skill combinations by themselves.

This alone beat most of the games on the market.

In particular, the fight between Hua Sui and Rouse had been edited into various commentary videos by many game masters based on the materials and published on various platforms.

It was at night but the data was quite impressive as soon as it was released. Over time, it even spread outside the game circle.

This remarkable battle was like the special effects of a movie. The more terrifying thing was that the picture was more realistic and smoother than a movie!

Then there was the mission of guarding Orchid Moon City, which could be called a spy war. There was a research party who sorted out the relevant information and figured out the entire context.

However, this research party believed that the biggest failure of this mission design was that the information on the traitor NPCs was too detailed. This way, the story plot that should’ve been more exciting and tense became a battle between players and NPCs.

It was cool enough to make the blood boil but it wasn’t enough to burn the brain. He hoped that the game team could improve in this regard.

The thing that finally made this post popular was the official’s reply:

“Hello dear players, the game plot logic of Starry Sky Age completely relies on the main brain’s deductions and the game team has no further intervention. As for the information obtained by the mission recipients, it was obtained by themselves through the means in the game, not the mission notifications sent directly.”

“P.S. A large-scale defense mission like this might be unique and might not appear again in the subsequent game processes.”

This reply that shifted the blame immediately aroused a passionate discussion among the night owls.

This ‘uniqueness’ made many casual gamers feel a bit strange. After all, the games on the market all had new servers that would open at certain stages and the story tasks of each server were the same.

In other words, if they hadn’t experienced the mission in the old server, they could experience it in the new server. Yet looking at the meaning of this reply…

Many people asked questions and quickly got a reply: Starry Sky Age will have only one server and won’t open new servers.

This answer once again sparked a new discussion.

It was because it was—so innovative!

Did this mean that players who entered the game earlier would accumulate more advantages and new players would never be able to match the older players?

The officials didn’t give an answer about this point but said that it was left to the players to explore on their own.

The game company releasing this information in advance actually had advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand, the persecution of the Xu family by the group of old foxes would be more intense. On the other hand, it could stimulate those who were optimistic about the game so they would stop waiting and enter as soon as possible.

Of course, what it would evolve into later in the future would be left to time.

Based on tonight’s battle, the casual players had summarized a few strategies.

For example, a spiritual elementalist was much more fragile than a warrior. William was a two star elementalist but he died much faster than Rouse. Another example was that the critical hit bonus of weak spots was terrible.

It was a bit similar to reality. It didn’t matter if the opponent was stronger than them. Just shoot twice at the temple and that person would die.

These were all practical experiences, which were very important information for novice players and even for current closed beta players.

Of course, if Xu Sili saw this post then he would’ve probably deleted it immediately.

However, the emperor couldn’t see the forum of reality. After watching tonight’s battle and getting the final result, he went to sleep with peace of mind.

As for someone…

Xu Sili said goodnight to him before 12 o’clock so that person didn’t dare talk to him.

Xu Sili slept until nearly 10 o’clock in the morning.

He sleepily went to wash up and picked up the communicator to look at it. Then he found a message from Xiao Wu.

Something happened in Orchid Moon City!

He became agitated and all the sleepiness disappeared.

Xu Sili asked Xiao Wu about the specific situation while running to the dark room and turning on the monitor.

The little monitoring bee was hidden in the hood of his second brother Xu Yuheng’s clothes. It flew covertly under his control.

The little bee flew high in the sky and the situation of the scene was broadcasted to him in real time.

This was the border of Orchid Moon City and it should be the barracks based on the environment. There were two groups of people in the middle of the field.

One group was led by the chief administrator and Xu Yuheng. The other was the military led by the 2 two star elementalists. There were also soldiers on the side of the administrator but they were crushed in terms of numbers.

The two groups of people faced each other and both sides were relatively agitated. Depending on the situation, there was even a tendency toward mutiny.

Xu Sili frowned and his expression became solemn.

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