VCRMM: Chapter 88 Part 2

An old forest on a deep mountain in Orchid Moon City.

In the late autumn, dead leaves fell all over the ground. Only the evergreen trees for all seasons were still lush. They decorated the mountains and forests and set off the night more intensely.

Between the mountain and the forest, there were soldiers in camouflage uniforms patrolling everywhere. There was still a certain distance between this place and the border, but as the core location of the guardian circle, it was still heavily guarded.

A pair of soldiers patrolled to the top of the mountain. One of them looked around with alert eyes while the other was sitting on a stone carelessly. The soldier was still a bit dissatisfied after being told off by his companions.

“No enemy will come here. Why are you so nervous? I have been here for three years and I haven’t seen a single ghost, let alone an interstellar beast.”

“Do you want to fight the interstellar beasts?” His companion frowned.

“Do you want to stay in this broken place forever? The border might be dangerous but the promotion is quick. I have a junior who entered in the same period and he is now promoted to regiment commander.”

“What about us? It has been three years without a first-class merit. Do you want to spend the rest of your time here?”

“This is the core of the guardian circle. The general said it is very important.”

His companion said, “If you want to go to the border, ask the general for it. Every year, people are transferred out of the front line. You can go if you want.”

The soldier spread open his hands. “Do you think I didn’t apply? The general said that the guards here aren’t strong enough so he won’t let anyone go. There was a fight with the chief administrator before.”

“We can only blame ourselves for not being elementalists. Otherwise, we would’ve been sent to the border.”

“Don’t talk nonsense. We have elementalists here…” Halfway through, his companion stopped.

The soldier didn’t notice anything and continued to talk, “So they are unlucky.”

“Yes, it is unlucky.”

An unfamiliar voice was heard. The soldier was stunned and realized there was an enemy attack. However, before he could see the people, it became black in front of his eyes and he fell down.

“Oh, trash.”

The masked man in black clothes looked down at the two soldiers who had fallen to the ground. He snorted lightly and glanced at the communicator.

[S]: No. 8, is it going well? Reply received.

The masked man lowered his head. He called up the input box and had just replied with the words ‘went smoothly’ when a black shadow silently appeared behind him.

The masked man sensed something was wrong and was about to look back when a hand reached out of the shadows, covering the masked man’s mouth and nose with a white cloth.

The masked man struggled fiercely but the shadows wrapped around his hands and feet. His mouth was covered again. Even if he made a small whimper, it wasn’t loud enough to be heard by anyone.

Not to mention…


The laser gun wrapped in shadows hit his temple. After two muffled sounds, the masked man stopped struggling.

The shadow that wrapped around him retracted back into a man with a beard. He looked at the dead masked man and sneered. “Oh, trash.”

“F*k, God Eight, why did you just kill him directly? He was at least a level 5 elite monster?”

“God Eight 6666.”

“F*k, the damage output of God Eight is on the list!”

There was wailing from the team channel.

God Eight felt wronged.

“How could I know that if I hit him in the temple, I would directly get a critical hit? My maximum damage is only 1,000. As a result, the critical hit caused more than 10,000 damage in one blow. He was killed with two blows.”

His information was immediately sent to the team.

At present, they hadn’t fought many NPCs. They mostly killed interstellar beasts and they used the method of picking up any leaks in the melee. Their combat strategy was lacking.

“In other words, NPCs are people and have a damage bonus for weak point attacks? Shooting at the temple will increase the critical hit damage?”

“This should be correct.”

“Don’t jump to conclusions. We can experiment a few more times.”

“What happened to the two soldiers?”

Then God Eight remembered that there were still two soldiers lying down.

“They aren’t dead. They’re unconscious.”

The two soldiers weren’t elementalists. God Eight was now level 12 and could fully detect their information.

“Two vulnerable level 5 soldiers. Tsk tsk, they are still thinking about going to the border to fight interstellar beasts. I don’t know whether to admire their courage or call them stupid.”

God Eight sighed emotionally only to be interrupted by his teammates.

“Stop talking nonsense and quickly check what is on that traitor.”

Players with other professions were hiding in the forest. They heard he was still talking nonsense and couldn’t help being anxious.

God Eight had to crouch down and search the masked man. He pulled out a laser gun and 10 things called blast bombs.

This blast bomb was very powerful and one could cause 100,000 damage.

“Wow, I’m rich, rich.”

God Eight posted a message on the channel and took the masked man’s communicator.

“Che, so weak. How dare you collide with me? You deserve to be killed.”

He muttered while ignoring the two unconscious soldiers. He sneaked into the forest while carrying the masked man’s body.

On the other side, Elder Bryce received a reply from all his subordinates and nodded.

He had 10 subordinates in total and only eight people took action this time. He didn’t choose to bring the two strongest ones.

It was too risky.

He also wasn’t ready to go in person this time.

Eight people and the strongest one was two stars…

If even they failed then the plan would’ve never been successful. He might suffer heavy losses if he failed but he still had a trump card. At the very least, he had a chance to make a comeback.

Bryce single-handedly planned the attack but he had already figured a way out for himself.

He was in the darkness while quietly waiting for Rouse’s signal.

Rouse was a rare dark warrior whose strength had reached one and a half stars. Over the years, he managed to blend into the military headquarters that guarded the core and was now the second strongest in this military camp.

According to the news he had sent back, the fact that they would blow up the guardian circle was released yet for some reason, the military of Orchid Moon City didn’t pay special attention to it.

The army guarding the core guardian circle hadn’t received any news until now and the defense was as loose as ever.

Bryce didn’t know if the Orchid Moon City’s military was looking down on them too much or overestimating these braves too much. However, this was undoubtedly an irresistible temptation for them.

No. 2 had previously sent him a message saying that these braves were elementalists and requested that all braves be strangled in the cradle.

Bryce had taken this to heart but he didn’t have the time to care about the braves at this moment.

Tonight had to go well!

Bryce squeezed the vial in his hand. It contained the blood of the golden weasel. He would give this potion as long as the eight people successfully blew up the guardian circle and came to join him.

Then they would flee Orchid Moon City together.

As for No. 1 and No. 3, they were so powerful that they would naturally find a way to find him.

Soon, Rouse’s action signal came.

Bryce’s eyes lit up and he started to issue orders to the eight subordinates.


The vibration of the communicator was heard.

The wind elemental William stood next to Xu Yuheng and couldn’t help his heart skipping a beat. He had followed the braves to lurk in this forest to wait for the arrival of the ‘traitor.’

He had been following the actions of the braves today and naturally knew all their plans. Thus, he also knew that —

On the necessary path laid out by Bryce, more than a 100 braves were waiting in ambush as well as elementalists, including him. They were waiting for the traitors to throw themselves into the net.

Therefore, before he got to the ambush site, he had already sent a message to Bryce to cancel the plan.

So why was Bryce sending him a message?

He gritted his teeth and finally glanced at the communicator.

The action would begin?

Did Bryce not understand him?

What went wrong?

William was in turmoil for a while. What was the situation? However, he remained calm on the surface.

Action? He wasn’t going to act.

In a situation like this, exposure was death and only a fool would do it.

Soon, the silence of the night forest was broken.

The sound of fighting was everywhere but what made William feel strange was—

Why were there only four places where the battle started?

According to Bryce’s plan, including him who was on the inside, there should be at least seven people breaking through from the outside. They would join forces with Rouse inside and out, directly using the blast bombs to blow up the guardian circle!

Including him, there were six people and Rouse, who should’ve created chaos in the interior and waited for those six people to transport the blast bombs in. Now… why was the interior of the mountain forest so quiet?

William’s doubts weren’t answered.

The location where he and the braves were waiting wasn’t part of Bryce’s plan of action. The nearest battlefield to him should be No. 5.

He secretly mobilized the wind element and vaguely heard the situation of the battle over there. In addition to the sounds created by various skills, there were only No. 5’s screams.

He was horrified and cold sweat dripped from his forehead.

Soon, the battle over there was over and he saw a dozen braves running from that side.

“Captain, we’re done!” A brave called out excitedly.

Xu Yuheng nodded. “Very good. Stand by.”


The dozen or so braves remained together in the forest. It could be seen that they were whispering in a low voice but William couldn’t hear what they were saying despite their closeness.

Finally, after a wait that felt both short and long, William couldn’t help speaking. “Cough, Captain Yu.”

He looked at the leader of the braves.

“Are we just waiting here? There are battles taking place elsewhere. Don’t we need to go and support them?”

Xu Yuheng adjusted his glasses and looked at William with a smile. “Wait a minute. My subordinates didn’t ask for help so they should be able to get it done.”

William pursed his lips.

“I’m afraid it will be too late if we wait for them to ask for help.”

Just as Xu Yuheng was about to speak, two more squads rushed back. They looked a bit worse for wear but there were no casualties.

“Why did you come back together?” Xu Yuheng asked.

“Oh, we went to support them…”

Before one player could finish speaking, the players of the other squad spoke indignantly, “Captain, you obviously said that each squad is responsible for their own target but they came to grab people’s heads!”

“It was obvious that you are too weak and were going to let the person run away. We were kind enough to help!”

“Who wants your fake kindness! You came to grab the output!”

Xu Yuheng would give rewards based on the damage output ranking. The top eight would gain an additional 10,000 Escher coins. All the players exerted their strength but there were a few renegades. There were so many monks and not a lot of porridge. This type of head-snatching action was inevitable.

Xu Yuheng saw them arguing and had to persuade them with a few words. Once they stopped, he looked at Willian with a helpless expression that said ‘you see.’

The corners of William’s mouth were twitching.

It was just that the overall situation had been determined. He wouldn’t be able to help much even if he went. He could only hope that those few people would be lucky enough to escape.

However, his prayers were clearly useless.

One after another, six squads returned and all gathered in this grove.

Xu Yuheng nodded and sent a message to Hua Sui, asking him how it was going over there.

The dark warrior on the guardian circle side was naturally handed over to the team led by Hua Sui. This traitor was the strongest besides William and it wasn’t easy to deal with him.

[Hua Sui]: It’s coming soon.

Xu Yuheng saw the words sent by the young man and raised an eyebrow. He edited the text to send a reply.

[Yushu Linfeng]: It is a bit slow.

[Yushu Linfeng]: Our side is already done. Do you need us to send someone to support you?

Hua Sui was tangled up with Rouse. He heard the message notification during the battle and glanced at it. Then he couldn’t help exploding.

He ignored Rouse’s attack and had to reply to Xu Yuheng even if he was injured.

[Hua Sui]: Get lost!

Xu Yuheng laughed lightly. This kid probably raised his hackles again.

He knew they were still fighting over there so he no longer interfered with Hua Sui. He counted the number of people present before turning to look at William.

This two star elemental was the strongest in this place at present.

William’s eyes flashed when he saw Xu Yuheng suddenly looking at him. His heart beat a bit faster but he pretended to be calm.

“Captain Yu, you…”

Xu Yuheng smiled, raised his wrist and nodded at the communicator.

An image of the chief administrator appeared on the communicator.

This chief administrator was only in his 50s this year. He was a half star warrior so his lifespan was double that of ordinary people. He could live to at least 170 to 180 years old.

Yet when he was supposed to be in the prime of his life, his hair was already half white and there were many deep wrinkles on his face.

At this moment, he gazed at William and his eyes were full of sadness and regret.

Under William’s shocked gaze, the administrator spoke softly, “William, you have disappointed me so much…”

“Lord Administrator, you… what are you talking about?” William panicked. Was he exposed?

“William, don’t resist any longer.”

In the video, the administrator spoke in a weary manner. “We have evidence of your contact with the traitor leader. You might as well give up or I won’t be able to protect you.”

“Nonsense! It is a conspiracy. Someone is framing me!” William shouted loudly. “How much have I paid for Orchid Moon City? If it wasn’t for me, Orchid Moon City would’ve been overwhelmed by interstellar beasts a long time ago!”

“You can’t wrongfully accuse a hero. I don’t know Bryce at all!”

Suddenly, he froze and couldn’t say anything else.

Xu Yuheng stared at him with a smile. “We didn’t say that the leader of the traitors is called Bryce. How do you know this?”

William stared at him in a trembling manner.

The thing that really frightened him wasn’t Xu Yuheng but the braves staring at him behind Xu Yuheng.

He had just seen the ferocity of these people and they were all elementalists…

He stepped back slowly. He saw that nothing could be done so he gritted his teeth and blessed himself with the Wind Riding technique and the Flying technique. Then he flew toward the night sky.

None of these people had a two star rating and they still wanted to catch him? Dream on!

He had just flown out when a figure flashed in front of him.

Xu Yuheng hovered in mid-air and smiled at him.

“Master William, where are you going?”

“Four layers of Wind Riding! How is this possible? How can you possibly learn…?”

William paused due to this incredulous sight when a green vine wrapped around his ankle and dragged him down from the air.

William hurriedly sent out a wind blade to cut off the vine, but more and more vines wrapped around him.

As a two star elementalist, William still had some means to save his life. He actually released dozens of wind blades in an instant, cutting the vines.

Just as he was feeling relieved and wanted to escape from the sky, several small hills appeared in mid-air and pressed down directly on him.

Fortunately, he saw an opportunity and instantly turned around to fly down.

However, there were already the brave waiting for him below. Before he could change to fly in a horizontal direction, he heard a dozen voices crying out in unison.

“Flying Blade!”

There was the sound of air being cut in the silent night.

There was no chance for William at all. One after another, the sharp blades pierced his flesh. As he coughed up blood and still insisted on flying away, the small hills above his head had already smashed down and directly crushed him to the ground.

William vomited up blood. Even a two star powerhouse couldn’t withstand the attacks of nearly 100 one star elementalists.

He lay on the ground, unable to move under the pressure of the small hills. He raised his head to look at the players who were rushing up to him to deal a blow. He felt suffocated and finally coughed up his last mouthful of blood.

“F*k, he just died like that?”

“It is a pity. I didn’t hit him a few times.”

“Walk around and go to the side of the guardian circle. That side isn’t finished. Go see if we can pick up any mistakes!”

“That’s right. Brothers, withdraw!”’

The soldiers guarding the core were undoubtedly the ones most confused tonight.

They heard the movement and rushed over to check the enemy’s situation, only to find that the battle was over when they arrived.

They finally came to the last battlefield and thought they could help. Then what they saw was a two star elementalist being crushed to death by several hills.

They looked at the nearly 100 ‘bandits’ clamoring to rush to the core of the guardian circle and all the NPCs had only one thought in their minds.

Were these people the devil?!

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