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VCRMM: Chapter 88 Part 1

Xu Yuheng saw the shadow that was rapidly moving toward the forest and chased after it while throwing out two wind blades.

The wind blades flew toward the shadow. One was dodged and the other hit the shadow, but—

[The attack has failed. Unable to attack teammates.]

Xu Yuheng frowned.

The one who stole his kill was his teammate? Who was so shameless?

However, the information of dark type warriors couldn’t be detected in the shadow state. This was why they were good at investigating information and were most suitable for doing things that weren’t visible.

Xu Yuheng glanced at his attributes panel.

Magic: 5/200.

After just a few battles, his magic was close to being exhausted and there was no way to use any more elemental skills.

He sighed softly while the unhappiness in his heart accumulated to the extreme.

Just then—

[Ding~ Successfully triggered an elite mission – Exchange Magic Medicine]

[Mission Content: A new batch of mana medicine has been added to the faction warehouse. Please exchange a bottle and take it.]

[Mission Rewards: Reputation, experience and 100 bottles of primary magic recovery medicine.]

Xu Yuheng glanced at the mission panel that appeared in front of him and couldn’t help raising an eyebrow.

It was no wonder that the forum players said he was using a cheat software. If this mission screenshot was sent to the forum then it would probably cause a big earthquake.

An elite mission where he could get rewarded for exchanging a bottle of magic potion… it wasn’t wrong to say he opened a cheat.

He was still in battle so these thoughts were fleeting. He quickly opened the faction warehouse and exchanged 10 points of reputation for a bottle of primary recovery medicine.

The primary magic recovery medicine was different from the health recovery pill medicine. It was a blue liquid in a transparent vial. The appearance value was quite high.

Xu Yuheng didn’t hesitate to drink the medicine.

His taste function was turned up to 100 so he could taste it. The medicine was a bit bitter in his mouth but it quickly became sweet. He drank it and felt it was like lemon tea.

[Magic +50.]

[Magic +50.]


After drinking, a line of numbers suddenly appeared above his head. The primary recovery medicine restored 50 magic per second for 10 seconds.

Xu Yuheng didn’t waste these 10 seconds.

He quickly blessed himself with a layer of Wind Riding technique, doubling his speed and consuming 50 magic at once.

He didn’t stop.

The second layer Wind Riding technique, 100 magic!

The third layer Wind Riding technique, 150 magic!

The fourth layer Wind Riding technique, 200 magic!

The 500 magic points from one bottle of primary magic recovery medicine was all used by him to bless himself with the Wind Riding technique. Finally, he had 55 magic left.

Xu Yuheng’s speed was already so fast that it couldn’t be distinguished with the naked eye.

A total of 10 layers of Wind Riding technique could be stacked. Each additional layer consumed a lot of magic. It was estimated that the two star elementalists could only stack up to the second layer. It was because in addition to consuming magic, the stacking of the Wind Riding technique required control.

However, the assistance of the game system meant the skills mastered by players didn’t need to be trained in at all. It could be used as long as there was enough magic.

This was the advantage of players!

It was an advantage that NPCs couldn’t compare to no matter what!

In almost the blink of an eye, Xu Yuheng flew directly in front of the shadow’s escape direction.

Hmph, comparing speed with a wind elementalist? How funny!

In the eyes of other players, it was as if he flashed past.

“F*k, God Jade is cheating again!”

“What skill is this? It looks so handsome ahhh. A wind elementalist is superior!”

“This man is so attractive! He is too handsome. Ah Caizi, quickly go over to chat to him. I want to see my male god up close 5555.”

Ah Caizi had been watching Xu Yuheng kill the monsters so she happened to shoot this scene. The barrage suddenly filled her live broadcast room.

She saw that someone was discussing the matter of Yushu Linfeng opening a cheat software and said softly, “I just saw God Yu drinking something. Perhaps there is an item to assist him, right?”

“This game currently gives me the feeling that the possibility of opening a cheat software is very small. Everyone shouldn’t spread rumors when there is no evidence.”

Ah Caizi restrained the fans while Xu Yuheng was floating in front of the shadow, watching it calmly.

The dark type warrior obviously never imagined that Xu Yuheng would catch up so quickly. He froze for a moment before quickly turning around and moving under the big tree on the other side.

It was a plains area all around there. There were no particularly large trees that could form a large area of shadow. There were only a few trees.

He just needed to enter the shadow of the tree and he could use his dark skills to infiltrate the shadow world. This way, no one could catch him.

However, Xu Yuheng didn’t give him a chance at all.

He mobilized the Wind Riding technique again and ‘flashed’ to block the path of the shadow.

The shadow was forced to turn around.

Xu Yuheng didn’t let him go at all. He circled around the shadow like a cat catching a mouse.

Elemental warriors consumed magic when using skills. It was just that they simultaneously consumed physical strength at the same time so the magic consumption speed was much lower than the spiritual elementalists. But…

As long as it was consumed, there would always be a time when it was exhausted.

Xu Yuheng watched the shadow escaping in a leisurely manner.

He had completed the bug-like elite mission and gained 100 bottles of magic medicine. He could fully afford to consume them in a drawn-out battle.

In the distance, Baifeng originally wanted to come over to him. Then he saw this posture and turned to continue killing the monsters.

Brother Yu was too amazing!

He needed to kill more monsters and level up as soon as possible in order to cooperate with such a superb Brother Yu!

In the end, the shadow became annoyed.

He rushed toward Xu Yuheng, who was blocking the way. It was as if he wanted to rush past directly to enter the shadows.

Xu Yuheng raised an eyebrow and smiled coldly.

“The one who stole my monsters is now hiding his head and showing his tail. Scum is scum. It is too shameful.”

The moment his extremely lethal taunt emerged, the shadow froze. Then the shadow moved toward him more frantically and jumped up.

However, the shadow didn’t flee. The moment he left the ground, the shadow turned into a teenager and headed toward Xu Yuheng to kill him!

The teenager’s movements were very sensitive and he was obviously trained. He directly wrapped his limbs around Xu Yuheng in mid-air and threw Xu Yuheng down onto the grass. The muzzle of his laser gun was pressed against Xu Yuheng’s forehead.

“Who are you calling scum?”

Hua Sui stared coldly at Xu Yuheng with a murderous aura in his eyes. His laser gun had already started accumulating energy.

Xu Yuheng hadn’t expected this teenager’s body to be so agile. His reflexes couldn’t keep up and he was immediately countered by the teenager.

However, he didn’t panic. He scanned the team channel and saw that no one had withdrawn from the team. This made his heart even more settled.

After being thrown to the ground from the air, his glasses were a bit crooked. Xu Yuheng struggled and tried to free his hands, but his limbs were tightly entangled. He couldn’t get free for a while.

This was the difference in strength between a spiritualist and a warrior. His level wasn’t higher than Hua Sui’s and it was reasonable for him to be suppressed.

“Young people shouldn’t talk about martial arts.”

Xu Yuheng glanced at the laser gun in the teenager’s hands. At first glance, it was a high-end product and was incomparable to the other Imperial City players.

“You robbed me of three monsters and now you want to kill me?”

“Hmph!” Hua Sui snorted coldly. “Did the monsters have your name written on them? Besides, my base damage with one shot is 3,000. How many hits would you take to deal that much damage?”

“It should be said that the monsters you killed earlier were stolen from me.”

Xu Yuheng blinked.

What a good guy, this laser gun was really a high-end product! Xu Yuheng’s total health right now wasn’t even 3,000.

He glanced at the teenager’s information.

Hua Sui, level 16, a dark warrior.

“Are you Hua Sui? The number one on the rankings list?” Xu Yuheng’s eyes narrowed.

This could be considered a real player.

It might be very uncomfortable to have his monsters stolen but his anger had mostly disappeared after chasing and seeing the teenager hang his head and run away.

Hua Sui’s mouth twitched. “That’s me. Are you afraid? Hmph, go and die. You dared to fight with this young master!”

The laser gun was full of energy so he directly pulled the trigger. But—

[The attack has failed. Unable to attack teammates.]

Xu Yuheng relaxed. He saw the young man’s ashen face as he gritted his teeth like he wanted to quit the team. Then Xu Yuheng told him leisurely, “If you quit the team, you won’t be able to get experience.”

In the team mode, the more damage that was dealt, the higher the experience obtained. Based on Hua Sui’s damage output ranking, he could gain experience even if he didn’t fight monsters now.

Sure enough, Hua Sui froze.

Then he quickly sneered. “You dared to threaten this young master? You are doomed today!”

Xu Yuheng looked startled as Hua Sui stood up. However, he wasn’t freed.

He saw the young man’s hand transform into a long black rope that firmly bound him. Then the teenager picked him up and ran in the direction of the monsters.

Xu Yuheng suddenly understood what this person wanted to do.

F*k, this kid wanted to borrow a knife to kill him!

In front of the monitor, Xu Sili saw this and couldn’t help frowning.

Second brother, can you do it?

I opened a cheat for you but you will still be killed by someone!

He glanced at the image of the teenager and vaguely remembered.

Wasn’t this Hua Sui or something? The kid was thrown to the barracks by Li Zhecheng after being caught stealing an NPC’s wallet and received special devil training. Li Zhecheng had reported it to him before.

He pulled up the mission panel and saw the details of Hua Sui in the epic mission column.

Yo, level 16 already?

This level was a bit unexpected.

It seemed the special training at the barracks had brought a lot of benefits to this boy. The laser gun with a basic damage of 3,000 was probably obtained from the barracks, right?

In this way, it was reasonable for his second brother to lose.

After all, there was a difference of seven or eight levels and the strength was very different. But… was he just going to watch his second brother being bullied like this?

The answer was naturally no.

He was just about to release a mission to let the other players rescue him when the surveillance screen changed.

“Hey, Hua Sui.”

The carried Xu Yuheng looked calm apart from the fact that his glasses were even more crooked.

He saw that Hua Sui was ignoring him and wasn’t angry. He even sent a private message telling Baifeng not to come over.

He asked, “Would you like to come and help me?”

“You should know about the mission of protecting Orchid Moon City, right?” Xu Yuheng continued. “There is a dark warrior among the traitors who is very strong.”

The moment he finished speaking, the speed at which Hua Sui walked toward the group of monsters noticeably slowed.

Xu Yuheng sensed this.

He added, “The other elementalIsts are fine but the dark elementalist will be a bit troublesome.”

For example, just now. If Hua Sui had escaped into a large area of shadows then he might’ve been able to run away. Xu Yuheng had the information of the elementalists of each department and he still had an impression of the skills of a dark warrior. This was why he could guess Hua Sui’s intention to escape.

“I think that you might be able to deal with him with your ability or at least force him to appear in human form and cooperate with the rest of us to defeat him,” Xu Yuheng said.

“Why should I help you?” Hua Sui sneered.

“Don’t you want the mission rewards?”

“I already have health medicine.”

Xu Yuheng paused. The rewards for the players of Imperial City were indeed only the health medicine and information on how to establish a mercenary group.

The latter wasn’t attractive to Hua Sui.

As for the former… he traveled alone so the medicine exchanged during the escort mission was probably enough.

At this time, Hua Sui started to move forward again.

Xu Yuheng thought about it for a moment. “How about 10 drops of primary magic recovery medicine?”

Hua Sui stopped moving.

“The specific effect?”

“One drop can restore 50 points of magic per second for 10 seconds.”

“Does it restore physical strength?”

“……” Xu Yuheng was speechless. “No.”

“Where did you get the potions?” Hua Sui asked.

Xu Yuheng didn’t speak.

Hua Sui curled his lips before opening his mouth widely like a lion. “I want 100 drops.”

Xu Yuheng rolled his eyes. “20 drops. I won’t change it.”

Hua Sui tried to bargain a few times but couldn’t get anything else from Xu Yuheng. He finally agreed to this number.

“Pay 10 drops first as a deposit.”

“1 drop.”

“10 drops.”

“Do you want it or not?”

Xu Yuheng’s attitude was strong and he didn’t seem to be asking for help at all. Hua Sui was a bit angry but equipment didn’t drop when killing people in this game.

He gritted his teeth and finally released Xu Yuheng in a reluctant manner.

Xu Yuheng straightened his glasses, even though his vision was normal in the game and the glasses were just a decoration.

Suddenly, he thought this could be a direction to promote the game. After all, there were too many people with vision problems in reality.

There were even some people with limited mobility who could have a whole new life in the game.

“Hey, the deposit!”

Hua Sui interrupted his contemplation to ask for something.

Xu Yuheng directly flicked his forehead. “Don’t be impudent. During the mission, call me Captain or Brother Yu.”

Hua Sui touched his forehead and glared angrily.

He had turned on 70% realism. This didn’t deal damage due to their teammate relationship but it still hurt.

He was angry but endured it for the sake of the medicine. “You hit this young master so you have to pay me health medicine.”

Xu Yuheng’s mouth twitched. What young master? This boy was really arrogant.

He thought for a moment before taking out a small bottle from his backpack.

“There are 10 health pills in here. Call me Brother Yu and they are yours.”

He took the small bottle and shook it in front of Hua Sui’s eyes, causing it to make a small sound. This was a scene where the rich and powerful used money to force him to bow his head.

So cheap…

Xu Sili couldn’t help thinking in front of the monitor.

Then he quickly realized that this was his second brother and Hua Sui should really be handled. He thought about it and left them alone. He controlled the surveillance of the little bee to watch the other players.

Hua Sui struggled for a long time before finally gritting his teeth and calling Xu Yuheng ‘Brother.’ Then he ran away with the medicine.

After seeing him disappear into the grass again like a shadow, Xu Yuheng shrugged and turned back to continue killing the monsters.

The battle lasted all day.

Almost all players had died at least once but the experience gained and the interstellar beast materials on the ground could be regarded as a remarkable achievement.

In one word—cool!

They finally stopped at night. After cleaning up the battlefield, they took advantage of the cover of night to drive the floating car back to Orchid Moon City.

The fights between the groups of beasts were still continuing but without the troublemaking group of players, it was estimated that it would soon stop.

Today was a rare day of relaxation for the soldiers at the border of Orchid Moon City.

It wasn’t known what medicine the interstellar beasts had taken but they all started to fight each other like crazy. The scene was grand and the roars could be heard from a distance.

In the face of such a chaotic interstellar beast battlefield, the army naturally didn’t dare join in the fun. Even the spies weren’t sent out for fear they would be affected.

This melee did have an advantage. It was that even if a hole developed in the guardian circle of Orchid Moon City, there were no interstellar beasts rushing through it. This allowed the soldiers who hadn’t rested for a long time to breathe.

Some people even prayed for the interstellar beasts to fight every day so they could rest for a while.

The administrator was the only one who knew that this rare chaotic battle was probably caused by the braves.

This made him nervous all day long. He was worried that the braves would be damaged in the wilderness or even completely wiped out. They were all elementalists, even if it would take them some time to grow.

Then in the evening, he opened the gate to secretly let them in. He counted the number of people and found that—

Not only was there not a single person missing but they had even become stronger?

After taking advantage of the interstellar beasts all day, the players’ level had increased by five on average. All of them had reached level 10, which was a one star elementalist in the eyes of the administrator.

He was a bit dumbfounded but the players didn’t care about him at all.

Yet according to the latest information that Xu Yuheng got from Xiao Wu, Bryce had finally made a final plan. They needed to formulate a response based on this information.

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